Mondly vs Duolingo: The Ultimate Comparison (2024) (Pros & Cons)


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Mondly has been in the market for around 6 years now, and it offers a wide range of 39 languages to be learned by the user.

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Price: $ 10

Planning to learn a new language? We’re here for you. Here is all that you need to know about the two language learning applications and decide which suits your needs best. 

Learning languages is eternal, so why not learn a new language? 

But with all these hectic days and timelines and schedules to follow, who has the time to enroll in a language learning class? Instead, I suggest that you go digital and learn on the GO. These language learning apps are two of the best language learning applications in the market. In this post, we will be doing an in-depth comparison between Mondly Vs Duolingo. So let’s get started.

Bottom Line Upfront: Mondly is one of the best options when it comes to learning a new language because it takes teaching to another level which Duolingo can provide but when you consider money then Duolingo is a better option because it is free of cost. But if you truly want to become fluent in a new language then Mondly is the best option.

Mondly Vs Duolingo-Overview



Pricing $9.99/mo $6.99/mo
Best for

Mondly has been in the market for around 6 years now, and it offers a wide range of 39 languages to be learned by the user.

People who want to learn languages like Spanish, French but without paying can choose this platform.

  • Free Learning
  • Voice Recognition
  • Resume Feature
  • Download Lessons
  • Free Of Cost
  • Storytelling
  • It is fun-filled like playing an online game
  • Words along with there pronunciation audio
  • it allows you to learn the basics of different languages
  • The learning process is very easy and understandable
  • Recording exercises to improve your pronunciation
  • Duolingo's setup is like a game
  • Content is similar for many languages
  • In the beginning you won't find a course overview
Value For Money

Mondly offers free learning as well as premium plan. In its premium plan you will get different features which are far more better than what Duolingo offers.

It is totally free of cost. Select the language you want to learn and get started with Duolingo. To remove ads you can buy the pro plan which can be beneficial.

Mondly Overview

Mondly has been in the market for around 6 years now, and it offers a wide range of 39 languages to be learned by the user. On the other hand, Duolingo is an old player in the game and has stayed here for 9 whole years! Duolingo offers 35 languages to master. 

Mondly Vs Duolingo - Mondly

Duolingo and Mondly are the two topmost competitors in this field. They have speech recognition feature. Duolingo entered the business before Mondly. Now the real question is:- Which one should you use to start learning your foreign language from scratch? Mondly or Duolingo?  

Duolingo Overview

Duolingo is a very old competitor to the language learning world, but Mondly is now coming along to challenge it. Duolingo and Mondly both are apps for learning a language in a fun gamified way. You’ll feel like you’re playing a game rather than learning. They also have speech recognition feature similar to Mondly.

Mondly Vs Duolingo - Duolingo

Mondly and Duolingo might seem similar but they are best suited for different types of learning.  

Mondly Vs Duolingo-Accessibility and User-Interface

Both apps offer a desktop and a mobile phone version. They are also equally compatible with both iOS and Android. 

Mondly User-Interface

The user interface appears to be fantastic for Mondly. The graphics used in the application will attract you towards itself and also motivate you to learn more every day. The application is very user-friendly and functions smoothly. Mondly gives you a map of all the things you’ve learned and has segregated them according to the places/situations and how it should be used. Mondly offers a lot of language resources for you to learn.

Mondly- App

However, if you try logging in to the Mondly website and the app at the same time, you would have to log out of either of the devices; or you might end up losing your progress and data. The other con is that it constantly asks for payment, after almost every activity/lesson. Mondly performs better than anyone else when it comes to a chatbot and Augmented Reality(AR).

Duolingo: User-Interface

I have been using Duolingo for a long time now. I have tried learning French, German, and Japanese with its help. And I must say the app is pretty interactive and fun to use, regardless of the age of the person. (Also, the brand-Moji, the owl; is super cute!) 

It has easy navigation and a clear trajectory. Lessons are planned and you know what to expect after you’re done with one. 

