Shefali Tsabary Conscious Parenting Mastery Review 2024 Is It Really Worth It?

Parenting Mastery Review

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Parenting Mastery Review teach you a deeper reflection is about how it is that your own upbringing, desires, and prejudices are projected onto your children and how they are raised.

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In this blog, I am going to share Mindvalley’s The Parenting Mastery Review.

I don’t have children. I understand your concern.

When you do not have children, what motivated you to complete Mindvalley’s Conscious Parenting Mastery quest? If you’ve ever visited my website, you know that I’ve obtained the Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass, which allows me to take all of the new quests that are added to the game.

Therefore, when Conscious Parenting Mastery became available, I took the pass because I want to get my money’s worth out of it.

As an added bonus, I could write a review on this site from a perspective that most people taking the quest will not be able to see.

Though I didn’t relate to Dr. Shefali’s talk about having children, I related to many other points.

In the world of parenting, Shefali Tsabary is somewhat of a celebrity. She has received positive reviews from celebrities and dignitaries of the highest order!

You might be wondering, what’s the big deal? Does it actually work or is it just hype?  Keep reading to find out…

Why Is Conscious Parenting Mastery Beneficial?

Is Conscious Parenting what I need to master; and why am I interested in “mastering” it?

Conscious Parenting can be summed up as “The problem is not your kids, it’s you.”.

A deeper reflection is about how it is that your own upbringing, desires, and prejudices are projected onto your children and how they are raised.

According to the book, parents should change themselves before trying to change and mold their children into something they’re not.

“Conscious” parenting means paying attention to your behavior and using that knowledge to make deliberate and mindful parenting decisions, rather than ‘react’ or act out of instinct.

Western psychology and Eastern philosophy are combined in conscious parenting. 

Advocates of it claim that it reduces stress in the family dynamics and, more importantly, builds long-lasting and deep relationships between parents and children. This is in contrast to parent-child relationships that are built on power and dominance.

Who Is Dr Shefali Tsabary?

A clinical psychologist who lives in New York City, USA, Shefali, as she seems to be universally known, was born in Mumbai, India but studied psychology in New York City (and is known as Dr. Shefali).

Her training in both western psychology and eastern philosophy offers her the perfect foundation for Conscious Parenting – a fusion of the two.

Although she speaks perfect English, Dr. Shefali does have a bit of an accent, but she is completely understandable.

parenting mastery review Dr Shefali Tsabary

At first, Dr. Shefali put me off. She looks very Bollywood, and her Hollywood friends are very Hollywood, and she carefully staged videos and photos are so far from anything I know.

She soon won my heart, however. Not only is she smart, but she also knows her subject like the back of her hand.

The most important thing is that she is witty, down-to-earth, and understands parenting and the challenges the modern family faces in today’s world.

What Is Included In The Conscious Parenting Mastery Program?

It consists of a 35-day program that walks you through a step-by-step process of developing your relationship with your inner child, your child, and your family.

A weekly video lesson of 15 to 20 minutes takes you through topics like 7 Common Parenting Myths, Getting to the Roots of Fear, Accepting & Loving Yourself, and From a Parent to a Spiritual Guide.

Our initial reaction to it was intimidation, but we decided to go ahead anyway as there must be a reason why Dr. Shefali and her courses are so popular.

It was a great decision. Conscious Parenting Mastery is jam-packed with gold nuggets and its value far surpasses its price tag.

Visit to sign up for Dr. Shefali’s course. 

For Digital Access it costs $449, so it’s not cheap – but what you get out of it can’t be measured.

Conscious Parenting Mastery Review: Course Information

Take a look at our video below to get a better idea of what you get when you join:

As a way to test it out first, Dr. Shefali and her partner Vishan Lakhiani are offering a free parenting masterclass on how to raise confident, authentic children by relating to them rather than correcting them.

Course content consists of 35 lessons per day, plus weekly Q&A calls. Besides the course guides and summaries in PDF format, a discussion forum and a Facebook group are also available.

