Passwarden Review 2024: Is It Reliable? Is Passwarden free?

Passwarden Review

Overall Verdict

Keepsolid’s Passwarden is a safe password manager. Keepsolid is a well-known online security and productivity business whose products include VPN Unlimited, KeepSolid SmartDNS, and Goals by Keepsolid.

Out of 10


  • Convenient offline mode
  • Storage for any data types
  • User-friendly data import
  • Top-notch algorithms


  • Costly


Price: $ 3.99

Are you looking for an Unbiased Passwarden Review? Great! You have come to the right post.

It’s hard to remember all your passwords and even harder to develop new ones that are strong and unique.

You’re not alone. A recent study showed that the average person has 26 different online accounts but only uses five different passwords for them all. This leaves you vulnerable to hacking your accounts if one of your passwords is leaked or guessed.

Passwarden is a safe password manager that makes it easy to keep track of all your passwords. With Passwarden, you can create strong and unique passwords for each account and store them in a secure encrypted vault.

Passwarden Review

What Is Passwarden?

Passwarden is a safe password manager. Keepsolid is a well-known online security and productivity business whose products include VPN Unlimited, KeepSolid SmartDNS, and Goals by Keepsolid.

Passwarden Review

Passwarden has a variety of valuable functions. In addition to passwords, you may store other protected data (such as your identification documents and credit card information).

Passwarden is offered for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux as a browser plugin and web service.

Passwarden Features

Here are the features of Passwarden:

  • Master password:

A Master password is a unique password needed to access your Passwarden profile. All of your sensitive information is protected by this password. In addition, this password is essential for the encryption and decryption of data. Even Passwarden personnel do not have access to your Master password or any data stored in Passwarden.

  • Two-factor authentication:

Enable two-factor authentication on your Passwarden account to increase its security. They’ll send a one-time passcode to the email address you choose, preventing anybody but yourself from accessing your data and password storage. They also deploy Authenticator App OTP tokens for additional security.

  • Duress mode:

Indeed, the security of your passwords is crucial, but nothing is more vital than your safety. Utilize the Duress option if you must launch their password management application under duress. Create a Duress password and use it when Passwarden access is needed. It will only show the data you’ve already specified, concealing any other content.

  • Security Dashboard: 

The Security Dashboard informs you of data breaches and other security risks involving your stored Passwarden items. It includes numerous issues, such as weak and overused passwords, security breaches on sites where you have accounts, expiring products, etc. Dark Web surveillance guarantees a better understanding, while the Security Guru provides customized security advice.

  • Bullet-proof encryption:

When it comes to sensitive information such as passwords, security is crucial. Passwarden encrypts client-side data using the AES-256 and ES p-384 protocols. These techniques make your data and passwords unreadable to any third party, including hackers and KeepSolid personnel.

Passwarden Pricing

Passwarden Pricing

  • There are two choices for the premium plan: Personal and Family. 
  • The only difference between the two programs is that the Family Plan provides you with seven Passwarden accounts.
  • The Personal plan membership would cost $3.99 per month or $199 for a lifetime subscription. The Family plan subscription would cost $4.99 per month or $249.99 for a lifetime membership.
  • I would recommend going for the lifetime plans. Passwarden is something you are going to need in the long run. 

How To Download and Install Passwarden?

How To Download and Install Passwarden

First of all, here are the platforms supported by Passwarden –

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Passwarden from here, and hover your cursor on ‘Downloads.’ Then click on whichever option is fit for you based on your system. In my case, it is Windows. 

How To Download and Install Passwarden step1

Step – 2: Click on one of your choices. As soon as you click, the download will start. When the file has been downloaded, double-click on it, and click on ‘Yes’

How To Download and Install Passwarden step2

Step – 3: Click on ‘I accept the agreement’ and then on ‘Next.’

How To Download and Install Passwarden step3

Step – 4: Again, click on ‘Next.’ Keep on clicking on next until you see this. When you do, click on ‘Finish.’

How To Download and Install Passwarden step4

Step – 5: Click on ‘Proceed.’

How To Download and Install Passwarden step5

Step – 6: You will be asked to sign in to your account. You can choose to sign in via Google or FaceBook as well. Complete the signup process and open Passwarden in your system. 

How To Download and Install Passwarden step6

Step – 7: You will be asked to fill up the master password. Make sure you choose this password very carefully and never forget it. Fill it up and then click on ‘Next.’ 

