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Rackspace helps you to manage your cloud servers. If you want you can also avail their cloud providers services experience excellence in other platfor

Cloudways has partnered with many of today’s top cloud hosting provider, allowing them to boast an admirable 99 per cent uptime when hosting sites o

  • Astounding Business Intelligence
  • Vibrant visitor deal
  • Origin Protection
  • 24/7/365 Live Chat
  • Dedicated Environment
  • Free Magento Full Page Cache
  • Racksapce is quick and helpful when contacted for support.
  • Rackspace is easy to set up and run on various email clients
  • The service is affordable and compares well with any similar
  • When it comes to Free SSL Certificate Cloudways has been rated 500% above WP Engine
  • With the Vertical Scaling Tab, you are provided useful scaling insights, right on your control panel!
  • As it used managed hosting, Cloudways ensures fast-loading sites, with great performances.
  • No real big issues with Rackspace itself. Some issues can oc
  • Some users complain of delayed customer response, which is sometimes too technical.
Ease of Use

The user interface is easy to use and not cluttered.

The user interface is easy to use, and with just some clicks, you will be able to set up your website and servers.

Value For Money

Rackspace is so versatile, that each and every pricing plan is individually tailored to your specific needs! Yes, you get access to all the features that Rackspace has to offer,

Cloud services are integrated into five popular infrastructures, including GCP and AWS; Plans vary from cheap to top, but you only pay for what you use

Customer Support

Rackspace customer service was considered quite well but over the years it has terribly gone down. It has a heap of unsatisfied customers who had initially been on Rackspace for years now. Although Rackspace has a ton of contact numbers and emails on their website for customer welfare, they are of hardly any use.

24/7 support via tickets and live chat; priority and telephone support available as an option; comprehensive knowledge base and community forum

Endeavoring to start your business online? Or even though with a website you are unable to reach a major crowd? Worried about booming your product or service online?

Then web hosting can make it possible!  

So, are you in search of a web-hosting site? You must have come across so many options in your search. But still, you must be confused about which one is better. 

If you have stumbled upon this article then, probably you will get a detailed insight upon the two of the best Web-hosting software Rackspace and Cloudways.

So excited to know, which one wins in the end in this Rackspace vs Cloudways article? Then continue reading!

Rackspace vs Cloudways: Overview

RackSpace Overview

Managing your Cloud Service can be tedious. What if someone else takes this gruesome task from you? 

Rackspace helps you to manage your cloud servers. If you want you can also avail their cloud providers services experience excellence in other platforms like Amazon Web, Microsoft cloud, Azure, or Openstack. 

Rackspace vs Cloudways - Rackspace

They are highly reliable to help you boom your business rapidly. It also has a set of cloud computing products and services that you can avail at a considerable price depending upon your utility.

Cloudways Overview

Are you looking for a WordPress hosting platform for your WordPress site? Then Cloudways might be exactly what you are interested in.

Cloudways manages your cloud server for your WordPress site. You have to choose your cloud to provide and let Cloudways sync in with their platform. Their main goal is to help you manage your servers easily. 

 Rackspace vs Cloudways - Cloudways Overview

You can entrust cloud ways from SSL integration to HTTP redirects or availing various other fascinating features at extremely considerable price. A perfect option for any small business or medium Enterprise.

Common FeaturesRackspace vs Cloudways

Cloud Storage 


Heard of RackConnect? How about you have a Hybrid Cloud? 

Hybrid Cloud? Does that ring a bell?

Rackspace provides you the facility of flexible multi-cloud service. It integrates the features of private and public clouds that you can connect to any other data center location security. 

Rackspace-Cloud Storage

It provides you the ideal environment for your business. You can scale your business using this agile multi-cloud network. You also get to choose your preferred clouds.  your clouds are also secured by single-tenant security features provided by RackSpace. You can deploy encrypted VPN tunnels or completely bypass the internet.


Cloudways is a step further. Their services are designed to be auto healed. So if you face any kind of issue while using the software it would be resolved automatically by restarting the complete procedure.

Cloudways- Server Size


Clearly, Rackspace is the clear winner here. The Multi-cloud feature is quite intriguing whereas the auto-heal feature provided by the Cloudways is a step to make sure that there is efficiency in the work of the Cloud server.

Customer service


Back in time, the Rackspace customer service was considered quite well but over the years it has terribly gone down. It has a heap of unsatisfied customers who had initially been on Rackspace for years now. Although Rackspace has a ton of contact numbers and emails on their website for customer welfare, they are of hardly any use.

