Octoparse Black Friday Deal 2024: Save Upto $1499

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Octoparse Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal 2024 Save Upto $1499


Save Upto $1499

Check Out Octoparse & Save Upto $1499 On Black Friday Deal Now.
231 People Used
Only 51 Left
Rating 5.0
On Going Offer

10% Off

Extra 10% Off on Octoparse Black Friday Deal Now.
159 People Used
Only 51 Left
Rating 5.0
On Going Offer

This Black Friday season, discover the world of web scraping with Octoparse.

The Octoparse Black Friday Deal brings exclusive discounts and offers that open up data extraction and automation possibilities.

So, In this article, I will share the latest Octoparse Black Friday Deals 2024 and you can save up to $1499 this year.

Octoparse is a free, Simple, and Powerful Web Scraping Tool that automates data Extraction from websites within clicks without coding.

Discover how you can effortlessly collect and analyze website data, saving valuable time and resources.

How do these OctoparseBlack Friday deals work?

First Day Special of an EXTRA 10%-15% off will be added on top of the promotional license deals on Nov 24th, 2024, only.

All promotional license deals are active from Nov. 24th, 2024, EST, and discounts will be automatically applied at checkout.

Only one discounted license per order per customer can be applied. Combining with other coupons/promotions (stacking coupons) is not allowed.

Current subscription members may claim promotional licenses. Purchased licenses will be effective instantly when checkout and the valid dates will be extended upon new plans.

For example, Your current plan ends on Nov 28th, and you purchased an upgraded license on Nov 24th. Your account will be upgraded to the new permit immediately at checkout, and the gap between the current and new licenses will be extended.

* Downgraded license purchase is not eligible for this promotion.

The $1499 voucher for the Enterprise Plan can only be claimed during the promotion, and it will be valid until Dec. 23rd, 2020 EST. The First Day Special of an extra 10% – 15% off does not apply to the Enterprise plan.

Don’t miss this Octoparse Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal 2024. Save up to $1499. This is your best chance to save money on the Octoparse web scraping tool.


Save Upto $1499

Check Out Octoparse & Save Upto $1499 On Black Friday Deal Now.
231 People Used
Only 51 Left
Rating 5.0
On Going Offer

10% Off

Extra 10% Off on Octoparse Black Friday Deal Now.
159 People Used
Only 51 Left
Rating 5.0
On Going Offer

How to Use Octoparse Coupon Codes?

1. Click the “Show Coupon Code” button

  • This will open a new tab that takes you to the Octoparse website.

2. Copy the code

  • Select and copy the code highlighted on this page (in place of the button after clicking).

3. Enter the code at checkout

  • Paste your code in the appropriate box.

4. Enjoy your savings

  • Hopefully, you saved a lot!

What is Octoparse?

Octoparse is a free client-side Windows web scraping software that turns unstructured or semi-structured data from websites into structured data sets without coding.

It’s an easy-to-use web scraping tool that collects data from the web. Crawlers run in Octoparse are determined by the extraction rules configured. The extraction rule would tell Octoparse which website is to be open, where the data you plan to crawl, etc.

Octoparse is suitable for many purposes: extracting Amazon product information to automatically generate your own product information site; extracting list price, sale price, and discount info from competitor’s product pages to build your own price comparison shopping engine; scrapping business data from websites’ contact us form to create a mailing list.

Octoparse Features 

• Supports all websites and social media platforms

With Octoparse, You can perform web scraping on any website or social media platform. It is designed to support .NET languages such as C# and VB.NET. Users also have the option to use JavaScript extensions to run their web scrapers.

• Automatically extracts data from websites

Octoparse is a free web scraping tool that automatically removes tables of information, images, or links within minutes after the crawler runs. It also processes results in batches to save time. This allows each set to be processed faster than if they were done individually.

• No coding required

Users can quickly build and run scrapers within a few clicks. Data collected is displayed as an Excel-ready table or CSV file for further use with any spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel.

• Extensive support for crawlers

Octoparse has data sources that allow users to extract data from websites, APIs, or Excel files. When using a crawler in Octoparse, users can upload a file in CSV format and load it with a few clicks. The file’s content is interpreted as URLs to be crawled by the crawler. Once done, users have access to all scraped data from within that spreadsheet.

