Mindvalley Feng Shui Masterclass Review 2024: (Honest Review)

Mindvalley Feng Shui Masterclass

Overall Verdict

Feng Shui for Life with Marie Diamond is the science where You will learn how to use the ancient science of Feng Shui to achieve a more harmonious, balanced and beneficial relationship in your life, Science of Feng Shui offers abundance of remedies available for clearing away the bad energy.

Out of 10


  • Programs is accessible offline
  • Dynamic Curriculum
  • Engaged learner community
  • A detailed Learning Experience
  • Responsive smartphone app to help you learn from anywhere
  • Award-winning customer support


  • Pricing are bit on higher side


Price: $ 549

Are you looking for an Unbiased Mindvalley Feng Shui Masterclass Review 2024 Great! You have landed on the right post.

You might be feeling frustrated because you’ve been trying so hard to make your dreams come true but nothing has happened yet.

You might feel like you have no control over your life and there’s no good reason for that to be the case. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of balancing the energies of any given space to improve its inhabitants’ health, spirituality, and wealth.

This article includes my best experiences and all benefits of this program. Also listed the working discount coupon to get up to 50% on Feng Shui Masterclass now.

Mindvalley Feng Shui Masterclass Review

Feng Shui Masterclass Review 2024: Discount Coupon (50% OFF)

Mindvalley Feng Shui for Life - Pricing Plan

Bottom Line Upfront: Mindvalley Feng Shui for life with Marie Diamond is the easiest way to discover the science of Feng Shui, the learning from the program will help you attract wellness, love, prosperity & greater success in your life by accelerating your manifesting power, Feng shui for life program will help you come out strong from the stuck situation and direct the wellbeing flow into your life. To know more get Started with the Program Now.

Detailed Review of Mindvalley Feng Shui Masterclass

 Mindvalley Feng Shui For Life Program

Mindvalley Feng Shui For Life program powered by Mindvalley is an 8-week course. The Feng Shui Master, Marie Diamond will take you through simple, fun, and practical ways to apply the fascinating science of Feng Shui in every area of your life. With Feng Shui, you will be able to accelerate your manifesting power and attract greater success, prosperity, love & wellness into your life.


Feng Shui For Life is an important factor in personal development. Many of us have faced difficulty controlling our opinion and joining the sources while few of us understand the importance of energy in our living spaces. In this quest, you will get to know how this energy affects our life experience. This dimensional energy is one-third of our life experience and specific abilities. 

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The best example is that an unstable environment can stress you, where a calm environment can give you peace of mind. Feng Shui will help you discover calmness and you will start to consume more good energy around you.

Feng Shui For Life With Marie Diamond

The Solution to Upgrade Your Living Experience for Success.

Even if you already practice various forms of personal growth, the energy of your living and working areas shapes your life in surprising ways – yet until you deliberately control that flow of energy to your benefit, you may often find yourself trapped or falling short.

Join Marie Diamond, one of the world’s most sought-after Feng Shui masters, as she explains simple, practical, and economical strategies for capturing the positive energy from around you in the Feng Shui for Life program.

In just 8 weeks, you’ll notice significant improvements in your wealth, wellbeing, relationships, and happiness as you finally master this vital aspect of optimal living.

The Feng Shui For Life Program Improves Your Life in the Following Ways:

  • You’ll learn basic, achievable strategies for boosting good energy in your home.
  • By utilizing the energy of your environment, you can increase your manifesting power.
  • You transform your living places into three-dimensional “vision boards” of your best existence.
  • You break through energetic blocks that have been holding you back for years.
  • Your office becomes a magnet for prosperity, success, and efficiency.
  • Your home becomes a channel for constant love, empathy, and good health.
  • In your living environments, you have happy and constructive connections with others.
  • Your chances of success with other personal development techniques have increased.

Vishen Lakhiani – The Man Behind Mindvalley

 Vishen Lakhiani is an Entrepreneur and innovator in educational technologies, speaker, investor, and author of the “Code of Extraordinary Mind”: Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, a company that specializes in innovation at education through the introduction of awareness and innovation and personal development in the field of comprehensive education and lifelong learning.


