List Of Top 15 Best Related Post WordPress Plugins In 2024

Here, Related Post WordPress Plugins will effectively reduce the bounce rates of your site. And no doubt bounce rate is one of the most important factors for any blog and really we need to do everything in order to reduce it.

Mostly the engagement of your users right on your site will really influence the search results positions or we can say good ranking in the search engines like Google. So here all you need to do is simply understand the process to improve the user experience along with making it easy for them in order to find contents of their interest right on your sites and blogs.

But before doing so you will have to make sure that you are currently publishing the quality content that really creates value for your user. You should offer quality content regularly along with designing your site in the way that it can retain more and more visitors right on your websites.

Mostly many of the modern WordPress themes come with their setting in order to show the related post. And if you don’t have that resource then we would like to recommend you to go through this post and get Related Post WordPress Plugins. Here in this post, we have compiled the list of best Related Post WordPress Plugins as these can show related posts to the current topic along with engaging users for more time on your site.

[Latest] List Of Top 15 Best Related Post WordPress Plugins In 2024

1) Related Post Pro

Related Posts Pro - Related Post WordPress Plugins

Here this one is a premium related post plugin for WordPress. It comes with a beautiful design in order to show the post that is similar to the current post. Basically, this plugin works perfectly with any content a type just like the custom post types, multi-sets along with terms and custom contents. Here this plugin is fully responsive and retina ready that ensures that your content will look great on all the devices.

It is fully customizable and it has more than 200 options, here you can simply change almost everything about this plugin. You will get three different layouts to choose from and you will get more than 65+ different templates. This plugins also works great with WooCommerce products along with bbPress forums topics.

2) Better Related Posts Widget

Better Related Posts Widget- Related Posts WordPress Plugins

Here this plugin will engage all your visitors will simply relate content right in your site when they will visit your articles. You can simply relate post plugin right in any of the widgetized section of your site which includes the sidebar. It is also fully customized and it will fine tune the widget as per your requirement.

You will get multiple options in the settings such as the option to show the title of the post along with another option to display the author details. Comment counts and more.

3) Shareaholic- Related Content

Shareaholic — Related Post WordPress Plugins

This one is a social media sharing plugin and here the post feature will introduce later. Here this plugin is quite effective in show related to the post right to all content right on your site. It will also provide you an option to simply choose the design of the related post in order to match your site design. Overall, if say this one is the effective, accurate and one of the best Related Post WordPress Plugins.

4) Related Posts for WordPress

Related Posts for WordPress — Related Post WordPress Plugins

This, Related Post Plugins for WordPress is really very easy to use. In a simple one click, you will have the related post for the WordPress in order to analyze all of your post along with linking them together right with their advanced matching algorithm.

Then you can simply go back to any of the post and change the related post manually if you are not satisfied with that. It also creates its own cache, that the best thing as it will not slow down your website.

5) Yet Another Related Posts Plugins (YARPP)

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin YARPP — Related Post WordPress Plugins

This one is another related post plugin and it is one of the most popular and widely used plugins for WordPress. Here it comes in the free version as well as the pro version along with many amazing features in order to customize the related post of your site. This plugin mainly shows the related content for the posts along with the pages and the custom post types.

It comes with the strong customizable algorithm and it will help you in showing the post depending on the post titles, content and custom taxonomies. Here the pro version of this plugin will offer you many features in order to pull the related content from many of the multiple sites along with providing you many customization options just to make the widget perfectly fit right for your current design.

6) WordPress Related Post

WordPress Related Posts — Related Post WordPress Plugins

This one is another effective plugin in this category and it will automatically add the similar content in order to improve the user’s engagement right on your site.  This plugin will truly enhance the overall SEO of your site simply by creating the quality internal links right on your site.

It has a clean look and this plugin is a fully customizable tool that you can simply alter as per your requirement. Here this plugin many styles along with thumbnails and the caching for the improved performance.

7) Contextual Related Post

Contextual Related Posts — Related Post WordPress Plugins

No doubt, this one is a powerful WordPress Plugin that will enhance your user’s engagement as it provides many amazing features for improving the overall experience of your site. Here it will push the content based on the title or on the basis of the current post to make it relevant to all the user’s interest.

