Quillbot Review 2024: Best Article Rewriting Software?

QuillBot Review

Overall Verdict

QuillBot is a low-cost paraphrasing tool that employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) to paraphrase any text. Using the tool, the information can be rephrased in a new way while still maintaining the original meaning by rearranging the sentences and substituting synonyms for the terms in question. QuillBot offers a summarising, grammar checking, and paraphrasing tool all in one.

Out of 10


  • Grammarly no longer necessary, thanks to grammar checkers
  • For premium accounts, advanced features and restrictions liberal use of the free account
  • 100 percent money-back promise (72 hr period)
  • Offers a Chrome Extension and Google Docs
  • Creating citations, summarizing, and paraphrasing


  • The premium plan summary still has a limited number of words.
  • There is a one-word limit for free accounts.


Price: $ 8.33

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I was looking for a good AI writer to help me with my content marketing, but I wasn’t sure which one to choose. 

It can be tough to find the right AI writer for your needs. They all promise the world, but not all of them deliver.

I found Quillbot, and it was the best decision I ever made. Not only is their AI incredibly smart and able to write high-quality copy that sounds like it was written by a human, but their customer service is top-notch.

Quillbot Review

If you’re looking for an AI writer that will help you take your content marketing to the next level, then Quillbot is definitely the right choice.

Let us check out Quillbot in detail. 

What is Quillbot?

Quillbot is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you create content faster and with more confidence by providing contextually appropriate synonyms, rephrasing suggestions for your sentences, and other helpful features.

It can even detect the sentiment of your writing and give you related words to better express yourself. 

Available Modes On QuillBot

With its advanced natural language processing technology, Quillbot ensures that your text remains readable while improving accuracy and clarity as well.

Not only is it great for making quick edits to existing pieces of writing, but also for creating brand-new content from scratch!

Whether you’re a student or a professional writer, there’s sure to be something in Quillbot that will help take your work to the next level. 

What Does Quillbot Offer?

1. Cowriter:

All of the aforementioned tools are combined into one writing project using the beta tool known as The Cowriter. Select a subject first, then use the Research tab to look for information about it.

Then Quillbot displays related web stuff. A writer may use these sources in their writing, sum up or paraphrase other authors’ works, and properly credit them. Imagine it as a content spinner driven by AI.

Though it won’t aid with SEO, it is comparable to how a content optimization tool like Clearsope functions.

Although I would rather provide my own opinions and comments than restate already available web material, this tool could speed up the research process. It’s also a wonderful illustration of how AI is gradually altering the way authors collaborate online.

2. Citation Generator:

For academics and writers of essays, the Quillbot Citation Generator is another useful resource. Making citations and accurately employing them in nonfiction and academic writings have always been difficult for me.

This is considerably simplified by Quillbot. I copied an article from Ireland’s largest newspaper, The Irish Times. I copied the URL into Quillbot, and it produced a properly styled citation as a consequence.

I downloaded the outcome to MS Word, BibTex, and CSL JSON after copying and pasting the outcome.

You may quote articles, films, and more. Numerous citation formats are available, including the Chicago Manual of Style, APA, MLA, and Harvard. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way in Quillbot to create a library of citations.

When I was writing my most recent non-fiction book, I wish I had known about this tool.

QuillBot Customer Support - QuillBot Review

3. Plagiarism Checker:

For academicians and essayists, the Quillbot plagiarism checker performs well. Basically, authors of essays may upload or paste them into the plagiarism analyzer. The process of scanning an essay takes some time.

Then Quillbot displays a report showing if the author accidentally (or knowingly!) plagiarized. As an alternative, a student might utilize this program to locate any omitted citations and prevent unintentional plagiarism.

I copied material from an academic article that had been published and pasted it into Quillbot. It gave the work a grade and pointed out passages that could have been stolen.

The links led me to the ResearchGate PDF, where I discovered the original work when I clicked on them. Research papers or PDFs like these are often not examined by other plagiarism detectors like Grammarly.

I have reviewed a number of the articles posted on this website. Quillbot’s discovery of the source URLs and the mention of a few occasions when other content creators had published very identical language made me happy.

On a per-page basis, the plagiarism detector operates. 5,000 words or the first 20 pages are included with a monthly membership. You will then need to purchase more pages. Past plagiarism scans are always available to you without further cost.

The Quillbot plagiarism detector could become pricey if you often publish online writing. Just consider reviewing 20,000 words of information per week! Quillbot is more suited for academics and essayists than content providers because of this.

4. Grammar Checker:

Australian, British, and American English are all supported by the Quillbot grammatical checker.

If you wish to correct grammatical errors elsewhere online, such as in your email or social network web app, you may do it using the web app or a browser plugin.

In the web application, I pasted an article. It called attention to misspelled words and apostrophe omissions. Additionally, it detected more grammar mistakes than Microsoft Word’s default grammar checker.

However, Grammarly’s grammar checker is more user-friendly than Quillbot’s. Reviewing, rewriting, and fixing numerous sentences at once is not possible. Additionally, it doesn’t contextualize grammatical mistakes as Grammarly does.

Having said that, it is true. Therefore, it’s a beneficial addition if you’re already paying for Quillbot’s other products and will aid academics in fixing faults in their writings before submission or publishing.