Rackspace - Data Center

Keep in mind that one can get customer support, knowledge base, and access to ‘how to’ videos only after logging in to their Rackspace account.


Cloudways provides excellent customer care service. Cloudways has some well trained, professional, and patient customer service executives who quickly solves the customer doubts and that too with much courtesy. 

Cloudways- Features

In order to get the customer support one has to login first into their Cloudways account, only then can they get customer support. Most customers find Cloudways support as prompt and knowledgeable. 


Here, you will notice the coin has turned. Cloudways definitely provides a better customer service than RackSpace. RackSpace has failed to provide competent support to its users, Although Cloudways focuses on the best support.



Rackspace has set up a well-designed system that helps in the protection of the Rackspace information and physical resources.

Rackspace - Fantical Experiance

It has also set up a risk management framework that is in accordance with today’s desirable business requirements and the relevant laws and regulations. Also, only accredited users are allowed access to appropriate systems and resources. Rackspace has many other policies to ensure user’s sensitive and private security of data by protecting the data from malicious attackers.


Cloudways believes that security must not be considered as an add-on but something that is foundational to the way the company works to ensure that users continue to enjoy a trouble-free, straightforward, and secure managed cloud hosting experience.

For security purpose, each and every Cloudways account has:

  1. Firewalls: They grant access only to specific ports required for the best functioning of applications.
  2. Security Login: To limit the rate of logins.
  3. Protection from the bot: Traffic congestion protection of WordPress websites which are usually caused by bots that are malicious,  login attacks, and Denial-of-Service.
  4. Security of the database: Denies the remote access of the database (Whitelisted IP address can be set up by users for remote access if needed).
  5. Application Isolation: Launching of multiple applications on a single server, might cause application-level issues. Therefore in prevention, each and every application is kept isolated from the rest, which helps to resolve the issue.
  6. SSL Certificates: Users are provided with ‘ Let’s Encrypt’ SSL certificates for free!  which allows the security of the application’s data that is in transit.

Some other honorable security measures mentioned on the Cloudways website are:

Operating System’s Security & Patching, Cloudways Bug Bounty Program, GDPR Compliance, Two-Factor Authentication, End-to-End Device Login Control

Honestly, the security provided by Cloudways is commendable and undoubtedly the users can rely on it.


Web security has been an important topic of conversation for the past many years. Every user on the internet worries about the protection of their sensitive data from black-head hackers and malicious attackers. We went through some of the security measures that are taken by the companies to safeguard their customers as well as the visitors’ data. 

With more features added to the security services, Cloudways is clearly the better one when security is considered.

Affiliate Programs


Isn’t it interesting that you can also earn money just by referring graphic Technology to your acquaintances and customers? It provides you with tools tracking links for web banners to help you get more and more revenue through your website. 

Rackspace- Magic QuadRant Leader

You can get up to a minimum of $50 per sale on an annual basis. To start with their program you have to just sign in and accept the terms and conditions, and then fill in the required text link setup and get your web banners.


Cloudways lets you choose how you wish to earn by the means of affiliate programs. 

You can earn in basically two ways the slab model and the hybrid model. 

Slab model- with this model you can earn around $125 on each sale considering your performance slabs. You will get your commission in no time as soon as you refer to the customer. The number of references you make will help you earn more money.  

It is a perfect model for you if you are a marketer blogger or a media publisher. it’s not compulsory to stick to a particular model you can switch to the hybrid or custom plan anytime you wish. 

Hybrid model-  this model lets you earn for your lifetime. Get $30 on each sale along with a 7% lifetime commission.  What an amazing deal! It provides you recurring payments as long as you prefer to be an active user with Cloudways.

It is ideal for bloggers, developers, and freelancers who are looking for high incentives and bonus campaigns. Just refer to get rewarded!


Both the software provide interesting affiliate programs for its users. In our opinion, for this particular feature, it is a tie! Considering the importance of Affiliate marketing both of them have provided equal opportunities to their respective users.

Unique Features: Rackspace vs Cloudways


Vibrant visitor deal

RackSpace CDN has a top-notch handling capacity. It is remembered for its provision of both dynamic as well as static content.

Well, we all definitely wonder how RackSpace has the nerves to handle the ever-changing dynamic data. It has an additional bunch of edge nodes that hold the reign in switching up and modifying the content.

