Octo Browser Review 2024: Functional & Safe Anti Detect Browser

Octo Browser Review

Overall Verdict

The anti-detect OctoBrowser is built on top of Chromium. Most people will have no problem navigating the user interface. From the outside, it looks a lot like Google Chrome.

Out of 10


  • Multi-accounting
  • Fingerprint Spoofing
  • Teamwork
  • Multi-accounting


  • New in the market


Price: $ 29

Are you looking for Octo Browser Review 2024, This article is for you

It’s no secret that the world of online privacy is becoming more and more complex. In order to stay safe and keep your data protected, you need a tool that can help you navigate this tricky landscape. 

Standard browsers like Chrome and Firefox are easily detectable by websites, making it difficult to use multiple accounts without getting banned or noticed. 

Octo Browser is the solution to your problem. This Chromium-based browser is designed to keep you safe and undetected while you browse the internet. With their intuitive interface, managing multiple accounts has never been easier.

So, let’s know more about Octo Browser in the detailed review below. 

Octo Browser Review

What Is Octo Browser?

The anti-detect OctoBrowser is built on top of Chromium. Most people will have no problem navigating the user interface. From the outside, it looks a lot like Google Chrome.

Octo Browser Review

There are many anti-detect browsers available on the market today, but this is one of the best. A wide range of users can benefit from the product, including online betting shops, webmasters, and marketplaces.

Website owners, e-commerce sites, sportsbooks, and cryptocurrency traders can all benefit from this offering.

The browser’s technology uses only real-life fingerprints for authentication, resulting in a browser that is both fast and easy to use. There is zero probability that your accounts will be linked or discovered.

Problems With Anti-Detect Browsers

There are hundreds of anti-detect browsers to choose from, each with its own price, feature set, and reputation for security. Some of these services are prohibitively expensive for small businesses, while others fail to adequately conceal your identity, resulting in the suspension of all of your accounts. As a result, there is a loss of both time and money.

For example, the majority of today’s browsers fail the PixelScan test, leaving them open to widespread blockage.

In addition, you’ll have to contend with frequent system failures, a complicated user interface, issues with user profiles, and the appearance of phony fingerprints.

How Is Octo Browser An Efficient Solution?

Using OctoBrowser, you’ll be able to sign in to several platforms without having to worry about being detected.

Affiliate marketers, organizations, and social media managers utilize anti-detect browsers to sign into several accounts quickly and securely without connecting any of them.

You can think of it as a chameleon lizard only difference is no need to be SCARED! 

User agents and other important elements used to track your online identity are mimicked by these browsers. Octobrowser, for example, does more than just conceal your true identity; it creates a new one for each new account you establish or manage.

No matter what service you’re using, Octo Browser makes it simple to manage multiple accounts.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Unlimited Facebook, Google Ads, and TikTok accounts can be created and managed.
  • E-commerce: Boost your Amazon, eBay, Shopify, AliExpress, or Avito income with multiple accounts.
  • Bounty & Airdrop: Successful projects with Coin list and other launchpads for token sales.
  • Data Scraping:  Don’t worry about being banned if you automate data collection and analysis. Physical and virtual resource costs can be reduced.
  • Bonus Hunting:  Using Octo Browser, you can access multiple bookmaker or casino accounts at the same time.

Features of Octo Browser

  • Multi-accounting: On a single device, you can manage thousands of accounts. A browser fingerprint identifies each profile as a real machine.
  • Fingerprint Spoofing: To bypass trackers, checkers, and fingerprinters, we use deep code internals of Chromium to control profile fingerprints.
  • Teamwork: You can share or transfer browser profiles among team members while maintaining fingerprint security. Multi-accounting is allowed without checkpoints or bans on different devices.
  • Cookies: It is possible to import cookies in the Netscape and JSON formats. In parallel headless mode, use the built-in cookie robot to automate cookie collection.
  • Multi-accounting: On a single device, you can manage thousands of accounts. A browser fingerprint identifies each profile as a real machine.
  • API automation: By automating account and profile interactions through an API, you can use Puppeteer, Selenium, or another library.