Speaking about the website, it gives you access to even more features; like the forum for discussion, and the best part is that the brand-Moji keeps popping up and motivating you to learn more. Duolingo has created different checkpoints, after completing those, you unlock various stories you can read, in the language you’re learning. Thumbs up for motivation techniques! 

Mondly Vs Duolingo- Grammar Concerns

Grammar is a very important factor while speaking a language. If you are not aware of how and which word is to be used where you won’t be able to speak a language fluently. 

As of now, for that factor, Mondly and Duolingo are both updating their respective apps. But even without the updates, Duolingo has more grammar to offer as compared to Mondly. 

Duolingo starts its course with the basic introduction of the language before moving on to the complete phrases and statements, but in the further lessons, it covers topics such as Adjectives, adverbs, verbs, and tenses. Whereas, Mondly starts with short phrases, without telling you where and how to use “un, et, une” and many more words like these. 

Also, one important factor which was noted, is that if you answer a question incorrectly, Duolingo repeats the question after a while, so you can perfect it. It also checks your listening and speaking skills, whereas Mondly for the first few lessons does not test your speaking skills. 

Both apps focus on conversational learning, grammar building comes second. Grammar is learned as a part of the language instead of focusing on it as a building stone to learning a new language. However, the forums offered by Duolingo can help you out with this. 

Mondly Vs Duolingo- Languages Offered


Spanish French Swedish Norwegian Bengali Catalan Dutch Danish Thai Latin German Portuguese Finnish Indonesian Latvian Italian Hebrew Greek Hindi Lithuanian Russian Persian Afrikaans Vietnamese Slovak Japanese Arabic Croatian Ukrainian Tagalog Korean Romanian Polish Hungarian Urdu Chinese Turkish Bulgarian Czech.

Mondly - Language

The benefit is that you can choose any of these languages you know, as a base to learning a language. 


Duolingo offers many language resources like Spanish French Portuguese Welsh Vietnamese Valyrian  Arabic Ukrainian Hungarian Latin German Dutch Esperanto Swahili Gaelic Italian Swedish Czech Romanian Russian Norwegian Hindi Indonesian Japanese Turkish Danish Hawaiian Korean Polish Hebrew Navajo Chinese Irish Greek Klingon.

Language Courses- Duolingo


For Non-English speakers, Duolingo offers many languages in Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. 

Mondly Vs Duolingo- Pricing Reviews

Mondly Pricing

Mondly offers a wide range of daily lessons and a few trials of the chatbot feature (where you can chat with a person in a particular language). Also, all the categories of conversation which are segregated are a part of the premium feature. And to access those, you’ll have to loosen your pockets a bit. 

Mondly - Pricing Plan

The premium rates are for learning a language, so if you plan to learn two languages, you’d need to make payments for both of them. If you want to learn one particular language, the per monthly payment would be Rs. 599 and if you opt for a yearly package, it’d be around Rs. 199 per month. That’s a huge difference! 

If you want to learn all the languages on the Mondly app, the charges would be Rs. 23,000 per year. It is quite a good deal if you wish to learn many languages on a more professional level. 

Duolingo Pricing

As far as Duolingo is concerned, it has made the whole curriculum of language learning free for everyone. So, you can access all the material, stories, and rewards without paying a dime. However, you can still opt for Duolingo plus by paying Rs. 1099 per month or Rs. 6600 for a year. And that is for all the languages. 

Mondly - Future

The advantages of opting for Duolingo plus is that you get an ad-free experience, you can download lessons in the app for offline use, you get unlimited hearts (for taking tests and lessons), and you get unlimited skill test-outs. 

The only con I noticed is the frequency of occurrence of advertisements. But if you want your education to be free of charge, why not tolerate those 15-sec ads? I always take it to be a short break. 

Mondly vs Duolingo Learning methods

Would it not be great if you could learn the basics of a foreign language online within a couple of days? If required, you can then opt for the intermediate and finally the advanced course. It even gives you the option to select specific niches of your choice      

There are many such courses available online, let’s compare two of the leaders in the market. You can also use speech recognition feature to learn in a more efficient and effective way.

