PQ Hosting Review 2024: Everything You Should Know!

PQ Hosting Review

Overall Verdict

PQ Hosting is a premium quality hosting provider that takes pride in delivering exceptional services to its clients. The company is dedicated to striving for perfection every day and is constantly seeking ways to improve its offerings. With a team of experts with years of experience in the hosting industry, PQ Hosting is a trusted choice for many customers.

Out of 10


  • A lot of server locations
  • Straightforward refund policy
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Server will be ready in 15 minutes
  • Unlimited traffic allowed
  • Reasonable pricing plans


  • The Servers quality can be improved


Price: $ 4.77

It can be hard to know which hosting service is the best for your business and even harder to trust a random review.

You need a reliable hosting service to keep your website up and running, but you also don’t want to break the bank.

PQ Hosting is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. They have many plans to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, their customer service team is available to help you with any issues that may come up.

PQ Hosting Review

Let us check out the PQ Hosting review in detail. 

What is PQ Hosting?

PQ stands for Hosting of Perfect Quality. They work day and night to provide you with the greatest quality hosting possible. Based on customer feedback, they are achieving their goal of delivering high-quality hosting to everyone.

The hardware plays the most important function in a hosting server; if a hosting service utilizes ineffective hardware in its data centre or server, you may encounter several issues.

Choose the hosting service that utilizes acceptable hardware, such as PQ Hosting’s superior hardware.

Now, you may not want the server of the nation where you reside; you must target an audience in a different country. In this instance, the server location must be there.

PQ Hosting Review

They are not suggesting that if you host your website on a server in your country, visitors from other nations will be unable to access it. It is not possible to determine the server’s location from anywhere. 

However, for this, I will recommend the server location of the nation you like to target, as if you pick the server location, your visitors or customers will have excellent access to your website.

They may not be able to win if they cannot access it. PQ Hosting offers servers in a lot of locations. You may choose any area that meets your needs. I recommend that you provide the precise location you want to target.

PQ Hosting Dedicated Servers

Many of you do not grasp dedicated hosting very well. I am not implying that you do not understand anything at all, but I will attempt to comprehend you better today. So that you have a thorough understanding of it, consider beginning with a dedicated server.

Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Managed Hosting, and several more hosting options. This is the most popular hosting service; understand why it is so inexpensive.

In this configuration, the hosting provider stores and maintains the data of several websites on a single server; your data is never jumbled with that of other websites.

This increases the company’s profits, but you have no control over the server and can only view your data.

Due to the low price of shared hosting, many individuals incur losses in the future. Notably, I was not implying that shared hosting is undesirable. Many people’s websites need a dedicated server, yet they skimp on-site recruiting.

If you choose dedicated hosting, there are several advantages, including total control over the server.

Optimize your server according to your specific demand. It is one-of-a-kind since your demands must have varied each time you rented a dedicated server. The hosting provider provides the physical server, environment, related services, and technical support.

PQ Hosting Dedicated Servers

PQ Hosting VPS Servers

VPS (Virtual Private Server), sometimes known as VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server), is a virtual dedicated server that emulates the functioning of a separate physical server. They provide the ideal VPS in thirteen countries throughout the globe.

When creating a website, the greatest challenge is determining where to keep all the data that is constantly online and accessible by visitors or customers at any time. Consequently, a VPS server is equivalent to a powerful computer or server that saves your data.

And simultaneously, it reaches the people. Your website is “served up” to the searcher’s screen as soon as they do a search for your domain in their browsers or terms relevant to your website.

PQ Hastings offers VPS in thirteen countries. You may access these nations by clicking on their names. They will not provide a recommendation; instead, you may choose the country that best meets your needs.

The finest part is that any spot may be sucked, and everyone’s fee is included.

PQ Hosting

PQ Hosting Hi-CPU VPS / VDS 

When selecting a VDS / VPS for your website, you must first consider the existing duties and then consider the pricing.

If server operational stability and the avoidance of overselling are essential, or if Linux operating system availability is paramount, the KVM virtualization tariff should be chosen.

Transferring your network initiatives to a virtual server will be a wonderful alternative if your basic hosting is inadequate.

This is how the virtual hosting service of VDS/VPS servers arose, making it simple to create the operation of a heavily used Internet site.

The scope of such servers is far broader, including gaming servers and massive databases.

Services: PQ Hosting Review

The server-side requirements of mobile apps and games have recently given rise to a second prevalent use case for VPS. PQ Hosting can now provide all clients with the super-powerful Hi-CPU VPS / VDS servers that emerged later.

