Nexcess Vs SiteGround 2024: Which Is The Better Hosting Platform?



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Starts at $14 per user/month Starts at $2.99 per user/month
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Anyone looking for a reliable web host with services from free site migrations to CDN services, and 100% uptime to around the clock support

Anyone who needs services like shared hosting, cloud hosting, enterprise solutions, email hosting, and domain registration

  • Auto-scaling Nexcess Cloud platform
  • Web hosting services by SSDs and RAID
  • Enhanced Verification (EV) SSL Certificate
  • Automated Daily Backup
  • Proactive Updates and Patches
  • Free Shopping Cart Install
  • Out of the box e-Commerce solution
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Cloud infrastructure with auto-scaling
  • 24/7 Amazingly Fast Support
  • Collaborators Can Be Added
  • Pre-Installed Git
  • Some complaints of downtime.
  • Higher price for renewal.
Ease of Use

Nexcess promises superior loading speeds and server performance, particularly for Magento or WordPress websites.

System is easy to use, and the features are perfectly integrated between them.

Value For Money

Nexcess gives good value for money though it is a little overpriced.

SiteGround covers a lot of things that you may have to pay extra for with other providers – security, backups, a website builder, etc. – but one thing you will have to fork over for is a domain name.

Customer Support

Nexcess support staff is available 24/7/365 to resolve issues you have quickly. You can reach support through client portal, via email, or by phone.

Excellent support and assistance: SiteGround offers a very complete level of customer care. Its tutorials and guides are also high quality.

Looking for an Unbiased Nexcess Vs SiteGround 2024 comparison, don’t Worry, I got you covered.

Choosing the right web hosting can feel like picking the perfect pair of shoes. You want comfort, reliability, and something that fits just right. Today, I’m comparing two popular hosting options: Nexcess and SiteGround.

Nexcess is like sturdy work boots—reliable and strong, perfect for eCommerce websites needing a bit more muscle. It offers excellent performance, security, and customer support.

On the other hand, SiteGround is like a versatile pair of sneakers—comfortable and flexible, it’s great for personal blogs or small business sites. It is known for its fast speeds, great customer service, and easy-to-use tools.

Both have their strengths, but which one fits your needs better? Let’s dive in and see which hosting service is the best match for your website.

Nexcess Vs SiteGround 2024: Which Is The Better Hosting Platform?

Nexcess Overview

Nexcess is the best hosting platform if your requirement is related to the e-commerce business.

They launched the WooCommerce feature, which is a completely managed service. Nexcess is the only hosting platform that allows you to customize their code as per your specific requirements. 


Their primary goal is to maintain good relationships with various organizations and collaborate with them to bundle extra functionality and services for their clients.

SiteGround Overview

SiteGround is a traditional multiple (can publish different types of websites and web apps) hosting platform that actively supports its clients. 

As per the record, we found that SiteGround has been the best economical hosting service for the last two years with a positive user response.


The significant part about it is that they have one of the best, fastest, most informative, and most friendly customer executives compared to all its peers.

I assume that you have a rough idea of what both providers are and what they provide. 

So, let’s dig into it and find the best web hosting service provider. To reach an answer, we will go through lots of comparisons like – dedicated IP, unlimited domains, endless disk space, integrated caching service, and many more.

Comparison: Dedicated Best IP Support

People usually get confused about shared IP and dedicated IP. The dedicated IP is an IP address that is only assigned to your particular website and never others.

Sometimes, if you want a similar or with some variation dedicated IP with your local system, you can also get that (if available on the Internet) but at much higher prices. 

On the other hand, shared IP is an Internet Protocol address that comes from your account (mostly from your browser and device).

For instance, if you type in your browser’s address bar, the Google homepage will appear because that’s Google’s dedicated IP.


According to our research, Nexcess does not offer a dedicated IP support system on its server. However, its home page provides more information about it.


Fortunately, yes. SiteGround has dedicated IP support. To learn how to enable it and the pricing, go to the official SiteGround site.

Nexcess vs SiteGround Comparison: Endless Domain Support


Compared to any remaining facilitating suppliers, SiteGround plays incredibly well in area support. According to the limitless space, their arrangements, for the most part, shift on the measure of Domains add-on. It checks the novel sites facilitated by the worker. 

With the facility of the domain’s endless support, they also offer shared hosting deals, especially for startups and hosting solutions. 

As of now, they are providing only three plans for their customers: Startup, GrowBig, and GoGeek. GrowBig is one of SiteGround’s best customer-selling plans. 

