NetHunt CRM Review 2024 Pros & Cons (Should You Buy This CRM?)

Growth of any business-related firm is dependent directly upon the relationship of the firm with its customers. And building up as well as maintaining a decent firm and customer relationship requires a good customer relationship management software. In this article, we shall discuss one such customer relationship management software named NetHunt.

NetHunt CRM Review

NetHunt CRM Reviews & Product Details

Gmail CRM for Small Medium Business - NetHunt Review

Nethunt basically functions by converting your Gmail inbox into a CRM hub, which will help you as well as your team to manage all the customer queries with a bit more ease. NetHunt works only for the Gmail and the Google app users. It basically allows you to handle all your business through the Gmail only.

Features of the NetHunt

NetHunt has numerous features that make it the best out of the many customer relationship management software available, let us discuss some of them in brief.

NetHunt Review - Features

Campaign Management

It has the feature of campaign management, which manages all sorts of campaigns carried out on the website.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing - NetHunt Review

The email marketing feature provided by the NetHunt performs marketing through the emails. It sends all the important information to be shared to the recipients and can even send group messages, this basically saves you a lot of time and energy. Emails sent to the customers is an amazing email marketing strategy adopted by a lot of marketers these days. Also check out this Toggl review which is another tool for time management. 

Customer Support

It provides a complete customer support to all the customers which help in building better customer relationship and hence increases the profits of the company.

Contact Management

Contact Management- NetHunt Review

The contact management feature allows you to store and find the contacts easily. You need not search all your records for finding the contact of any customer, NetHunt does it for you with the help of this contact management feature.

Product Catalog

It provides a product catalog to the customers to choose from. This provides an easy to choose platform to the customers and hence, attracts more customers to the website.

Project Management

NetHunt sales pipeline

The project management functions altogether to manage the projects that you are working upon and provides you with the best kind of assistance in them.

Lead Management

NetHunt Review - CRM combo

The lead management feature works and gets more of the potential business clients to you, the main function of it is to arrange and generate more and more clients for you. This way it functions to increase the number of customers and hence, performs the best for you.

Customer Interaction Manager

The customer interaction manager gathers all the important business-related information of the customer. It basically keeps a check in the interaction of the customer with any sales organizations. It even keeps a track of the future prospects of the particular customer.

Marketing Automation

NeyHunt review- followups

The marketing automation features to and markets the products on more channels more efficiently. This will increase the popularity of the product and hence more customers will be interested in buying that particular product. It basically features the products on more social media and websites and all of this is done automatically.

Lead Scoring

The lead scoring feature scores each of the product on different bases and decides the top rankers. This will help the customers to choose the product which is ideal for them.

List Management

The list management feature functions to maximize the sales of the products. It coordinates with list owners and does all the necessary operations on its own.

It functions with the Gmail account and allows you to email that is of any future importance.

NetHunt Pricing

NetHunt CRM Review- Pricing

  • NetHunt is free for the first 14 days which is the trial period of the software.
  • The plan for a team of 5 members cost $25 for a month.
  • The plan for a team with 10 members cost $100 for a month.

Final Verdict: NetHunt CRM Review 2024 Pros & Cons (Should You Buy This CRM?)

Nethunt CRM is one of the best customer relationship management software I came across in a while. It is easy to use and gets working in minutes. It can be used very easily by both the newbies as well as the professionals and helps in building a great customer relationship.

It has a variety of pricing plans to choose from and hence, makes it quite easy for the users to choose from. It has gained more of positive reviews from the users that used it, in fact, I couldn’t find even a single negative review regarding this software. It functions efficiently and provides a complete customer satisfaction.

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NetHunt is ideal for the small businessmen, large businessmen, and even the freelancers. It is supported by a wide range of devices including, apple, android, windows, and mac. It provides live as well as email support to the clients during the business hours.

In my opinion, it is a brilliant software that works upon and provides you with the best of customer relationship management, you can completely rely on this software for literally every task related to CRM, saving a lot of time.


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