PremiumPress Review 2024 Features & Pricing (Pros & Cons)


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PremiumPress provides the core tools to make your website look professional, while giving you the freedom to use all of WordPress' advanced features.

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  • No Coding Required
  • 100+ Templates
  • 10 Day Money Back Gaurantee
  • Video Tutorials
  • Fully Responsive
  • Monthly Theme updates
  • Active 24*7 Support
  • Join over 63,000+ smart business owners


  • Better pricing options needed
  • No live chat support


Price: $ 89

In this PremiumPress Review, I look at one of the most popular WordPress themes available and provide a complete overview of its key pros and cons. Is it right for your business? Let’s find out.

Are you a designer or developer looking for a quality theme to help you maximize your WordPress business?

Do you require a professional theme to assist you in growing your business and providing you with the visibility, functionality, and resources required to develop a successful website? Do you want a premium theme but don’t want to spend a fortune? PremiumPress is a full WordPress theme that can be adjusted to match the demands of companies, industry experts, and brands.

You receive the greatest WordPress platform, themes, plugins, support, and an easy-to-use interface for quickly creating professional-looking websites.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

Do you wish to swiftly and easily create themes for your online business? The PremiumPress WordPress Theme was created with this in mind. PremiumPress is the greatest WordPress plugin for creating stylish, practical, and powerful websites.

When you use PremiumPress on your own website, you have more control over what material appears where on your site—even if you have many sites operating on the same server or if your website uses different domains.

PremiumPress Reviews


If you are willing to transform a fully functional WordPress site into a business website, PremiumPress themes are the most relevant. You can launch any kind of site; an Auction site, a directory site, an online community of specific areas, etc. PremiumPress offers a large number of themes with step-by-step guides to the setup.

PremiumPress Review- WordPress Business Themes

With a large range of plugins, this website allows beginners to quickly build up a company website. Also, these themes are reasonably priced. PremiumPress has been a reliable supplier for over 30,000 users of these themes and 7 years of service. In this piece, we will provide an honest and dependable PremiumPress Review in 2024.

What Is PremiumPress? PremiumPress  Review 2024 Pros & Cons Explained

PremiumPress themes are the best and the most relevant tools for business website setup. You can easily design your business website without any hassle.

With Premium Press themes, you may add or alter any theme and its outstanding features.

Also, these themes are reasonably priced. PremiumPress has been a reliable supplier for over 30,000 users of these themes and 7 years of service.

Features that you will love about PremiumPress

  • Theme Variety: PremiumPress offers a range of business themes, including over 100 child themes, which you can choose from based on your business needs and requirements. These themes are available with the V.I.P package and can be customized using the child theme system.
  • Unlimited Installations: You can install as many websites as you like, without incurring any additional charges. With any WordPress theme, you can easily set up multiple websites on your domains.
  • Easy Setup: Setting up your website is quick and easy, with just one click. PremiumPress provides a user-friendly setup guide that enables you to set up your business website within a few minutes.
  • Customization: PremiumPress allows you to modify and customize your website effortlessly, just like WordPress. You can create your own pages using the free page builder tool and customize your website with different colors, languages, designs, and widgets. Additionally, you can manage your website using administrative tools such as layouts, designs, headers, footers, and button links.
  • Regular Updates: PremiumPress offers regular updates to its customers to ensure they have access to the latest themes and features, which keeps the website fresh and up to date.
  • Administration Tools: PremiumPress provides easy-to-use management tools to help you set up and manage your website. These tools enable you to transform your WordPress website into a business website and manage it with ease.
  • Payment System: PremiumPress offers a plug-and-play payment system that allows you to add multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Paymil, and 25+ other procedures, making it easy to receive payments from customers.
  • Video Tutorials: PremiumPress provides video tutorials to guide you through the process of setting up your website, installing themes, creating child themes, setting up design, managing admin, and responsive themes.
  • Member Access: Members can access their account area to edit orders, view invoices, and edit profiles. Bulk emails can be sent to customers using email or newsletter tools, and they can also view their invoices and print them.
  • 24/7 Support: PremiumPress provides live chat and voice support for customers who require assistance.
  • 30-day Refund: If you are not satisfied with the product, PremiumPress provides a 30-day refund policy.

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With over 100+ child themes and different PremiumPress themes, you may purchase any of the themes that are appropriate for your business and set up your website in a matter of minutes. These are some examples of topics to search for:

1. Shopping Cart Themes– To set up an online business store, you can look at Shopping cart themes.

Shopping Cart Themes- PremiumPress Themes

Some added features of this theme are:

  • SEO friendly tools
  • E-Commerce and affiliate stores
  • Update Stock manager
  • Built-in Cart
  • Live Chat Support
  • Coupon and promotional discounts
  • Responsive and user-friendly

You can buy this theme for $79 only.

