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Top 20 Political Blogs & Websites To Follow 2024

In this post, we will provide you the top 20 Political Blogs

It can be difficult to find the perfect political blog to keep up with current events. Discover the top sites with the help of this detailed guide! Online blogging is now one of the most prominent pleasures and jobs for individuals with an aptitude for computers.

Political blogs are without a doubt one of the most prominent sorts of blogs on the internet, with some garnering millions of views.

Finding the ideal blog or website for your political tastes is an excellent way to keep up with current events. Let’s take a glance at twenty of the most influential political blogs currently available on the Internet.

Top Political Blogs & Websites To Follow

20 Best Political Blogs and Websites 2024

Irrespective of your political leanings, the following list is guaranteed to include something interesting for you.

These political websites or blogs will keep you informed on a variety of political topics, spanning from the origins of politics to dissecting the activities of prominent leaders such as President Biden.

1. PoliticusUSA is the finest liberal progressive blog on the internet.

PoliticusUSA is a must-visit website for people who prefer a progressive & liberal blog style. The articles, as mentioned, seem to be mainly liberal in their opinions, yet they cover a wide range of themes that actually address the most prevalent political issues at any given time.


Having said that, this blog frequently takes a progressive position on a variety of political issues. The notion that they welcome guest contributions is an added perk of this blog that applies to anyone with a gift for writing as well as a political opinion. This means you can pitch a tale and it will be published on their site if it is approved by the editors.

2. Best Conservative Political Blog: The Political Insider

The Political Insider is considered among the top conservative blogs on the other end of the political spectrum.

This site is divided into three sections: culture, opinion, and politics, each one allows visitors to receive a diverse perspective on a number of current political issues.

Political Insider

This site is great for anyone looking for a unique perspective on current political issues, as it has a theme of imparting, influencing, and impact. They also have several social media outlets, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter so you can stay up to date on your news from anywhere.

3. Top Political Blogs UK | HuffPost Politics UK – British Political News, Analysis, and Opinion

HuffPost Politics UK is a must-read for individuals who live in the United Kingdom and are only interested in news about politics in that part of the world. 

This platform contains videos and thoughts on contemporary political themes, as well as the most recent and breaking news. 

HuffPost Politics UK

You can also read about regular news, life, Covid-19 updates, entertainment, and parenting lifestyles.  on the HuffPost site. Given the breadth of issues covered, HuffPost Politics UK is a fantastic resource for anyone seeking a balanced perspective on politics. 

This platform has sections for both political parties, making it an enjoyable read for everyone.

4. The Spectator – Top Current Affairs Blog – Coffee House

Catching up with current events is sometimes all that is required. Coffee House is a must-read for everyone who wants to remain on top of the news. It features significant analyses of the day’s top headlines every day.

Politics aren’t the only thing this site has going for it; themes like Books, Life, Economics, Art, and more can all be found here. Having that in mind, its thriving politics section is jam-packed with material delving into current political events.

The Spectator

Because most political news is focused on the United Kingdom, this site is ideal for people looking for this type of coverage. For all those who are considerably interested in receiving additional content in their inbox, a one-month complimentary subscription to this platform is available.

5. Top Scottish Politics Blog – Wings Over Scotland

Wings Over Scotland is billed as the world’s most-read Scottish political blog, as one might guess from the title.

This is a staunchly pro-independence Scottish site, with the majority of the content geared at those who share this political position.

This blog’s primary focus is on the mainstream media & broadcasting institutions (in a political sense). Wings Over Scotland has been described as “controversial” to “intelligent” for its astute commentary and analysis on these themes.

This is certainly a political blog you don’t want to miss, irrespective of your political views. Take a look to evaluate if the writing appeals to you and if you can come up with a unique perspective. There are plenty of themes to cover on this site, with papers, thickos, and polls.

6. Conservative Home is the best right-leaning political blog on the internet.

Conservative Home is a must-read blog for individuals who lean significantly to the right and want to keep up with current events from a conservative perspective.

This thorough and unbiased coverage in the United Kingdom focuses on news, commentary, analysis, and political campaigns.

Conservative Home

Paul Goodman edits this site, which he started in the year 2005 with the goal of advocating for a larger conservative gamut in the county. The posts typically emphasize both a fair competitive economy and social justice in general, making this the ideal site for anyone who shares those values.

A members panel also enables visitors to post their comments and perhaps be included on the site if the editors love & select your work.

Conservative Home is among the most prominent sites for right-wing politics in the UK, with audio and video alternatives for visitors.

7. Left Foot Forward is the best progressive blog in the United Kingdom.

While the moniker Left Foot Forward might suggest a left-leaning viewpoint, this blog is definitely at the forefront of the progressive debate in the United Kingdom.

