Panda & Penguin World – A Brand New Challenge To Stay In The Competition

This could be a awfully curious information for those that are concerned in SEO field. Google latest Panda & Penguin updates had shaken many webmasters. Since the origin of Panda & Penguin updates, Panda & Penguin have excited the SEO world at a relatively quick pace, penalizing down poor & low quality websites.

The bottom line that ought to be detected concerning the most recent Panda & Penguin refresh is that whereas 1.2% looks a comparatively low figure, Google is consistently creating changes to their rule. Owing to these changes, several sites are mostly affected whereas others rise within the rankings.

With these regular updates by Google, a correct designing and strategy is required to be created thus on occupy your best position on SERP.

The Google Panda& Penguin Update affects lots of high traffic generating websites everywhere around the internet.

These updates affects websites that have the subsequent three general characteristics:

  • The sites having low quality or very thin, spamming backlink profile content particularly.
  • Overall low quality website by importance and user expertise.
  • Huge amounts of content generated within the website, however they’re written
  • For the only real purpose of search engine to get higher rankings or to get high
  • Page rank or advertisements and to not genuinely facilitate the reader.
  • Website with poor SEO structure
  • Poor Grammar errors with duplicate content.
  • Slow loading time speed is also major concern
  • Useless websites pages with no relevancy
  • Panda & Penguin Love



Important steps to recover from Google panda & Penguin

1) Proper content with high relevancy- One of the major focus of panda update is too have unique & fresh content in website. If a website has thin content & inferior quality content it will get penalize by Google. So start avoiding this practice.Write quality & fresh content and surely traffic will follow you soon. Remove Low quality content.

2) Does you spend plenty of your time on blog commenting to get backlinks? It should have worked well within the past however now it is not suggested to create backlinks and improve your search engine traffic.

Google has created it terribly clear that any commit to improve your search engine ranking through backlinks inbuilt a non-natural links are thought of as Link theme. So avoid over blog commenting too much. Initially it will help but long run it may not serve you well.

3) Avoid duplicate content: Google takes duplicate or unoriginal text content very seriously. Although it’s on your domain or cross publish on different website. Too several duplicate content can have an effect on your search engine presence & soon you will get affected by Google Panda & Penguin penalty. Work on Each& Every detail of your website structure and SEO and make certain you not serving any duplicate content. This would help you to stay from Panda penalty.

4) Learn SEO basics & stay updated to avoid any penalty: If you’re into skilled blogging or going to take blogging as career, you ought to learn SEO fundamentals.

If not taking SEO seriously, your future can stay unpredictable, as one major algo modification will take away everything & you will stunned to see how your website got badly affected by Search engines algorithms. Once you recognize basics of SEO, you’ll be able to be prepared for any algo changes and repair your site to satisfy new changes. Here are few things that you ought to begin with:

  • Keyword analysis

  • Keyword optimization

  • The way to build Backlinks

  • On website SEO

  • Robots.txt

  • Social media promotion.i.e Social Media Optimization.

So follow these methods in this post Panda & Penguin world, we will be seeing more updates from Google.

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