Newor Media Review 2024: Is It The Best Ad Management Platform?

Newor Media


  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Access to Google Ad Exchange and Header Bidding
  • Accessible admin dashboard
  • Vignettes and Video Ads are advanced features
  • Advanced tracking tools


  • Ad unit creation is limited


Price: $

Looking for unbiased Newor Media review? Here it is!

Newor Media is a high-end ad management service.

This implies that its main purpose is to find the highest-paying ads to display on your site so that you may earn more money for each visitor.

While all programmatic ad partners promise high-paying premium advertisements, only a few firms deliver on that promise without negatively impacting your site’s user experience.

Newor Media is a social media marketing company that provides services to small and medium-sized businesses. They offer affordable and effective solutions for growing your business through the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Google+.

Their team has been producing results for clients since 2009 by providing them with the best possible customer service as well as high-quality content creation.

They are able to do this by understanding what works best for each individual client’s needs.

Working with Newor Media will allow you to reach a wider audience across all major social media platforms which will increase your brand awareness in an ever-changing digital landscape.


Is Newor Media a good company with which to collaborate?

Is joining going to make you more money?

Will your site pass essential web tests if you use Newor Media?

In this Newor Media review, I’ll address these and other concerns. I get a lot of emails from companies that I often forget to respond to, despite my best intentions.

Newor Media, on the other hand, grabbed my attention long enough for me to investigate them and strike up a conversation with them.

I looked for reviews on Reddit, visited sites with Newor Media advertisements, and so on… And I’ve come to admire the platform.

It’s my honest opinion, and I’ll back it up with screenshots if I think it’s necessary.

So, let’s get started with the review.

Newor Media Review

Newor Media Review: Overview

Newor Media

Newor Media is one of the greatest adsense alternatives and Google certified ad partners.

If your website receives at least 30,000 monthly unique visitors, it will be accepted. In addition, Newor Media mandates that at least two banner advertising be displayed.

The fact that payment is assured is also an advantage. You don’t have to be concerned about advertising going out of business. Net30 allows you to get paid using Payoneer, PayPal, or wire transfer.

Newor Media shows high-paying advertisements in high-impact locations on your website using AI, programmatic ads, and real-time bidding.

Newor Media Payment

Newor Media will assess your application within 2 to 4 days.

Newor Media assists in the delivery of adverts while maintaining the speed of your website.

That is correct. All advertisements contribute to a little slowdown of websites. However, this is no justification for ad management services to serve ads with non-optimized codes.

In reality, greater search ranks, better conversions, and even higher-paying ads are all aided by site performance.

Newor Media Bids

I’m aware of a number of sites that use Newor Media and pass key web metrics.

Apart from ads, a variety of other factors might influence the performance of your website. However, it’s comforting to know that, if done correctly, advertising won’t necessarily slow everything down, despite your best efforts.

What is Newor Media?

About Newor Media

Newor Media is a programmatic ad firm that focuses in publisher header bidding solutions. I know this is a lot, but I really want to underline how fantastic it is that Newor Media provides header bidding and Google Ad Exchange for its clients, and how valuable this is.

Google Ad Exchange provides significantly more restrictions and capabilities than a traditional ad exchange, including private negotiations, advertiser blocking, demand source blocking, and much more.

Just to let you know, becoming an approved reseller through  Google Ad Exchangeis a significant deal. The truth is that as a site publisher, you have little chance of receiving an invitation from Google.

Most agencies and providers are denied access unless they generate billions of ad impressions every month. A Google Ad Exchange partner is vital to consider when evaluating ad networks.

Newor Media, on the other hand, doesn’t just sell your ad impressions through Google; they also use header bidding to make Google Ad Exchange compete with other networks and exchanges. This can help you get even more positive feedback (50 percent or more).

Newor Media Testimonials

Newor Media: Unique Features

Why chose Newor Media

Here are some aspects that distinguish Newor Media from other platforms.

Newor Media just requires two advertisements, when other ad networks require at least six. In fact, they suggest against putting a lot of ads on your pages.

In Newor media reporting, you may see the effective income earned per thousand ad impressions (eCPM).

Because most platforms overload your site with advertising, I prefer this function because it only shows you RPM. Per ad impression reporting would be insufficient.

