Plagramme Review : Free Multilingual Plagiarism Checker Tool

Professionals in the online marketing industry are very well aware of the significance of the content marketing. And in case, you are into content marketing to a great extent; then it is crucial to have the quality content and excellent articles in massive amounts. You cannot depend entirely on any firm for this job.

In my early days, I did not bother to check the originality of the work done by my content writers. Nonetheless, I learned it the hard way. There was a time when I received 200 articles from my writers, and most of them were found to be either re-written from the pages on the internet or were spun.

There are many writers who pick an article from the internet and re-write them nicely to give it a new appearance. This problem has been there for long. Most new entrants in content marketing try to achieve the better results through copying the articles of other writers, however, this way no-one can be successful.

But, at least I am not experiencing the same hardship these days. Thanks to the handy tools available nowadays that can help you to test the plagiarism and hence, the authenticity of a particular article or post.

But the question is how do we know which one is the better and most useful tool out of the array of solutions available in the market?

For the answer to the above question, we planned to review this advanced plagiarism checker tool for you. If you want to explore more about this tool, then read on.

Plagramme Free Multilingual Plagiarism Checker Tool

Plagramme- A Plagiarism Checker Tool

Plagramme is the great tool for checking the Plagiarism of your content. Along with checking the authenticity of the article, it also offers various other options. This tool is a blessing for people like me!

Plagramme Review

About Plagramme

It is a multilingual plagiarism checker tool that verifies the originality of the content in a much better way and that too for free.

Other than validating for the original content, it provides the following functionalities.

  • It offers the facility to check the wrong citation.
  • It has a feature to validate the content through paraphrases testing.
  • It also offers a great deal of necessary information.

With so many functionalities, why this advanced tool is free?

Yes, it is the fact that Plagramme Plagiarism Checker is a free tool and we firmly recommend this useful and advanced tool to all the students, writers, and various educational institutes.

Now, you must be wondering about how this tool works.

To use this tool, you are required to open the official site of the Plagramme and sign up.

There is also an option to log in to tool through either of your Linked In, Twitter or Facebook accounts. In fact, you can also use your email id for the same login purpose.

For the newbies, Plagramme offers free rewards of one dollar. This bonus can be used in case you want to purchase any of the premium services provided by the tool.

Homepage of Plagramme Website

Once you login into the site, it will ask you your details such as your country, preferred language and phone number. Once you enter, you can upload your document, for checking the authenticity of your content.


Plagramme Free Multilingual Plagiarism Checker Tool review

The tool takes a few seconds to check the plagiarism, in the uploaded document, but it is absolutely worthy of your patience. Then, it shows a detailed report of the content, whether it is original or not.

Advanced Features

Intellectual Scoring Methodology


This plagiarism checker tool offers not only risk score, but also bad citation and paraphrasing. Along with the most likely resource and similarity score, it also gives some other helpful information. This tool has excellent capabilities that separate it from the other authenticity checker tools in the industry.

Innovative User Interface

The UI (user interface) of this tool is amazing. Anyone can operate on this tool irrespective of any technical background. The development team considered about almost everything that can be required in this type of tool, while designing this interface, such as text formatting, syntax highlighting, etc.

Multi-Lingual Platform

Other than many primary languages, this tool also helps to check the authenticity of the content in several regional languages also. So, irrespective of your location, you can use this tool for checking any content.

Some more features that differentiate Plagramme from the other tools in the market

Paraphrase Identification

This tool assists in spotting the content in which any writer has altered the positions of the paragraphs present in the content to make it look like a genuine piece of work.

Moreover, it has the amazing capability to show the source of the plagiarised content in the uploaded document.

Cloud Feature

This tool also offers you the facility to own your private cloud to upload the documents needed to verify for plagiarism or the originality check.

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Over To You

We believe that Plagramme is a great tool and provides fantastic services and features. We would like to recommend this tool to all the writers who worry about the authenticity of their content.

For detailed knowledge on Plagiarism, please ask your queries or comments in the section provided.


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