15+ Best Mindvalley Alternatives & Competitors 2024 (HANDPICKED)


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In this world, where cut-throat competition prevails, you must sharpen your old skills and acquire new skills. Also, the advent of the internet has made everything possible at your fingertips conveniently. This need for continuous self-development in the world of the internet has led to many online platforms that specialize in providing online courses. So, here are the top 10+ Mindvalley alternatives which you have to consider.

One such online course provider is Mindvalley, a trusted online course provider for a very long time. Before we proceed, let’s get a closer look at some of the key components of Mindvalley.


What Is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is an online platform which provides personal development and skill improvement opportunities to the individuals. With the help of various courses offered by industry experts, the students can attain personal growth in their fields.

Mindvalley alternatives



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Mindvalley is a platform that helps you transform yourself by offering you guidance and support. Mindvalley also enables you to improve habits such as smoking and negative thinking, to name a few.

Let’s look at some pros and cons of Mindvalley before we proceed ahead.


  • Expert instructors, including celebrities with high market credibility.
  • The quality of video training is outstanding.
  • They organize high-quality events that help you get exposure to the new concepts and information in the market.


  • There is no community platform for the course takers to discuss their concepts and queries.
  • Customer Support is not efficient, which causes discontent among its users.
  • The spiritual courses available target Shamanism, Chakra healing amongst various religious principles, and techniques that lie outside the Biblical Worldview.

Mindvalley has been one of the most trusted partners about taking courses online. However, it is essential to note that this is not the only one. There are many features that Mindvalley offers; however, all of these features might not match your needs. This difference in the features that these platforms provide makes it vital to browse other similar online platforms that offer online courses. Some of these online courses providing platforms are.


15+ Best Mindvalley Alternatives & Competitors 2024 (HANDPICKED)

1) Coursera

Coursera is an online course provider that has received accreditation from various institutions and colleges. This accreditation helps Coursera to become a more professional platform where users can get certification certificates from top colleges and industries to help them land a job. Coursera is also the best Mindvalley alternatives.

Coursera Overview


These courses are self-paced courses spanning to 4 to 12 weeks. You can decide from a vast list of over 4,000 courses varying in subjects from engineering to arts. These courses have an enormous selection of topics such as engineering, data science, mathematics, visual and performing arts, digital marketing, medicines, and others.

Let’s look at some of these courses that are available on Coursera:

Machine Learning by Stanford University: This course teaches about how to program computers and machines to work without guiding them. It is a detailed technical course taught by Stanford University.

Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects by McMaster University: This course helps you to understand and learn different things more efficiently by teaching you various techniques and tools to aid you in the learning process.

  • The Science of Well-Being by Yale University: This course focuses on how mental, spiritual, and physical health is vital for you by correlating it with the scientific facts.
  • Graphic Design specialization offered by California Institute of the Arts: This course deals in detail about all the aspects of graphic design.
  • UI / UX Design specialization by California Institute of the Arts: This course provides you in-depth about the designing elements of an interface and apps.

Coursera focuses more on giving you professional-level education as most of the courses are taught by professors teaching at various universities. The courses help increase your knowledge and skill level and give you a boost toward landing your dream job.


Some of the courses at the introductory level are free of cost, while others require a fee. But with a subscription fee of only $49, most of the paid courses and certified degrees are quite reasonably priced.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of Coursera.


  • Professional and technical courses from top universities and colleges are available.
  • Coursera has a good selection of courses for creative individuals to choose from.
  • You are allowed to audit many of the courses for free.
  • Once you have completed the course, you are eligible to receive an official Certification.


  • Some certified courses are not self-paced. You need to follow the courses to keep track, or you stand a risk of losing valuable content.
  • Lengthier theoretical courses correspond to the offline courses provided by the concerned colleges.
  • Certification is available only for paid courses.
  • Courses from popular or more prominent colleges and institutes tend to overshadow the ones from smaller colleges or institutes.

Coursera is a more professional platform focusing on providing technical education that is certified. Accreditation to the top colleges and universities ensures the quality of the courses as compared to other platforms. The degrees on the completion of the course are undoubtedly beneficial for someone looking to gain knowledge solely to land a job in the same field. This Mindvalley alternative you should consider is Coursera.

