ProxyScrape Review 2024: Are ProxyScrape Proxies Good?


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ProxyScrape is a great proxy provider with unlimited concurrent connections, an uptime guarantee of 99%, and more than 60,000 data centers worldwide.

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  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Free proxies are also available
  • Great customer support


  • New in the market


Price: $

In this post, we have featured ProxyScrape Review which includes detailed insights into ProxyScrape. So let’s dive in.

Finding the best proxy provider can be hard, especially if you need help figuring out what to look for. 

ProxyScrape Review

There are a lot of proxy providers out there, and it can take time to figure out which one is right for you. Not all providers are created equal – some have better customer service, some have more servers in more countries, and some offer lower prices.

ProxyScrape is something you can trust on. To learn more about ProxyScrape, read this article to the end. 

ProxyScrape Proxy

ProxyScrape Review

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies:

Utilize the full capability of your proxies with limitless bandwidth and concurrent connections. ProxyScrape processes more than 8 petabytes of data each month, and their dedicated proxies are ideal for heavy use cases.

ProxyScrape serves more than 8 petabytes of data each month and has plenty of capacity to spare. They use various data centers to guarantee that any outages remain confined and do not impact you.

Working with tiny subnets and potential ASNs, ensure you have the possible subnet diversity. This reduces the likelihood that you will be banned from your intended website. With their custom-built gear, various data centers, and round-the-clock monitoring staff, they can guarantee a proxy uptime of 99.9%. Assuring that your proxy experience is as seamless as possible.

ProxyScrape Proxy Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

ProxyScrape Proxy Dedicated Datacenter Proxie

If you need static proxies that are only used by you and are reliable, dedicated proxies are the best option. Their average proxy response time is 375 milliseconds. Their network’s overall capacity is 20 Gbps.

There are no dead proxies in their datacenter proxies. If specific proxies are shown as offline, you can rest assured that their crew is working around the clock to get them back up as quickly as possible. If you are encountering problems with the proxies over an extended period, please contact their support staff.

If a proxy is prohibited on the website you want to access, you will be unable to use it for the period of the ban. They advise you to purchase sufficient proxies to keep your operations operating correctly and to account for bans.

Premium Proxies:

If you want always-working shared Datacenter proxies with an easy-to-use dashboard to control your proxies, then this is the most significant deal of the year! Because utilizing ProxyScrape Premium Proxies might be the difference between fast, dependable proxies and dead, blocked ones in the modern world!

If the account is bought using PayPal or a Credit Card, subscriptions will auto-renew and may be canceled through the dashboard. You must manually renew the subscription through the dashboard in all other cases. All of their website’s proxies are IPv4. There are currently no preparations in place to enable IPv6.

ProxyScrape Proxy Dedicated Premium Proxies

ProxyScrape Proxy Dedicated Premium Proxie

Their premium memberships do not include defunct proxy servers. If specific proxies are shown as offline, you can rest assured that their crew is working around the clock to get them back up as quickly as possible. If you are encountering problems with the proxies over an extended period, please contact their support staff.

If a proxy is prohibited on the website you want to access, you will be unable to use it for the period of the ban. Download and authenticate your proxies with your program via their API interface, and begin using them in minutes.

Multiple ASNs guarantee that your target website will not block all of your proxies if one is blacklisted, allowing you to continue working usually. ProxyScrape processes over 10 petabytes of data every month, so you can be sure that they can manage your traffic with their unlimited bandwidth!

Their varied network of more than 1,500 class C subnets ensures that your work will continue even if your target chooses to prohibit an entire subnet. ProxyScrape offers 24/7 live chat service from Sunday through Friday. Outside of business hours, you may contact them by email and get a response within twenty-four hours.

ProxyScrape Premium has an exceptional monitoring staff on standby to resolve any network issues that may arise to provide the highest quality proxy service around the clock. They manage their proxies to accommodate both large and small projects!

Residential Proxies:

You are guaranteed the finest possible results with their 10 million IP proxy network. When you connect to their proxy endpoint, your request will be sent to one of the available proxies in their pool that is located in the country you choose. Unlike direct connections to proxies, their proxy endpoint assures the fastest possible connection speeds by picking the proxy to which your request is sent.

Sunday through Friday, 24 hours a day, ProxyScrape offers live chat assistance for any product-related queries you may have. During non-business hours, you may contact them by email, and they will respond within twenty-four hours.

ProxyScrape’s global residential network encompasses over 129 countries globally. Their residential network will undoubtedly include the nation you’re seeking.

With their 10 million proxy pool and proxy endpoint, you will always have working proxies for your desired website.

ProxyScrape Proxy Dedicated Residential Proxies

ProxyScrape Proxy Dedicated Residential Proxie

Each time you connect to their endpoint, their network will give you a random proxy, guaranteeing that you get the best results possible without being blocked. To determine the data consumption of their residential proxies, they count the HTTP layer’s download and upload traffic.

Residential proxies function identically to any other user:pass-authenticated proxy. The sole distinction is that residential proxies alternate. Thus, you may use them normally in any application that supports user: pass proxy authentication. Residential proxy servers have a substantially higher reputation than datacenter proxy servers. This reduces the likelihood that you may be banned from sensitive websites.

Choose a residential proxy if you quickly connect to websites that ban your IP address. This is because residential proxies alter your IP address with each new connection. In addition, residential proxies have a considerably better IP reputation than datacenter proxies.

How To Buy Proxies From ProxyScrape?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Proxyscrape and choose the proxies you wish to buy. You have three options: residential proxies, premium proxies, and dedicated proxies. 

How To Buy Proxies From ProxyScrape step1

For now, I am choosing dedicated proxies. 

Step – 2: Scroll down, choose a plan, and click on ‘Purchase’.

How To Buy Proxies From ProxyScrape step2

Step – 3: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Continue’.

How To Buy Proxies From ProxyScrape step3

That is it. Start using ProxyScrape proxies.

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Conclusion: ProxyScrape Review 2024

After all this, it’s pretty clear that ProxyScrape is an excellent option. It has some of the best proxies in the market. I sincerely hope this article helps. Please share your experience with ProxyScrape in the comment section. 

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