Philip Bloom Cinematic Masterclass Review 2024: Is It Worth It? (My Experience)

Philip Bloom Cinematic Masterclass Review

Overall Verdict

Philip Bloom Cinematic Masterclass is an incredibly rewarding experience that provided me with a wealth of knowledge on cinematography. It taught me how to expand my artistic vision and build powerful stories through composition, lighting, and color theory. This course enabled me to take my filmmaking skills to the next level, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to further their artistry in this field. 

Out of 10


  • The course is well organized and covers many different themes so you can pick and choose the modules that interest you the most
  • Suitable for all skill levels and budgets
  • Philip Bloom has used his extensive knowledge to curate this course, dedicating time to perfecting the syllabus to cover all the most important filmmaking techniques


  • There is an abundance of information to cover and learn which can be overwhelming at times
  • There is no workbook or forum function to communicate with the teacher or other students


Price: $ 15

I recently took Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass, and it was one of the best investments I have ever made for my filmmaking journey.

In this masterclass, I learned a lot about refining my compositions, using color in an effective way to tell stories, as well as how to use light and camera movement to tell stories visually.

Let us understand more by reading this Philip Bloom Cinematic Masterclass Review.

This class was extremely informative and interactive; not only did I get lessons from Philip himself, but also feedback from other classmates, which was invaluable for improving my work.

Philip Bloom Cinematic Masterclass Review

Throughout the course, Philip shared his experience with composition techniques like framing and leading lines that help build powerful stories.

He also taught us how to use natural light when shooting outdoors or stage lighting when shooting indoors. Additionally, he covered how to use color theory, camera movement, and other tools to bring emotion into our films.

The masterclass also provided me with great tips on how to break down a scene and build a shot list that would help create the best possible storytelling experience.

Philip showed us examples of his work and shared his own personal experiences in the industry, which was invaluable for my growth.

A Little About Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is a well-known British filmmaker who has collaborated with several British and American broadcasters, including CNN, CBS, and NBC.

In addition to producing acclaimed films such as The Wonder List and How to Start a Revolution, Philip has devoted a significant portion of his career to assisting aspiring filmmakers in reaching their full potential.

Philip Bloom Cinematic Masterclass Review

His thirty-year profession and cheerful demeanor make him an excellent educator. If you want to learn more about the course, be sure to watch the masterclass trailer!

What You Will Learn in Philip Bloom Cinematic Masterclass

Bloom spent a substantial amount of time creating the course in a precise way such that the modules were organized by relevance and difficulty with the fundamentals and technical ideas first, followed by composition, and lastly, filmmaking philosophy and principles.

“When do we move the camera? Why do we shift the camera? How can we construct a series of shots?”

Bloom does a terrific job hammering home the notion throughout the course that everything you do as a filmmaker should be done in service of the narrative. “Never be led by the gear, be led by the shots,” he says repeatedly.

His descriptions of defined and driven shots struck a chord with me and hammered home the lesson that narrative is king.

Bloom is definitely comfortable on camera and is a great instructor. He has a clear and succinct educational approach mixed with sarcastic humor, making his lectures straightforward and entertaining to follow.

He starts out with the simplest foundational tools and subsequently expands these skills into more advanced issues in a logical, unified approach.

Throughout, he does an excellent job of demonstrating principles with examples in different real-world scenarios and guiding the audience through the implementation of these concepts in his own work.

Philip Bloom

The Time-Lapse module is especially exciting in this aspect since Bloom spends a number of days in and around London taking time-lapses while presenting the topics. He then exhibits the ultimate product and criticizes his work.

Bloom and his team, comprised of brilliant creatives Julian Wakefield and Sarah Seal, show each notion in as much detail as possible by working through a variety of scenarios in different settings and lighting conditions.

The last module, The Narrative, is the conclusion of these strategies, skills, and resources, focused on “how to identify your story and how to express your story” by creating a mini-documentary.