2) EDX

EdX is a massive open online education platform created by Harvard and MIT passed outs. It hosts online university-level courses in different categories for the students worldwide. EdX hosts provide both free and paid courses. Currently, EdX has more than 3,000 courses in different languages, with more than 32 million students taking part in it. These courses are also known as MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses.

EDX Overview

Various educational institutions provide these courses, with more than 150 schools or educational institutions offering courses on the website. EdX is also the best Mindvalley alternatives. These courses consist of weekly learning sequences. Every sequence is composed of multiple short videos with interactive learning exercises. Let’s look at the most popular courses available at EdX:

  • Introduction to Computer Science by HarvardX (self-paced): It is an introductory level course offered by Harvard university giving the viewer a basic understanding of the world of computer science.
  • The Science of Everyday Thinking by UQx (self-paced): This course is a guide to manage your everyday thoughts taught by established psychologists giving you insights about the human brain.
  • Introduction to Linux by Linuxfoundationx (self-paced): As the name suggests, this course gives you a basic understanding of the coding language Linux.
  • Conversational English Skills by TsinghuaX: This course is tailor-made for the non-native English speakers to enhance their conversational skills.
  • The Science of Happiness by UC BerkeleyX: This course connects you with yourself and gives you a better understanding of human experiences.

As professionals and experts teach most of the courses available at EdX from the various educational institutions, the quality of the course is always ensured to be top-notch. With the wide variety of courses available for different disciplines, EdX can fulfill every student’s needs at a single place.

But one of the main focus points when choosing your learning platform is the finances, so let’s talk about the pricing of these courses.


  • All the courses available at the websites are free of cost.
  • If you want to enroll in a professional education course, you have to pay for the upgrade. These upgrades usually range between $50 to $300 depending upon the course provider.

Before deciding to go for an upgrade, we should be aware of the pros and cons of EdX.


  • You get certificates on completion of your course.
  • Courses are offered in partnership with prestigious universities and companies like Harvard, Berkeley, and Microsoft.
  • If you want to discontinue the course within 14 days of purchasing a verified course, edX will immediately give you a full refund.
  • On purchasing a verified course, students gain access to all course materials except grading.
  • The majority of the courses allow you self-pacing, and you can begin at any time.


  • edX specializes in higher education, specifically science, which means that you won’t find all the topics (e.g., baking or filmmaking). Parents compile most of the courses on edX which enables them to create the course outline or syllabus freely. Sometimes this freedom can lead to course inconsistency.
  • edX is an excellent alternative to understand the technical aspects of subjects in detail by professionals. As most of the courses are free, it acts as a great way to increase your knowledge without worrying about the cost.

So, here I suggest this Mindvalley alternative you should consider is Coursera.

3) Udemy

Udemy has one of the largest databases among the educational platforms. One of the reasons behind the vast selection of courses in Udemy is because it is a crowd-sourced learning platform. Professionals teach all the courses listed, but the quality may vary accordingly. All the courses are self-paced, and the students can complete them at their convenience. You can access your purchased courses at any time with the permanent all-access pass. You can choose from a variety of 150,000+ courses available in 65+ languages.

Udemy Overview

Udemy database has a wide selection of courses ranging from personal growth or development to writing, art, music, science, and technology, among others. Due to this variety of courses, Udemy serves the needs of many individuals in one place. Udemyย is also the best Mindvalley alternatives.

As is always the case, some courses are more popular than others.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular courses among the users:

  • The Complete Front-End Web Development course by Joseph Delgadillo: This course, with a rating of 4.3, teaches the basics of web development while explaining all the latest strategies as well.
  • Practical Web Design & Development: 7 courses in 1: This course also by Joseph Delgadillo teaches you all about web designing for a better understanding of the process.
  • The Everything Photoshop Masterclass: This course discusses the software Photoshop to make you acquainted with the software and gain confidence in your skills.
  • Photography: Master Your Camera- Master Your Creativity: This course includes the fundamental guide for using your DSLR, which can be a mirrorless or compact camera to create stunning photos consistently and with confidence.
  • The Ultimate Drawing Course โ€“ Beginner to Advanced by Quinton and Jaysen Batchelor: This course immensely explains the basic building steps of drawing and art.
  • Japanese Course for Absolute Beginners (Letters, Alphabet): This course, as the name suggests, helps you to learn the Japanese Language from the beginning. Users have reported this class to be extremely helpful and easy to understand.