Vishen Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley and proud author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is ancient Chinese geomancy that makes sure you are in the flow of your life. Feng Shui means ‘wind’ and ‘water’. Feng Shui is related to everything like objects, furniture, or whatever is there around you that affects you unconsciously 24/7. 

Feng Shui for Life Review

Feng Shui also affects the attraction of your business like your clients, finances, and reputation. A long time ago Chinese emperors possessed the knowledge of Feng Shui. They know how everything around you affects energy and how to attract positive energy and deflect negativity. Using Feng Shui they controlled their empire and built supreme wealth for a long time.

Meet Marie Diamond – The Tutor

Marie Diamond is a global transformational leader and Feng Shui Master. She teaches how to eliminate profusion blocks using Feng Shui in your home and turn things around.

Marie Diamond

She discovered ancient wisdom of the Diamond Feng Shui system that teaches how to apply it effectively to amplify your success, power, and relationships.

The Curriculum

Join Marie Diamond on an 8-week journey to learn simple, enjoyable, and practical methods to apply the fascinating science of Feng Shui to every aspect of your life.

Your short courses are directed by Marie herself and consist of a series of easy-to-follow video tutorials filmed in actual homes, exercises and meditations to help you remember what you’ve learned, and pre-recorded Q&A sessions.

It’s a one-on-one encounter that’s meant to mimic having her as your own Feng Shui consultant.

You have transformed all of your living and working places to flourish in accordance with both universal Feng Shui principles and your own Personal Energy Number by the end of the program.

  1. Introduction To Feng Shui

Explore the roots of Feng Shui via Marie’s eyes, and learn what you need to know about the practice before it can have an impact on your life.

Among the highlights are:

  • A meditation that gives you a deep sense of the energy that surrounds you and how it affects you.
  • Taking Control of Feng Shui and Time Feng Shui: the two types of Feng Shui that influence your daily life.
  • Why does Feng Shui account for one-third of your potential to attract success (and why is this important if you’re having trouble attracting the results you want)
  1. Your Personal Energy Number

Follow Marie’s intuitive technique for determining your Personal Energy Number, which will serve as the cornerstone for your individual Feng Shui strategy.

Among the highlights are:

  • The unexpected ways your Personal Energy Number affects your day-to-day life
  • How to perfectly connect your living environments with your Personal Energy Number
  • A muscle testing activity that intuitively identifies your life’s four major directions.
  1. Your Home As A 3-Dimensional Vision Board

Learn how to make every area in your house an energetic magnet for the positive moods, emotions, people, outcomes, and material things you want to attract into your life.

Among the highlights are:

  • How to use specific colors to attract things like health, knowledge, and abundance
  • Creating separate spaces to achieve specific life objectives (career, romance, money, etc.)
  • How to combine numerous Personal Energy Numbers into a unified environment.
  1. Feng Shui For Business And Success

Discover specific ways to restructure your living and working areas, resulting in a significant increase in your professional and financial performance.

Among the highlights are:

  • Making a Personal Success Calculator In your workplace, provide direction (a small readjustment can make a huge difference)
  • The proper method for multiplying the flow of money into your life by harnessing flowing water
  • Exercises to organize your home and office that will improve your attention and productivity right away
  1. Feng Shui for Health and Wellbeing

Learn basic actions you can take to create living places that support the spirit of healing and serenity, from plants to strategic empty spaces.

Among the highlights are:

  • An explanation of how to increase the flow of healing energy in your kitchen (makes your food more nourishing too)
  • Candles that are widely available and highly effective for vaporizing stress and anxiety – ignite them and feel the benefits.
  • A color-based meditation that connects you with the energy of health and healing.
  1. Feng Shui For Personal Relationships

Create a loving, compassionate, and intimate environment for your spouse, children, parents, and any people you care about.