2. Digital Downloads Theme- If you sell video software, music, docs, and other website software, you can switch to a Digital Downloads theme. You can host or create digital themes for clients or free markets.

WordPress Digital Downloads Theme - PremiumPress Review

Some features of this theme are:

  • Responsive website design
  • Easy Customization
  • Easy Navigations
  • Unlimited Softwares
  • Instant Theme downloads
  • You can offer the customer a setup per product. Some products can be set up for free.
  • Visitor tracking and star rating systems
  • You can track your visitor using google analytics to see the most liked products and set up the pricing.
  • Member Access Area: Members can get access to newsletters or emails. Your user can get easy access by logging in, creating a list of products they want to add, and saving it.

3. Real Estate Theme- This theme is the perfect choice for property dealers, real estate owners, and agents to create a real estate business-themed website.

WordPress Real Estate Theme - PremiumPress ReviewWordPress Real Estate Theme - PremiumPress Review

Some features of this theme are:

  • Easy Setup
  • Easy Customization
  • Google Maps
  • Live chat and Multi-language support
  • Query form
  • SEO friendly- Users can find you in search engines. This theme is designed per search engine standards and is free of SEO costs.
  • Multiple Payment Systems
  • Plugin Friendly

 4. Car Dealer Theme- Car and Automobile owners can easily set up Auto Traders classifieds with Car Dealership themes. This theme is ideal for car portfolios, classifieds, and dealerships.

WordPress Car Dealer Theme - PremiumPress Review

Some special features of this theme are:

  • This theme has advanced search options, as users can sort by location, radius, country, zip code, etc.
  • Easy Setup
  • Easy Customization
  • Google Maps
  • Live chat and Multi-language support
  • Query form
  • SEO friendly- Users can find you in search engines. This theme is designed per search engine standards and is free of SEO costs.
  • Multiple Payment Systems
  • Plugin Friendly

5. Jobs or Micro Jobs Theme- A theme for freelancers or job seekers such as fiver or people per hour or elance. Members can add jobs according to their skills or grab freelancing projects by bidding. You can add it to your existing website or create a niche marketing website.

Micro Job Themes- PremiumPress Themes

Jobs and Micro jobs theme has different features, some of which are:

  • Advanced Search tools
  • Customized commission
  • Customized registration
  • Customer support
  • Live chat
  • You can access as many micro jobs websites using one user license.
  • Users can upload CVs/Resumes and see which jobs are closest to them.

6. Child Theme- Real State: These are add-ons to the Business themes. With new themes each week, this theme changes the look of your website. It is as easy as the Business theme, and installation takes less than an hour. Some of the most preferred Themes are:

Blend Real Estate - Child Theme Design- PremiumPress Review

  • Watch Affiliate Blue
  • Coupon August
  • Coupon September
  • Compare July
  • Compare May and others…

Other attractive themes include Online Auction themes, Price Comparison themes, Classified Ads themes, Video sharing themes, and various others.

Plugins for PremiumPress

As many as 40 plugins in Premium Press offer functionality and create a user-friendly website.

Some plugins, such as Homepage, import or display tools, and payment gateways, are used for website users. Some of them are:

PremiumPress Plugins » PremiumPress Review

  • Vimeo allows the user to import Video from the computer to the website.
  • YouTube import plugin
  • Website screenshot capture- This plugin can turn a website link into a screenshot
  • Page Builder plugin
  • Paypal
  • Coupila plugin coupon feed
  • CSV spreadsheet plugin
  • eBay import tool and many others.



Premium Press single or all themes are available for purchase at affordable and acceptable pricing.

While a single theme may be purchased for as little as $79 with restricted features, the V.I.P. club package costs $249 and includes all of the additional features as well as simple access to all PremiumPress themes.

After purchasing the theme, a buyer can choose to pay a one-time installation fee.

PremiumPress Club Package - PremiumPress Review

PremiumPress Customer Reviews :

Getting Started With PremiumPress:

Theme Installation-

Admin Area Overview-


Final Verdict: PremiumPress Review 2024

PremiumPress themes are the best and the most relevant tools for business website setup. You can easily set up your business website without any hassle. You can add or customize any theme and its magnificent features using Premium Press themes.

PremiumPress is a quick and inexpensive method to develop beautiful WordPress themes. Everyone may create gorgeous websites with premium Press by utilizing their preferred template or plugin from their PC (anywhere in the world).

To summarize : 

Feature: PremiumPress offers innovative and unique methods to make your website appear and feel professional while standing out from the crowd.

Advantages: You may use PremiumPress to alter theme templates placed on your WordPress site, change colors or fonts, or personalize something without having to worry about changing files.

Benefits: PremiumPress can give professional themes that look fantastic on both the front page and the back end of your website. Your website will also continue to function normally even after the modification is completed. It was created for responsive websites and has no coding required for live updates and speedy page refreshes.

Have you utilized Premium Themes for your business? If so, please share your opinions in the comments section below.

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