Parenting Mastery Review Course Information

There are five weekly blocks of lessons:

  • Week 1 – Our Roots of Parenting
  • Week 2 – Changing the Mindset
  • Week 3 – Changing You
  • Week 4 – Changing the Relationship
  • Week 5 – Integration

It only takes about 15-20 minutes to watch the daily videos, but they are quite intense. 

Their value is so great that it’s hard to grasp everything. You have to pay attention and concentrate. Trust us it’s worth it though.

Discussion forums and Facebook groups are also extremely useful. The experience of other parents is always valuable – no doubt there are others experiencing the same issues as you, or having similar lightbulb moments! It’s encouraging.

One of the things we enjoyed most about the course was the weekly Q&A calls with Dr. Shefali.

Studio settings and scripts no longer exist. As a result, you see her “true personality” and her unique perspective on modern parenting.

What You’ll Learn:

Here is what you can learn from this course:

1. Effective Conflict Management:

Create an environment in which empathic discussion instead of anger or aggression becomes the default response to any conflict, regardless of age.

2. Be Authentic:

Encourage both you and your child to show up as who you truly are – without fear of judgment or repercussion.

3. Master New Parenting Skills:

Learn the unique Conscious Parenting approach to everyday parenting scenarios, from negotiations to boundaries to rules. Learn how to become a loving, communicative parent.

4. Be A Positive Influence:

Find out how to set an example for your child – so that your words and actions are always in alignment – and how to create an environment of consistency.

5. Support Your Child’s Learning And Development:

The purpose of this program is to teach parents how to motivate their children to reach their fullest potential without suffocating them through ‘old school’ punishments.

6. Increased Emotional Intelligence:

Build your child’s emotional intelligence in order to help him or her understand and connect with you on a deeper and more authentic level.

7. Improved Communication and Connections:

Help your child develop self-confidence, empathy, and a sense of voice so they can build lasting relationships with people from all walks of life.

8. Gaining a Better Understanding of Yourself:

You can help your child discover their true nature by understanding who you are. Conscious parenting is based on this principle.

Your Parents Will Seem Different To You

Conscious Parenting Mastery will enable you to see your parents and how they raised you from a very different perspective, whether or not you have children.

In some cases, you may be able to forgive things you couldn’t forgive in the past.

Perhaps you will find out that you can see things from your parent’s point of view and let go of some things you are holding on to.

Both were done by me.

Once you understand what a conscious parent looks like, you will see that your parents were likely not parenting from a conscious place and you will be able to understand how their decisions were made.

How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Kids And Others

When I wrote down my thoughts during the warm-up of the quest, I stated: Become more conscious so you can better connect with your children. 

This is partly due to the fact that you will be challenging traditional paradigms that affect your relationships. Those paradigms cause you to deal with anxiety and stress and to manage your relationships.

Conscious Parenting Mastery focuses a great deal of its content on moving away from fear and towards connection. The only way to do so is to become aware of all the fear-based paradigms that you have in your life.

Shefali will help you understand how many you have. It’s something we all have. Since most of us were raised or influenced by people who possessed fear-based paradigms.

It is her mission to help you uncover the roots of your fears and transform them into something more valuable to your life and to your relationships.

The classes teach you a lot about connecting with your kids and others, including:

  • Empathy: How to become more empathetic
  • Being more present
  • Understanding the feelings behind the behavior
  • Communication of love through speech
  • The importance of self-compassion in your relationships
  • Relationships require self-awareness
  • What makes us judge and why we should stop
  • How we feel the need to control others and why we feel this way
  • This is why causing others pain is not a good teaching tool
  • Relationships are shattered by expectations

Clearly, Dr. Shefali is referring to the parent-child relationship, but I kept thinking that she might be able to teach a course about relationships with friends, siblings, etc.

In the quest, the underlying message is centered on being more conscious of yourself and acting from that place in your relationships. This can be applied across the board.

Just that she covers in great detail how unconsciously acting and acting from a subconscious place impacts your children and your relationship with them in the Conscious Parenting Mastery quest.

