Rocket languages Vs Rosetta Stone 2024: 🚀Which is a Better Platform?


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Rocket Languages is a language learning app that provides various language learning programs of your own choice. It allows you to learn the language q

Rosetta Stone is one of the leading and well-known software that is available online for learning a language. It offers several languages following a

  • Learn more than 15 Languages
  • Perfect your grammar
  • Learn the pronunciations
  • Learn more than 15 Languages
  • Interactive Software
  • Advance Mastery
  • Interactive audio lessons
  • The conversational ability is greatly enhanced
  • It plays a big role in improving your vocabulary
  • A wide number of languages that you can learn
  • Professional and immersed courses
  • The app is highly intuitive
  • There is a lot of redundancy
  • Lack of cultural integration
Ease of Use

Get Started with the platform within a few clicks

Very Easy to Use App Interface.

Value For Money

Rocket Language is totally worth every penny you pay but pricing plans are higher in comparison to rosetta

Worth it, if you are planning to learn multiple languages.

Customer Support

Great Team Support. 24/7 Customer Support.

Give answers to all your queries. The support team will surely help.

Welcome to my Rocket language Vs. Rosetta Stone 2024 comparison.

The two apps are very similar concerning what they bring to the table, which is why it is essential to understand how each works and predefine your priorities to choose the one that best suits your requirements.

We love traveling, don’t we? However, with traveling comes the problem of Language. From traveling to other countries to school, learning a new language is always fun!

The first thought crosses everyone’s mind. However, to make learning a language more accessible, many applications are available.

Several language applications are available now, so I have compared the leading apps to make your decision easy: Rocket Languages Vs Rosetta Stone.

Rocket Languages Vs Rosetta Stone: An Overview

🚀Bottom Line upfront

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive and rounded language learning experience, then Rocket Languages is the way to go. It offers grammar instruction that matches up with what students need in their target languages while also including cultural insights not found elsewhere- all at an affordable price! You can give Rocket Languages a try here. Also, if you like an app-like interface then give Rosetta Stone a shot.

Rocket languages Vs. Rosetta stone: Languages Offered

Rocket Languages

The Rocket Languages offers 12 different languages: Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Hindi, German, and Arabic.

These courses are basically for native English speakers. While Rosetta Stone, as a brand, offers 31 Languages.

Rocket Language- Rocket languages Vs Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone, as an app, offers 31 languages. In my opinion, the course does not use the user’s native language; it depends more on the pictures and phrases to teach.

So it works like firstly, you must match the picture with the term or phrase. After checking words correctly, you’ll be asked to speak or write them. 

Rosetta Stone- Rocket languages Vs Rosetta Stone

Rocket languages Vs. Rosetta Stone: Pricing Plans

Rocket Languages Pricing

While the other firms charge on the basis of the language, of course, Rocket Languages offers plans based on the various difficulty levels though some of the languages do not have multiple levels.

There are many promotions and coupon codes available throughout the year for the same. The pricing based on the levels offered is as follows:

  • LEVEL-1: The first level is the basic level and is priced at a rate of $150 under normal circumstances. But along with the promotions and a discount coupon, the price can quickly go down to $100.
  • LEVELS 1 and 2: The combination of the uttermost basic and the corresponding next level is priced at a charge of $299 but can be brought down to $250 with the help of promotional codes with ease.
  • ALL LEVELS: This is the third pack that has access to all of the levels available in the language, the basic, intermediate, and hard difficulty levels. This pack is priced at $450 but can be brought down to around 250-300 dollars with the help of the right promo codes.

Rocket Languages Pricing Raeview

Even though the prices may seem a little on the higher side, they make sure to deliver good quality content and make it worth your while.

The efforts taken by the team are shown in the continuous improvement of the courses they offer. Though this pricing is tilted upwards, it is most definitely less than that of the traditional learning paths and programs.

The good part is that the charges are according to the levels, but it would make it better if they would allow their customers to skip some levels that they are already acquainted with if that is the case. 

Some people may already know the introductory course level material of the language being offered, while others may need to learn from the absolute basic level.

Rosetta Stone Pricing

Rosetta Stone is similar to Rocket languages regarding the transparency and consistency offered in the pricing policies. The difference that comes into play is that while Rocket Stone uses the difficulty level as the distinguishing point for the different packs, Rosetta Stone is based on the language pricing policy.

Various languages are priced differently, though the difference in the prices of the different languages is merely any. 

