PeepSo: The Best Free WordPress Community Plugin?

If you are looking for a free, feature-packed WordPress plugin for community creation, you’ve reached your destination: PeepSo provides a rock-solid foundation for your social network and supports your creative freedom with its flexible, quality features.

Do you want to try your hand at creating a functional online community in WordPress?

Do you have this amazing idea for gathering like-minded people in one place under your care, and do you want to bring it to fruition?

Are you already running a community, but your current plugin isn’t living up to your needs and expectations?

Do you want to enhance your online community?

If the answer to either of these questions is “yes”, you are in the right place.

Why you should create your own online community

We all have our own interests, jobs, activities, hobbies, likes and dislikes, unique traits and talents, and sharing our experiences with others is a normal part of life. Communication and connections are important factors of being human, so we may as well consider them necessities.

Social networks provide an outlet for this necessity and bring a unique kind of fulfillment in our technology-driven world, where we can’t imagine functioning without the internet anymore. Life is busy, and without online interactions, we wouldn’t be able to reach a great many people that we normally do, nor tend to our ever-growing needs and interests.

Major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and their likes, take advantage of our need to connect and we become their commodity. Communication and connections between users are considered fuel for the huge marketing machine working in the background; buying and selling information has become the new normal.

Seems so cold and calculated, compared to all the feelings and thoughts you share daily on those sites, doesn’t it?

This is precisely why private online communities exist, and why they are so important.

These havens have their own specific theme, a niche, a place where like-minded individuals freely congregate. You are among the people who share some common ground with you from the get-go, and the community itself may even be specific to your language. These communities are almost always extremely warm and welcoming to new members.


Private online communities have the potential to grow and attract people from all over the world, enabling you to enrich your experiences and create new, valuable connections.

You already may be a member of such a community, which is created around a cause, an artist, a celebrity, a hobby, a lifestyle, or a product. You can become attached to the people there, and you may even be an active contributor. And we all know it feels good.


So if you were wondering whether you should start your own community, better ask yourself – why didn’t you do it already?

What you need to know about free community plugins

The best way to ease yourself into community management and learn about all your possibilities is to set up a solid foundation – and for that, you need a quality plugin.

The most popular first choice is a free WordPress plugin for site builders and community creators. It’s the safest bet…right?

Well, let’s see.

The main advantage of a free plugin is precisely the “free” part. However, to truly earn the free title, it must fulfill certain conditions:

  1. Non-committal acquisition. There is no hidden paywall and there are no strings attached.
  2. Functionality. The features that the plugin provides work as intended and in cohesion with each other.
  3. Simplicity. Your backend is straightforward and you can easily find out how to use the plugin’s features to the best effect.
  4. Stability. The plugin is regularly and timely updated by its developers, according to general technology advancements and WordPress updates.

If a free plugin for community building doesn’t adhere to these conditions, then it isn’t really free; it is incomplete and therefore requires additional effort on your part to fix it and/or add features to it from 3rd party sources. This process consumes your time, and your time is the most valuable thing in your possession.

So before you impulsively install any easily accessible plugin in the Plugins section of your WordPress Dashboard – get to know it first. Do some research, find information on how stable the plugin is, whether it will truly benefit your community and if there are better alternatives out there. Always choose only the best for yourself.

(This image may not be the best representative because I have Ultimate Bundle)

plugins search dashboard

WordPress Dashboard – Add New Plugins menu

The benefits of PeepSo Free Bundle

Having free plugin requirements in mind, let’s get a closer look at what PeepSo is and how it can benefit your networking goals.

Solid Background

PeepSo is a super-light and carefully tailored social network plugin for WordPress. It is an open-source project whose contributors collaborate tightly with the experienced PeepSo Team, ensuring the stability of features.

peepso main lp

PeepSo also uses its own software for its active Community instead of defaulting to an external social network source like many others do, thus providing the proof of concept.

Rich Features

The features of PeepSo Free Bundle are polished to perfection and the plugin is regularly updated. This rule applies to all segments of PeepSo and makes it truly and fully usable.

peepso free lp

PeepSo is adapted to everyone’s needs. You are provided with highly customizable features, stability, and ease of use. Your community is equally well presented both on regular screens and on mobile. You get everything you need to start and maintain a stable online community with your own personal impact and attract the right users.

