Roller Ads Review 2024: A Reliable Push Ads Network? 🚀

Roller Ads

Overall Verdict

Roller Ads is a solid choice for online advertising. It offers a user-friendly interface, budget flexibility, and a wide reach. For anyone looking to step up their online ad game, I'd say Roller Ads is worth a try.

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  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Budget Flexibility
  • Performance Tracking
  • Diverse Ad Formats
  • Global Reach


  • Limited Creative Control


Price: $

Recently, I explored Roller Ads, an ad platform that really stands out with its focus on push notifications.

It’s quite engaging, sending ads directly to your phone or computer, almost like getting a personal nudge about cool offers.

Roller Ads is super user-friendly, making it easy for businesses to advertise and for users to earn from ads.

If you’re into straightforward, attention-grabbing advertising, Roller Ads is definitely worth considering. It’s all about getting noticed in the busy digital world!

Let’s learn about Roller Ads in more detail.

Why Should You Use Push Notifications?

In reality, push notifications are SMS-like advertisements with promotional deals, updates, and promotions that appear on the user’s device screen regardless of the site or application they use in any part of the world. These advertisements are extremely clickable, entertaining, and hard to overlook.

Push Alerts Are Being Used Mainly for Their:

  • Timely and instant delivery.
  • Maximum opening rates.
  • High CTR due to non-intrusive nature.
  • More targeted global approach.
  • High conversion rates.
  • Instant and convenient delivery.
  • Trackable transparent statistics.
  • Maximum ROI.

Power your Push Notifications with RollerAds!

RollerAds Review: In A Nutshell

RollerAds is a newly launched advertisement network that specializes in high-performance ad format push notifications.

It was created with the intent of making it easier for marketers to get the best marketing strategies for affiliates and helping publishers earn high revenue by monetizing their websites.

RollerAds Review

It is a self-service platform that operates on the pricing model of the CPC. Roller Advertising is known for 100 percent real traffic hitting the global scene.

It’s a new advertising network in the digital advertising world where there are already thousands of ad networks.

Yet, in such a short span of time, it has made tremendous progress and has already become an option for over 10k publishers and thousands of advertisers through its highly targeted programmatic approach and advanced technology.

A platform for Advertisers and publishers!

RollerAds is a self-serve platform that operates independently via programmatic bidding.

A self-serve platform is also called a demand-side DSP platform, which knows the advertisers desired target audience more accurately and connects them to the specific publishers who sell their spaces to them.

It operates more like an auction and thus ensures that the right marketers meet the right publishers, and both ends would benefit from it.

Roller Ads: Features

Roller Ads Features

1. High CTR (Click-Through Rate):

This indicates that the advertising platform or service has a high likelihood of users clicking on your ads. A high CTR is usually seen as a positive sign because it means your ads are effectively engaging the audience.

2. Global Reach:

This implies that the platform has a wide user base across the world, allowing your ads to potentially reach millions of people from different countries and regions.

This can be advantageous for businesses looking to expand their reach internationally.

3. Antifraud System:

An antifraud system is in place to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, such as click fraud or bot traffic, that can artificially inflate ad costs and provide inaccurate data.

Having a robust antifraud system helps ensure that your advertising budget is spent effectively.

4. Smart Targeting:

Smart targeting involves using various criteria and options to reach a specific audience that is more likely to convert.

This can include demographic targeting, geographic targeting, interest-based targeting, and more. Smart targeting helps you maximize the efficiency of your advertising campaigns.

5. 100% Real Traffic:

This indicates that the platform or service guarantees that all traffic, impressions, and clicks generated through their system are genuine and not artificially generated by bots or fraudulent activities.

This gives advertisers confidence that they are paying for real user engagement.

Roller Ads: Benefits for Advertisers

RollerAds provides high-quality, non-intrusive push notification advertising that is the latest trend in affiliate marketing and is of great benefit to marketers in spreading their message and boosting their sales.

Roller Ads Reviews

1. Targeted Real Audience:

Creating Campaigns

RollerAds has an audience that is 100 percent genuine and internationally focused rather than fake bots.

Roller Advertising links advertisers and marketers to their desired target audience anywhere in the world via their devices. You get multiple targeting options with RollerAds, which help you reach the real and interested audience.

2. Easy and Profitable Campaigns:

The best thing about this ad network is its fast, successful, and highly profitable campaigns.

Targeting Tools

Creating campaigns is a matter of seconds with an intuitive campaign designer who guides you through the entire targeting, ad placement, and budgeting process.

You can easily evaluate options for bidding campaigns and targeting that affect your ad reach.

3. Complete Tracking:

RollerAds provides you with a full record and consistent statistics through its user-friendly interface. You can monitor your progress and your sales with ease.


It also lets you monitor your expenses and change them according to your budget.

4. Free Push Notification Templates:

Roller Advertising gives you access to a wide range of free models for push notification advertising and allows you to use industry standards to make future customers completely safer.

At Roller Advertising, you simply need to create a free account and submit a request for different creatives to get a better approach to your performance.

Conversion Tracking

Roller Ads: Benefits for Publishers

RollerAds produces substantial profits for the publishers’ future ad estate. Some of the key reasons why publishers should choose this network are as follows.

RollerAds- Publisher

1. Easy Setup:

The whole setup and start earning with RollerAds is just a matter of a few minutes. You just need to put their tags on your website after a quick sign-up, and that’s all; enjoy the results! Start making a profit.