Among the highlights are:

  • For an optimal flow of love throughout your rooms, know where to put your images (and where not to put them).
  • Optimizing your living room and bedroom, which serve as focal points for your personal interactions.
  • The ideal colors to choose to create a setting where empathy and connection can flow freely.
  1. Feng Shui For Social & Professional Relationships

Use these smart changes to your living and working places to become a better coworker and community member, as well as to bring out the best in others.

Among the highlights are:

  • How to attract more customers only by placing comfortable chairs at a specific location in your office.
  • Steps to create an efficient working environment for teams of all sizes
  • The color that you want to promote teamwork and collaboration should be used more regularly
  1. Feng Shui For Personal Wisdom

Learn how you may use Feng Shui, by opening your mind and drawing wisdom from around you, to speed up your personal and spiritual progress.

Among the highlights are:

  • Positions of power and alignments that strengthen the effects of prayer and meditation
  • How can the flow of knowledge lesson by maintaining specific books in your life (avoid them at all costs)
  • Guidance to strengthen your insights and creativity with your living room

Bonus Included

Bonus #1: 

The law of attraction and your personal energy number

Learn how to use your Personal Energy Number to increase your manifestation power, to decide more easily, and to attract results more quickly.

Bonus #2:

Time Feng Shui Activations Guide

Were you aware of the fact that time may also play a major role in Feng Shui? You will learn how to enhance your ability, success, connections, and health with the distinctive features of every year in the convenient PDF handbook.

How Does Feng Shui For Life Program Works?

Once you register in Mindvalley Feng Shui For Life program, you will get access to full 8-week video tutorials and a private community to chat. You will have videos of approx 90 minutes to learn and understand that particular chapter every week. There are also 4 alternate Q&A videos of Marie to solve most of your queries.

The quest for every chapter unlocks every week so you can explore the course properly. I will suggest you join the community program if you are a new student that brings more experience of attraction, entertainment, and transformation. Community supports and inspires each other so you can prepare yourself for better results.

Program Schedule of Mindvalley Feng Shui For Life

Feng Shui For Life is an 8-week course that includes 8 Chapters with 28 lessons. Let’s have a deep look into this course:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Feng Shui

Feng Shui Introduction

This is the first lesson of the first week. Here you will start your journey with Feng Shui. With Marie’s unique perspective, you will explore the origins of Feng Shui and discover what you must know about Feng Shui before it began impacting your life.


  • Learn about Feng Shui that fills you with a deep awareness of the energy surrounding you and how it’s influencing you
  • You will master Space and Time Feng Shui which are the two types of Feng Shui that both shape your living experience
  • Explore why a one-third of your demonstrating success relies on Feng Shui

Chapter 2: Your Personal Energy Number

Your Personal Energy Number

In this chapter, you will learn about what your Personal Energy Number is and how it will help you personalize your Feng Shui activities. You will learn to calculate and find good directions for your Success, Health, Relationship, and Wisdom. 


  • How your Personal Energy Number influences your daily life 
  • How to arrange your living spaces with your Personal Energy Number
  • A muscle testing exercise that reveals all directions of your life

Chapter 3: Your Home as a 3-Dimensional Vision Board

Your Home as a 3-Dimensional Vision Board

In this chapter, you will learn how to turn every room of your house into an energetic magnet for positive minds, moods, people, emotion and outcomes you want to attract into your life. Marie says that each direction has its own purpose which is related to multiple facets of your life. 


  • How to take advantage of specific colors to attract health, wisdom, wealth, and more
  • Arranging different rooms to achieve specific goals
  • Learn how to integrate multiple Personal Energy Numbers into one consistent space

Chapter 4: Feng Shui For Success and Business

Feng Shui For Success and Business

In this chapter, you will learn about the general ways to activate your home for more success and money flow. Here you will discover the correct ways to arrange your living and working spaces.


  • Calculate how a small readjustment can make a huge impact on your personal success
  • Accurate ways to utilize flowing water to multiply the flow of money 
  • How to instantly amplify your focus and productivity with home & office decluttering exercises

Chapter 5: Feng Shui For Health and Well-Being

Feng Shui Your Health and Well-Being

In this chapter, you will learn how simple steps can take you to create living spaces that promote the energy of healing and peace of mind. You will also learn about how to Feng Shui your health with your personal directions according to your personal energy number.


