ScalaHosting Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?


Overall Verdict

ScalaHosting impresses with its fully managed VPS service, cutting-edge technology, and expert migration assistance. ScalaHosting is an excellent choice for individuals and businesses seeking reliable and feature-rich hosting solutions. With a focus on user satisfaction and top-notch performance, ScalaHosting stands out as a leading provider in the hosting industry.

Out of 10


  • Fully Managed VPS
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Expert Migration Services
  • Powerful Management Tools
  • Scalability


  • Limited Live Chat Support


Price: $ 29.95

ScalaHosting is a web hosting platform that may not be globally popular yet, but it is definitely on its way there.

In this ScalaHosting Review, I will provide you with a detailed analysis of the platform that will enhance your understanding of it. With this knowledge, you can decide if this platform is suitable for your needs and budget in just a few seconds.

When I started using ScalaHosting, I was looking for a VPN solution and a way to reduce my work stress by automating simple tasks. If you are looking for the same, then choosing ScalaHosting should be an easy decision for you.

This platform is a gem for those seeking a web hosting service. It offers reasonable prices and amazing features for small companies and individual workers.

The features are attractive, and the performance is exceptional, making this platform perfect for beginners or small-growing brands.

ScalaHosting Review

ScalaHosting Review: In A Nutshell

Is it possible for a really little-known software to emerge from the ashes and challenge the industry giants to beat them at their own game? Well, to be exact, Scala aims to do just that. 

And while I am truly fond of interesting underdog stories, I also tend to be pretty sceptical. Well, as expected, an outstanding web hosting platform needs to do way too many things that are usually lacking in various companies. 

Let us take a tour in the depths of ScalaHosting, though; it hails from gorgeous Dallas, Texas, and works towards offering scalable, yes, that is when the name comes into the picture, hosting packages, from the simplicity of shared hosting to the advanced VPS solutions in high demand these days. 

ScalaHosting Review

It has about two operating data systems: one located in Dallas, aka their hometown, and the other in Sofia, Bulgaria. While the paper shows the beauty of this platform, I always have the urge to check things out, and I did. 

I chose the basic plan for quick signup and checked out the features of this platform. I also tested the customer support system they have integrated and its performance. 

Well, as this is still a small but developing brand, it has pretty interesting qualities. Sure, it is not perfect on every level but it surely is impressive enough to catch your attention. 

Keep reading to uncover the features this platform offers to its users. 

Features Of ScalaHosting 

1. Provides Abundant Resources and Unbeatable Security

As we all are aware, VPS is the place big boys always like to play, no matter if it is managed or not. While it offers many useful advantages, it also houses various famous e-commerce stores and content portals comfortably. 

Scala-Hosting - Features


To be frank, a VPS has almost no limit to its capabilities. Once you learn the steps to scale up all the resources used, you will be capable of handling much more traffic and visitors. 

2. VPS Machines are Powerful

Since I have already mentioned the many benefits of a VPS, let me expand on that.

When you use shared hosting on a regular basis, you often end up sharing the resources of a server with various other users. 

To make it simple, it means that you are bound to run out of RAM memory or CPU power eventually. Also, since you are sharing your IP Address with others, you are more at risk of becoming blacklisted due to the activities performed by them.

Scala-Hosting - Why Choose

Say, if a shared user is involved in sending spam messages or maybe even getting involved in offering pirated downloads, you are at risk of getting blacklisted altogether.  

3. Get Access to the Experts at WordPress

With the second plan offered by ScalaHosting, the beginning of the “Managed WordPress” service starts.

In order to appreciate every aspect of this super awesome feature, you are required to get a better understanding of the norms present in the hosting industry. 

Most web hosts these days always give you a specified definition of their responsibility towards your work. They get involved with managing the servers, offer management and hosting panels, and say that they are done for the day. 

Scala-Hosting - Managed VPS

This puts the entirety of managing your web page on you. Now, if you do face a problem, you are advised to hire an expert or get to studying since most brands today do not offer a helping hand in such matters. 

ScalaHosting Offers Ease of Use:

ScalaHosting Review- Offers

Signing up 

We all are aware that for a hosting server to be exceptionally wonderful, it needs to be pretty simple to put to use. To our advantage, ScalaHosting is very understanding about that. 

