Monetag Review 2024: Most Effective Platform for Publishers? (With Payment Proofs)

Monetag Review

Overall Verdict

Monetag Audience Monetization Platform is a valuable tool for bloggers who want to make money from their blogs. The platform is easy to use and has many features to help you monetize your blog traffic. If you're looking for a way to make money from your blog, check out the Monetag Audience Monetization Platform.

Out of 10


  • Advanced intellectual algorithm
  • The CPM rates are always high
  • Fast and on-time payouts
  • Great customer support
  • A lot of integration options
  • Scale ad inventory with 6 AI-enhanced ad formats


  • Only Publishers with validated websites and 10,000+ unique daily users can get weekly payments


Price: $

For the major part of the ongoing decade, AdSense has ruled the global market when it comes to providing advertisements for websites and CPM and CPA and other such mechanisms that help generate website revenue.

Monetag Review

Monetag Review 2024: Most Effective Platform for Publishers?


Over the recent few years, numerous AdSense Alternatives have turned up, which have given the option to gain the advantages of a more competitive ad market in terms of higher CPC rates, increased networks, and better revenue potential across the globe.

Many have had their own success stories. I was looking for such alternate networks when I came across Monetag.

The basic idea of the platform is to provide clickable ads for website audiences and, in turn, generate revenues from them.

Publishers can monetize 100% of their audience by working only with trusted advertisers and 24/7 automatically tracked campaigns. The Platform provides a plethora of solutions when it comes to ads:

  • Onclick (PopUnder)
  • Interstitials
  • Push Notifications
  • In-Page Push
  • Vignette Banners
  • SmartLink 
  • MultiTag

Additionally, you will find an In-App SDK, compatible with APK and Google Play, and Programmatic RTB integration suitable for Interstitials, App Open, Native Ads, Banners, and SmartLink, for which no SDK is needed.

It’s worth noting that Monetag is the leading pop-under provider globally. You can always read customer’s case studies on their Official Blog.

After thoroughly analyzing what it had to offer, I came to the conclusion that this was the platform that catered to a more diverse group of clients and helped them generate increased revenues from their pages.

Technically speaking, I found Monetag to be a worthy alternative to AdSense.

Who Is Monetag For?

1. Mobile apps and APKs:

Make a profit with your mobile apps! It is customary for mobile application makers to include advertisements in their apps. Utilizing Monetag might be an excellent starting point for integrating adverts into their apps.

2. Plugins / Extensions:

Create your plugins, get them authorized by Monetag, and show related advertisements to make money! Doesn’t it sound amazing? Using Monetag, developers can generate advertising revenue.

3. Ad networks, Brokers:

They monetize their viewers utilizing the SmartLink system from Monetag.

Monetag Review

4. Social media marketers:

Monetag effectively utilizes a website’s following and assists social media marketers in reaching a wider audience.

Increased sales are the outcome of improved and more effective advertising. Monetag is thus an obvious choice for social media marketers.

5. SEO Masters:

Monetag might be an exceptional tool for all SEOs. They may use advertising services to increase the exposure of their websites on search engines and other websites.

6. Domainers:

With Monetag, marketing your owned or published domains is simplified, allowing you to access a bigger audience of prospective buyers/traders.

7. Website Owners:

For aspiring bloggers, Monetag is a perfect option. There are no problems with Google Adsense; simply register with Monetag, put advertisements on your page, and start earning money.

Let’s Look Into My Monetag Review in Detail:

Monetag Review

1) It is open to all

People who are already sworn to other networks can add it for some extra passive income and so can those people who have been rejected by AdSense. Additionally, Monetag and AdSense can be utilized together. Thus, give it a go.

Also, read:

This is a big plus for me as the network keeps its promise to make the benefits of online marketing available to anyone.

2) It is publisher-friendly


As discussed above, there are multiple formats from which the publishers can choose for both desktop and mobile. The CPM rates are high, and the fill rate for international audiences is 100%!

3) AI-enhanced monetization formats

AI-enhanced monetization formats

Here, you can find the most popular monetization ways to cater to any type of audience. Check out their Absolute Guide to Audience Monetization to learn more

4) A wide variety of Payment Options

Montag assures you of the highest CPM rates possible and also has easy payment and withdrawal options. You have several payment methods to select from:

Monetag Review- Payment Options

Monetag Payments Proofs: 

Monetag Payments Proofs

Monetag Payments Proofs

Learn How To Get Commenced With Monetag Platform

If you are new to the platform and looking for ways to get a start, then there is no need to worry about it.

You have come to the right place. Here, potential users will gain enough information about getting started with it conveniently.

Basically, you need to sign up for a Monetag account and move forward according to it.

Most importantly, it is recommended that you avoid promoting adult stuff or never try to generate fake traffic. Otherwise, you will end up getting blocked and will face disappointment.

In addition, in order to set up your exclusive or new advertisement, users are required to follow some steps. So, follow it perfectly and get started with Monetag without making too much effort. 

Without wasting any more time, let’s begin with the instructions that users need to follow.

  • To begin with, you need to visit the official website of  Monetag Network.
  • Sign up as a publisher.
  • After filling in the registration form, you will receive an e-mail with the profile activation link.
  • Go to the User’s profile setting and choose your payment mode – Monetag offers payment through
  • Bank Wire, PayPal, Payoneer, and many more.
  • Now go to the Add Site sections and follow the relevant instructions 
  • Choose the most suitable ad formats and link them to your website to commence the process with ease.
  • Lastly, improve the quality of your traffic resources by monitoring your statistics through the dashboard and optimizing your ad settings.

Advantages of Monetag Network

Monetag’s reputation is growing by the day. At the moment, hundreds of thousands of people utilize it to their benefit.

The platform provides a range of services, allowing users to earn a lot of money. Monetag offers a variety of perks, many of which are simply accessible. Some of them are listed here;

  • As I know, it is quite easy and straightforward to get started with it. Monetag also activates the user’s account instantly after getting signed up.
  • There are numerous modes of payment available, which you can choose according to your comfort and redeem your amount without facing too many hassles.
  • Do you want to start earning extra money? If yes, then  Monetag allows users to refer their mates in order to earn 5% additional amount. So, don’t waste any more time and start attaining profit now.
  • You can also use other networks such as Info Links, CJ, and Google Adsense without facing any sort of hurdles.
  • Users can grow their earnings by monetizing the website with  Monetag.

Disadvantages Of Monetag Network

On the bright side, there are always some bad impacts, which create hassles for users. There are cons of  Monetag Network, which you need to know and avoid moving forward conveniently.

Some of the cons are listed below, so read it and get success by obtaining a huge amount of cash easily.

  • Montag does not monetize some types of audience: adults, torrents, and content that infringes copyright.
  • To get high CRM at the platform, you need to work on providing the best quality of your resources. So, try to give your hundred percent and earn more.

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Conclusion: Monetag Review 2024

Overall, Monetag is one of the best options, which is available for the user to utilize in order to commence earning a good amount. So, don’t waste any more time.

Grab this golden opportunity by getting started with the Monetag Platform with ease.

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