Bloom employs many cameras and lenses throughout the course. He never discusses the specifications of any piece of equipment since he deems it unimportant, focusing instead on the ideas and abilities.

  1. Bloom is camera-neutral and employs “the finest camera for the task.”
  2. The course is vast (and at times exhausting in terms of the sheer quantity of material covered), and I view it not just as a terrific teaching series of videos but also as a good reference resource to return to often.
  3. The post-production segment is by far the longest, as Bloom guides the audience through his whole editing method, including his decisions, style, and advice.
  4. The MZed website is straightforward to access, and the course UI is clear and intuitive. You may stream each module in 1080p HD or download it for 4K viewing on your PC.
  5. The downloaded files are HEVC (H.265) encoded, thus, you must confirm that your video player supports this format.
  6. macOS High Sierra (version 10.13) supports H.265 video capability on newer Macs for Apple customers.
  7. MZed provides a lot of great filmmaking and photography courses; however, “Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass” is the only one that can be downloaded at the moment.
  8. I absolutely loved the course overall. Each lesson was well-designed, jam-packed with valuable information, and captivating to observe.
  9. The course has a cinematic flair and excellent production value. I really loved the background music, which is something I don’t often notice in lessons (unless when it’s unpleasant). It supplemented and sometimes augmented the teachings.
  10. Bloom said that making and filming for a livelihood is the finest occupation in the world. In this course, he intends to encourage people to forge their own paths in the field of filmmaking by revealing his enthusiasm and love for his profession.

Why Do I Recommend Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass

The 3 reasons why I recommend Philip Bloom’s masterclass are:

1. A course that keeps on giving:

There are several ways in which this training might aid your filmmaking endeavors, from learning how to use camera effects to acquiring a better suitable lens for your camera to asking the proper interview question.

I’ve seen myself implementing some of Philip’s beliefs in my everyday life, not just when I’m shooting or photographing anything but also while observing the work of others.

This masterclass has given me a stronger understanding of filmmaking in general and all the many facets of labor involved. I anticipate returning to this course again for both general guidance and particular pointers.

2. A charming instructor who is devoted to his craft:

Simply seeing the 20-minute introduction module for this masterclass will give you an instant sense of Philip’s passion for filming and teaching ability.

In addition to sharing anecdotes about his time spent working for various broadcasting companies, Philip also enjoys cracking a few jokes, which makes his lesson appear more welcoming than those of more serious instructors.

Philip Bloom is extremely professional, but he is also a dedicated educator who seeks to inspire future generations of filmmakers with his knowledge.

3. Comprehensive, concise, and thorough:

This course is an excellent illustration of the maxim that the more information a masterclass provides, the greater its value.

In only nine lessons, Philip covers the essentials and investigates major themes in detail, providing you with a thorough understanding of filmmaking’s history, practice, and principles.

Philip’s expertise and experience with filming methods and equipment ensure that each lesson is filled with improvement tips, tricks, and ideas.

This not only means that you may learn a great deal, but it also makes the course a flexible resource for expert filmmakers.

Even if you’ve previously created your own short film and have a vast array of cameras, you’re certain to learn something new from Philip, such as his tips on how to conduct a memorable interview.

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Conclusion: Philip Bloom Cinematic Masterclass Review 2024

In conclusion, taking Philip Bloom Cinematic Masterclass was an incredibly rewarding experience that provided me with a wealth of knowledge on cinematography.

It taught me how to expand my artistic vision and build powerful stories through composition, lighting, and color theory.

This course enabled me to take my filmmaking skills to the next level, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to further their artistry in this field. 

Thanks to Philip Bloom, I now have the tools necessary to take my filmmaking skills to the next level.

His masterclass was one of the best investments I have ever made, and it has allowed me to build powerful stories that are captivating and full of emotion.

It is an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to sharpen their cinematography skills, and I highly recommend this class to any aspiring filmmakers out there. 

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