Installing On Google Chrome - QuillBot Review

5. The Summarizer Tool:

The Quillbot Summarizer tool assists in condensing a lengthy essay or article into a concise summary. You might also use it. Publish the initial version of your essay’s abstract. For an email newsletter, write an article summary.

For a blog post, an article, or a website, write a meta description or SEO summary. Use a passage from a book as the basis for a shorter entry in your journal or Zettelkästen.

I pasted a piece of writing with more than 1,400 words. It effectively summed up the article in 253 words. I didn’t have to do any editing to get the final product.

A slider may also be used to change the summary’s length. The use cases for the summarizer and the paraphraser tools are similar. Try both to see what works if you want to utilize Quillbot.

6. Paraphrasing Tool:

The Quillbot paraphrasing tool is helpful for essayists and content providers. An article might be paraphrased by a content publisher so that it can be used on social media or another website.

A scholar or essayist might take a rough draft of an essay subject and simplify it. A writer could simplify a challenging piece of writing so that readers can understand it.

It rewrites text using standard, fluent, formal, basic, and creative writing styles. Choose one depending on who you want to reach.

When I cycled between working in creative mode and formal mode, I didn’t see a significant difference in the outcomes. I liked that I could choose to use more or fewer synonyms and that the tool could extend or compress the content.

If you have a few keywords or other critical phrases, you may freeze them. Using machine learning, Quillbot essentially modifies the order of concepts and words, adds synonyms, and eliminates complex jargon. In essence, it serves as an article rewriter.

A technology like this would not be appropriate for literary works, such as fiction or poetry. Additionally, don’t forget to use the grammar checker to copyedit the outcomes and to properly credit any original sources!

Quillbot Pricing

A paraphrase application called QuillBot Premium utilizes machine learning to rephrase and reorganize chosen text. Users just right-click a sentence and choose “Launch QuillBot” to rephrase it. It works like a full-sentence thesaurus.

The result may then be edited by users on the side panel before being included in a document. Your writing time may be reduced by more than half with the aid of QuillBot Premium.

Pricing Plans Of QuillBot

You’ll save time and quickly enhance your writing with an enlarged character limit (as much as 10,000 characters at once – 3 pages), two extra writing modes, and access to the highest level on the word flipper.

What Are Some Ideal Uses For Quillbot?

A Quillbot has a number of possible applications. Here are some ideal scenarios in which the AI paraphrase tool may be helpful:

1. News & Media Articles:

When writing from press releases or other relevant press materials, Quillbot offers a fast and simple approach to reduce writing time for those in the news or media.

You’ll be able to summarize lengthy amounts of text to just include the essentials or paraphrase original source content into original, distinctive paragraphs.

2. Marketing & SEO:

It might be difficult to create material for the web or social media, but Quillbot can help you with this, whether you need to write a lengthy blog post or just a few sentences.

Even while it lacks built-in SEO tools like those of Jasper or SurferSEO, it performs far better for paraphrasing than the majority of article rewriters and content spinners.

3. Academic & Collegiate Use: 

With the help of Quillbot, users may swiftly create creative content from a variety of sources.

Because QuillBot serves as an academic writing tool that is helpful with essays, dissertations, and research papers, this is best for college and university students.

Why Use Quillbot?

Below are the 5 reasons why you should use this:

1. Affordable:

Quillbot is still quite reasonably priced, even if you purchase the premium version. If you purchase the yearly subscription, you may obtain all of the services for less than $10 per month, which is unheard of in this market, at least for AI technologies.

There are other proofreading programs that you can get for less money (like ProWritingAid on the lifetime pricing), but Quillbot is a really good value, considering how many tools you receive.

2. A lot of useful functions (especially for academic papers): 

There are several Quillbot features, even if most of them are not very ground-breaking in and of themselves. When considered as a whole, Quillbot could prove to be a helpful tool for certain authors.

QuillBot Review

3. AI-powered:

Although artificial intelligence technologies are excellent, they are often pricey. It’s amazing that you can acquire Quillbot AI’s strength for the amount they are asking.

4. Clean interface and easy to use: 

Quillbot is quite intuitive once you start to explore it. It was easy for me to understand what to do, where to go, and how to utilize the tools.

5. The free account goes a long way: 

Actually, I was surprised at how much I could do without spending a penny.

The fact that you can do some of it for free is incredibly beneficial since it is difficult to find AI writing tools that allow you to paraphrase or summarize information at any price tier.

FAQs On Quillbot Review 2024

🤔 What does Quillbot do?

Quillbot helps you write better by providing AI-driven assistance. It can identify mistakes in your writing, suggest synonyms for words, fix typos, and more.

👉 Is Quillbot safe to use?

Yes, Quillbot is a secure and reliable tool that can help you improve your writing skills. All data is securely stored on their servers and never shared with third parties.

❌ Can I use Quillbot offline?

Unfortunately, no. You must have an internet connection to use Quillbot.

✅ Does Quillbot work with all types of documents?

Yes, Quillbot works with a variety of file types, including .doc, .docx, .pdf, and more. It can also be used for any language.

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Conclusion: Quillbot Review 2024

Quillbot is an excellent tool for helping you quickly and easily improve your writing. It can be used to rewrite sentences, paragraphs, and entire documents with ease.

AI-driven technology provides assistance by finding mistakes, fixing typos, suggesting synonyms, and more. Quillbot is a great way to make sure that your writing is accurate and up-to-date with the latest standards of grammar and style.

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