Their purpose, after publishing thousands of articles of analysis, exclusive reports, & op-eds from public personalities, activists, and civil society, is to shine a spotlight on the right progressive viewpoint and function as an evidence-based counterbalance to the right-wing media.

Left Foot Forward

It was established in 2009 by Will Straw with the objective of delivering hard-hitting news and analysis written by and for the UK left. Since then, it has developed and is now edited by Basit Mahmood.

This forum opens access to everyone who wishes to discuss their ideas or opinions on modern politics by accepting opinion pieces.

The daily newsletter that you can choose to get if you sign up using your email address is an extra bonus, however, it is not required to read the site.

8. Top Political Commentary Blog » Bella Caledonia

The Bella Caledonia site, on its whole, attempts to align to no single person with the purpose of liberty for the curious. This site has changed throughout the years since it was established in 2007 by Kevin Williamson & Mike Small as an online journal focusing on mixing political and cultural commentary.

This site has something for any political reader, with coverage spanning from culture and arts to opinion, media, foreign news, politics, economics, and a general area.

Bella Caledonia

Their concept of upsetting mainstream media’s passive connection by bringing something proactive to the discourse should connect with UK audiences who enjoy this type of thought. Mike Small is the publication’s chief editor and assists in guiding the site’s overarching vision to ensure that it meets its stated goals.

9. Top Political Gossip Blog: Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes could be the top political site to seek out in your free time if you like political gossip to news reporting. The objective of this site is explicit, with a designated line for “tip-offs”: to shed a spotlight on any possible parliamentary plans or conspiracies as detailed on the site. Guido Fawkes delivers an outspoken take on present UK politics, though it is not for everyone.

Since its inception in the year 2004, Paul Staines has served as the page’s Editor-in-Chief, with the sole purpose of causing havoc at the cost of politicians as well as the site’s owner’s self-gratification.

Guido Fawkes takes a lighthearted and comic approach to politics with the objective of reducing the severity and earnestness of many political blogs and is sure to make you laugh. The comments provided, as a 3rd personal-based website, is both intelligent and entertaining.

10. Best Political Speculation Blog:

Politics is entirely about data for some. Taking this into consideration, PoliticalBetting is a well-known political website that offers a distinct perspective on world politics.

Rather than reporting active political struggles globally, this article concentrates on creating polls to determine public opinion on political issues.


These surveys are performed every year, although they garner the greatest attention during election seasons.

This is a blog that anyone interested in political facts (from the perspective of the average citizen) should definitely check out.

11. Anthony Wells is the top political polling blogger in the world.

Without a doubt, Anthony Wells is one of the leading sources of social and political study on the planet. Anthony is the Director of YouGov’s social and political opinion polling platform, as well as the Sun and Sunday Times’ media polling operations.

He also manages the UKPollingReport site, which is a non-profit opinion polling blog. His work is particularly appealing to those who enjoy numbers, and so this blog was among the most prominent during the UK election in 2010.

It is a frequently used source for scholars and journalists, indicating that it is generally accurate. Prior to joining YouGov and starting his blog, Wells worked for William Hague & others as a part of the Leader of the Opposition’s Office.

His degree in British Politics & Legislative Study from the University of Hull is another proof of his political acumen, and his polls are guaranteed to pique the curiosity of anyone interested in sharp political observations.

12. Sundar Katwala is one of the top political freedom blogs.

Sundar Katwala, a British political activist is of Indian and Irish descent.

His long career has always revolved around issues of migration and opportunity, as he is the director of the identity & integration think tank British Future and the previous general secretary of the Fabian Society.

Sundar Katwala

British Future was founded in 2012, making it relatively new in comparison to the other entries on this list, but Katwala’s work is undeniably influential in the UK. Read some of this work to learn more about his thoughts, or check out his book Democratising Global Sport or MORE for fresh perspectives on a variety of topics.

13. Top Political Opinion Blog – Michael White

Political viewpoints may sometimes make for good reading, something Michael White appears to realize. Unlike some of the other sites on our list, Michael White primarily focuses on political viewpoints that frequently cross party lines.

This focus on political viewpoint rather than one-sided reportage provides for fresh perspectives from a variety of perspectives that are difficult to find on other political blogs.

Michael White

Much of White’s work has previously appeared on sites like The Guardian and comparable websites where themes like elections, global politics, and Brexit have been discussed.

White’s perspectives are certainly something you won’t want to miss anytime soon if you prefer reading political opinions.

14. Top Independent Global Politics Blog: The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is without a doubt one of the top independent worldwide political blogs currently available. Though the site’s contents have stayed constant over the years, The Huffington Post formally changed its name to HuffPost in 2017.

