Proxy-Cheap Review 2024: The Ultimate Evaluation!

Proxy-Cheap Review

Overall Verdict

As the name implies, they are a supplier of low-cost services, among the lowest on the market. When combined with the pool’s nearly 6 million IP addresses, it seems to be a steal

Out of 10


  • Cheap and Flexible Pricing
  • Good Location Coverage
  • Huge Residential IP Pool
  • Good Scraping Performance
  • Support 24 hours a day
  • Cost-effective


  • No Refund Policy
  • Geo-targeting Slightly Limited


Price: $ 1.99

Are you seeking a Proxy-cheap residential proxies review? Now is the time to read our professional evaluation. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of Proxy-cheap and make an educated purchasing choice now.

Proxy-cheap is a newcomer on the street, and a considerable deal of Internet marketers are concerned about the effectiveness of their proxies.

If you are one of these individuals, you have come to the correct place, as this website will examine Proxy-cheap and their residential proxies.

As with every other service on the market, they have fans and detractors. Proxy-cheap is one of the market’s most adaptable proxy service providers. Residential proxies, mobile proxies, and IPv6 datacenter proxies are all available.

The essay will concentrate on their residential proxies, which have found use in sectors such as online scraping, social media automation and administration, ad verification, SEO, and even ticket scalping.

They provide wide geographic coverage at a reasonable price. However, it is not all. Additionally, there are several others. Likewise, it has flaws, which will be examined in depth below.

Proxy-Cheap Review

Bottom Line Upfront:

If you’re in need of a reliable and cost-effective proxy service, then you’ll want to check out Proxy-Cheap, the subject of this review.

Over the course of the past year, we evaluated this service to see how it stacks up against the competition. From browsing speed to security protocols and customer support, we delved into every aspect of Proxy-Cheap.

We’ll give you the inside scoop on everything you need to know to decide if Proxy-Cheap is right for you. So, join us as we dive into the ultimate evaluation of Proxy-Cheap.

Proxy-Cheap Review 2024 – What is Proxy-Cheap? 🔍 is a new residential IP proxy service with the most reasonable price on the proxy market.

They provide a wide choice of various locations. Providing access to a pool of over 6.7 million IPs with the purchase of even the lowest bundle of 1GB.

Because each plan is based on traffic volume, you only pay for what you use. Proxy-Cheap is a world-class proxy service at unbeatable pricing.

They have established their market position in 2019 and have shown that safety, dependability, and affordability are critical to the organization.

They give access to the world’s most significant business destinations (127+ Locations), enabling them to collaborate with the world’s greatest firms and teams.

Proxy-Cheap Review

Each proxy in the network is anonymous, and the IP addresses are rotated often, ensuring that you will get only tested, functional proxies straight from the pool in the area of your choosing.

This continues to be one of the most accessible and inexpensive rotating proxy networks to utilize, while also decreasing maintenance burden and allowing Proxy-Cheap to concentrate on customer service quality.

Proxy-Cheap is ideal for use cases such as purchasing limited edition shoes or tickets, creating social network accounts, data scraping, SEO usefulness & optimization, and ad verification.

They are compatible with all sneaker bots and social media automation systems.

The primary advantage of residential proxies is that all of the IPs are difficult to discover and hence difficult to block.

Major Features of Proxy-Cheap ⚜️

  • IPs that are sticky and rotate on a daily basis for your convenience. While the sticky IP session is ongoing, the IP address may be utilized, rotating IPs change with each refresh.
  • Residential proxies are well-known for their resistance to various forms of restrictions since there is no sub-network involved, which is often the source of the issue.
  • You may run bots and automation software without worrying about connection limits since Proxy-Cheap has your back.
  • If you are dissatisfied with their service, you may easily leave without suffering the anguish of loss or becoming too involved.
  • The service does not need you to pay tens or hundreds of dollars; you can simply test it out with a $ 5 investment for 1 GB of data.
  • Proxy-network Cheap’s is widely regarded as one of the most advanced presently available on the market in terms of IPv4 protocol compatibility for HTTP and SSL proxies.
  • Proxy-Cheap offers the most authentic residential IP addresses, lightning-fast speeds, and unmatched dependability, with over 99 percent uptime last year.
  • The knowledgeable support staff is accessible to assist you at any time of day or night, 24 hours a day if necessary. Email, chat, and phone support are all available to assist you.
  • GEO-Targeting enables the seamless operation of your program and other forms of bots without encountering any types of barriers or limitations imposed by various jurisdictions.
  • Proxy-Cheap provides you with access to over 6 million IP addresses that are guaranteed to work consistently while maintaining the greatest standards of security and anonymity.

Put aside the hassles and troubles you’ve encountered with previous suppliers.