  • Universality: Besides webmasters, the browser is useful for marketplaces, bettors, and the creation of profiles on other platforms;; platforms;
  • Security: Octo Browser leverages fingerprints from genuine devices. pixels and other well-known anti-detect tests fail on every other browser except for this one.
  • Speed performance: Due to its resemblance to Google Chrome, the browser is simple to use. Its lightning-fast response time sets it apart from the competition.
  • Practicality: Windows and Mac OS are supported by the browser. It has HTTP, SSH, and SOCKS5 proxy functionality. Many proxies are just a click away from being downloaded, checked, saved, and chosen;
  • Convenience: As soon as you launch the program, you can establish a user profile and begin working immediately. Using tags, you may quickly sort through profiles.
  • A great solution for teams: There is no limit to how many sessions you can start from one account if you’re working in a group. It’s also possible to view who’s engaged with a profile and alter who has access to what information.

The Octo Browser’s UI is bilingual, making it accessible to newbies. There is a learning center with step-by-step tutorials and frequently asked questions (FAQ) for people who may have difficulty understanding some of the functions.

In addition, if you have any queries about the product, there is Russian-language technical assistance available.

How To Install The Octo Browser?

It’s quick and trouble-free. It is as simple as downloading the file and launching it on your computer from the website. It’s best to turn off your antivirus and firewall software before attempting to open your application due to potential issues.

The first time you use the application after purchasing a subscription, you will be prompted to enter a username and password.

The Octo Browser is available in five different plans, starting with Starter and ending with Custom, where all features are included.

No matter what plan you choose, you’ll be able to access your account from as many different devices as you choose.

Upon successful login, the main page will open up for you to view. It’s straightforward and doesn’t raise any questions.

Filtering by categories, names, or dates of creation or launch is available on the main page. You can also start, amend, and delete accounts, as well as import or export cookie files, in this section of the site.

“Proxy” is where you can add proxies individually or in bulk. It’s also useful that the program supports three different data formats, so you may add all of your data at once.

Create profiles for automatic generation in the “Template” section. Every tab is running smoothly and quickly. Up to 20 tabs are easily handled by the ordinary PC.

Templates and profiles save you time by automating repetitive tasks with a single click, and each profile you create may be easily modified.

Because no one on the team can see each other’s templates, there’s no need to be concerned about security. You have the option of allowing access to profiles tagged with certain keywords or not at all.

Lastly, but certainly not least, a welcoming and helpful community. There is a chat room within Octo Browser where users may exchange ideas, ask questions, and help one another out with problems that may arise.

Pricing of OctoBrowser

Pricing of OctoBrowser

Regardless of the size of your team, Octo Browser has a subscription that is perfect for you. They offer 5 different plans to suit the needs of all. 

Their starter plan starts at just € 29 and the custom plan will cost you € 429+, so you know more about their pricing here. https://octobrowser.net/en/pricing/

Do I Recommend OctoBrowser?

It’s well worth it if you want reliable security, sturdiness, and simplicity. For the price, you get a lot of features, a simple setup for multiple users, and quick speed performance. This is an excellent product.

Every benefit from existing anti-detect browsers was incorporated into Octo Browser, and it also addressed every nagging technical issue.

With the use of APIs and headless systems, tedious operations can be automated to produce the finest outcomes possible.

“Quick Profile” and “New Profile” can be used to create profiles in two different ways. The latter allows you to configure everything yourself, from the symbol and the basic page to browser extensions and screen measurements.

FAQs On Octo Browser Review 2024

Does Octo Browser work with Facebook or Google?

Yes, without a doubt. It is possible to use Octo Browser to manage multiple accounts on any website or service.

What are the payment options?

They accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Will I lose all of my data if I don't pay on time?

No. As soon as you renew your subscription, all of your data is kept in the cloud and accessible.

Is it possible to log in with the same account on many devices?

Yes. There are no restrictions on the number of devices that can be used. On several devices, you can switch between different profiles at the same time, too.

Is Octo Browser available on mobile devices?

No. For the time being, Octo Browser can only be used on computers (Windows and MacOS)

What distinguishes Octo Browser from the competition?

Exceptional spoofing, user-friendliness, and unimaginable speed.

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Conclusion: Octo Browser Review 2024

OctoBrowser is a great anti-detect browser that can be used by a variety of people in a number of different ways.

It is fast, easy to use, and provides a high level of security. If you are looking for an effective way to browse the internet anonymously and keep your information safe, then this is the product for you.

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