I hope my review will help you to make your mind select the best one which suits your needs.

Both these sites are amazing, and you might have a hard time deciding which one suits you the most. However, I’ll state my opinion at the end of this review. I hope my review will be helpful to you in making your final decision.

Duolingo Review:

The interface of Duolingo is different from that of the other application. For starters, I had to create an account before I could proceed further

Though this website also has a large variety of languages to choose from, I was not so happy with their landing page.

Also, I was kept off from the chatbot feature. On successful login, the main page suggested level 1 for beginners.

After selecting Spanish, the language I wanted to learn, it took me to a screen showing characters either in English or Spanish. After clicking on the option, it would tell me if I was right or wrong.

Some tests included Spanish words, and I was asked to select the correct pronunciation. It kind of seemed dull and basic. That’s where I lost my interest in Duolingo.

It has tabs alongside animals, food, and family. It was designed to acknowledge us about basic words in that certain area.

I had a rough time finding the main page from where I started. I tried various things to try and get back at the starting page but no luck.


Duolingo offers 11 free languages with two beta languages. This selection is only for English language speakers.


Duolingo offers more than 20 languages for you to learn.

Vowels and Consonants are well explained

It teaches you vowels and consonants first and then takes you to the tougher levels.

This feature is absent in Mondly. It helps an individual to learn the core of a language. It even trains you for different accents.

The forum also encourages group learning by introducing you to people learning the same language as you so that you can seek help when needed


On logging out of the website and refreshing the page, I wasn’t able to go back to the main page. Only two options were shown: “Basics 1” and “Placement test” and I went with the latter.

Once again! A very immature feature that makes you select 4 options out of 8 and also the phrases that are given are very basic and mediocre. 

Audio Quality

I’ll give thumbs up for the audio quality, just like that of Mondly, so kudos to the developers.

Thumbs Down

Unfortunately, I could not access any one of them. I have to complete Letters 1 to Letters 4 and then Basic before I can move on to this section. There were no such issues in the other program I reviewed.

The Good News

But, if one looks from another perspective, this is a good option, as it makes the base strong before moving on to complicated stuff like composing sentences. 

Paid Version

Duolingo includes language courses for individuals whose native tongue is not English.

Duolingo Plus is the paid version of  Duolingo. It costs  $9.99 for a single month, $6.99 per month for 12 months,  and $7.99 per month for six months.


Duolingo sets a remarkable example of what a language app should be. It isn’t easy to use. As I mentioned earlier, you set up a profile, select your target language, set your weekly goals, and you are good to go


Duolingo has more than 100000000+ downloads and it was released in May 2013.


Duolingo promises to wrap up the complete semester syllabus in just 34 hours.


  • Sometimes teaches words and phrases that are rarely used.
  • Grammar instructions are minimal and also not up to the mark.
  • Text to speech audio quality could be improved.

 Mondly Review 

I must admit the look of the website was eye-catching.

Mondly - Review Rating

User Friendly

Using the program is quite simple. You can click on the “start tutorial” button on their website and select the language you speak and the language you would like to learn. Select the level among beginner, intermediate, or advanced and you are good to go.

Now you will have to select a topic… where a popup showing the premium rates will be visible…Click on the screen outside it and it will disappear. Now you can click on the “lessons” icon to start learning.

The paid version gives you many more options to choose and learn one language or gain access to the 33 languages offered by Mondly.

App Usage

It is fun-filled like playing an online game between yourself and the computer.

  • With daily lessons, weekly quizzes, and monthly challenges, the course provides you with a daily dose of motivation.
  • The vocabulary used is relevant and will be helpful for practical situations.
  • The price of learning is fairly inexpensive, especially if you pay annually.

I selected a demonstration that showcased a conversation between myself and the waitress at a Spanish restaurant. It was a small conversation between us in which I tried to order a salad.

Words along with there pronunciation audio

The questions and answers both were in a bubble that contained the text in Spanish and English. The audio played the Spanish text. This was to make me grasp the accent properly.

Resume Feature

You can easily return to start from where you left the program and continue your learning.