Newor Media’s ad block solutions can help you earn money by allowing users to block ads.

Newor Media Review: Types of Ads

Here are the types of ads in Newor Media:

  • Vignettes

Vignettes are popups that show alongside ads as a user navigates from one page to the next.

They have a full-screen format and pay generously. This is a newer function, as Google only recently enabled these ads to be displayed on devices with larger screens.

If you have a lot of desktop readers, this is an excellent alternative. To use their services, you must agree to their terms and conditions.

  • Video Ads

We all know that video is the way of the future, and Newor Media’s Outstream video solutions help them keep on top of it. We briefly discussed header bidding for display advertising, and their video ad solutions do a lot of the same.

Google is promoting video ads in the hopes of increasing advertising revenue in this important area.

The most difficult problem is figuring out how to offer video ads without slowing down the page load time. This could be in the form of an in-page, in-banner, or in-text advertisement.

  • Header Bidding

I already covered the fundamentals of header bidding, but I want to highlight how critical it is to make the most out of every single impression.

By establishing ties with all of the main SSPs (Supply Side Platforms), you can ensure that your auction receives the most bidders possible.

How Much More Should You Be Making with Newor Media?

How does Header biding Works


I can tell you from personal experience that if you’re only using AdSense, you should be earning a lot more!

There is no predetermined amount of money you should make per session, but with header bidding and all of their fantastic networks, it should be considerably more.

Newor Media features a calculator that can estimate how much you should be earning.

Now, this is only a estimate. There are numerous aspects to consider. Depending on the type of traffic you get (SEO vs. Social), where it originates from, desktop vs. mobile, whether you’re still using AMP, how quickly clients bounce, and more.

One thing to keep in mind with Newor Media’s machine learning AI is that their ads become more intelligent over time and cost more. For those who rely solely on AdSense, I recommend that you test out an ad network publisher and see for yourself.

More than two publications remarked on building society that switching from Adsense to Newor Media boosted their earnings.

Newor Media: PROS & CONS


  • Friendly customer service personnel that responds fast and provides useful information.
  • Detailed analytics to assist you in making better revenue-growth decisions. The number of clicks, RPM, CPM, ad impressions, and income per ad size are all shown.
  • To resell Ad exchange demand, you must be a Google authorized partner. Without a reseller, you’ll need thousands of monthly visits to gain access to Google Adx.
  • Access to Google Ad Exchange and Header Bidding
  • Vignettes and Video Ads are advanced features
  • Admin Dashboard that is easy to use
  • Tools for Advanced Analytics and Tracking
  • Payments are made on time (Net 30 payment terms)
  • No contract required: Although you sign an agreement with Newor Media to place ads on your website, they hold you to no contracts. They have a simple 24 hour out clause.


  • Ad unit creation is limited: if you wish to display a new ad unit on your site, you must first ask the team to develop it. This is something I’d like to have more influence over.
  • Contract must be signed: Upon acceptance, you must sign an insertion order agreement. Unlike other platforms that require exclusivity, Newor Media only requires a one-day notice before removing advertisements with a 30- to 60-day contract. Not awful, but I’d rather not have a contract at all.

Newor Media Review: Final Verdict

With high-paying ads, Newor Media will assist you in making more money. You have complete information on how well your display and video advertising are performing. Also, having the majority of your traffic come from the United States isn’t needed.

In consideration of the pros and cons, I strongly suggest Newor Media for making money with display advertisements.

In a test with Newor Media, Matt Diggitty earned $6 RPM by showing advertisements exclusively on select pages of his affiliate website.

Newor Media User Review

Geekflare’s ad management technology earns an average $5 RPM with an ad at the bottom of the page. In certain ways, all ad partners use the same ad auction sources.

At the end of the day, the following are the criteria you should consider: Is the company making every effort to optimise their coding in order to reduce the impact of advertising on the speed of my page?

Is it possible to get direct deals that will boost ad rates over normal ad stacks accessible elsewhere?
Can I rely on this support team to assist me in increasing ad revenue?

Newor Media is a Google-approved partner who can help you increase your blog’s revenue through display adverts.

Affiliate marketing is my preferred method of getting money from blogging. Still, programmatic ad display is an excellent approach to make money off your traffic in the long run.


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