2. Higher Income:

Push notifications are a great source of interaction for real and engaging users who typically agree to receive updates.

It gives you a high-quality audience that is very interested in your website’s content and that of the push ads. This draws more advertisers looking for high-quality traffic to you. That, in turn, will help you drive more sales.

3. 100% Safe:

Health is a matter we should never compromise on. Knowing that very well, RollerAds provides you with a 100 percent healthy and reliable list of advertisers to use.

4. Referral Program:

By referring users, they give you a great opportunity to gain even more money. They send you a unique link, and you start earning 5 percent of their sales when a new publisher signs up using that link.

RollerAds: Ad Formats

Some similar platforms offer push notification ads and ad pop-ups, but RollerAds provides a variety of ad formats, including in-page push notifications and on-click ad formats.

RollerAds uses a native advertising approach, which is a more cautious and less suspicious way of promoting businesses.

This is because the platform has direct sponsorships of websites, so the content will appear as sponsored or recommended by RollerAds. However, other platforms may have more visually appealing advertisements.

Pricing RollerAds

Pricing RollerAds

  • Pricing Model: CPC
  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • Min CPC: $0.01
  • Payment Methods for Advertisers: Wire Transfer, Credit card, Capitalist, WebMoney
  • Payment Frequency for publishers: NET 30
  • Minimum payout: $100
  • Withdrawal Methods: Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Capitalist, Paxum, WebMoney, Payoneer, PayPal

For more information regarding the payout structure of RollerAds, visit their official website right away!

Customer Support Offered By Roller Ads

RollerAds provides its users with comprehensive customer service. Their dedicated staff is available around the clock to address any technical issues and answer customer inquiries.

If you have any concerns regarding their services, please don’t hesitate to contact them. They will respond to you as soon as possible.

Although RollerAds offers satisfactory customer support through detailed documentation, blogs, and relevant FAQs on their website, some users have reported longer response times during peak traffic hours.

Other platforms provide 24/7 live chat support as an option.

Contact: [email protected]

RollerAds Pros & Cons

Here are some quick pros and cons of RollerAds to sum it all up in a nutshell for you.

 RollerAds Pros

  • Multiple Targeting Options.
  • Charge only for delivered clicks.
  • High revenues for Publishers.
  • 5% referral commission.
  • Safe and anti-fraud system.
  • Easy and smooth campaigns with useful campaign tools.
  • Variety of payment methods.
  • Additional Monetization through other existing Ad formats.

 RollerAds Cons

  • Multiple ad formats are not available.
  • The live chat option is not available right now.

Reasons Why I Recommend RollerAds?

Reasons Why I Recommend RollerAds

RollerAds is a complete package for advertisers and publishers who are looking for a dependable platform for powering their marketing campaigns through push notifications.

Users of this platform are sure to benefit from this platform. Here are 3 reasons why I love RollerAds so much.

1. Self – Service Platform

RollerAds is a self-service platform that operates independently through programmatic bidding.

Often known as a demand-side platform (DSP), it is a self-serve platform that knows more precisely about the marketers’ intended target audience and links them with the right publishers that sell their spaces to them.

RollerAds- Stats

It functions much like an auction, thereby ensuring that the right marketers meet the right publishers and profit both.

2. Multiple Targeting Options

With RollerAds, you can get a handful variety of targeting options, including,

Roller Ads Review Targeting

  • Desktop /Mobile
  • Subscription Age
  • OS version
  • GEO
  • Zones
  • White /Blacklists

3. Fully Equipped Dashboard

What a user wants is a full-fledged, simple-to-use dashboard. Here, you’ll find a well-equipped, user-friendly dashboard that provides everything you need, including accurate statistics and other valuable details at a single location.


🤔 How Do Roller Ads Work?

Think of Roller Ads like a smart assistant for advertising. They show your ads on different websites, making sure they're seen by people who are most likely to be interested in what you're selling.

🔍 Can I Track My Ad Performance with Roller Ads?

Absolutely! Roller Ads give you tools to see how your ads are doing. It's like a scorecard showing how many people saw your ad and if they clicked on it.

🛠️ How Easy Is It to Set Up Roller Ads?

Setting up Roller Ads is pretty straightforward. It's like putting together a simple puzzle. You choose your ad, decide who should see it, and set your budget. Then, Roller Ads takes care of the rest.

🔐 Are Roller Ads Safe and Secure?

Yes, they prioritize safety. It's like having a good lock on your front door. They make sure your ads are shown in safe places and keep your business information secure.

🌍 Can Roller Ads Reach People Worldwide?

Definitely! Roller Ads can go global. It's like sending a digital postcard that can reach people in different countries, helping you spread the word about your business far and wide.

🚀 Who Should Use Roller Ads?

Anyone who wants to boost their business can use Roller Ads. Whether you're a small shop owner or run a big company, Roller Ads can help get your products in front of the right eyes.

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Conclusion: Roller Ads Review 2024 

RollerAds is a stunning self-serving advertisement network that helps its users raise their revenues and gain the highest market revenue by harnessing the power of push notification ad format.

Roller Ads has been a great tool for me. It’s easy to use, budget-friendly, and helps get my ads seen worldwide. While it doesn’t guarantee instant sales, it’s definitely a big help in spreading the word about my business.

I’d recommend giving it a try, especially if you’re looking to boost your online presence.

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