Virtual Hi-CPU VPS / VDS servers are powered by the most recent Intel E2288G server CPUs. They offer the maximum frequency for each CPU core. You can choose the best configuration that best suits their needs.

RAM capacities range from 6 to 64 GB of DDR4 ECC RAM.

Modern NVMe solid-state drives with memory ranging from 15 to 450 GB are available to ensure the reliability and performance of their customers’ projects. Bandwidth per port is 1 GB.

PQ Hosting – How To Buy Guide

Step – 1: Go to the official website of PQ Hosting, scroll down, and click on ‘Order a server’.

Step – 2: Fill up the details asked for, check the boxes, and click on ‘ok’.

This is what their dashboard looks like.

Step – 3: Click on ‘Add to cart’.

Step – 4: Click on ‘Pay’.

Step – 5: Click on ‘Pay’ on the side of the plan of your choice.

Step – 6: Choose right and click on ‘Next’.

Step – 7: Do the same again.

Step – 8: Click on ‘Pay’.

Step – 9: Click on ‘Proceed to payment’.

Step – 10: Complete the payment, and you are ready. 

PQ Hosting Server Locations

Clients: PQ Hosting Review

1. VPS/VDS in Spain with access to over 150 service providers:

PQ Hosting provides the option to acquire VPS/VDS in Spain, based on hardware in a Tier III data centre in Madrid.

This geographical choice is distinguished by its direct connectivity to all major networks, service providers, and operators (more than 150 of them are available in particular).

As with the other sites, PQ Hosting owns the equipment. As a result, all client requests are handled as promptly as possible, and the service provider is solely accountable for the quality of services.

2. For the European market: VPS/VDS in France

PQ provides VPS/VDS in France, which is ideal for the European market. Using the company’s computer capacity, servers are placed at the DC2scale Data Center in Paris.

It is distinguished by the greatest degree of protection in all directions, including redundancy, which ensures VPS/VDS dependability and high uptime rates.

3. Ireland’s role as a bridge between Europe and North America:

Ireland is desirable because many transatlantic fibre-optic backbone connections link Europe and North America through this region. Due to this, the projects placed here provide excellent speed and accessibility for almost every area.

PQ Hosting provides VPS/VDS in Ireland in the Dublin data centre.

The company owns all of its equipment; it is solely responsible for ensuring that its services meet the stated criteria and ensures a prompt response to customer requests.

4. VPS/VDS in Portugal:

The company’s Lisbon data centre provides VPS/VDS renting services in Portugal. REN (Redes Energéticas Nacionais), a local leader in the energy industry, owns this data centre.

This ensures a steady power supply in all circumstances since the REN is accountable for the data centre and does not rely on middleman firms. VPS/VDS in Portugal by PQ Hosting is based on its hardware.

In other words, there are no middlemen between you and the service provider.

5. The Netherlands is the best place for Bulletproof hosting:

In the Netherlands, VPS/VDS renting services are available using hardware from the Serverius data center. This data center is one of the most popular in the European Union and the biggest in the Netherlands.

It corresponds to the level TIER III. PQ owns the equipment necessary to operate the virtual servers. There are no intermediaries between you and the hosting service provider.

One of the characteristics of this location is Bulletproof Hosting, which provides strong resistance to site complaints. This makes VPS/VDS services in the Netherlands popular among people from across the globe.

6. Slovakia – four separate routes of communication:

PQ Hosting provides VPS/VDS Rental in Slovakia via the Bratislava-based VNET data centre. The site is situated at the intersection of East and West European traffic.

You will have access to four communication channels if you deploy a server there. The data center satisfies TIERIII criteria. This site is distinguished by its geographical position.

Your servers are at the crossroads of East and West European communication streams, providing steady, high-speed connectivity to the European audience and surrounding areas.

7. Servers in Canada: Performance, Stability, and Safety

Those who want to work for the western portion of the Internet should pay close attention to the VPS/VDS Rental service offered by Cologix, Canada, in Toronto, DC. VPS/VDS PQ.

Due to the lack of middlemen, any difficulties (configuration changes, restarts, etc.) are rapidly rectified. The equipment resides in the data centre of the telecom operator Cologix.

It is connected directly to the biggest regional traffic exchange hubs through fibre optic links.

8. Servers in Hungary: 12,000 or more safety sensors:

In Hungary, PQ Hosting also provides VPS/VDS renting services. The company’s equipment is situated in ServerAstra’s Dataplex data centre (in Budapest).