Sure, I am not going to go far and say that the experience was excellent with no issues at all, but the problems that I did face were barely noticeable. It just takes a couple of minutes to sign up here. 


Scala’s homepage is full of data regarding the differences between VPS and Shared hosting.

They are explained using graphics and graphs, which makes them super easy to understand. They also include information one would need to make an appropriate decision. 

ScalaHosting: Support

Luckily, ScalaHosting offers a support system that operates around the clock. Yes, that is absolutely correct! It is available 24/7 with speakers who are fluent in English.

With my initial research, I gathered that it was quite evident that most of the users of this brand were exceptionally glad about the service they received. 

Now, that is really intriguing since interactions with customers and the brand involved are pretty headache-inducing.

Now, you can ask what makes me feel that way. Well, most companies offer a support system that does not have English speakers or knowledge regarding the basics of hosting. 

Scala-Hosting - Support

They provide the live chest option, which I used before signing up. Because of my excitement about this so-called good support, I bombarded the agent with questions about the brand. 

My main question for him was to explain the pricing plans in detail, to which the reply was almost instant. I found that the agent I got was extremely knowledgeable and pretty patient.

For things she did not have a sure answer to, she took the time to research and come up with the right answer. 

Also, there is the option of using a ticket system. Here, the instant was pretty quick too, at max, it was a total of 5 minutes and this truly surprised me since I am used to the usual 1-2 hours of waiting I do when expecting a reply from the ticket system. 

How Much Does ScalaHosting Cost? 

The pricing plan offered by ScalaHosting is fairly is simple. There are three packs offered under both, Shared hosting as well as VPS hosting while the advanced plans include better features and resources. 

ScalaHosting Review- Pricing

Each plan offers varying levels of CPU cores, RAM, NVMe SSD storage, and bandwidth, with different pricing options. Here’s a breakdown of the plans:

1. Build #1

  • Price: $29.95 /mo
  • CPU: 2 Cores
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 50 GB NVMe SSD
  • Bandwidth: UNMETERED
  • Intro Offer: SAVE 40%

2. Build #2

  • Price: $44.95 /mo
  • CPU: 4 Cores
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 100 GB NVMe SSD
  • Bandwidth: UNMETERED
  • Intro Offer: SAVE 51%

3. Build #3

  • Price: $69.95 /mo
  • CPU: 8 Cores
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Storage: 150 GB NVMe SSD
  • Bandwidth: UNMETERED
  • Intro Offer: SAVE 58%

4. Build #4

  • Price: $94.95 /mo
  • CPU: 12 Cores
  • RAM: 24 GB
  • Storage: 200 GB NVMe SSD
  • Bandwidth: UNMETERED
  • Intro Offer: SAVE 60%

All plans come with an “Anytime Moneyback Guarantee” and tout “Turbo-fast NVMe SSD” for storage. The introductory offers provide significant savings, making them attractive options for potential customers.

Why Choose ScalaHosting?

ScalaHosting is esteemed by TrustPilot, WHTOP, WHMCS, and Reddit, earning the top spot due to its commitment to providing unparalleled service to its users.

ScalaHosting Review- Accelerate You Growth

Fully Managed VPS: ScalaHosting offers fully managed VPS, ensuring 24/7/365 expert support. From setup to maintenance and optimization, their team handles everything, including advanced tasks, at no extra cost.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Powered by cutting-edge cloud technology developed in-house, ScalaHosting guarantees top-notch performance without relying on third-party providers. This independence enables them to offer the best technology at the most competitive prices.

Expert Migration Services: Their migration experts ensure a seamless transition to ScalaHosting VPS, migrating as many websites as needed for free. With a promise of no downtime and meticulous attention to detail, they ensure a hassle-free experience.

Website Management Tools: ScalaHosting equips users with powerful tools to manage their websites effortlessly. With features like cloning, staging, backup, and a one-click installer for over 250 apps, users can launch and maintain their websites with ease.

Scalability: Users can scale resources on demand with a single click, ensuring their server matches their evolving needs seamlessly.

In essence, ScalaHosting’s dedication to user satisfaction, coupled with its state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive support, sets it apart as a top choice for hosting needs.

Testimonials Of ScalaHosting Review

Scala-Hosting - Testimonials

ScalaHosting Pros and cons

Well, let us see how ScalaHosting serves us with the bad and good points. Just have a look at the pros and cons.