Web Scraping for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking platform. Because of its importance in the corporate world, it provides users with multiple functions, such as communicating with co-workers and contacting customers, researchers, and employers to develop business opportunities.

Using Octoparse’s LinkedIn crawler add-on, Business Marketers can easily collect data from LinkedIn to find prospects quickly. Data can be captured from companies, job postings, shared files, and users’ profiles with the help of Octoparse’s built-in data sources.

• Built-in Data Sources

Octoparse comes with its own set of data sources that allow you to extract data from websites, APIs or Excel files. This includes removing data from websites, APIs, and US Census Bureau tables.

• Free to use

Octoparse is free for anyone to download and install on their Windows PC. It works with all versions of .NET languages such as C# and VB.NET.

Octoparse Pricing

1) Free Plan

The free arrangement is great for new clients who can’t afford the Premium plans’ cost. The product can be utilized on limitless PC gadgets, empowers endless pages per slither, and permits 10000 records for each commodity, two nearby simultaneous spats, and ten crawlers.

2) Standard Plan

octoparse black friday deals (1)

Their standard plan costs $75/month per client and offers unlimited device usage, page crawling, file exporting, simultaneous scans, and access to 100 crawlers. It also includes scheduled extraction, API access, task templates, and email support.

3) Professional Plan

This arrangement is great for organizations that need enormous scope web information and cloud administrations for quicker information extraction and helpful information recovery. It is accessible at a proper cost of $209/month.

The provisions you can obtain with this arrangement incorporate every one of the elements present in the standard arrangement with the expansion of 250 crawlers, Advanced API, planned extraction, Auto IP pivot, Task Templates, Free Task Review, and One-on-One Training, and so forth.

Octoparse Black Friday Deal

4) Enterprise Plan

Endeavor Plan is more appropriate for organizations that need moment client assistance, an incorporated control center for group coordinated effort, and undertaking level information extraction administrations and information arrangements.

You need to connect with Octoparse’s outreach group to get a custom statement on this arrangement. There is additionally a 14-day free preliminary, assuming you need to take the device for a test drive before you have enough expenditure cash on it.

Pros & Cons 


  • Automatic extraction of web data without coding
  • No need for programming skills
  • Extract structured data from websites without a table or column specification.
  • Extract data from dynamic websites, including ASP.NET MVC, PHP, etc.
  • Support for bulk extraction and concurrent crawls
  • Automatically share extracted data to other apps in real-time, e.g., Excel
  • Support for data from multiple websites
  • Fast loading of web pages with web preview function
  • Formatting rules to help you easily import scraped data into Excel
  • Supports different languages such as Chinese, English and Thai etc.


  • Only Google Chrome is supported.
  • Only 100 daily requests are allowed.



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Top Alternatives of Octoparse

1. Fivetran

Fivetran Overview

Fivetran is 100% cloud-based; no software or servers are required. They care for your storage and security so customers can focus on their business instead of infrastructure.

Fivetran is the perfect replacement for existing data warehouse ETL processes, especially when combining multiple sources or using non-database data warehouses.

Fivetran was founded in 2014 by Archie Abrams and Alex MacCaw to help startups transitioning from growing their business without BI to including an analytics team and leveraging data to make business decisions.

Abrams and MacCaw previously worked together at E la Carte, a company that built restaurant software; they were frustrated by how difficult it was to get restaurant data into an analytics tool like Tableau or Excel.

2. Altair

Altair proxies

Altair allows users to discover insights, generate value, and drive data-driven decisions without writing any code. Monarch connects to multiple data sources, including structured and unstructured, cloud-based, and big data.

Monarch’s no-code data preparation and analysis features enable people with different skill sets to access and transform data to discover insights, generate value, and drive decision-making.

The solution is designed for organizations of all sizes across various industries.

Altair’s customers include a growing number of federal agencies in the United States government and commercial businesses globally in retail/eCommerce, financial services, telecommunications/media, manufacturing, healthcare services and life sciences, among others.

