Best PacketStream Alternatives 2024: Our #1 Pick 🚀

PacketStream has made a name for itself as a popular app for measuring shared bandwidth in the world of network tracking and bandwidth control.

But as technology has improved and user needs have changed, new ways to meet those needs have come about.

For your convenience, I have looked at a number of options for PacketStream that offer the same or better network tracking tools.

By learning about these choices, You will be able to choose the best network monitoring tool for your needs.

Here are 8 PacketStream Alternatives service providers that you can consider as alternatives to PacketStream. 

PacketStream Alternatives

8 Best PacketStream Alternatives 2024

Below is the list of 8 best PacketStream alternatives:

1. Oxylabs 

Oxylabs is a great alternative to PacketStream because it has a big collection of different IP addresses from all around the world. This means you have lots of options to choose from.

Oxylabs: S5 Proxy Alternatives

The proxies they provide are really fast and reliable, which is important if you’re doing things like scraping data from websites or automating tasks.

Oxylabs also cares about following the rules and making sure everything is legal. If you ever need help or have questions, they have a friendly support team ready to assist you.

They also have easy-to-understand guides to help you set up and use their proxies. Overall, Oxylabs is a fantastic choice if you want a proxy service that’s powerful, trustworthy, and user-friendly.

If you want more details on Oxylabs, check our detailed review here.

Oxylabs Pros 

  • One of the fastest proxy servers on the market.
  • Oxylabs is a well-known and trustworthy business. 
  • Their proxy servers come with customer support right out of the box, so users can contact them at any time.

Oxylabs Cons 

  • It’s not cheap, but if your business is doing well, it could be great for you. If you are just one individual, you may want to look elsewhere.

2. Smartproxy

I feel Smartproxy can also be a good alternative to PacketStream because it offers a wide variety of IP addresses for your proxy needs. With Smartproxy, you can choose from many different locations worldwide.

Smartproxy Pricing

Their proxies are known for being fast and reliable, making it easier for you to scrape data or automate tasks. Smartproxy also provides user-friendly features like geotargeting, allowing you to target specific locations.

They have a friendly support team ready to assist you if you need help or have any questions. With Smartproxy, you can have a powerful and dependable proxy service that meets your needs in a simple and user-friendly way.

Smartproxy Pros 

  • I liked that Smartproxy was solid and didn’t cost a lot of money. So, it was a good choice for what they needed. 
  • The support team is always helpful and can help them solve any problems they may be having.
  •  I also liked how well and well it fit my needs that the secret network worked.

Smartproxy Cons 

  • There are only 8 places to choose from for city-specific proxies, so there aren’t many choices. 

3. ProxyEmpire

I have a number of reasons, ProxyEmpire stands out as a strong option to Shifter. ProxyEmpire has a massive proxy network that reaches many different countries.


With such comprehensive coverage, customers are guaranteed access to a sizable number of high-quality proxies, which in turn facilitates effective and dependable data collection and site scraping.

ProxyEmpire also has sophisticated features like geotargeting, which makes it easy to obtain regionally-relevant content. In addition, ProxyEmpire places a premium on speed and low latency, so you can quickly extract and analyze data.

ProxyEmpire surpasses Shifter in network capacity, customization possibilities, speed, and overall user experience because of its great customer service, frequent updates, and user-friendly UI.

ProxyEmpire Pros 

  • ProxyEmpire’s user interface makes it easy for people to change their proxy settings.
  • Setting up a proxy service is easy with ProxyEmpire. It doesn’t take long at all.
  • ProxyEmpire is a great choice for people who need a service that is reliable and safe.
  • ProxyEmpire lets you visit banned sites, get around internet filters, and protect your privacy online.

ProxyEmpire Cons 

  • There is a set amount of data for each plan.
  • The IP filter is off by default.

4. Shifter Proxy

Shifter Proxy offers superior performance and speed, thanks to its optimized routing and advanced technologies. Its large proxy network, spread across multiple countries, ensures availability and stability for various use cases.

Shifter overview

In contrast, Packetstream may have a more limited network coverage. With Shifter Proxy, users can experience faster browsing speeds and reduced latency, making it a preferred choice for those seeking efficient and reliable proxy solutions.

Shifter Proxy Pros 

  • Shifter’s proxy network is the third biggest on the internet. It has a pool of IP numbers from more than 31 million residences.
  • With Shifter, you can get backlinked IP numbers from any country or place in the world. 
  • Shifter’s proxies may not be the cheapest on the market, but they are fair compared to other proxies. 