The pricing on average for the programs is as follows:

  • 3 months: This is the first package priced at an average of $11.99 monthly, different for different languages Rosetta Stone offers. This contains the learning of one single language for a period of 3 months. Based on your speed, you can either finish the part that you intended to learn in the span of these three months, or you can always extend the period later. 
  • 12 months: This is the pack priced at $14.9 per month that gives you access to all the languages available on the platform with no bounds or restrictions. It offers a better amount of payment since you have to buy in bulk for 12 months. If you make the payment one time, they offer you a huge discount too. That way, you pay less and can access all the languages for the entire year without any hindrance.
  • 24 Months: This package is priced at around $20 for a month, and offers unlimited languages for a period of two years without any extra charges after that. The total amount comes out to be $250, which is substantially less than the $360 for the 12-month package. If you make a one-time payment at the start, they offer further discounts to make the pack affordable. 
  • LIFETIME ACCESS: Rosetta Stone offers lifetime access to all the languages at the nominal price of $199 as of date. This is a one-time payment that you have to make to use the app as and when you require it throughout its existence without extra charges.

Rosetta Stone-Price

The payment terms of the app are the lines that the payment should be made in a monthly format and not on the completion of course format.

This makes it difficult to gauge the exact price of each language as the learning speed is very subjective, making it difficult to compare with other apps. Some people may learn something in a short span of time, while others may require a more extended period, maybe even months, for the same task.

While it may seem cheaper at face value, it may not always be accurate. The correlation between the learner’s speed and the cost is robust and significantly affects people’s total pricing and decisions.

Generally, it offers discounts or promotional codes when you are about to check out, though not necessarily.

Rocket Languages Vs. Rosetta Stone: Payment Method

Rocket Languages

Payment Method

The method of payment accepted by Rocket Languages includes most of the major credit cards, PayPal accounts, and many other payment gateway systems. If you want to pay differently, then the customer service team needs to be contacted.

The only restriction here is that the [purchases made are only for the digital format. Not so surprisingly, the software’s physical or real-life in-hand version has been unavailable for further purchases. This may be a downside for people who are not comfortable with digital learning. 

Rocket Languages Payment

Refund Policies

Rocket Languages is very benevolent when it comes to refunding policies, the customers can have a long period of 60 days after the purchase to try the product and decide if they like it or not and make an informed decision based on the same without any questions asked.

Trial Version

Trial versions for many popular languages like Spanish and French, among others, are available, which makes it easy for people to understand how the course runs and what exactly is taught and then decide if they want to enroll for the course or not.

Rocket Languages Free Trial

Rosetta Stone

Payment Methods

Most major credit card systems, such as The American Express Card, Master Card, Visa Card, and the like, are accepted by Rosetta Stone along with various payment gateways like PayPal, Escrow, and so on.

Refund Policies

Regarding refunding policies, Rosetta Stone does not show the same generosity as Rocket Language but nonetheless is pretty reasonable. The refundable period is half that of Rocket Languages, 30 days from the purchase. Even though this is less than that of 

Rocket Languages, in my opinion, is more than enough to decide. The only hassle here is that you must provide the original purchase receipt and prove that the product you chose or paid for has been removed from your digital devices to make a refund claim.

Trial Version

Like Rocket Languages, Rosetta Stone also offers a free trial or demo lectures before the full purchase of some of the major languages. This again helps us understand what exactly we are paying for. 

Rosetta Stone Free Trial

Rocket languages Vs. Rosetta Stone: Working Approach

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages tries to make the experience as immersive as possible by offering a wide range of features.

When you sign up for any of the plans, you get not only lifetime access but also a package of features like the apps, the lessons in the audio format, lessons on different cultures, grammar, and flashcards, The technology of voice recognition, and the fantastic feature of progress tracking.

Many times, customers have received a free upgrade too! Who doesn’t like the idea of a little extra something with no cost?

With the ease of access to various devices, you are not restricted or mandated to sit in one place and learn. You can be anywhere worldwide and still have access to your lessons.

Rosetta Stone

When it comes to Rosetta Stone, the approach for teaching varies a little in that it is broadly focused on the less lengthy lessons, using conversations as a means of practice and repetitive activities to drum the course into your head.

Many visual clues are also available, along with examples, and contribute a good deal to the learning experience. To get your pronunciation right, Rosetta Stone also provides voice recognition technology like the Rocket Languages.

The feature I like the most is the learning games and the straightforward user interface! 