Learning Pictographically 

Along with the speech bubbles, Mondly also uses images that add an obligatory dimension to the learning.

Voice Recognition

There is also a voice recognition feature. With the help of a microphone on your device, you can engage in a conversation with a chatbot.

Learning the basics

In my opinion, This feature allows Mondly to have an edge over its competitors as it allows you to learn the basics of different languages.

This will be really helpful when you visit places where English isn’t a native language.

Most common conversations

As I told earlier, you can select the words and phrases requiring 40 different scenarios such as:

  • Family
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Restaurant
  • School
  • Office
  • And many more

Each of the above categories is subdivided into several parts. Once you master all the steps, your course will be completed.

For example, if you are planning a trip to Madrid then you’ll be required to know all the basic and frequently used phrases to order food, to make friends, to take a tour, and for many other activities. Mondly will be your best friend in those situations.

Honestly, this is the perfect platform that allows you to master the basics of one or more foreign languages.

However, you can’t expect to become fluent in any particular language just with the help of an app. Mondly will only introduce you to the language. It takes a lot more to attain hold over a language. Although, Mondly will guide you to the path.

Free Learning

Mondly also gives a free membership which contains 33 languages at different learning levels.

Premium Version

Mondly has a premium option that gives access to either one language or all of their languages. Prices vary depending on whether you opt to pay per month or pay annually.

It charges you $9.99 per month for 1 language, or you can pay just $4 a month for a year’s access. You can also pay the same price of $47.99  to gain access to a year’s worth of all languages.

Device Flexibility (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)

It is cross-platform, you can learn it on your Windows or Macintosh-based PC or laptop. You can use it on your smartphone as well, as it is also available as an Android and iOS application.

I would suggest you to first opt for their free version and try to brush up your foreign language skills. You don’t have to sign up for this program. Although I would recommend you do so, especially as it is free, as this option allows you to save your dialogues for later use.


Mondly has more than 5000000+ downloads and it released in June 2015


Content is similar for many languages, which will get repetitive and obvious if you’re planning to learn more than one language on the program.

Mondly vs Duolingo— My Opinion

I am slightly tilted towards Mondly because of its anime feature. It doesn’t mean that Duolingo is unworthy but honestly, I feel Mondly deserves more appreciation than it ever received. Again, it’s my opinion about them. So, I strongly suggest that you try both of them. This will put you in my shoes to understand why I tilted to Mondly. Now as far as the question “Which is better?” is concerned, it all depends on your requirements.

Mondly Vs Duolingo & Customer Reviews

Mondly Reviews

Mondly - Testimonials


Can you say that Mondly is better than Duolingo?

In my opinion, it won't be correct to say one of them is better than the other. I think in this way because they independently may lack 1 or 2 features but they collectively give a very good result.

Which one of them is a better option for a casual user?

As Duolingo educates you on the most basic level with a very game-like interface, I think you should go for it if you are a casual user. It is also free of cost so you don't need to think much before giving it a shot.

Which of them is more suitable to learn with a more practical approach?

Actually, both of them quite have a practical approach towards teaching but if I am asked, I would suggest Mondly over Duolingo for learning relevant and useful content.

Do they have any provision of conducting tests?

Yes, they definitely have this provision. While Mondly offers weekly quizzes and monthly challenges, Duolingo comes with a leaderboard feature wherein you can compete with other language learners.

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Conclusion: Mondly Vs Duolingo2024 | Should You Go For It?

Duolingo and Mondly are both great apps to learn a language, with Mondly’s more mature and modern user interface and Duolingo’s playful and creative experience; both create a great learning environment for the learner. Both of them also offer mobile phone apps for mobile users.

Both the apps can be used by a person from any age group, from children to adults, they make learning easier for all of them. 

However, if the price is considered, Duolingo would turn out to be a better option for some, but if you want to learn the languages with a deeper understanding; Mondly is the one for you. 

Mondly has been in the market for around 6 years now, and it offers a wide range of 39 languages to be learned by the user.

Price:$ 10
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