All the above three plans have a Free SSL certificate, Free CDN, Daily Backup system, Free Email service, out-of-the-box caching, WordPress support, and unmetered traffic on the application. 

To analyze each plan in detail, go to the SiteGround official website >> Client Area >> Services >> Domains >> Create New Domain.

According to one audit, SiteGround is the most moderate shared facilitating worker plan for a specific area, costing under 7 dollars per user per month. By adding somewhat more, we can get limitless help for sites and subdomains.


nexcess features- siteground vs nexcess

As per our records, currently, Nexcess is not providing any endless domain support service. 

However, if we talk about its plan, Nexcess has many pricing plans for different requirements. They currently have six programs: Starter, Creator, Merchant, Standard, Growth, and Enterprise.

The initial pay starts from $19.95 per user per month, and the costliest price is 667 dollars per month, which is Enterprise.

Nexcess vs SiteGround Comparison: Unlimited Disk Space


No, SiteGround currently does not have any plans with endless disk space for its clients. For additional details, you can visit SiteGround’s homepage.

As mentioned above, all three programs of SiteGround have offered 10GB, 20GB, and 40GB disk space, respectively.


As per our research team’s data, Nexcess also does not offer unlimited disk storage. However, you can keep an eye on their website for any updates regarding it.

Nexcess vs SiteGround Comparison: Scalability of Traffic


Siteground speed- nexcess vs speedground

Surprisingly, SiteGround has its own unique service that automatically helps its users maintain the traffic. 

SiteGround has autoscale features that help a lot when the website faces a massive amount of traffic. They manage automatically by themselves. 

To enable this service on your SiteGround server, go to Client Area >> Services>> Hosting >> Manage Cloud Account >> Autoscale.

You can also customize this by changing the CPU and RAM according to your requirements. Interestingly, the RAM will only be used in massive traffic situations. 

If your application has no limited traffic and can change dramatically at any point, then SiteGround’s service is perfect for you.


If we compare Nexcess to all its peers, then its traffic scalability is medium. Nexcess offers many features for traffic management, such as a traffic load balancer, payment card industry, and cloud auto-scaling.

Comparison: Integrated Caching


Surprisingly, most of the websites on the SiteGround server enable you to get the benefits of Dynamic caching. They have a supported runtime caching system. Moreover, you don’t have to enable this manually; it is by default on the server. 

SiteGround already recorded a tutorial on how this dynamic system works. You can watch it on their official website.


Unlikely, Nexcess does not have any feature related to the dynamic caching system. However, you can always check their website post for any updates.

Comparison: Page Loading Time


Admittedly, there are only a few hosting providers that offer minimal website loading time, and luckily, SiteGround is one of them. As far as page load time is concerned, SiteGround averages 756 milliseconds (7.56 sec) and has an uptime of 99.99%.

One online review platform mentioned that SiteGround is made under top web hosting providers with shallow website loading time.

It is among the top 20% of hosting server providers, which means it offers faster speeds to its clients and users.


We are still actively working to find accurate information regarding the website’s page loading time hosted on the Nexcess server. If you have any ideas, please share them with us, and we will provide that information to everyone.

Comparison: Support of SSL Certificate


Yes, the Secure Socket Layer, also known as SiteGround, offers an SSL certificate. Interestingly, they provide it free with every plan they offer (Startup, GrowBig, and GoGeek).


Likewise, SiteGround and Nexcess provide an SSL certificate to their web hosters. To find more details about it, visit the customer service web page.

Comparison: Support of Cpanel

Both hosting providers,, SiteGround and Nexcess, offer systematic and easy-to-use Cpanel support. To learn more about the features of Cpanel on each server, visit the official website of each provider.

Comparison: Various Programming Language Compatibility


Even though SiteGround provides many functionality and features, you might be upset if you do not have a PHP background.

Because SiteGround only deals with PHP-based websites, as their thought is nowadays, PHP is a programming language with open-source support.


Surprisingly, Nexcess offers many server-side programming language support. Currently, they provide PHP, Python (3.4, 3.6, and 2.7), Ruby (2.2, 2.3, and 2.5), and NodeJS (versions 8 and 10).

For other programming-related stuff, you can always go through their official website or Cloud>> Application Stack.

Comparison: Support of WordPress

As far as WordPress support is concerned, then both SiteGround and Nexcess support WordPress. For any additional details and pricing, visit their official website for an accurate result. 

Comparison: Automatically Backup Data System


I would like to say that SiteGround allows its clients to back up and restore data with a single-click feature. 

