Odys Global Review 2024: Best Marketplace For Aged Domains

Odys Global Review

Overall Verdict

ODYS Global is a domain marketplace specializing in the sale of premium SEO-aged domain names. Not all domains are from auctions or are about to expire.

Out of 10


  • Profitable affiliate scheme with several benefits.
  • It’s easy to sign up and have access to their premium domains inventory.
  • Simple search tools (name, TLD, price, age, backlinks, SEO metrics).
  • All domains are premium and they’ve got over 1000 of them


  • There is little educational information on how to maximize the advantages of these areas.


Price: $ 2500

Looking for Unbiased Odys Global Review? Don’t Worry I got you covered.

We discussed a few months ago how employing older domains with a healthy backlink profile might assist jumpstart your SEO efforts. If you can discover a name that suits your expertise, aged domains may help you promote content sites, affiliate sites, and even branded enterprises.

Odys Global Review

To begin, if you haven’t seen my interview on aged domains and are unfamiliar with the subject, please spend a few minutes reading this article about aged domains. Take a deep breath, take a cup of coffee, and read it. I will be waiting for you here.

If you’re already familiar with SEO and the many ways in which older domains may help you enhance your rankings, let’s move on to the next part and have a look at Odys Global.

In general, the technique requires some skill and time in addition to being costly.

What Is Odys Global?

Odys Global is a domain marketplace specializing in the sale of premium SEO-aged domain names. Not all domains are from auctions or are about to expire.

A lot are acquired from 3rd parties, existing members, and investor portfolios. I’d suggest putting it like ‘They scour domain markets and invest in high-quality domains after acquiring and securing the domain names, they create brand new logos/brand assets. 

By registering with Odys Global, you’ll have access to the company’s whole inventory of aged names. Odys Global is currently a members-only service.

ODYS Global Review

That is because they restrict the marketplace because they want targeted and motivated members. They would rather have 10k members who are really interested in buying an aged domain than simply letting in anyone

After activating your account, all you have to do is filter the domains by niche, SEO metrics, price, and TLD, then choose and buy the name you want. Within a few hours, they will provide you with the necessary information to transfer the domain ownership to you.

How Does Odys Global Work?

Utilizing Odys is as easy as searching, browsing, and purchasing! Conduct a search for your target niche and the characteristics you seek for your next company. Following that, you will be presented with domains that fit your requirements.

Following that, explore the shortlist of results to locate your desired domain and choose the one that is best for you.

All that remains is to get your brandable domain! With each purchase made via Odys, you are assured no-haggle price and domain transfer.

How Does Work

They accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal, Wise.com, and bank transfers as payment methods, making it as simple as possible! They accept bitcoin and the most popular cryptocurrencies, however, members must request an invoice manually to pay with cryptocurrency.

Major Features and Benefits of Odys Global

Here are the features of odys global:

1. Support:

One of the most appealing aspects of Odys Global is they also have in-house SEO expertise and technical help for such issues as website hosting, redirects, offered to any member, no matter if they purchased a domain or not.

I was blown away by how quickly they responded to all of my queries. After I make a purchase, they send me an email with the information I need to transfer and secure the domain in my name within a few hours. I’d also suggest mentioning the fact that each Odys member has his/her own account manager these days who provides ongoing assistance.

2. Pre-orders:

Pre-orders are a premium feature that enables you to request certain domains and assess them before the rest of the marketplace.

Pre-ordering provides you the greatest advantage of reviewing rare domains before they become available on the open market.

Not only do you have the opportunity to be the first before anybody else, but you also receive a 10% discount on any domain that fits your specifications. Each and every time.

There will be no more worry while login into Odys on a daily basis. You now totally control the process. Pre-order packages are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Odys Global guarantees that if you are unable to locate the domain you need, the monthly membership fee will be credited to your Odys balance.

3. Market research: 

The market insights tab provides further information about the industry and the domain’s specialty. With this information, you can estimate market development and choose which items and services to add to your website to optimize profitability.

4. SEO specifics:

The next tabs provide extensive SEO information on your domain, such as its age, its backlinks, and its SEO metrics. As seen in the graphic below, this website received some fantastic backlinks from TechCrunch, VentureBeat.com, AvantBrowser.com, and other authoritative sites.

5. Monetization Angles:

The monetization aspects page details many methods for monetizing the domain name via the creation of an affiliate website. After reviewing the Odys. Global team’s suggestions, I believe they are trustworthy, and you should consider them.

6. Domain details:

The domain information page is another fantastic feature of Odys. Global. Here you’ll find all of the domain’s critical facts and stats, as well as research on the niche and monetization opportunities available.

7. Searching and Ordering Capabilities:

If you’re seeking a certain domain name term, you may use the search feature to quickly locate it. Additionally, you can utilize the sorting option to sort the domains alphabetically or by price.

8. Odys Filtering capabilities: 

Due to Odys Global’s huge domain portfolio, it would be difficult to identify a name that meets your requirements without effective filtering tools.

Odys Global Buying Option:

They have a complete crew dedicated to doing the extensive study. Due to their company’s resources, they almost definitely already own decent aged domains in your sector.

If they do not have one, they may assign an entire skilled team to locate one. A team that is familiar with ALL of the red flags and possible warning indicators that can only be acquired via years of expertise.

ODYS Global Reviewl price

By partnering with Odys Global, you can be certain that you’re acquiring extremely excellent names that retain SEO juice, without having to invest in the work yourself. Additionally, these are domains that you would not have access to when doing market research.

Why Use Odys Global?

Odys is ready to assist you in locating the optimally aged domain for your business, regardless of the industry, budget, or unique criteria you have. Odys presently offers over 1000 domains in over 50 different industries, and the inventory is constantly increasing.

