Process Street vs Trainual 2024 : Ultimate Comparison

Both Process Street and Trainual offer process management software, but which one is the best for your business? In this article, we compare the two platforms to help you decide. We’ll look at pricing, ease of use, features, and customer support to see which one comes out on top. Let’s get started!

About Process Street 

Process Street vs Trainual : Process Street 

Process Street is a checklist and workflow software for business. It is basically a BPM (business process management) which lets you manage all the processes of your business along with that it has been rated #1 best BPM by GetApp and many others. If you want to manage your business process in a systematic way then Process Street is the best choice.

Thousands of companies including Salesforce, AstraZeneca, and Zillow use Process Street to power their processes.

About Trainual 

Trainual is a web-based application that helps businesses document their processes, policies, roles and responsibilities. It also provides a structure for accountability and allows businesses to accelerate their product and make better decisions as they grow.

Trainual’s training module is especially helpful in ensuring that all team members are on the same page. This tool is perfect for fast-growing businesses who want to take control of their growth and avoid common mistakes.

Trainual reviews

With Trainual, businesses can map out their entire operation and make sure that each step is accounted for. This valuable resource makes it easy to track progress and ensure that all team members are meeting the company’s high standards.

Trainual is an essential tool for any business looking to improve efficiency and maximize growth potential. Thanks to Trainual, businesses can focus on what’s important and achieve great results in a shorter amount of time.

Pros and Cons of Process Street vs Trainual 

Process Street Pros 

  • No-code platform – means you can set up in seconds
  • Cloud-based solution – makes access easy and storage secure
  • Drag-and-drop editor – so you can build workflows effortlessly
  • Intuitive interface – makes the software easy to use
  • Integration with apps – means you can automate manual tasks
  • Free pre-made templates – so you can save time
  • Monthly webinars – so you can ask questions and learn from experts
  • Tiered pricing structure – meaning there’s an option for everyone
  • Help site, blog, videos, & live chat – so you can access unlimited support
  • Checklist dashboard – so you can track all activity from one place
  • Approval tasks – to make sure key decisions aren’t made without you
  • Stop tasks – to make sure key tasks are always completed
  • Conditional logic – to make complicated processes simple

Process Street Cons 

  • Their free premade templates are only written in English

Trainual Pros 

It can help you document every process, policy, role, and responsibility in one simple searchable system.

This can help you accelerate your product and make better decisions as you grow.

Additionally, it puts your whole team on the same page, allowing you to more effectively communicate and collaborate.

Trainual Cons 

First, training may take some time upfront.

Second, it can be expensive if your company is growing rapidly.

And finally, not all businesses will find value in using Trainual.

It really depends on what specific needs your company has and whether or not Trainual can address them.

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Conclusion : Process Street vs Trainual 2024

Both Process Street and trainual offer a great way to document your processes and track progress, but there are a few key differences.

Process Street is more geared towards documenting business processes, whereas trainual is more for tracking individual employee productivity. Process Street also has a wider range of features, including task templates, checklists, and reporting tools. Finally, Process Street is a little bit more expensive than trainual.

Overall, both tools are great for documenting and tracking processes, but if you’re looking for a tool that’s specifically geared towards business processes, then Process Street is the better option. If you’re looking for a tool to track employee productivity, then trainual is the better option.

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