3. TexAu


TexAu is a platform that helps you to easily generate new leads, contact them quickly and effortlessly, and improve your knowledge of your users. Grow your targeted prospect lists exponentially by automating your lead generation funnel.

TexAu helps you generate a strong sales lead pipeline by linking with unlimited Facebook and Instagram accounts, providing access to real-time social data for building your contact list.

Connecting multiple URLs can allow you to batch-scrape thousands of data points into one place within seconds using advanced matching technology via Excel-like formulas.

TexAu helps you build accurate lists quickly without duplicates. Export your list as a CSV file for email marketing. Engage with real people, not bots, and create automated funnels for lead capture and drip campaigns. Batch scrape data points in seconds using advanced matching technology.

How to use TexAu: Connect – Enter one URL at a time, and we’ll provide you with all the matching social data we can find. Their algorithm is so precise it even finds “orphaned” pages and posts that no longer connect to their parent page.

  • Build – Use the batch build feature to quickly expand your list by adding multiple URLs at once. For example, connect the Facebook page of every conference you’re exhibiting at and add them to your list-building set.
  • Export – Download your CSV file ready for uploading into any email marketing service like MailChimp or SalesForce Marketing Cloud.

TexAu automates lead generation to quickly expand your targeted prospects list. With their tools, you can easily connect to unlimited Facebook fan pages, groups, and Instagram accounts.

Their advanced technology allows you to scrape thousands of data points in seconds, saving you time and effort.

4. Ephesoft


Ephesoft is a well-known company worldwide that helps businesses run efficiently by extracting data from documents in electronic formats.

The world’s leading document capture software solutions provider automates paper-to-digital processes to drive smarter business decisions and ensure regulatory compliance.

Ephesoft seamlessly integrates with current systems, efficiently managing digital information. It provides excellent quality and service, which reduces the need for additional support and minimizes backup costs.

Ephesoft has two products. One is Capture, and the other one is BatchMaster. The first product can be used to create Custom Extractors for types of input not recognized by the system already, so it will simply extract data from any file type.

Ephesoft offers top-notch document capture software solutions that integrate with existing systems. Their products are reliable and cost-effective.

FAQs on Octoparse Black Friday Deal 

🤑 What is the Octoparse Black Friday Deal?

The Octoparse Black Friday Deal is a special promotion offering exclusive discounts and offers on Octoparse's web scraping and data extraction tools during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season.

🤔 What products or services are typically included in the Octoparse Black Friday Deal?

The Octoparse Black Friday Deal often includes discounts on subscription plans for their web scraping and data extraction software. These plans are designed to help users collect data from websites and automate data-related tasks.

🤓 Is the Octoparse Black Friday Deal suitable for beginners, or do I need technical expertise to use the software effectively?

Octoparse offers user-friendly solutions suitable for both beginners and experienced users. You can start web scraping without advanced technical skills and gradually explore more advanced features as needed.

🧐 Is customer support available during the Black Friday Deal period?

Octoparse typically provides customer support throughout the year. During the Black Friday Deal period, they may experience higher volumes of inquiries, so it's a good idea to reach out early if you have questions or need assistance.

🤥 Is there a money-back guarantee if I'm not satisfied with my purchase during the Black Friday Deal?

The refund policy may vary for Octoparse, so it's advisable to review their terms and conditions regarding refunds and cancellations before making a purchase.

😳 Do I need a coupon code to access the Octoparse Black Friday Deal?

The need for a coupon code may vary. Check the Octoparse website or promotional materials to see if a code is required for the deal you're interested in.

Conclusion: Octoparse Black Friday Deal 

Transform Your Data Strategy: Octoparse Black Friday Deal Delivers!

Octoparse’s innovative solutions offer you the keys to unlocking the potential of web data for your business or projects.

The savings and benefits presented during this Black Friday event are nothing short of extraordinary. From effortlessly collecting data to automating time-consuming tasks, Octoparse empowers you to stay ahead in the data-driven age.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your data strategy while enjoying significant cost savings. Octoparse’s Black Friday Deal is your ticket to streamlined data extraction and smarter decision-making.

Choose the path of data efficiency this Black Friday—choose Octoparse and take control of your web data like never before!

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