Mobidea Review: Mobile Affiliate Marketing Network

We all consider desktops and laptops as our best buddies for computing, but we can’t ignore the fact that most of the people are shifting to smartphones and have started capitalizing on its smart features. People now spend more and more of their time on smartphones rather than on their PCs and laptops. Thus it has opened a new land of opportunity for internet marketers.

Mobidea Review

There is nothing new to tell about Affiliate networks, but at least there is one network that is different from the league and focuses on mobile, Mobidea. In today’s review, we shall be discussing many features that set apart Mobidea from its counterparts. So check out the details review of Mobidea.

What is Mobidea?

Mobidea is based in Luxembourg and is a well-renowned mobile based affiliate network. It specializes in pin submits, app install offers, mobile subscriptions, and sweepstakes. The revenue models are based on CPA and CPI.

You can be paid on CPA basis when any visitor fills a form or downloads any software. When any users install games and apps on iOS or Android based mobiles, then payment is based on CPI. Currently, the network is working with more than 70.000 affiliates and runs more than 1.000 mobile offers. Also, you will be surprised that more than 80% of the revenue share is given to its affiliates. So, why not take full advantage!


The affiliates are given the freedom to choose from single offers or use the Smartlink technology. With the aid of Smartlink technology, affiliates can select the offers that are optimized by cost. But, you always have the choice to choose the offers manually by going with “Single Offers.” I’ll discuss more about the this smart technology below.

Attention : Interview of Mobidea CEO Antoine: How Mobile Industry is Changing in 2017

Affiliate Dashboard

The Dashboard of the affiliate is kept very simple for you to get an update on the number of signups and also the revenue earned till date. You also get to see the latest news feed on the right, live chat support in the lower corner and core navigation on your left.

When you hover your mouse on the left side, the main menu files can be seen. The main menu consists of tabs to view the reports, cashier, account, smart tools and also the contact information for the customer support. There is also a link to access the FAQ’s asked to explain your doubts and to connect with the network on social media with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The section of reports is fantastic with a detailed view of stats being visible by offers, period, operators, countries, operating systems and much more.

The Mobile-Focused Offer Directory

As earlier mentioned, Mobidea focuses completely on the mobile space. Thus, most of the offers revolve around the installation of mobile apps or subscribing to any kind of mobile services.

Even without getting an account with Mobidea, you still can take a look at the directory where all the offers are listed to get an idea what is in stored for you.

The entire offer list can be easily filtered by OS and country. The list can also be filtered by top payouts for instance top eCPM as high as $700 and others. When you go through the list, you will see that there is a particular mention of the wireless carriers that are compatible.

Each offer that is listed shows the conversion requirement, allows you to see the banners associated and also provide you with the screenshots, but to promote any offer, you have to apply for it directly.

Increase your Earnings with Smartlink

With Smartlink, you can auto-optimise your traffic with its complex learning algorithms working behind.

Smartlink is ideal for affiliates who don’t have the time and patience to check all the offers that are available. With so many offers, if you screen through them manually, you are bound to miss a highly lucrative deal that is most favorable for your niche, vertical and audience. So, Smartlink comes as your savior here.


With Smartlink, if you talk about the “mainstream” traffic, it is possible to make around $24.37 eCPM.

Also, look for the most advanced features like enabling/disabling APK offers, adding postback URLs for cookieless tracking, enabling/disabling auto-download offers and many others.


Have you been caught in a situation, where you have to wait for the entire month to cash out your affiliate account? Doesn’t this wait become a way too long? Happens with me all the time, but not any longer with Mobidea as with this you get paid whenever you want. As long as you cross the minimum threshold of 50 Euro, the payment can be made on a daily basis with your choice of transfer like Payza, PayPal, Paxum or wire transfer.


How to get started

It is as simple as ordering a pizza! Simply sign up for your account by filling up a short form or simply signing up with your Facebook or Google Account.

Lucrative Referral Program

Get a boost on your earnings by referring others as the commission rate is 5%.

Mobidea Academy

For the first timers, you can learn the tips and tricks to earn money using Mobidea. There is a full-fledged section called Mobidea academy where you get access to all the tutorials, affiliate news, tips, and events. It proves to be highly beneficial for the newbies, but it is recommended for the experienced also to go through this to boost up your marketing skills.


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Pros of Mobidea

  • The moment you get registered, you can start with promoting the lucrative offers.
  • Take advantage of the Smartlink technology to get hold of the best offers based on your niche from the 1,000 + offers available.
  • The network gives 80% of the revenue share.
  • Affiliates enjoy the freedom to choose their offers.
  • If you earn more than €10,000 monthly, you are automatically promoted to get the VIP status. After you attain this prestigious status, you get access to priority cashout, access to a dedicated expert and tickets to various industry events. Also, you are saved from paying any withdrawing fees while making payment requests.
  • Easy to track the performance and revenue earned in real-time.
  • Payment is given on time and can be asked daily for pay-outs.
  • The network has a dedicated customer support system. You also have a manager and access to the mobile analysts to help you in making more $$$ by giving fruitful insights.

Final Thoughts

Without second doubts, if you are looking for a mobile affiliate network, then Mobidea is a perfect choice for media buyers, webmaster and affiliate marketers. More traffic you are able to pull, the more conversions you earn. On comparing with other networks, the payment is relatively higher and daily check out is also possible so no longer you have to wait for the entire month.

Hope, with this review on Mobidea, you have got an idea how to get started with this network!  


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