What more do we need other than the flexibility of course? RackSpace CDN caters to your specifications and that is why it allows you to set a zero TTL for the content that is deemed to be non-cacheable.

Moreover, it immensely supports the much-desired cookies and CORS.

Astounding Business Intelligence 

While a human brain certainly is capable of analysis, we always might have longed for a companion to share our work with.

That is where Business Intelligence of RackSpace emerges from the foyer. It possesses the capability to run analytical checks to determine customer traits and offers invaluable insights by probing through the obtained data.

Business Intelligence aids you in making difficult decisions by listing the stakes and probabilities. In this way, you can significantly cut down on costs while reducing the chances of encountering risks.

It basically streamlines through your data and highlights the aspects that would lead to better efficiency.

RackSpace has also partnered up with various analytics platforms to enhance your business experiences.

Origin Protection

Imagine a scenario where you are bestowed with success. However, that success is short-lived as a nasty assault destroys your website. It is painful beyond your imagination.

That is why RackSpace secures your website by assimilating edge requests irrespective of them being harmful or not.

The RackSpace engages your visitors while also acting as a shield. 


Staging and Cloning

We can never be sure how our website works or if there is a bug or glitch that would hinder its functioning. So the best way is to test it!

Cloudways Staging feature helps you to test your website before it can be finalized as your permanent website. Just create a Staging area and test your website then and there. If you are satisfied with your work you can then change it to your actual website. If you feel some corrections are needed you are free to do so. This eliminates the fear of Irreversible changes for a permanent website. 

Cloning as the name suggests allows you to make several copies of your website and deploy individual servers. These clone sites are an amazing tool to showcase to your clients.

Caching at Its best! 

Who has not heard about Google Cloud, digital ocean, Linode, or AWS? They are popular for availing the best cloud-server providers. And you want to guess who integrates with them? 

Yes, Cloudways integrates with all these best cloud providers to provide the best SSD based VPS server for accelerated performance. 

It also makes the best use of the caching mechanism to improve its servers. With its own content delivery network called CloudwaysCDN, it is completely reliable and swift in service. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for a free trial.

SSD Services

Cloudways realizes the importance of time. It aims in reducing the efforts of its customers and provides a breathtaking experience by means of good storage and high performance. Using SSD reduces the page load time and is essential for your website to be dynamic and efficient. 

Like all other website hosts, Cloudways have also ditched the time-consuming HHD drives. 

The SSD feature of Cloudways speaks tons about the modernization and Technical hype of the software.

Pricing Plans: Rackspace vs Cloudways

An important aspect, when it comes down to a comparison between two hosting services, is the flexibility in pricing options. Let’s have a pricing battle between Rackspace and Clouways, shall we? 


Rackspace is so versatile, that each and every pricing plan is individually tailored to your specific needs! Yes, you get access to all the features that Rackspace has to offer, but you can configure your server requirements such as disk space, just as you like, and pay accordingly. Efficiency and value for money in one platform! 

The pricing varies across the operating systems preferred, and the configurations you require. Your total costs can be as low as $23/month, to as high as $187/month or higher, all depending upon you. For an extremely detailed pricing list, head on to the Rackspace site, and explore the configuration details! 

You can opt for an hourly-based rate, or a monthly-based one, on Rackspace. For a $100 credit, you can take full advantage of their 60-day trial, which can be used on any Rackspace Cloud service. 


Cloudways offers quite a versatile pricing range, with different configuration options for RAM, storage, processors, and bandwidth. Pricing plans are available on a monthly basis, or can also be availed of as a ‘ pay-as-you-go’ or hourly model.


All plans are inclusive of all the features that Cloudways has to offer, from SSL certificates and firewalls to hosting unlimited apps and an advanced caching system. As Cloudways partners with FIVE different companies, there are five broad pricing categories, based on them. Let’s have a look.

DigitalOcean Plans: 11 pricing categories, ranging from as low as $10/month to as high as $1,035/month. 

  1. Linode Plans: Pricing ranges from $12/month to $1,025/month, spread across 10 configurations.
  2. Vultr Plans: With 14 categories split across standard and high-frequency categories, pricing ranges from $11/month to $385/month.
  3. AWS Plans The priciest of the lot, yet the most versatile, AWS offers 14 configurations, ranging from $36.51/month to $3567.98/month.
  4. Google Cloud Plans: Should you choose Google Cloud as your hosting partner, pricing ranges from $33.30/month to $31290.42/month, across 12 unique categories.