Conscious Parenting Mastery Would Be Most Beneficial To Who?

Though Conscious Parenting is based on scientific principles, the concept of self-reflection and mediation can sound ‘woo-woo’ and alien to some.

This course will serve you and your family well so long as you are open-minded and are prepared to give it a try.

Meditation and mindfulness are becoming more mainstream in the West these days.

The course emphasizes internal change and self-reflection, so you don’t even have to be a parent to benefit from it.

You will feel calmer and less stressed as a result of learning from this course, which will benefit all your relationships and interactions.

Conscious Parenting Mastery Is Not Suitable For Whom?

If you are looking for a shortcut to becoming a perfect parent or a quick fix, this may not be for you.

You’ve had a lifetime to become the person you are today. It’s not going to happen overnight that your biases and projections change.

In order to do this course well, you will need to invest a lot of time and effort. It is a 35-day course that is quite intense.

The effort is totally worth it, but you need to be prepared to put forth the effort.  It won’t be handed to you.

Mindvalley’s Conscious Parenting Quest: 5 Reasons To Take It

Here are the 5 reasons for choosing Parenting Quest:

1. Recognize Parenting Myths For What They Are:

You probably currently believe one or two myths about parenting that Dr. Shefali Tsabary debunks every week. This 5-week course covers seven myths in total.

Almost all of these myths are currently believed by you to some degree. Even I believed them, and I thought I was fairly intelligent.

The Conscious Parenting Mastery course taught me that I was way below the level I thought I was at.

These myths will force you to think differently about some of them. Myth #5 states, for instance, that a loving parent is a good parent. What do you think about that?

The explanations provided by Dr. Shefali Tsabary are excellent. As a result of this course, you will understand why these myths exist in the first place, and once you become familiar with these myths, you won’t be able to look at them in the same way again.

2. Change The Paradigms of Your Current Parents:

In the Conscious Parenting Mastery journey, Dr. Shefali Tsabary helps you unravel the myths that surround parenting so that you can begin to examine your beliefs from a different perspective.

You spend three out of seven days in weeks 2-5 shifting your paradigms.

Even though your belief system is different, you’ll probably relate to most (if not all) of what she says. The truth is what she says cannot be denied when we hear it.

She says, for instance, that it is crucial to understand that underneath a child’s actions are feelings.

We know that our children’s actions mask a feeling, but when our children are acting out, punishing us, or being unreasonable, it can be easy to misunderstand their actions.

If we stop reacting to children’s reactions and start digging deeper into why they behave the way they behave, we are able to reduce a lot of suffering, both for children and for parents.

3. Develop Empowering Behaviors Instead of Toxic Ones

Every week you learn a new skill that will help you become a more effective parent – and a better human.

Taking control of the connection, for example, is part of day 33. It is a huge step forward! Controlling our children in some way – as well as all of our relationships – is a toxic tendency. Blame, anger, hurt, and a sense of detachment can result.

Conscious Parenting Mastery will give you the knowledge and tools needed to let go of toxic behaviors and make conscious decisions as a parent, a friend, lover, coworker, etc.

4. Find Forgiveness By Exploring Your Parents’ Parenting Techniques

You learn why your parents behaved as they did and how they influenced who you are today with this program.

The quest allows you to find out whether your parents came from a place of consciousness or not (hint: they probably didn’t), and your realizations will help you accept what has been, what is, and what will be for your parents.

In fact, you will be able to explore all of your relationships with your new level of consciousness. I can’t explain the benefits you will receive. It’s pretty amazing.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary discusses childhood as the origin of our current pain and struggles.

If you are able to break through these things and let them go, you will feel lighter and more present, which will benefit your happiness and the happiness of everyone else you come in contact with.

5. This Quest Is Packed With So Much Information

During the quest, you will learn a lot of information. The weekly videos and the weekly Q&A sessions will most likely address all the questions you have.

During this course on conscious parenting, Dr. Shefali Tsabary is awesome during Q&As.

