Oculus Proxies Alternatives 2024: Which is Best & Why?

Oculus Proxies has been a star in virtual reality for a long time, and its Rift headset gives people a very realistic experience. The Rift does have some problems, though.

One is that it can be expensive for some people to buy. But don’t worry I am here to introduce you to relatively better Oculus Proxies alternatives.

Looking into other options may lead you to companies with faster and more stable connections. This post will look at the best 10 options for Oculus Proxies.

Oculus Proxies Alternatives 

Best Oculus Proxies Alternatives 2024

Here is the list of top Oculus Proxies alternatives available in the market:

1. Bright Data

One of the best options for Oculus Proxies is Bright Data. Bright Data is the best tool in the world for getting data.

Top Fortune 500 companies use it, and businesses can use our unique technology to get important, well-organized data from millions of websites.

Bright Data Reviews Formerly Luminati

Their data collection networks let you access sites based on your exact location.

These networks are at the heart of their technology, and you can add to them with open-source tools that let you handle data collection operations with custom search rules for better results and lower costs.

Bright Data has made cutting-edge technology that lets you handle your data collection with a single click. The way you collect data will change when you use data collection software.

As part of our new “low code” method, you will be able to use “Click & Collect” or a customized code generator. These are some of the reasons why Bright Data is a better option than Oculus Proxies.

Bright Data Pros 

  • Bright Data provides a Large proxy network with millions of residential and mobile IPs.
  • You can have High-level anonymity for privacy-sensitive tasks.
  • It also offers Advanced features for simulating real user behavior.

Bright Data Cons 

  • I found it Relatively expensive compared to other providers.

2. Smartproxy

You can also use Smartproxy instead of Oculus Proxies, which is better in many ways. With Smartproxy, you don’t have to do much to get the web info you need.

You can get around CAPTCHAs, geo-blocks, and IP bans with 50M+ proxies from 195+ places, like towns and US states.

Smartproxy homepage

They can help you do everything, from looking for multiple goals at once to managing multiple social media and eCommerce accounts.

You can easily use their Scraping APIs or add their proxies to tools from other companies. Keeping track of different accounts has never been easier.

If you have your own fingerprints, you can safely use as many apps as you want. Simple to use and pretty strong. With just two clicks, you can get to private heaven on your computer.

Setup is easy, and using it is even easier. You can get to the made-up world with just two clicks. 

Smartproxy Pros 

  • Smartproxy offers a large pool of residential proxies from various locations.
  • I liked the User-friendly dashboard with easy proxy management and configuration.
  • Another best thing is Competitive pricing plans with flexible subscription options.
  • It also provides reliable and fast proxy connections for various use cases.

Smartproxy Cons

  • It may not have as extensive a feature set compared to some other providers.

 platform. You can save time and money by using a tool that pulls data for you from e-commerce sites and search engines and works 100% of the time.

3. IProyal

IPRoyal is one of the best proxy networks, and it has a huge choice of goods. The seller offers private, server, domestic, sneaker, and 4G mobile proxies.

It also has more than two million IP addresses in a P2P network. You also get support for HTTPS and SOCKS 5, which improves your protection.


IPRoyal is one of the best proxy tools that can cover a wide range of networks. It has places like the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Germany, and more.

Best of all, there are no minimums and the prices are low. The seller is happy to offer a wide range of services. It has regular proxies and sneaker proxies for people who like sports shoes.

It gets around rules on fashion sites that stop people from buying a lot of clothes at once. Because of this, I think IPRoyal is a lot better than Oculus Proxies.

IPRoyal Pros

  • IPRoyal offers a large pool of residential and mobile IPs for diverse proxy options.
  • I liked the competitive pricing plans and flexible subscription options.
  • It has a dedicated customer support and reliable service.

IPRoyal Cons 

  • It has a Limited availability of proxies in certain regions.

4. Oxylabs

You can make sub-users, hide your IP addresses, and manage your account quickly. You can also look at all the information about how you use your proxy.

Do everything on the Oxylabs


When you use their solutions and the best proxies, you should focus on data analysis instead of data delivery. They make sure that their IP proxy tools are stable and reliable so that scraping jobs go quickly.

They keep adding to the current proxy pool so that it can meet the needs of all their customers. Clients and customers can get in touch with us at any time, and we are always ready to help them with their most important needs.

If you use the best proxy service, they will help you with everything you need. 

Oxylabs Pros

  • Oxylabs offers a large proxy network with diverse types of IPs, including residential and data center IPs.
  • It provides advanced features like IP rotation, session control, and geolocation targeting.
  • It offers comprehensive API documentation and developer-friendly tools for easy integration.
  • I liked its reliable service and responsive customer support.