Shifter Proxy Cons 

  • The shifter doesn’t have a free trial, so you can’t try out its proxies before buying them.
  • Users don’t like how bad and slow Shifter’s customer service is, they say.

5. Rayobyte Proxy

Rayobyte Proxy is a better option than Packetstream because it has a bigger and more diverse network of proxy servers, which gives you more freedom and privacy.


It puts stability first and uses new technologies to make sure links are stable and there is little downtime. Rayobyte Proxy also works on speed and performance, so you can browse the web faster and with less delay.

It also has full customer support, so customers can get help quickly and get problems fixed.

Rayobyte Proxy stands out as a great proxy service for both people and companies because of its bigger network, dependability, speed, and customer service.

Rayobyte Pros 

  • Rayobyte’s proxies are fast and can be used for many different tasks. 
  • Rayobyte has proxy sites in more than 30 areas. 
  • Rayobyte has tools like Proxy Pilot and an API to help its users have a better time. 

Rayobyte Cons 

  • There is only PayPal as a way to pay.
  • Because they are cheap, IPs might send spam to them.

6. Squid Proxies

Squid Proxies offer compelling advantages over Packetstream, making it a superior alternative. Firstly, Squid Proxies provides a wide range of proxy options, including dedicated proxies, shared proxies, and rotating proxies.

SquidProxies- Dedicated Proxy Servers

This versatility allows users to choose the most suitable proxy type for their specific needs. Secondly, Squidproxies emphasizes speed and reliability, employing high-quality servers and networks to ensure fast and stable connections.

Additionally, Squidproxies offers competitive pricing plans and flexible subscription options, making it accessible to users with varying budgets.

Its responsive customer support further enhances the overall user experience.

With its diverse proxy options, performance, affordability, and support, Squidproxies emerges as a better choice for those seeking reliable and customizable proxy solutions.

Squid Proxies Pros 

  • They offer speeds of up to or more than 1,000 MBPS and an unlimited amount of data.
  • You can get different geo-locations.
  • The Squid Proxies website is simple to use and easy to navigate.
  • Customers of can use as much internet as they want.

Squid Proxies Cons 

  • Some proxy sites have a trial period, but they don’t.

7. IPRoyal

IPRoyal, which provides a trustworthy and simple proxy service, is a great replacement for PacketStream.


IPRoyal gives you access to a wide variety of proxies from different parts of the globe, allowing you to tailor the service to your exact requirements.

Fast and reliable, their proxies make site scraping and unblocking geo-restricted material a breeze. IP rotation and session management are only two of the user-friendly capabilities offered by IPRoyal.

Their helpful support staff is always on hand to answer any inquiries or provide guidance. With IPRoyal, you may have a proxy service that fits your needs and is easy to use.

IPRoyal Pros

  • I was able to get around country rules on every big streaming service by using IPRoyal.
  • It has a live chat that is open 24/7 with workers who know what they are talking about to help. 
  • It may be accessed by any device that has proxy settings. 

IPRoyal Cons 

  • Proxy speeds need to get faster.
  • The private pool isn’t very big.

8. Bright Data

Bright Data is a strong alternative to PacketStream due to its extensive residential proxy network with millions of IP addresses globally.

Bright data

The platform offers powerful proxy management tools, enabling users to customize their proxy usage and targeting options. With a focus on compliance and legal considerations, Bright Data ensures responsible usage.

They also provide robust support and comprehensive documentation to assist users.

These factors make Bright Data a compelling choice for those seeking a feature-rich proxy service that combines a large IP pool, advanced management capabilities, and a commitment to compliance.

Bright Data Pros 

  • It can figure out where a person is and load the right pages by looking at their IP address.
  • It can help people keep their privacy. 
  • It can get knowledge from data it has already collected and saved.
  • It can use proxies to stop workers from getting to websites that could harm the company’s network. 

Bright Data Cons 

  • There could be trouble if they don’t work with your neighborhood computer network. 

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Conclusion: PacketStream Alternatives 2024

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s great to have options when it comes to monitoring networks and managing bandwidth. I hope I have provided some cool alternatives to PacketStream.

These tools offer different features to suit your needs, whether you want to analyze packets in detail, monitor your network in real-time, or generate fancy reports.

By trying out these alternatives, you can make smarter decisions about your network, make sure resources are used efficiently, and stay ahead in this ever-changing tech landscape.

So go ahead, give them a try, and enjoy better network monitoring!

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