11 Major Benefits of Proxy-Cheap 📐

Here are The Benefits of Proxy-Cheap:

1. Reliability:

We spent a few days experimenting with Proxy-residential cheap’s proxies and were very pleased with them. We noticed very little bad feedback about them when we combed through other consumers’ reviews. They receive a pass on reliability.

2. Usability:

Proxy-cheap is one of those suppliers that will not leave you perplexed. Once you’ve logged into the dashboard, it’ll take you just a few moments to find out what’s what.

You do not have a plethora of alternatives to choose from in order to configure things in a couple of minutes.

3. Program of Referrals:

Referral systems have existed for a long period of time, but it was only in the last few years that we started to see them in proxy providers.

Proxy-referral cheap’s program is an excellent example of a win-win scenario. They get new clientele, and you benefit from this.

4. Proxies for IPv6 datacenters

This is not something we witness on a daily basis. It’s great to see a supplier supplying IPv6 proxy addresses in a world dominated by IPv4 addresses.

Bear in mind that only their datacenter proxies are IPv6 compatible; the rest are IPv4 compatible. IPv4 addresses are gradually being phased out of history, and IPv6 is the next generation ready to take its place.

While the majority of proxy providers nowadays supply IPv4 addresses, it’s a surprise to learn that Proxy-cheap also provides IPv6 datacenter proxies.

5. Support 24 hours a day:

When you purchase a service from a business, you often find yourself in a position where you want assistance. This is where Proxy-assistance cheap’s may be beneficial.

Their 24/7 assistance ensures that anytime you activate the live chat option, you will immediately get a response to your inquiries, allowing you to resolve the issue immediately.

6. Proxies’ Locations:

There are 193 nations in the globe at the present, and Proxy-cheap has proxies in 127 of them.

Taking this into account, as well as the fact that the firm has yet to celebrate its first birthday, we are looking at something rather remarkable.

They say that you may access over 6 million proxy addresses in those 127 countries. While this is a small quantity in comparison to other organizations that provide over 30 million proxies, it is not negligible.

7. Speed of Proxy Connection:

Typically, when you do a speed test, you get statistics on the download and upload speeds, as well as the ping.

To determine the speed of Proxy-residential cheap’s proxies, we used the Speedtest program and obtained the following result. I am aware that it is not the quickest. This is reasonable in light of its price and age.

8. Time Required for Response:

Proxy-cheap does not set any new records for response time. However, its speed is considered to be ordinary, and it is capable of completing the majority of tasks without difficulty.

9. Effective Scraping:

Because we are aware that many marketers engage in web crawling and scraping, one of the tests we do is scraping performance.

This allows us to determine the compatibility of a provider’s proxies for web scraping and accessing complicated websites.

10. Excellent Coverage of Locations:

Unlike with datacenter proxies, where it is perfectly acceptable for a provider and his proxies to be constrained to a single area, this is not the case for residential proxies.

The majority of providers provide extensive coverage, with some offering proxies in every country on Earth.

They can expand to this level because they do not control the IPs they use — they get them using peer-to-peer network technology.

11. Cost-effective and adaptable pricing:

If there is one thing Proxy-cheap has nailed, it is cost. Residential proxies have always been seen as an extremely costly choice, as shown by the price sites of Brightdata (previously Luminati), Soax, Oxylabs, and Smartproxy.

Not only this but even other low-cost providers like Stormproxies and are not as low-cost as Proxy-cheap.

Even though their proxies are inexpensive, they also provide a free trial. The free trial, on the other hand, is only offered upon request.

5 Major Proxies Offered by Proxy-Cheap 🔢

So here are the types of proxies that Proxy-Cheap offers:

1. Datacenter Proxies:

Handpicked for everyday work, driven by the new IPv6 protocol, which eliminates all limits while remaining compatible with the industry’s most competitive tools.

Supported by an affordable price point for daily solutions and an endless feature set.

datacenter- Proxy-Cheap Review

2. Residential Proxies:

A large pool of over 7 million residential IP addresses from all around the world.

Unlock the elements that will complement your market research flawlessly and bring overseas marketplaces directly to your PC.

3. Mobile Proxies:

Ideal for complex activities such as social media automation, scraping, or market research. Compatible with Jarvee, Nextpost, MP5, Alfred, and GMT2. Become unlimited and effortless in your abilities.

Proxy for a Static Residential Address:

These residential internet service provider IP addresses offer the majority of the required parts as proxy subnets linked to ISPs such as AT&T, RCN, or Comast.

It has unlimited bandwidth and unmetered 10G speed, HTTP/SOCKS5 protocols, and security at an affordable price.

mobile proxy

4. Jarvee Proxy Servers:

These residential proxies give us the majority of the required features, such as IP rotation, ultra-fast bandwidth, privacy, and security, at an affordable price.