There are several areas to pick from, including technology, sports, outdoor/recreation, marketing, pets, legal, SEO, farming, education, and health.  

When it comes to outdoor/recreation domains, almost anything that contains the term “outdoor(s)” is already taken.

Not only will it be tough to come up with a fresh, memorable domain name that contains that term, but you’ll also have to start from zero with this new website.

Odys assists you in this endeavor by giving brandable domain names for outdoor/recreational domains that already have a catchy name and a fully functional website, allowing you to get straight in.

Assume you want to build a website/blog dedicated to pets. That is a challenging business to get into since it is projected to be worth $ 99 billion and already has thousands of strong, memorable brands.

Why Use Odys Global ODYS Global customer Review

Purchasing an existing domain provides you a significant advantage in the business since the domain already has a well-known name and excellent SEO built-in.

While we’re on the subject of difficult businesses to get into, we can’t forget about technology and marketing. It’s difficult enough to get into a sector as it is, but now we’re talking about the $ 3 trillion technology business and the $ 4.5 trillion marketing industry.

There is absolutely no way to create a new website organically and realize profit within the first few years.

Odys offers a significant advantage as a website owner by providing you with domains in technology and marketing that already have strong SEO and are highlighted on high-authority websites.

Add a “done for you” website to your domain to assist with growth and viewership. Take a look at their assessment of the domain’s worth and the resources you’re conserving. Additionally, you may make an estimate of the worth.

Prior to making a purchase, you will get a complete authority study that will detail the age and worth of each domain. The analysis is credible.

Gain an advantage over the competition by establishing a domain that already has traction and reputation. Thousands of dollars and years of building authority are yours to keep. You immediately gain authority.

Why Do I Recommend Odys Global

1. Scaling up affiliate websites:

Years ago, I owned my own firm and despised managing employees, clients, and all of that. I was anxious to go into affiliate marketing.

Many of you will be in the same position; whether you’re looking for a side hustle, diversifying your income, or working in an agency and want to branch out and work on your own projects, you’ll all need to expand your affiliate websites.

While some may argue that affiliate marketing is not the best choice for you, trust me when I say that affiliate marketing works really effectively. It’s not about the monthly cash you generate; it’s about the 45x resale value you may earn on your affiliate ventures.

2. Pre Made Affiliate Websites:

If you’re anything like me and want to get started immediately with your SEO efforts while avoiding the tiresome process of building a website, Odys does provide pre-built affiliate websites. They use their expertise and experience to create high-quality affiliate websites for you.

I consider myself to be more of an investor and would want to come in and get an elderly domain with a ready-made website on which to execute my techniques.

I normally come in, train my staff to follow my practices, and then we can rapidly scale up websites; I don’t have time to fiddle with WordPress layouts and all of that.

I merely need that element to be completed for me, which may be accomplished at Odys by folks that understand what you’re attempting to do and have assisted several others in the past in achieving their goals.

3. Premium Domains for Affiliate Websites:

You’ll hear me talk often about buying and selling websites or expanding my affiliate marketing efforts; we all want to diversify our revenue sources, and affiliate marketing is an excellent method to do it.

However, like with everything, we always want a head start, which is why I’m often on the lookout for a premium-aged domain.

Utilizing an aged domain provides you with a ready-made backlink profile to work with and eliminates the need to manually build up your domain metrics from the start. By purchasing a premium domain name, you will save time. 

Odys Global Pros and Cons

Odys Global Pros

  • Profitable affiliate scheme with several benefits.
  • Customer service is exceptional.
  • It’s easy to sign up and have access to their premium domains inventory.
  • Each domain is well researched (niche, content, old website).
  • Simple search tools (name, TLD, price, age, backlinks, SEO metrics).
  • Each domain has a number of high-quality backlinks linking to it.
  • All domains are premium and they’ve got over 1000 of them

Odys Global Cons

  • There is little educational information on how to maximize the advantages of these areas.
  • Premium domains come at a premium price.

FAQs Odys Global Review 2024:

What does Odys stand for?

Odys stands for Our Domains Your Story, and individuals in the SEO field use their expertise with their domains or done-for-you sites to grow their affiliate marketing portfolio. Learn more about how domains can help you take your website to the next level, as well as plenty of information on SEO in general, by becoming a member.

Who is Odys Global?

Odys Global has been around for a while. They are an internet marketing company that specializes in Premium aged domains and Done for You affiliate sites. After registering and responding to a few basic questions about yourself, your application will be evaluated and accepted within a few hours to a few days.

How long does it take to gain access to Odys Global?

After you've answered a few basic questions, they'll accept your application within a few hours to a few days.

What payment methods does Odys Global accept?

They accept the majority of major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal, Wise, wire transfers and cryptocurrency.

How quickly can I expect to see organic traffic after working with Odys Global?

Traction proof varies by domain, niche, and site, but they often begin receiving impressions and clicks within the first 2-to 3 months of the site's development. The majority of Odys domains already have organic traffic, which significantly improves their future performance.

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Conclusion: Odys Global Review 2024

The conclusion of this Odys Global review is that it is an intriguing service that is worth investigating. The first-hand accounts of success are energizing.

Azzedine’s in-depth testing demonstrates that they are very effective at locating the appropriate aged domain names. He didn’t only test Odys. He built more than 40 successful websites on Odys domains in the last 3 years.

You may explore Odys Global’s domain portfolio. When you begin with a large number of links pointing to your site, not only do you need fewer link-building efforts to get started, but you also have the opportunity to concentrate on those that really move the needle.

If you’re in the market for a premium aged domain, Odys Global is certainly worth investigating.

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