Rackspace Review & Ratings 2024 Should You Buy Read it?

Rackspace was established in the year 1998; they provide web hosting services all over the world. They are credited as the best provider of cloud computing service in the world. They offer hosting services from shared to dedicated servers. Rackspace provides three types of cloud servers: private, open and hybrid cloud.

They are known for using the latest technology and high end hardware like, Raid 10, image backup, over 15 operating system and other amazing features.

Open cloud gives you an option of installing lots of useful applications like mobile apps, SaaS, e-commerce sites and many more. Rackspace is serving thousands of customers and has data centres all over the world.

Rackspace Review & Ratings

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What I Like About Rackspace?

Rackspace hosting review

Rackspace Reliability

Rackspace guarantees 100% uptime, analysis by many websites show that Rackspace has uptime of 99.99% since 2005 which is close to impossible. They backup data every day, which ensures safety of customer’s data.

Rackspace gives you a guarantee of 100% network uptime. Their robust network equipment like RAID-10 SSD storage advanced backup technology and unique protocol makes sure that customers never face any sort of downtime. Their top notch hardware and technology ensures that if one server fails, another server is immediately assigned, giving its customers uninterrupted service.


Rackspace Features

Rackspace hosting features
Rackspace uses top notch hardware, they have additional features like RAID 10, isolated networking, over 15 operating systems. You can also purchase additional features like Cloud DNS, Cloud database, cloud files etc.

Rackspace gives you an option to use private cloud plans and hybrid plans which consists of useful features of a private cloud, public cloud and dedicated hardware which results in high performance which is best suited for high-traffic blogs, ecommerce websites, database driven application and content management systems.

Here is a Video about the cloud services of Rackspace by Chad Keck

Rackspace Pricing

The Pricing structure of Rackspace is full of options, their basic package costs $29.20 per month, it includes 1 vCPU core, 1GB RAM and 20 GB redundant SSD disk space, it supports Linux operating system, if you want windows server then you have to pay $73 per month extra.

Their flavour 2 managed cloud service is for large web applications which needs additional resources to run, it costs $4964 per month and includes 120 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD system disk, 32 vCPU cores and 1200 GB SSD data disk, which is more than enough to handle web applications of any magnitude.

rackspace hosting features

Rackspace Customer Support

Rackspace offers 24/7/365 customer support, doesn’t matter if it is Christmas or New Year’s Eve you can always reach out to someone from Rackspace customer support team for help.

They offer support via phone, live chat and tickets, there service is very prompt and their support team consists of experienced, helpful and professional individuals who make sure that your issues are resolved in no time.

Rackspace User Friendly

Rackspace interface is very simple and easy to use, their control panel makes every task very easy to perform. You can start and take them down within a matter of minutes. They also have an easy to use server calculator using which you can determine the resources you will need for better performance.

Rackspace also has a mobile app which is compatible with iOS, Android and windows phones, this app give you the facility to access your control panel even when you are travelling.

Rackspace Security

Rackspace security
Security is the main concern of every website owner, the last thing any business owner wants is to get his data stolen by hackers, and Rackspace management has gone to an extent to make sure that their data centres are secured. They have biometrics scanning, 24/7 interior and external surveillance and Key card protocols.

Access is granted to only authorize personnel, no one is allowed to enter the production area without proper clearance, and multiple background check of every employee is done before they are hired.

Data Centres

There data centres are well equipped to face any kind of emergency situation, there data centres are N+1 redundant and heating ventilation air conditioning. Every 2 minutes, air of entire data centre is filtered in order to remove dust and contamination. Their power system is designed to run without any interruption; there UPS power is N+1 redundant. They also have diesel generators in case there is a power outage.

rackspace review


Rackspace Referral program:

Rackspace want to help you take advantage of the Rackspace brand in the global marketplace to uncover new opportunities. So they created this program to make it easy to refer their dedicated bare metal, Rackspace Private Cloud (RPC), public cloud, and email hosting to your customers and prospects. The program’s simple: you get rewarded for referring leads.

What you get

In the Rackspace Referral Program, you get:

Plus, their sales and support teams are here to help you learn, grow, troubleshoot, and enhance both your business and theirs.

How it works

With the Rackspace Referral Program, they  pay you in one simple single payment, reflecting the average monthly recurring revenue of the lead you passed us. It’s hassle-free and totally transparent.

Rackspace Partner Program


I have been using their services for a couple of my websites for a while now which led me to make this Rackspace Review; I never faced any issues related to downtime or my website being slow.  At initial stage I had to contact their customer support team few times, there support team was very helpful and very knowledgeable. I didn’t feel that they were reading the solution from the script every time I told them my problem.

If you are looking for a web host service provider which is reliable, secured and guarantees high quality service, then Rackspace is the company you should go for. Sure they are little expensive than their competitors but the service they provide is worth of every dime you spend. You don’t have to worry about anything if Rackspace is your web host service provider.

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