The Proxy-Cheap team has taken care of all the key phrases in your automation game; all you have to do now is implement your plan and begin executing.

5. Private Virtual Network (VPN):

Take advantage of limitless access globally. Proxy-Cheap VPN bypasses content limitations and censorship to provide limitless access to digital material from anywhere in the globe.

3 Major Services Offered by Proxy-Cheap 📚

So here are the types of Services that Proxy-Cheap offers:

1. Proxy-Generator:

At Proxy-Cheap, creating numerous proxies has never been simpler. Leave manual entry and complicated generating tools behind. Purchase proxies, log into the dashboard, and you’re ready to go in less than 5 seconds.

Utilize our user-friendly Proxy-Generator to easily configure your accounts, browsers, applications, and any other device.

2. Proxies that are instantly configured:

Proxy-Cheap believes in simplicity, which is why we built a user interface that is friendly and pleasant for even the most inexperienced users.

You can quickly manage all of your proxies, create new sessions, and choose whether your proxies use sticky or rotating IP addresses.

3. Dashboard for self-service:

Inspect proxy use, manage all of your proxies simply, and create new IPs immediately from our panel. Account administration has never been more convenient or user-friendly.

Proxy-interface Cheap’s is designed with great attention for your everyday requirements; it’s extremely enjoyable during hectic days.

Proxy-Cheap Use Cases  📦

So here are the types of Cases that Proxy-Cheap offers:

1. Proxies for Social Media Management:

Automation, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Business Optimization continue to be the trendiest subjects; firms from all over the world are vying for ad space on social media platforms.

Whether you’re managing social media accounts or optimizing your business’s development, Proxy-Cheap has a solution for you.

Unleash the power with our hassle-free mobile and residential proxies; bypass action bans and other forms of limitations; the time has come to be boundless inside your preferred social network.

2. Proxies for the Creation of Multiple Accounts:

Residential proxies are based on genuine residential IP addresses, and hence seem to be authentic users.

The network is ideal for creating social media and other forms of accounts.

Proxies integrate well with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other forms of automation, allowing you to fully use your possibilities in the area of social media marketing.

Proxy-Cheap Review- cases

3. Scraping of data:

Proxies built globally provide an unrestricted possibility to harvest data and examine alternative scraping solutions. Remote DNS is supported while ensuring that no sensitive data is leaked.

Residential proxies are very fast, which enables you to utilize many connections simultaneously and meet project deadlines in the shortest amount of time.

4. Tickets & Sneakers:

When found, the majority of sneaker sites disable datacenter proxies and bots. Nike, for example, recently released several new products in which data center proxies were completely prohibited.

Because residential proxy networks are considered to be far less blockable, Proxy-Cheap customers get limitless connections.

It allows you to operate your bots indefinitely while profiting from endless jobs on sneaker bots without being prohibited.

5. Sales & E-commerce Proxies:

Engaging in competitive world of business may be challenging at times, but thanks to Proxy-Cheap proxies, this becomes much simpler.

It enables you to compare costs & do other forms of competitive analysis in order to get an advantage over competitors.

Allowing you to change your pricing plan and keep a competitive edge in an ever-changing market. Additionally, you may use the same proxies to deceive your competition and safeguard your brand.

6. Proxies for Travel Aggregation:

Numerous travel agencies and enterprises collect a massive quantity of data through their specialist websites.

Not only do they recognize that in order to get a competitive advantage, they must obtain access to their rivals’ data through proxies supported by a variety of technologies.

But their emphasis on feeding their competitors with overpriced data remains crystal evident. Businesses prefer to prohibit all bot access in order to maintain their competitive edge and competitive pricing.

You’ll always have an ace in your sleeve with Proxy-Cheap Residential Proxies.

Proxy-Cheap Review- cases

7. Verification of Advertisements:

Advertising games are evolving at the moment, and not necessarily for the better. Businesses and performance marketers have seen several instances when advertising expenditures have dwindled without generating outcomes.

To protect your marketing plan from numerous types of fraud perpetrated by hackers or rivals.

Proxy-Cheap residential proxies continue to be one of the greatest choices for discreetly checking your competitors’ advertisements and landing pages, detecting fraud, and generally optimizing the effectiveness of your adverts.

8. Proxies for SEO of High Quality:

Achieving success inside the SEO infrastructure may be challenging, since the web functions across several international boundaries; yet, having access to multiple nations, cities, and their ISPs gives you an advantage over the competition.

Google’s index has complex algorithms to prevent spam & abuse; but, by leveraging appropriate tools & specialized residential proxies, remain ahead, claim to rank, & increase your online visibility across several search engines.

9. Protection of the Brand:

Protecting your brand from harmful intent is critical to avoiding roadblocks for your company.