How To Download and Install Passwarden step7

Step – 8: You will be given some details. Make sure you print out the document and save it carefully. When done, click on ‘Save’. When saved, click on ‘Ok’. After all this, you will get access to the Passwarden dashboard. 

How To Download and Install Passwarden step8

Click on ‘Upgrade to Premium’.

Step – 9: Then, click on ‘Get Now’. 

How To Download and Install Passwarden step9

Step -10: Check out all these plans. Select the one that is ideal for your needs and below it click on ‘Get Started’. 

How To Download and Install Passwarden step10

Step – 11: You will then be asked to choose a payment method. Choose one and click it. Complete the payment and enjoy all the premium features of Passwarden. 

How To Download and Install Passwarden step11

Why Do I Recommend Passwarden?

Why Do I Recommend Passwarden

  • Convenient offline mode:

Need your account credentials or password but have no Internet connection? It is not a problem at all! Your Passwarden storage is accessible even without an active internet connection. It’s an excellent feature for login into applications that don’t need an internet connection.

  • Storage for any data types:

Passwarden allows safe storage for all types of information, including passwords, logins, software licenses, ID cards, contacts, SSN, credit/debit cards, and secure notes. Use a single app for all sensitive data and ensure that it remains private.

  • Reliable data syncing: 

Passwarden does not use any third-party services for data exchange or synchronization. All app data is saved securely in the KeepSolid cloud. Thus, their clients may access their data from any location in the globe without difficulty or danger.

  • User-friendly data import: 

Download password manager for Windows 10 or any other version and transfer data from almost any external source to Passwarden’s storage in just seconds. The Import Wizard eliminates the need for tedious manual copying and pasting.

  • Client-side encryption:

The top Windows password manager from KeepSolid offers client-side encryption to guarantee optimum privacy. As a consequence, only encrypted data is sent to Passwarden servers from the end user’s device.

  • Top-notch algorithms:

Passwarden utilizes the Advanced Encryption Standard to implement symmetric encryption. Moreover, their Windows password manager application uses the superior ES p-384 protocol for public-key cryptography. Thus, you will not have to worry about the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

  • Make the password creation process a breeze:

Passwarden allows users to generate random passwords inside the program itself. In addition, you may set password length and choose whether to include numbers, capital letters, and special characters.

  • Speed up login process with password manager app:

Thanks to the Autofill function, it is no longer necessary to print random combinations of complicated characters that are difficult to enter and remember. With the Autofill feature, you can avoid typing mistakes while filling out sign-up forms. This function provides further protection against keyloggers and phishing websites. Passwarden simplifies and protects your online activities.

  • Never forget and lose your passwords again: 

Are you sick of forgetting your logins, account information, and passwords? Are you concerned about account recovery options? Save your essential data in the Passwarden vault, always have your passwords and login credentials on hand, and never be forced to recover your account!

  • Secure your Passwarden account with 2FA: 

KeepSolid’s trustworthy password manager implements two-factor authentication to safeguard you against unwanted account logins and password hacking. Each time you log in to your KeepSolid account, you may be required to input numbers from the Authenticator app, validate the identity you get through email, or enter a backup code.

  • Safeguard most sensitive data under duress:

Due to the Duress Mode feature, you may conceal your most sensitive data even if compelled to give up access to Passwarden. The difference between your regular Passwarden account and its duress version is not visible to others. Therefore, you need not worry about being caught.

  • Protect your information with a Master password:

Passwarden necessitates the use of a unique password – a Master password. This password secures your app data reliably and plays a crucial role in encryption and synchronization operations. Create a strong Master password since that will be the only password you need to remember going forward.

FAQs On Passwarden Review 

Is Passwarden password manager safe?

Yes! Passwarden employs only cutting-edge encryption, time-tested security methods, and highly reliable protocols. Additionally, client-side encryption prevents even KeepSolid workers from seeing your Passwarden data.

Can I use the Passwarden password manager for free?

If you choose to continue, you may use their 7-day free trial to learn about all of Passwarden's features before purchasing a membership. The free version of Passwarden has some limitations, including a limit of two devices per account and the absence of vault sharing and family management capabilities.

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Conclusion: Passwarden Review 2024

Passwarden is perhaps the most effective password manager I’ve seen. It is very user-friendly and intuitive, and KeepSolid’s expertise and background in the cybersecurity industry are a significant plus.

Passwarden is cross-platform and provides many features, including autofill, two-factor authentication, duress mode, and a simple method to import all your data.

I feel that Pawwarden is unquestionably valuable.

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