You can back up the entire database or do it table-wise. Moreover, you also can back up the whole website in terms of version control. Likewise, with only one click, you can restore all your backup data. 

If you have chosen a shared hosting plan, you will perform a 30-time backup on every last day of that particular month. 

The significant part about the SiteGround backup system is that you don’t need to pay any additional charges for it. If, by default, it is added to your account when you buy any plans. To reach that page, go to Site Tools >> Securities > Backups.

Moreover, if you are currently using or willing to purchase GrowBig or GoGeek, you will get five more automated backup counts. 


As backup technology is critical to every hosting provider, Nexcess also cares about this. They have a fantastic automatic backup system on their server. 

They have an automatic monthly (30-day) backup service, initially or by default. SiteGround also advises its clients to back up their data every month to keep it secure.

Apart from this, they also have a feature to schedule backup timings as per your requirements. They never put client backup data at risk, so they do an automated backup at 4 a.m. every day, and instead of putting it in the Cloud, they store it in their physical data centre.

They keep it only for 30 days until your new backup files have arrived. This is how they provide service and take care of everything for their clients.

Comparison: Price Plans


Our team is working hard to find accurate results for you, and this service, SiteGround, has, unfortunately, no discount coupon service for their clients and users.

SiteGround- Pricing

However, they mentioned on their website that you could be eligible for a discount only once while signing up as a new user and purchasing any of the plans. Except there are no options for it.


Currently, however, there are no options on the website or features mentioned in their posts related to user discount coupons. Still, you can keep an eye on their official webpage to stay updated with new posts.

Nexcess Plan Details

Customer Reviews: Nexcess vs SiteGround

Nexcess Customer Reviews:

Here is what customers have to say about Nexcess hosting.

Nexcess reviews

SiteGround Customer Reviews & Testimonials:

Siteground reviews- siteground vs nexcesssiteground customer reviews


💥 Which one is better SiteGround vs Nexcess?

To be straight, SiteGround is costlier than Nexcess to setup and implement. However, the services and features offered by SiteGround are pretty impressive which cannot be replaced by Nexcess web hosting. Also, SiteGround gained positive and higher reviews on the Internet than Nexcess.

👓 Which is the expensive one Nexcess or SiteGround?

For these types of web hosting services, the total cost is counted in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The initial pricing of SiteGround is (2.99$) per user per month. On the other hand, Nexcess's starting price is around (14$) per user per month.

✔ What is the Scale rating of SiteGround and Nexcess?

The average rating on the scale of 10 for SiteGround is 6, while Nexcess gained four ratings out of 10.

✨ What is TCO, and what are its parameters?

The TCO stands for Total Cost of Ownership, which helps to calculate the total web-hosting cost. During calculation, it counts the costing of every license, training of software, every customization, maintenance and continuous support, and all hidden costs.

🚀 Is SiteGround more expensive than Nexcess?

Yes, of course. As I mentioned earlier, SiteGround is costly while setup and implementing the system.

🧐 Are SiteGround and Nexcess offers any extra discount for Government service employees or senior citizens?

Unlikely, no. Both SiteGround and Nexcess do not provide any additional discount offer to aged people and authorities employees.

💥 Which web hosting provider offers more user discount deals?

As we saw above in the article, SiteGround has only a one-time discount chance while first-time purchasing plan. On the other hand, you can find many discount coupon offers on the Nexcess official website. As they continuously give awesome deals to their clients.

🌟 Are they both have a free return service policy?

Unfortunately, Nexcess does not offer any kind of free service return policy. However, SiteGround does a free return policy with a 30-day. Moreover, out of it, they have guaranteed a 14-day money return policy.

🥇 Which hosting service provider has the best customer care support?

If we talk about customer support, then I would say that Nexcess is not good at this. They do not have any pages or social user interaction features. On the other hand, SiteGround did a great job in user satisfaction with their queries. They have customer service, help form, and contact us form on their websites. Moreover, they also solve questions that they receive from different social media platforms.

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Conclusion: Nexcess vs SiteGround 2024

If you go through the above article perfectly, then I bet you know now what is best and perfect for you and satisfies all of your requirements. 

Still, if I have to conclude, I would say that if you are in the e-commerce business, Nexcess is the perfect option for you as they specialize in this domain. On the other hand, SiteGround provides many extra features to its clients compared to Nexcess.

So, it is another good point about the SiteGround side.

As of now, I don’t know who you are and what is your requirement and field. So I cannot give the exact answer of which hosting service you should choose. 

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