Rosetta Stone Methodology

Rocket languages Vs. Rosetta Stone: Outlook

Rocket Languages

Various methods of teaching and learning, from audio lessons to picture games to workbooks, are provided in Rocket languages. The Lessons are divided into multiple categories for learning better.

It also provides help when traveling or interacting in real life. The audio allows you to understand and learn. Write, learn, speak, and read, it actually trains you for a practical world. 

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone relies on picture matching to teach users vocabulary. You’re asked to match the pictures, and once done, you’ll be asked to write or speak them.

After purchasing the app, you can take a maximum of 50 classes with an actual instructor. This makes the language more accessible. 

Now that you’ve got brief information about both applications, don’t start taking sides yet. 

Rocket languages Vs. Rosetta Stone: Pros & Cons

Rocket languages Pros

  • For those with English as their native language, it is the best help since there are many explanations.
  • The exercises provide enough material for us to remember.
  • It provides practical content that can be used efficiently and is beneficial for someone who wants to learn the language quickly. 
  • It plays a significant role in improving your vocabulary, which is one of the main focuses.
  • The conversational ability is greatly enhanced.
  • Interactive audio lessons not only make it fun but also help in honing your skills.
  • Integrating the culture into the language is one of the most important plus points.

Rocket Languages Cons

  • Because of bug issues, progress doesn’t get saved.
  • Lessons can get very long and tedious at a particular time. 
  • Some of the tasks get difficult, and the person might lose interest in learning the language. 
  • The course can be a little boring at times.
  • There is a lot of redundancy.
  • The speaking practice provided is very little.

Rosetta Stone Pros

  • A vast number of languages that you can learn. Up to 31 languages. 
  • It is one of the Largest language learning programs in terms of content.
  • Professional and immersed courses. 
  • The instructor’s lessons are a great addition to learning the language.
  • They have different discount programs which can save your pockets!
  • The Speech Recognition software is extremely helpful in learning the correct pronunciations.
  • The app is highly intuitive.
  • The tech support provided is solid 

Rosetta Cons

  • Since the language isn’t for native English speakers, it is sometimes frustrating since there is no help available in English. 
  • It becomes challenging for those who are looking to learn basics and not a complete course since it doesn’t allow skipping lessons. 
  • Lack of cultural integration. 
  • It is costly to learn on this platform.

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FAQ: Rocket Language Vs. Rosetta Stone

👉How often should I use Rosetta Stone?

Using any learning platform depends on you. However, 30 minutes each day or 5 days a week is sufficient for learning a language at your pace.

👉 Do you have to pay for the Rosetta Stone app?

Yes. There are a few features that are free. But they are constrained. So if you want to access the premium interface and content you need to purchase the premium plan

👉 Is Rocket language or Rosetta Stone better?

Rocket Languages is better than Rosetta Stone. Though the former was first to market, it's clear that Rocket has won over audiences with its deep lessons and reinforcement exercises, which are superior in nature- making them more effective for learning a second language!

👉 Will Rocket language make me fluent?

You won't achieve fluency with Rocket Languages. Still, the app will help you create a strong foundation in the language. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are just a few of the areas that will be covered in the classes that will help you enhance your communication skills.

👉 Is Rocket Languages any good?

The language-learning app Rocket Languages is helpful if you want to pick up some travel phrases and expect to return to the software every few months or years to brush up on what you've learned. It's not fantastic at helping you build a foundation for learning a language, and it doesn't do an excellent job of teaching foreign scripts either. Neither of those things is really helpful.

Rocket languages Vs. Rosetta Stone: Which is Better?

Rocket Languages is a language learning app that provides various language learning programs of your own choice. It allows you to learn the language quickly, correctly, and confidently. Rocket languages will enable you to read, write, listen, and speak the language you want to know.

It provides practical learning so that it becomes easier for you when you travel, and you can order your food and ask for directions without worrying about not knowing the language. (Bye-bye, translator!) It gives you more learning material than most other courses. 

The software uses images, text, and sound to teach words and grammar by spaced repetition without translation.

It provides 30 languages, including some of the endangered ones as well. You can learn the language better with its fantastic user interference and clear instructions. It allows you to interact and learn a new language. 

Rosetta Stone uses pictures more to allow users to learn the language quickly and recognize things easily. With images, items become interesting. (Yes! Bye-bye Notebooks). It also provides Live coaching where you can ask your queries and get answers. 

And between the two of them, I think Rocket Languages may be a better option, as it has a simple pricing system and involves cultural integration.

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