  • How to amplify the flow of healing energy in your kitchen that makes your food more nutritious
  • How to vaporize stress and anxiety with effective candles
  • Meditation that collars specific colors to boost you up with the energy 

Chapter 6: Feng Shui For Personal Relationships

Feng Shui Your Personal Relationships

This is the sixth week of this course where you’ll learn about the general steps to improve your relationships with family, children, grandchildren, and romantic partners. 


  • Locations to place your photos for a perfect flow of love throughout your rooms
  • How to optimize your living room and bedroom
  • Best colors to create a space of free-flowing empathy and connection

Chapter 7: Feng Shui Your Social and Professional Relationships

Feng Shui Your Social and Professional Relationships

In the seventh week of this course, you will learn how to apply brilliant adjustments to your living and working spaces to show up as a better co-worker and community.


  • Learn how to attract more clients just by placing comfortable chairs in one specific spot of your office
  • Simple steps to create a conducive and productive work environment for teams
  • How to nurture teamwork and collaboration

Chapter 8: Feng Shui Your Wisdom

Feng Shui For Life Review - Feng Shui Your Wisdom

In the last week of the course, you will learn how to harness Feng Shui to accelerate your spiritual and personal growth by opening your mind and drawing in wisdom from around you.


  • Positions and alignments that enhance the effects of meditation and prayer
  • How to keep certain books in your living space can decrease the flow of wisdom
  • How to sharpen your intuition and creativity using your living space

What Will You Get When You Enroll

Once you enroll in Mindvalley Feng Shui For Life you will get:

  • Lifetime access to the complete 8-week Feng Shui for Life including
    • Weekly video tutorials
    • Weekly Exercises
    • Pre-recorded Q&A sessions
  • Access to a Mindvalley Tribe Facilitator
  • Lifetime access to private Feng Shui for Life Facebook group
  • Award-winning customer support
  • Get a printable digital Mindvalley, Certificate of Completion for an extra $50.

Bonus Features

  • Ebook of Your Personal Energy Number & The Law Of Attraction 
  • PDF Guide of Time Feng Shui Activations

Feng Shui For Life Handbook

Benefits of Feng Shui For Life Program

  • This program almost solves every problem and helps you achieve your goals easily.
  • Simple and Practical steps to optimize the positive energy in your body and life.
  • Feng Shui For Life helps you improve your productivity and money flow.
  • If you join the community, you will experience happy fruitful interactions with others.
  • The program offers you a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee to their customers.

What Will You Learn From Mindvalley Feng Shui For Life Program?

With Feng Shui For Life program, you will explore and experience 8 weeks of adventure with Marie Diamond. There are thousands of students around the globe who are discovering practical, simple, and interesting Feng Shui science in every aspect of life. 

Every video tutorial has been created in real households, exercises, and meditations to teach lessons. This course also includes recorded Q&A sessions in the company of Marie that includes all the related queries regarding the Feng Shui course. 

At the end of the course, you will get to know the universal principle of Feng Shui and your personal energy number. When you have access to the entire lifetime learning program, you can always reach it and easily adapt to the changing conditions. 

What effect can Feng Shui make on your life?

Mindvalley Feng Shui For Life is an important factor in personal development. Many of us have faced difficulty controlling our opinion and joining the sources while few of us understand the importance of energy in our living spaces. In this quest, you will get to know how this energy affects our life experience. This dimensional energy is one-third of our life experience and specific abilities. 

Feng Shui shows you precisely how to set up your living spaces to maximizing prosperity, wellbeing, and joy. 

Is Feng Shui a legitimate science?

Feng Shui is not very popular in the west but it is well-known for over 4,000 years. In fact, it is used by most of the successful people and corporations in the world. It is also widely used in the infrastructure of megacities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and more. There is a lot of social proof that many ancient Eastern sciences such as meditation and acupuncture. 