For beginners or those with low to medium traffic, the first three categories are a good choice. Whereas, for heavy users, the AWS and Google Cloud plans are the way to go. Keeping up with its transparent approach, Cloudways also displays the most popular plans on their site, should you choose to have a look.

Cloudways only offers a short, yet all-inclusive three day trial period. However, the trial period is limited only to DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr servers. 


👉Can I change my monthly plan mid-way on Cloudways?

Absolutely! As Cloudways doesn’t require you to agree to any contract on signing up for their service, you are free to do so. The pricing plans on Cloudways are charged on an hourly basis, so just change your plan, and the new rates applicable will be applied.

👉How do the two platforms- Cloudways and Rackspace compare in terms of trial periods?

Cloudways offers a free trial period of three days, for all of their price points, except those by AWS and GCE. The trial period is all-inclusive and does not even require your billing information. Rackspace has a credit-based trial period, for sixty days. You have to have a $100 credit and can use this to avail of any Rackspace Cloud service.

👉Can I add extra storage on Rackspace?

Totally! Rackspace is as versatile as a hosting service can be. Should you require extra storage, the platform has got you covered, with its Cloud Block Storage service. You can choose how much storage you want to add and pay accordingly.

Pros and Cons: Rackspace vs Cloudways

Before you head onto the pricing and final verdict, I’m sure you want to be prepared with the possible upsides and downsides, to choosing either of these service platforms. Well here is a neat pros and cons list, for you!

Rackspace Pros

  • The performance is great! With great 100 % uptime, and very minimal to no downtimes, you get remarkably speedy servers, to manage your business.
  • You get exactly what you pay for, with extensively customizable features- from bandwidth to storage. 
  • With 7 data centers, you get the best infrastructure.
  • The user interface is easy to use and not cluttered. 
  • Rackspace is known for its flexibility when it comes to its affordable, pay-as-you-use pricing. 
  • The platform offers hosting services through email as well, with integrations with Office 365 and Thunderbird.
  • Calling Rackspace’s customer support amazing would probably be an understatement! Their 24×7 customer support is responsive, extremely reliable, and common issues encountered by users are well-documented.
  • Under Managed Hosting Services, you get access to consultations on-demand, support with installation and maintenance, and even hardware replacement within an hour! 


  • The sheer amount of customizable options may leave beginners feeling confused and overwhelmed with all the decisions they have to make.
  • Web management panels can only be accessed one at a time, which is pretty hard to keep a track of.
  • Certain features such as auto-scaling reserved IPs and spot pricing, lack user convenience, and could be enhanced and updated.

Cloudways Pros

  • The user interface is easy to use, and with just some clicks, you will be able to set up your website and servers.
  • With its infrastructure spread across five platforms, you get the best integrations in the field.
  • Want to migrate from another platform? You can do so easily, and for free, with the Cloudways migration plug-in.
  • With the Vertical Scaling Tab, you are provided useful scaling insights, right on your control panel!
  • As it used managed hosting, Cloudways ensures fast-loading sites, with great performances.
  • With automated backups, leave your worries of accidental data loss behind! 
  • Cloudways offers you a flexible range of tailor-made, pay-as-you-go packages, so that you get a powerful platform, at an affordable price. 
  • Free SSL certificates can be installed, to keep your valuable data secure.


  • Email hosting is only provided through a third-party, which can be a disadvantage to a few customers.
  • Due to the Cloudway managed- hosting, customers who want total control over their servers, including root access and installing a cPanel, will be disappointed.
  • Some users complain of delayed customer response, which is sometimes too technical. 

Testimonials: Rackspace vs Cloudways

Cloudways Customer Review

Cloudways- Testimonials

RackSpace Customer Review

Rackspace- Testimonials

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Final Verdict: Rackspace vs Cloudways 2024 

Wow! Quite a head-to-head battle, wasn’t it? Now that you have gone through the extensive review, you must be intrigued to know the winner, correct? Well, let me not disclose that to you! 

Why not? That’s because you will surely be the better judge when it comes to choosing the right platform for your needs! If you want a great email hosting system integrated, with payments exactly as per your needs, then Rackspace is the choice for you. 

If you want tips and tools to scale your business and integrate your WordPress website, your final choice, may lead you to Cloudways.

Whatever you choose, I’m sure you’ll be confident in your choice, and make the best decision!

Price:$ 100
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