Oxylabs Cons

  •  I found Pricing to be relatively high compared to some other proxy providers.
  • Some users have reported occasional issues with IP quality or proxy performance.

5. Proxy Empire

Proxy Empire is another option that I like. ProxyEmpire lets businesses use a wide range of proxy items to gather information from the public.

All kinds of proxies are covered, including rotating residential, static residential, rotating mobile, specialized mobile, and rotating server proxies.

ProxyEmpire reviews

ProxyEmpire has proxies with fine-grained targets in more than 170 countries. To get geo-specific info for your business, you can choose to target by Country, Region, City, or ISP.

The most popular uses are getting information from the web, managing social media accounts, and more. ProxyEmpire gives its clients access to more than 9 million residences and mobile IPs and nearly 200,000 server proxies.

They are the only company that offers unlimited leftover data, exact targeting (by Country, Region, City, and ISP), and flexible payment options.

ProxyEmpire Pros 

  • ProxyEmpire’s user interface makes it simple for users to adjust their proxy settings.
  • With ProxyEmpire, setting up a proxy server only requires a few minutes.
  • For individuals who require a dependable and secure proxy server, ProxyEmpire is an excellent option.
  • You can access prohibited websites, get through internet filters, and safeguard your online privacy using ProxyEmpire.

ProxyEmpire Cons 

  • The brand is comparatively less popular in the market considering the features and affordability that it offers.

6. Shifter Proxy

Since 2012, Shifter has been a proxy service that people can trust. The company has gotten 3.8 points for good service over the years of getting good votes.

Shifter Proxies Residential proxy

You can reach more than 31 million IP addresses from residences and data centers all over the world with this app. Shifter has a lot of cool features, like pinpoint geo-targeting, flexible price packages, super-fast speeds, and an endless number of sessions.

Shifter proxies are made so that they can be used for any proxy service. Shifter proxies go everywhere, but when many links are open at once, they make mistakes.

Because of this, they are the best choice for shopping online. You can be sure that you will be able to get to all the sites you need to without getting banned. Because of all these qualities I prefer Shifter Proxy in place of Oculus Proxies.

Shifter Proxies Pros 

  • Shifter Proxy offers one of the largest pools and location coverage
  • It has Unlimited bandwidth
  • The best thing is Good pricing

Shifter Proxies Cons 

  • It sometimes shows connection errors

7. Rayobyte Proxy

Rayobyte, which used to be called Blazing SEO, has made an amazing server proxy system. Rayobyte’s main product is specialized server firewalls.


ISP, residences, and mobile VPNs are some of the new services that the company has started to offer in recent months. By being pretty much endless and priced fairly, they send a strong message to both mid-range and high-end proxy businesses.

Rayobyte, however, doesn’t want to stop here. It recently added more types of proxies to its list of services. Now you can choose between residential proxies that don’t end and static addresses from big ISPs.

The service tries to make you like them even more by saying they are from the U.S. and are a responsible replacement partner.

Rayobte Pros 

  • Rayobte offers Custom packages 
  • They have Unlimited bandwidth 
  • Fast proxies

Rayobte Cons 

  • They can be expensive in the long run 
  • They only offer Limited features

8. Squidproxies

My last suggestion is Squidproxies. Squidproxies is a proxy service that has been around for more than seven years, making it one of the most experienced ones available right now.

SquidProxies- Dedicated Proxy Servers

They are already in a good place because they know so much. Squidproxies is a dedicated proxy service that offers both HTTP/HTTPS individual proxies and shared proxies.

The United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia are all residences to its data hubs. It also promises to give your money back in 7 days. Just check the IP numbers.

Squidproxies only has two types of proxy services: Shared Proxies and Private Proxies. Special-purpose proxies are good for businesses and targeted marketing, but Squidproxies’ proxies can be used for anything, so they are best for regular users.

I know for sure that you would love this choice. 

Squidproxies Pros

  • You can utilize the stable and high-performance 
  • They offer a wide range of features for customization and control.
  • They support multiple protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS.
  • Squidproxies are known for its reliability and positive reputation in providing quality proxy services.

Squidproxies Cons 

  • Pricing may be higher compared to some other proxy providers.

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Conclusion: Oculus Proxies Alternatives 2024

I really hope that you learned something useful from this post. There are several choices here that are good replacements for Oculus Proxies.

Remember to do a lot of research and compare different proxy services to make sure that the one you choose meets your unique needs in terms of speed, security, network coverage, price, features, and customer support.

Tell us in the comments below which one you loved the most.

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