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In today’s world where a majority of financial transactions and sharing of personal data is done online, security has become a major concern. There is always a risk of data theft and Trojan attacks. Our increasing dependency on the internet day by day calls for some major security arrangements, as any computer in this world can be hit by a hacker anytime.

It is very easy for a hacker to track your address or steal your credit card information. One of the best ways to avoid such a situation is to take the help of a VPN service provider.

They can help you browse the internet anonymously with a proxy server using a fake IP address. A VPN provider will also protect you from any sort of data theft and Trojan attacks. This is why today, I am writing this review of one of the best VPN service providers Private Internet Access.

Private Internet Access Review


  • Affordable Prices
  • 7 days money back guarantee
  • No Logs
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Firewall


  • Waiting time for live chat is little high

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is managed by London Trust Media Inc, they are one of the most respected names when it comes to providing internet privacy service. They offer unlimited bandwidth with each of their plans and they have an inbuilt firewall which will protect you from any sort of hacking.

Let’s take a look at some of their features


Private Internet Access feature

Private Internet Access has a strict zero log policy, which means they do not keep any sort of log or record your online activity. If you ask me, VPN service providers who keep a log are a big no. Since they do not keep any log, the Government can never go through your browsing history.

Private Internet Access supports three protocols OpenVPN, L2TP/ IPSec and PPTP and uses the AES-256 algorithm for datastream encryption and SHA256 to check the authenticity of data. Private internet Access gives its users liberty to choose the level of encryption, there is also a page on their website where users can check out which encryption method is best suited for them. Also, they use shared IP, which makes it is very hard to track your location; you can also switch your IP whenever you want.

Check out this introductory video by Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access suggests the users who want a higher level of anonymity to use anonymous e-mails and make payments through bitcoins. They also have a system in which you can make payments through tons of merchant gift cards. Dynamic IP Cloaking is available in various countries; they are encrypted through blowfish CBC algorithm, which is well-known for its security. Identity and DNS leak protection will protect you against data mining.

One of the best things about Private Internet Access is that if you lose your connection to the VPN then it will automatically disconnect you from the internet, which will keep all your devices safe.

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Android App

Private Internet Access android

Yup, you read it right, Private Internet Access has an android app, and you can install the application on your android smartphone and tablet from Google Play store for free. The application is very easy to use, you can click on any server to connect, you can see the location of the server, time connected and total data uploaded and downloaded. You can connect five different devices at a time, which is a great help when you are traveling.

App for your iOS devices

Private Internet Access ios

If you thought they only have an app for android then you are wrong, Private Internet Access also has an app for Apple users; the app is compatible with iPhone 5 and models which came after that, you can connect 5 iOS devices simultaneously. You can install the app on your iPhone/iPad from the app store, you can select the location from within the app, in this way you don’t have to set-up a profile for a single server.


Private Internet Access servers

When it comes to servers, Private Internet Access probably has the highest number of servers, where other VPN providers have only a few hundred servers, Private Internet Access has over 2900 servers spread over 20 countries. Though they don’t have a wide network when it comes to server locations, but all locations are strategically chosen to support their massive customer base.

Unlike other VPN service providers, Private Internet Access offers unlimited bandwidth; you can choose the location of the server and connect up to 5 devices at a time.


Private Internet Access VPN Service Features Private Internet Access VPN Service

This is one of the best features of Private Internet Access; firewall offered by them will block any unauthorized and unwanted connection to your private network, you need not worry about any Trojan attack or data theft. Your confidential data is safe as no hacker will be able to get past the firewall. A Firewall is included in all of the Private Internet Access’s packages.

Difference Between Proxy & VPN

Private Internet Access VPN Service differences


Private Internet Access price

Private Internet Access has three plans for their users; these packages range from monthly, semi-annually to annually. If you opt for the annual plan, then you can save some bucks, it will cost you as low as $3.33 per month and their monthly subscription will cost you $6.95. All of their packages come with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited access to their VPN networks.

You can connect five different devices with a single account at a time. On top of that every customer is covered under 7 days money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the service, then you can ask them to refund your money within 7 days from the day of purchase.

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Private Internet Access payment options

They have various payment options; they accept major credit cards like MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. You can also make payments through bit coins and gift cards.

Customer Support

Private Internet Access customer support

A good customer support is very important; if your customer service is poor you will never get new clients and will lose the existing ones too. But if you are using Private Internet Access then you will not face this problem, their customer support is very helpful, patient and you could tell they are very knowledgeable.  The option of 24/7 live chat is available on their website where you can chat with an expert. Unlike other VPN providers, they have a phone number on which you can talk to an expert; you can call them between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday. You can also raise a ticket, to which they reply within few hours.

Private Internet Access why choose us

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Private Internet Access testimonial

When it comes to online security, privacy and anonymity, I will always recommend Private Internet Access to our readers. It has one of the best security features, and with over 2,900 servers spread across 20 countries you will never face any issue with the speed. Their prices are one of the lowest in the industry and at these prices they offer unlimited bandwidth.

On top of that, they let their users connect 5 different devices at a time through a single account. I have rarely seen any VPN service provider offering so many features and facilities to their customers at such low prices. Their inbuilt firewall will keep your devices safe against any sort of attack by a hacker. So quit thinking and get yourself a monthly subscription of Private Internet Access.

Here are some companies which use Private Internet Access’s services

Private Internet Access clients

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