Localized & international editions of this American news aggregator & blog cover politics, US news, and worldwide news.

Huffington Post

HuffPost strives to be an impartial website that provides news from both ends of the political divide in most circumstances.

The site’s current trending topics include articles about Kamala Harris, President Biden, CNN, Donald Trump, and much more. If you’re looking for impartial political coverage, HuffPost is among the most appealing options on our list.

15. The Finest Liberal American Political Blog-  Daily Kos.

Daily Kos is a community blog and Internet forum devoted to the Democratic Party & liberal politics in the United States. Daily Kos, which is more of an activist platform than a blog, covers current events such as Joe Biden, republicans, insurgency, Donald Trump, democrats, Covid-19, and much more.

The Finest Liberal American Political Blog-  Daily Kos

This site also includes a contemporary perspective on current events in the county. Additionally, viewers can pick between reading opinion-based news or articles directly from the site’s editors, which is a great resource for individuals who only want to read what the editors have to say.

16. Top Politics and Culture Blog- BBC News

You’d be hard-pressed not to be aware of BBC News, however, their coverage of culture and politics earns them a spot on this list.

The British Transmitting Corporation’s operational business division, BBC News, is responsible for compiling & broadcasting current affairs and news from the United Kingdom and around the world.

Culture Blog- BBC News

Their political department is divided into three sections: the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, and the World. Climate change, science, technology, health, and the arts are among the themes discussed on this page, in addition to politics.

As a result, the expressed political perspectives are frequently moderate, making this a good site for someone who does not firmly favor one side or the other politically.

17. Top Politics & News Blog– The Independent

The Independent is a British digital newspaper that was founded in 1986, making it one of our list’s oldest & most well-known sites.

This site, which began as a national morning-printed newspaper known as “The Indy,” now delivers contemporary perspectives on politics, climate change, culture, and a variety of other topics.

News Blog– The Independent

Almost all political themes are discussed on this page in a sensible fashion that can appeal to anyone who falls in the center of the political spectrum, with segments on US and UK politics.

Furthermore, contributions are welcome on this site, which means that everyone with a voice and an opinion has a possibility of having their work recognized by the editors of this well-known page. Readers can also subscribe to receive news directly in their mailbox if they choose.

18. Rodney Atkinson | Free Nations- Top Freedom Political Blog

Rodney Atkinson is the founder of Free nations, one of the most well-known freedom political blogs online today. Atkinson’s skills as a ministerial adviser, businessman, political economist, and parliamentary shine through in his writing.

Rodney Atkinson

Europe and the British Constitution, energy policies, and Macroeconomic policy are among the subjects discussed. With that stated, in most cases, the libertarian viewpoints on his site are right-leaning, therefore the audience the article caters to is primarily individuals who share this position.

19. Finest Female Political Blog: Rachael Swindon

Rachael Swindon is a well-known blogger who specializes in politics. Guest Posts are allowed on her blog, so anyone can submit as long as they can captivate Swindon with their narrative.

Swindon is best known for her prominent Twitter profile, which she transformed into a blog-style format as a staunch supporter of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom.

20. Top Political History Blog- A Short History of Politics and Philosophy

A Short History of Politics and Philosophy is precisely what it seems like for history buffs. Understanding political history may be just as enjoyable as reading about recent affairs. This site is a must-read for everyone interested in learning about the history of many different political views around the world.

FAQ On Political Blogs & Websites 

Which political blog has the most clout?

For the most prominent political blog, there is no one definite answer. This is because there are several diverse political viewpoints and blogs that support those viewpoints. As a result, Anthony Wells, Michael White and ThinkProgress are just a few of the most prominent blogs right now.

Which political blog is the most popular?

There are a lot of prominent political blogs available on the Internet, but the Drudge Report is one of the most widely read. Their political viewpoint varies annually, however they are beyond a doubt among the most popular political news blogs.

What are the leading five blogs about global issues?

The Borgen Project, TheDataBlog, DipNote, Global Issues & Business Fights Poverty are a few of the most prominent global issues blogs that routinely score at the top practically every year. These blogs usually emphasize on broad global topics without strongly tilting one side or the other in terms of politics.

Is it mandatory to enter with the blog in order to leave a comment?

To leave a comment on a blog, you must first register and create an account. There are a few sites that enable guests or anonymous users to submit comments, but they are few and far between. To be certain, go to the bottom of an article you want to remark on and see if you can leave a comment without registering

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Conclusion: Political Blogs & Websites 2024

Keeping up to date on all things political is a crucial component of life in the modern world. You may keep your mind informed about the society around you by visiting some of the well-known blogs and websites listed above.


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