This plugin is really very easy to use and it will definitely start showing the similar content automatically right to your site along with feed at the end of all the current post. Here you will be able to place the widget in any widgetized area of your theme in order to make it more comprehensive. It also comes with many strings caching feature and here the output is automatically cached as when the visitors go on browsing through your site.

8) Related Posts by Zemanta

Related Posts by Zemanta — Related Post WordPress Plugins

This one is another WordPress related post plugin by Zemanta. The best part of this tool is admin can mainly curate and show the customized related post to simply drive more traffic right to the specific posts. This feature will especially help in driving more users to your site.

If you really don’t want to manually select the posts then this plugin is really good enough for showing the related content automatically using its algorithm. It also provides an option to simply insert the in-text links recommendations right form many popular sources like Wikipedia, IMDB and more. And overall this one is a useful and feature-rich plugin for showing the related post.

9) CP Related Post

CP Related Posts — Related Post WordPress Plugins

Here this one is simple and effective related post plugin that will show the related post which depends on the content, title along with the tags that are assigned to the articles. You can also select the related post manually for each of the posts if you are willing to drive more and more traffic right to some of the particular posts.

10) Easy Related Post

Easy Related Posts — Related Post WordPress Plugins

Easy Related Post is very simple and easy to use plugin that will display the post related to the post a reader is reading in the main content area. It also offers a beautiful and ready to use responsive theme right for the related content that you can customize if you feel so.

It also provides many options to include and exclude some of the particular content that is based on the post ID and here you will have the full control of the excerpt length along with the thumbnails sizes. It also provides eye-catching pop-up block right with the related content to attract the visitor’s attention.

11) Author Recommendation Posts

Author Recommended Posts — Related Post WordPress Plugins

Here this plugin will give you many hands to manipulate the related post area. You can simply search and select the related post as per your choice right from the posts, pages along with custom post types to simply promote the particular content and driving the traffic. You can simply add, reorder along with removing the selected post for displaying by the drag and drop interface. Here you can also show the recommended post vertically or simply side by side that totally depends on the structure of your theme.

12) Jetpack Related Post Module

Jetpack Related Post Module- Related Post WordPress Plugins

Here this one is the powerful plugin by Automattic is a collection of the numbers of many useful modules in order to perform the activities right on your WordPress sites. This plugin will help you in showing the related post on your site. Here the related post feature will scan all of your posts along with analyzing them and it will let you show the contextual post of your visitors.

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13) Related Post By AddThis

Related Post by AddThis is a free WordPress plugin and it is well known for its popular sharing and following button plugins.Here the team has many impressive related post plugins that ingrate well with WordPress in showing more and more related post on your site.

This plugin is modern and attractive and it will make you related post out form the rest of your website.  You can also show the related post in many different styles.

14) Advanced WordPress Widget Bundle

Advanced WordPress Widget Bundle- Related WordPress Post Plugins

Here this one is a premium and lightweight WordPress Related Post Plugins. It mainly doesn’t have any analytics or themes for styling the design of the widget. But here it will provide you many options for the customization of the design as per your requirement. It has 12 advanced customization option for simply changing the style of your text and images thumbnails. It will easily fit with any theme design.

15) Yuzo- Related Posts

Related Posts by Yuzo - Related Posts WordPress Plugins

Here this one is another free and popular related post WordPress plugin that mainly comes with many cool features and many technologies which includes the caching system that will really optimize the thumbnail images right in the widget for the fast page load time. It mainly features in many multiple designs for you to choose from in order to find the perfect theme to match your blog. It is incredibly fats and it has s lightweight design.

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EndNote: Best Related Post WordPress Plugins

No doubt, a related post is the most important and unavoidable component for any site as it plays an important role in engaging all your visitors along with reducing the bounce rates of your site too.

As you have got the list of best Related Post WordPress Plugins, you can simply use it on your blog in order to show the related post. I hope this post- List of Best Related Post WordPress Plugins suits your purpose well. Share this post on the entire trending social media platforms.

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