A Q&A call will be held every seven days with her to answer the most pressing questions at the time when the webinar was live. I can assure you that these webinars will be valuable to you.

I was continually shaking my head in understanding due to her knowledge and ‘tell it like it is a way of speaking.

People at Starbucks were probably speculating about what was wrong with me after watching me bobble my head up and down as much as possible during this quest.

Following The Conscious Parenting Mastery Quest, You May Have Additional Questions

It is one of the hardest and best quests I have done on MindValley. My view of myself and my relationships has been radically altered by it.

You have to be very courageous to accept that something you’ve been doing isn’t working for you and accept that what you’ve been doing isn’t working for you.

You’re likely to get an answer to your question in the Q&A sessions, but if not, you’ll get access to a tribe of people on Facebook that are trying to become more conscious parents.

In such a situation, Dr. Shefali Tsabary has taught you to practice what he has taught you; however, if you begin to feel that you might be doing something wrong, you can approach the tribe.

There will be everyone who has taken the Conscious Parenting Mastery quest there who can offer you advice or comfort.

This Quest Isn’t Just For Parents

This quest will get you started on a conscious parenting level many parents never reach. If you don’t yet have kids but are planning to have them, this quest will set you up to succeed.

It’s still possible to become more conscious in all of your relationships even if you don’t have kids or don’t plan to have kids.

It is possible to practice what you learn in almost every lesson with someone closest to you if you don’t have children.

Conscious Parenting Mastery Quest has been my favorite of the courses I’ve taken that help you expand your awareness and become a more conscious being.

Shefali Tsabary may be able to develop a course on being conscious in every aspect of life. This woman has a lot of insight into what conscious beings are like and how they behave. Her explanations are accessible to everyone.

You’ll Attend Small Bite-Sized Courses Every Day During This 35-Day Quest

You will not be able to access the content of the Conscious Parenting Mastery quest until the next start date.

Here is the information page for the quest where you can find the next start date. There should be several mentions of it there.

Each day of the quest will be available to you one by one once the quest begins. It’s possible to perform the quest in one day, or you can wait a few days for the lessons to open, and then you can complete them all at once.

In the quest, there are a number of days that go really well together and you might want to sit down and do them all in one day to get the full scope of the content.

Mindvalley recommends going day by day to incorporate all the lessons and skills; however, I have found that you might want to go day by day to get all the lessons and skills.

Each video is only a few minutes long. They usually last between six and twenty minutes. There will be a Q&A every seventh day, though it will take about an hour to listen.

Parenting Mastery Reviews:

Parenting Mastery Reviews

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Conscious Parenting Mastery Review – Summary

Our initial skepticism drove us to give Dr. Shefali’s course a fair shot after opening our minds to it.

This isn’t 100% true. In order to provide a high-level overview of the course, we merely skimmed through it.

The more we learned about Conscious Parenting Mastery, the more we realized how valuable it would be for us as parents. After scrapping the skim, we participated in the 35 days of the course – taking the exercises to heart and giving it our all.

Indeed, we fully intend to review it again at a later date. It is impossible to keep up with the golden nuggets in each lesson because there are so many helpful pointers and tips.

The Conscious Parenting Mastery by Dr. Shefali Tsabary is absolutely worth checking out.

You won’t get rich from this, but you’ll get rewards worth far more if you implement the lessons here – and they will last for your entire life.

If you are interested in trying it out first, Dr. Shefali, along with her partner Vishan Lakhiani, offers a free Parenting Masterclass titled “How To Raise Confidence, Authentic Children By Connecting Not Correcting Them”, and you can register here.

You are actually better off signing up for Mindvalley All Access and spending a little extra. In addition to that, you also get access to all the Mindvalley programs for 150 bucks, which works out to less than $2 a day. A few of the courses on the site are excellent – such as Be Extraordinary and Super Brain by Jim Kwik. With more courses being added every day, there’s always something new to learn.

There are dozens of online parenting courses you can take if you would like to brush up on your skills. 

Do you think the Positive Parenting Solutions course would be of interest to you? 

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