How is this program different from other Feng Shui guidance?

There are multiple reasons such as Marie has an uncanny skill for turning complex ancient Feng Shui into simple and practical frameworks so that anyone can follow it for instant and transformational results. 

Another reason is Marie’s commitment to individual results. That’s why she has different blueprints of Feng Shui for every unique person. That is the main reason she is so obsessed with calculating Personal Energy numbers so you can get the maximum results. 

Pricing Plan of Mindvalley Feng Shui Masterclass

Mindvalley offers a simple pricing plan to its users. Usually, Mindvalley costs Feng Shui for Life program for $1095.

But if you purchase this program right now, you can grab instant access to the entire quest on all devices (Android, iOS, Desktop & Tablet) for just $549. That means you get a huge discount of $546. You can also pay in installments.

Mindvalley Feng Shui for Life - Pricing Plan

If you want a completion certificate of this course then you can simply pay an extra $50 for the certificate.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

🤔Is it possible to take Mindvalley classes without having a Mindvalley membership?

Yes, you can enroll in Mindvalley programs one at a time for $199 to $499 each program. For as little as $1.36 each day, you can join Mindvalley and gain access to everything. Even if you simply participate in a portion of the activities offered, Mindvalley Membership saves you a significant amount of money.

👉How do I cancel or get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

With both Mindvalley Membership and a single quest, you have a 15-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. If you decide it's not for you during this time, simply submit a refund request at https://www.mindvalley.com/refund. You will lose access to your programs acquired through your Membership if you request a refund (but you will still have access to any Quests previously purchased & not refunded since you invested in them separately).

👉What effect will Feng Shui have on me, and why does it shape one-third of my living experience?

Feng Shui is an important aspect of personal development that is frequently ignored in the West. While many of us are trained to master our minds and connect to sources, few of us are aware of the significance of the energy in our living places and how it affects our ideas, behaviors, and, ultimately, our quality of life. This spatial energy is responsible for shaping one-third of our daily experience as well as our ability to materialize.

👉Is Feng Shui a legitimate science? How can we be sure that it’s real?

Feng Shui has not yet been thoroughly researched by major Western scientists, despite the fact that it has been widely practiced for over 4,000 years. It is still used by some of the world's most successful individuals and organizations, as well as in the infrastructure of Eastern megacities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and several others. Also, consider that many old Eastern sciences like meditation and acupuncture were formerly unproven by Western research, but millions of people over the world used them to improve their quality of life. Feng Shui should be approached in the same way.

👉Feng Shui seems complicated, and I’m busy - will I have the time for this?

They collaborated closely with Marie Diamond to create a user-friendly, adaptable software that can easily fit into practically any busy schedule. And, thanks to Marie's simple curriculum, you won't have to make any major modifications to your living space or your life. Even simple changes like rearranging your desk or adding a photo to a room can make a significant difference.

Final Thought: Mindvalley Chakra Healing Quest Review 2024

The principles and science behind Mindvalley Feng Shui for Life program are universal. No matter what you do and how your living space looks. You can just rearrange them by using the tactics of Feng Shui. Then you will see how it leaves impacts your personal and business life. 

I will suggest you join this lifetime program and feel the positive flow of energy in your life.

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The Mindvalley Chakra Healing Quest is positively built to increase your potential in every aspect of life, making life more passionate and better. The Quest is all about learning and managing to balance your relationships, wealth, health, love, and perspective.

In Quest, the author Anodea Judith has remarked on her four decades of experience of wisdom in terms of healing chakras. You will get a vast knowledge about all seven chakras and how you can quickly help yourself change into a better and more energetic human.

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In Short:

Features: Without a rigid process, Feng Shui Mindvalley is an innovative way to find positive energy in your life. You can learn how to harness the energy from objects around you and transform it into positive energy.

Advantages: You can discover the power of tools that increase your personal power in your life.

Benefits: You can see what is attracting and repelling you towards positive or negative conditions of your life by having knowledge about feng shui readings.

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