The data centre is safeguarded against various threats. Close to 99.9 percent of the equipment situated here is available. It offers direct access to more than 20 Hungarian and international carriers, ensuring almost infinite bandwidth.


9. VPS/VDS in Moscow: in compliance with Russian legal requirements:

PQ Hosting’s rental VPS/VDS in Russia (Moscow) is an excellent choice for individuals who must comply with Russian law in storing and processing personal data and other areas.

The company’s equipment is housed at the DataPro Moscow data centre, where services are provided. VPS / VDS in this area is linked to the leading Russian service providers.

DDoS-GUARD provides superior protection against DDoS attacks and other unpleasant conditions at the channel level.

In addition, the data centre monitors the performance of all engineering systems via a uniform system. The data centre conforms to Tier III specifications.

10. Turkey: VPS/VDS with a 99.9% uptime:

VPS/VDS leasing in Turkey (in Izmir) from PQ Hosting guarantees flawless functioning with a 99.9 percent uptime record.

Netdirekt Data Center is the location of the company’s facilities, on which servers are placed. Here, you get access to six major regional telecom providers as n+1 power infrastructure redundancy.

11. VPS/VDS at Atman, Poland’s biggest telecom campus:

Server Uptime of at least 99.99%, N+1 climate control in the data centre, and total isolation of servers from any external influence. The position is advantageous for European nations.

PQ Hosting offers services with its telecommunications equipment. The monthly cost of a virtual dedicated server begins at 3.77 euros.

There are several payment choices available; everything is fine regardless of the client’s location or country of residency.

12. The city of Frankfurt (Germany):

PQ Hosting’s VPS/VDS renting service in Frankfurt (Germany) begins at €3.77 per month. This city is the financial hub of Europe and one of the most important data centers.

Based on the company’s hardware, which is hosted in the Equinix data center, virtual servers are deployed. Among its attributes:

Direct connectivity to five traffic exchange points, including one of the biggest in the world, DE-CIX Frankfurt.

Utilizing efficient technologies for service provisioning. Equinix Fabric (rapid connectivity to global providers), Network Edge (virtual network upgrading), and Equinix Metal.

Why Do I Recommend Using PQ Hosting

Ideal Cost: They offer tariffs with an excellent balance of price and quality, plus frequent promotions and discounts to make hosting even more affordable.

Fast Speed: With quick technical support that responds within 30 minutes and automated processes, your server will be up and running in no time.

Exceptional Service: With a wide range of payment options and currencies, flexible tariffs, and regular promotions and discounts, PQ Hosting provides top-notch service.

Reliable Hardware: PQ Hosting uses only the highest quality equipment, with all discs being NVMe for optimal performance.

Global Reach: With servers located in multiple reliable data centres worldwide, PQ Hosting offers various locations to meet your hosting needs.

Pros and Cons of PQ Hosting:


  • Reliable uptime ensures your website stays online consistently.
  • A User-friendly interface makes managing hosting services simple.
  • 24/7 customer support provides assistance whenever needed.
  • Strong security features protect your data from breaches.
  • Scalable plans accommodate growing business needs effortlessly.
  • Fast server speeds enhance your website’s performance greatly.
  • Global server locations offer optimal site load times.


  • Limited storage might be insufficient for large websites.
  • Occasional maintenance can temporarily disrupt service availability.
  • Additional features often come with extra costs.
  • Basic plans lack the advanced features needed by professionals.


🔧 How does PQ Hosting work?

PQ Hosting provides servers and resources to host your website, ensuring it is accessible online.

🔒 Is PQ Hosting secure?

Yes, PQ Hosting implements robust security measures to protect your website and data from potential threats.

📈 Can PQ Hosting improve my website performance?

Yes, with fast server speeds and optimized resources, PQ Hosting enhances website performance and load times.

📋 How do I set up my website on PQ Hosting?

Setting up your website is simple with PQ Hosting’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation.

🌐 Are there global server locations available with PQ Hosting?

Yes, PQ Hosting has multiple server locations worldwide to ensure optimal load times for your website.

🔍 Can I migrate my existing website to PQ Hosting?

Yes, PQ Hosting supports website migration, and their support team can assist you with the process.

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Conclusion: PQ Hosting Review 2024

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with PQ Hosting and would recommend their services to others.

They offer a great variety of rental hosting services that are perfect for anyone looking to get started in the hosting industry. 

I especially liked their customer service and support team, who were always available to help me with any issues I had. If you’re considering using a rental hosting service, give PQ Hosting a try.

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