Payoneer Forum 2015 Delhi,India was Megahit

After a month of careful planning Payoneer Forum was held in Delhi 11th July 2015.

Yesterday morning came as definite scare to me. It was a big day as I had this event planned for my clients Payoneer and to my shock Delhi was engulfed in rains. Nonetheless, I reached the venue at noon and started with the preparations. I was sceptical about the registrants showing up. I wondered how the people from Jaipur and different cities are going to arrive on time. However, to my surprise and by the courtesy of the sheer will of the panellists and aspirants, the event started at 5 :30 PM in the evening with house full audience.

payoneer forum delhi India july 2015
Payoneer Forum

What was the Payoneer Meet-up All About?

Currently, the internet of things has opened up a lot of opportunities for people with unique ideas trying to make a name for themselves and earn a better quality of life. The event was essentially centred on the idea of bringing together freelancers, bloggers, affiliate and email marketers and showcase to them the current opportunities in the relevant fields. One of the prime focuses was to raise awareness about global transactions involving entrepreneurs and cross-country clients as this channel provides the major chunk of IoT opportunities.

The event started with our emcee Addition Aditya Nath Jha, cracking up the audience with his humour and soon our esteemed speakers started with their presentations. Dipesh Garg (Founder, Truelancer) presented a detailed statistical account of rising freelance and IoT opportunities in Asia while Siddhartha Bagga and Mayank Wadhwa (Founders, provided deep insight into the impending issues in India Entrepreneurship. Ritu David enraptured the audience with her brilliant embedded digital marketing strategies while Arun Prabhudesai taught us the sure shot ways of successful email marketing. Chitraparna Sinha from Esmee Network showcased the process of converting freelance into a profitable business.

The presentations concluded with Kulwant Nagi explaining detailed tricks for affiliate marketing success. I had my part in the middle, but that comes later. The event really came to life when the panel session started and esteemed panellists like Vipul Taneja, Siddharth Bagga and Danish Wadhwa stood alongside me and answered the various questions which the audience had in mind about the scope and potential of IoT activities.

What was my Role in the Payoneer Meet-up?

Apart from representing Payoneer’s Indian Operations along with my partner Chitraparna Sinha and managing the entire event, I had my own little panel session with the audience where I showed the pros, cons and essentialities of a good freelance (or as I call laptop lifestyle) lifestyle. I outlined that successful ventures are not run by individuals alone but requires a team. A person can have a great idea but for it come to fruition, a diversification portfolio of work is required and that leads to the requirement of a team. I outlined the importance of personal branding in the ever rising digital age and pointed out the important aspects of a good portfolio.

I loved it when at the end of the presentation; people asked my in detail about the various aspects of my business and took keen interest in my ideologies.

What came off the Payoneer Meet-up?

In the end we saw a crowd which was much more aware than it was than when it had entered the gates of Sathya Sai Auditorium drenched in water but strong in will. Seeing people network and connect with each other during tea breaks and dinner was a clear indication that the goal behind our initiative had been realised. I realised that this kind of awareness about global opportunities and cheaper cross country payments must be made available across multiple channels.

Therefore my next priority of agendas is making videos of our panellists’ presentations and audience interactions which have already been initiated. Also, Sanjukta Baaruah, our representative from Payoneer agreed with our conclusion and we are in talks to do similar events in other parts of the country ASAP.

If you were not able to reach us, I completely understand your predicaments. Don’t worry; just keep in touch with my website to the videos and latest updates on upcoming events.

You can check speakers topics here: 

Here are some snaps from event:

folks getting registered at at payoneer forum delhi India
Folks getting registered
Folks at payoneer forum delhi India
Folks at payoneer forum delhi India
Dipesh garg truelancer owner at payoneer forum
Dipesh Garg
Jitendra vaswani at payoneer forum delhi India (2)
Jitendra Vaswani
Aditya nath jha from inspire2rise at payoneer forum delhi India
Forum Host Aditya Nath Jha from
at payoneer forum delhi 2015

Jitendra vaswani at payoneer forum delhi India
Jitendra vaswani blogger in India at payoneer forum delhi India
Me Speaking on How To Live A Laptop Lifestyle Freelancer Life?
Mayank Wadhwa at payoneer forum delhi India
Mayank Wadhwa
Ritu David at payoneer forum delhi India (2)
Ritu David
Ritu David at payoneer forum delhi India
Ritu David
Arun Prabhudesai at payoneer forum delhi India
Arun Prabhudesai
Rabia Kidwai
Rabia Kidwai
Rabia Kidwai Talking about finance matters
Rabia Kidwai Talking about finance matters
chitraparna sinha from esmee network at payoneer forum delhi india
Chitraparna Sinha
Kulwant Nagi at payoneer forum delhi India
Kulwant Nagi
Danish Wadhwa, Siddharth Bhagga , Vipul Taneja at payoneer forum delhi India
Danish Wadhwa, Siddharth Bagga , Vipul Taneja



Ankur Agarwal at payoneer forum delhi India
Ankur Agarwal Mastermind Affiliate Marketer
With Rahul Rakesh , Aditya Jha, Ashwani
With Rahul Rakesh , Aditya Jha, Ashwani
MasterMind Ankur Agwaral, Aishwin Vikhona & Chandu Shekhar
MasterMind Ankur Agwaral, Aishwin Vikhona & Chandu Shekhar
Jitendra Vaswani top blogger in India at payoneer forum delhi India
Me with Aditya Jha Nath
Ritu David from ritudavidconsulting at payoneer forum delhi India
Ritu David Receiving Plaque from me

Indeed, it’s turning out to be an exciting year for Payoneer and we hope that Payoneer will be back with more events to come in India.  Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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