After a great deal of effort has been expended to establish your firm, configure the platforms, and establish recognition, it is in your best interest to safeguard your data and its security.

We supply the finest proxies to secure the safety and security of your brands’ data at Proxy-Cheap. Remove abusers, copyright violators, and other undesirable users.

10. Market Research Proxies:

Information collecting in conjunction with market research has evolved into a critical component of every successful company venture. Without a doubt, if you are eager to participate in a variety of marketplaces and economic sectors.

Fortunately, the emphasis is not just on entering these markets, but also on gaining any form of competitive advantage.

You must be able to circumvent corporate IP address limitations, which is why Proxy-Cheap residential proxies remain the optimal alternative.

Proxy-Cheap Pricing 💳

They offer 4 major services:

1. Residential:

  • Plan 1 (1 GB – 50 GB): This will cost you $ 4.99 per GB.
  • Plan 2 (50 GB – 200 GB): This will cost you $ 4 per GB.
  • Plan 3 (200 GB+): This will cost you $ 3 per GB.

Proxy-Cheap Residential Proxy Plan

2. Data Center IPV6:

  • Plan 1 (50 IPV6 Proxies): This will cost you $ 0.40 per proxy.
  • Plan 2 (150 IPV6 Proxies): This will cost you $ 1.99 per proxy.
  • Plan 3 (500 IPV6 Proxies): This will cost you $ 0.30 per proxy.

Proxy-Cheap Datacenter Proxy Plans

3. Mobile Proxies:

  • Plan 1 (4G France Mobile): This will cost you $ 80 per month.
  • Plan 2 (3G US Mobile): This will cost you $ 50 per month.
  • Plan 2 (4G Lithuania): This will cost you $ 50 per month.

Proxy-Cheap Mobile Proxy Plans

4. VPN:

  • Plan 1 (1 Month): This will cost you $ 3.49 per month (UK)
  • Plan 2 (6 Months): This will cost you $ 3.49 per month (US)
  • Plan 3 (1 Year): This will cost you $ 3.49 per month (Canada)

Proxy-Cheap VPN Proxy Plans

Proxy-Cheap Review 2024: Pros and Cons 🆗

Here are the pros & cons of Proxy-cheap:

Pros Cons
Complete freedom of activity. None
Ignore barriers and carry out activities easily.
Targeting at the country level is available.
Manage IP addresses with a few clicks.
Increase alternatives without dealing with captchas.
Stable and dependable proxies.
Proxies are never shared.
Complete control over activities, no logs.
No data restrictions; enjoy unlimited usage.
Accomplish objectives without limits.
Guaranteed 99% uptime.
Selection of 11 nations and 30 mobile carriers.
Convenient VPN for online surfing and HD movies.
Focus on privacy with a no-logs policy.

Proxy-Cheap Customer Review 🏺

Proxy-Cheap Customer Review

FAQs | Proxy-Cheap Review 2024

🧭 Can I renew an expired proxies?

Yes. We offer a renewal for expired proxies for 3 days after the proxy expiration. After this period, the proxy is back in the proxy pool to be sold again. The renewal price is $1 per proxy in addition to the original price.

🛍️ What is a rotating proxy?

Rotating Residential proxy constantly changes IP addresses from the proxy pool to make it harder to be identified as the same source. This ensures that IP addresses are used evenly, which makes them less likely to be blocked. Our Residential proxies do exactly that. You can choose either for IP to be changed on every request of retaining the same IP address for the session. Where the session is just your generated random string.

🔧 Does unused bandwidth expire?

Yes, if 90% of the bandwidth is not used within 3 months of the last bandwidth purchase (or initial proxy purchase) the proxy will expire with all of its remaining bandwidth.

🚪 How can I check how much bandwidth my proxy used?

If the proxy is limited by bandwidth (some of our proxies are not limited), you can see the total and used amounts of bandwidth on the proxy overview page.

Proxy-Cheap Review 2024: Conclusion 🏁

As with many proxy services on the internet today, Proxy-cheap is a service with both positive and negative aspects.

Due to the fact that they launched less than a year ago, they are considered infants in this industry, which is why the majority of people would avoid them – which may not be the best course of action.

As the name implies, they are a supplier of low-cost services, among the lowest on the market. When combined with the pool’s nearly 6 million IP addresses, it seems to be a steal.

However, it is not all favorable. We discovered several anomalies in the speed and latency tests throughout our testing, which is to be anticipated but still shocked us.

The absence of any lesson is also a disadvantage, mostly since we see them on a large number of rivals.

Is it worthwhile to get Proxy-cheap proxies? I’d want to vote for the good! If you can get beyond the negatives and believe that you can work with what they give, and their pricing is really unbeatable, I believe it is 100 percent worth it.

So go ahead and purchase the residential proxies from them.

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