  • It has a good global reputation in the marketplace and has been serving for more than 13 years now without even appearing once on the blacklist.
  • It has excellent hosting services and servers at a very high pace. Moreover, the results are consistent, which is a very big thing in itself.
  • However, the most amazing feature that makes ScalaHosting stand out from the local hosts is its SPanel and it applies to VPS and Cloud plan users.
  • It offers WordPress, which is a practically managed environment for WordPress hosting.
  • It is highly protected with SShield as attacks are common and high securities are needed. It is active 24/7. It also keeps a check on attacks and suggests measures and steps for website owners to ensure security and safety. Child works with an AI engine that adds to the defence.
  • It includes many freebies in its hosting packages, such as an SSL, free domain name, free migration services, backups, and copies of sites stored.
  • It offers White-label hosting for all plans, unlike some others that offer this only to resellers.
  • It is highly flexible, much cheaper, and more affordable than other hosting platforms.
  • They are top-rated by Trustpilot for quality of service, with a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.


  • They run promotions very rarely, and not many promo codes are available.
  • A major drawback that is noticeable is that databases here run only on SSD. Other things utilize traditional hard drives. This makes it less efficient than the powered SSD solutions in the marketplaces.

Few ScalaHosting’s Alternatives:

There are many alternatives you can choose from if you are dissatisfied with ScalaHosting. Here are a couple of them-

1. BlueHost

BlueHost offers a stellar uptime, ensuring your website is consistently accessible to visitors. Their servers boast impressive speed, optimizing user experience.


With a plethora of features, BlueHost provides a comprehensive hosting solution you won’t want to overlook.


  • An excellent uptime. 
  • It is super easy to put to use. 
  • There is customer support available 24/7. 

2. DreamHost 

DreamHost’s main hosting plan bundles popular applications like WordPress and tools for webpage building, including Weebly and Wix, offering a versatile solution for website creation.



  • There is a guarantee for money back for up to 97 days. 
  • It is very affordable. 
  • The bandwidth is limitless. 

3. Hostinger

This is one of the cheapest providers of shared hosting in the market currently.

As one of the most budget-friendly shared hosting providers, Hostinger prioritizes affordability while offering a range of features to enhance your hosting experience.


It actively participates in boosting way too many features. 


  • The loading time here is fairly quick. 
  • The interface is super simple to put to use. 
  • This brand is extremely cheap. 


🤔 What makes ScalaHosting stand out among other hosting providers?

ScalaHosting's standout feature is its fully managed VPS service, ensuring 24/7 expert support and handling of advanced tasks at no extra cost. Additionally, their in-house developed cutting-edge cloud technology guarantees top-notch performance and competitive pricing.

🛠️ What website management tools does ScalaHosting offer?

ScalaHosting equips users with powerful website management tools, including cloning, staging, backup, and a one-click installer for over 250 apps. These tools empower users to launch, maintain, and optimize their websites with ease.

🚀 How scalable is ScalaHosting's infrastructure?

ScalaHosting offers scalable resources on demand, allowing users to upgrade or downgrade with a single click. This ensures that their server resources match their evolving needs seamlessly.

💬 How responsive is ScalaHosting's customer support?

ScalaHosting guarantees fast and responsive customer support, with a 30-second response time for live chat and a 15-minute response time for tickets. This ensures that users receive timely assistance whenever they need it.

🔒 Is ScalaHosting reliable in terms of security?

ScalaHosting prioritizes security, providing robust measures to safeguard users' data and websites. With regular updates and proactive monitoring, ScalaHosting ensures a secure hosting environment for its users.

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Conclusion: ScalaHosting Review 2024

To give you a simple answer, Scala is almost everything you want from a VPS and/or ScalaHosting platform. It gives you whatever you ask for while giving it a reasonable price. 

Plus, with such cheap options, even if you are not sure about using the platform, you can give it a try. They are highly responsible for moving your brand without any downtime. 

Since the platform is extremely affordable, it is effectively used by beginners, which shows how easy the interface is to use, as well as experienced techs who would like to focus on the main part of the job, that is, building their web page. 

It has an amazing team for customer support where all the agents are super professionals but polite and patient enough to explain things properly and in an understandable way. 

Also, if you want to reach out to their support team, you can choose either the Live Chat option or the ticket system. The replies you receive using either of these methods are quick enough to impress you. 

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