The peepSo-powered community boasts Facebook-like features that cover everything a proper social network might need.

You and your users can easily adjust and use PeepSo features respectively: Registration, User Profiles, and Privacy options, Friendships, Activity Stream feed, Messaging, and Notifications options, live Chat, Photos sharing, and linking Videos, Hashtags, Widgets, and many more.

Check out the detailed overview of PeepSo Free Bundle on!

We all like to include GIFs and reactions in our comments when we communicate with each other online. PeepSo has recognized these needs and enabled both to be freely used.

Reactions can be customized in the backend, where you can change their description and add new custom ones. PeepSo is also fully integrated with GIPHY and its entire library of GIFs is at your disposal for use in comments and inside the Chat.

For easy formatting of text and links, PeepSo supports Markdown. This makes a big difference in users’ expressiveness and expands their communication.

The security of your community is covered by several PeepSo features that put your mind at ease and make your users feel safe and comfortable.

PeepSo provides built-in security that prevents brute force attacks.

WordFilter enables you to censor certain words and enforce proper conduct on your site.

GDPR compliance is a must in every respectable community and PeepSo is no different in that aspect.

Compose your very own Terms of Use and make them easily accessible to all users, as well as a condition for registration.

And for outright misbehavior, there is always the Ban Hammer.

PeepSo is available in several different languages – courtesy of linguistic contributors from the PeepSo Community, as well as PeepSo Team members themselves. The list of supported languages is ever expanding as PeepSo garners more interest and support from satisfied users and contributors all over the world.

Fully included in the Free Bundle is PeepSo’s unique Gecko Theme that is specifically designed to bring out the best in your community and make it beautiful.

Gecko Theme isn’t a requirement for the proper functioning of PeepSo and you are free to use any other WordPress theme that you might be used to. However, Gecko consists of a multitude of features that are usually found only in paid themes, providing you with a full experience that you can build upon however you wish.

gecko feature


PeepSo provides clear information about all its features on Users know exactly what they get depending on the bundle they choose, how to make the most of it, and how to advance their communities with PeepSo’s help.

PeepSo enables you to freely test its possibilities via the Demo site. You can explore the site powered by PeepSo both from the perspective of an Admin and a regular User.


History, continuous work, and development of PeepSo are well documented in their informative Blogs. This section also provides helpful tips for community management and technical guidance to everyone.

You always have access to PeepSo’s Changelog, as well as detailed information about every update in the form of developer blogs under the Release category.


PeepSo provides detailed Documentation about every single aspect of their plugins. This insight is available to everyone and easy to use.

peepso documentation lp

For an in-depth review of PeepSo features and community management guidance, you can make use of the PeepSo YouTube Channel

Guidance and tutorial channels for community management can be easily overlooked, so you may consider subscribing to the channel to always get the latest news and stay in touch with the plugin development.

Paid Features and how to make the most of them

When is the right time to invest in your online community? Do you need to do it at all?

That depends on the nature of your site and how you want to grow it. If you wish to make a career and compete with the big guns out there, then yes – you absolutely need to get a wholesome paid plugin that will attract more attention and increase your traffic.

Premium community plugins are what people usually opt for when they wish to monetize their online communities. Everybody expects the utmost quality from what they pay for because the perceived main purpose of paid plugins is to help generate continuous profit as the client base and business growth.

woo-products-1024x595 (1)

However, buying a premium community plugin doesn’t have to be a must for companies and entrepreneurs only.

You can return your investment and afford regular site maintenance by engaging your members in the Donations program via Patreon, Ko-fi, and similar subscription platforms.

Likewise, Paid Memberships concept will bring exclusivity and an amplified sense of importance to your community, as well as the possibility to hire paid staff.

And of course, there is advertising – by far the most popular strategy for community monetization, which can enable you to thrive as an affiliate.

Satisfied users who are provided with ultimate features in a place they love to frequent will be glad to participate in its enhancement.

Whenever you wish to enrich your community with even more features, including but not limited to more community management and monetization options, you can easily do so by acquiring one of PeepSo’s Ultimate Bundles.

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle is the current pinnacle of PeepSo development, and it’s being continuously enhanced. It’s easy on the wallet too, considering the amount and quality of features it provides: a multitude of integrations, Fanatical Support, Branding and so much more.

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