As Udemy is a crowd-sourced platform, the content available keeps growing every day as anyone can publish a class for users to access. While this increases the quantity of the content, it does not necessarily advance the quality too. So, the quality of courses varies from extremely good to average. To help its customers, Udemy has come up with a popularity-based rating system. People can rate the course according to a 5-star rating system, allowing other users to decide what course they want to apply.


  • The course instructors themselves price most of the courses.
  • Both free and paid courses are available.
  • Paid courses start from $1.99 can go to a higher value depending upon the discount and sales.
  • Udemy has frequent discounts and sales, which can help provide the user with benefits in terms of prices.
  • Paid courses often start with free trials to help students better understand the quality and content of the courses before purchasing it.

Let’s look at some pros and cons of the Udemy:


  • Udemy boasts the availability of a massive library of courses sorted into different categories.
  • Users rate the courses. These ratings help others understand the quality of a course from the student’s perspective. This rating system makes choosing the courses easier.
  • The price range of the courses available varies as the presenters can decide on the course fees themselves.
  • Once you have paid for a course, you can access the content anytime.
  • Udemy also provides a money-back guarantee in case users are unhappy with their course.
  • Expert professionals who teach in the top colleges and universities give most of the courses.


  • Since it is a crowd-sourced learning platform, some courses provide only introductory level information.
  • The free courses require a small up-gradation fee for continued access.
  • In many instances, users face low-quality audio and caption support.
  • Most of the content uploaded on the site is not verified. As individuals regularly add many new courses.
  • Due to the crowdsourcing system, Udemy has built up a vast library of courses to go through, which can hamper the ability to find good content.

Udemy provides users with a great selection with some professional-level courses. Udemy acts as a good alternative because of its variety of courses catering to the needs of everyone.

4) Class Central

Class Central is a free directory of online university courses that helps users find and track MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Class Central combines various providers’ courses to make it easier to find the best courses on different subjects from different platforms. Their courses majorly consist of free courses from MOOCs platforms such as Stanford, MIT, Harvard, among others.

Class Central Overview


Class central helps you find courses, review the courses you have already taken, and help build a database. Class Central is also the best Mindvalley alternatives. You can also follow universities and particular subjects to receive personalized updates while tracking and planning your learning progress.

Let’s look at the most popular courses listed in Class Central:

  • An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python by Rice University offered by Coursera: This course is offered by Coursera and spans from 7-10 hours a week for five weeks.
  • Extinctions: Past and Present by the University of Cape town offered by FutureLearn: The course provided by FutureLearn takes up to 3 hours a week for five weeks.
  • Six Sigma: Define and Measure by the University of Alberta offered by edX: The course provided by edX takes about 3-4 hours a week for an 8-week duration.
  • Understanding Dementia by the University of California, San Diego provided by Coursera: The course offered by Coursera takes 3-4 hours a week for four weeks.
  • Maintaining a Mindful Life by Monash University offered by FutureLearn: FutureLearn provides the course, and it takes 3 hours a week for four weeks.

Since Class Central only acts as a pathway to help you locate and enroll for various online classes in different sites, they do not directly charge users. The sites that you are directed to may or may not charge you for the course. It depends on the course and the site you are now on.


  • Courses are available either on subscription bases or for individual purchase.
  • Specialized courses have a monthly subscription charge between $39-79.
  • Most of the courses are available for a 7-day free trial. After the expiry of the free period, you have to pay the subscription fees. If you cancel within the free trial time, there are no charges.

As with any such site, there are some pros and cons of Class Central as well.


  • They have an extensive collection of courses as they combine MOOCs from other platforms.
  • You can purchase individual courses from the different sites that are conducting the lessons.
  • Knowledge about courses from top educational institutions is available on the same site.
  • Using the dashboard at your disposal, users can track their personal growth and development.


  • They provide a combined list of courses from other MOOCs platforms leading to a significant collection to sort through.
  • Individual courses are more expensive than buying passes or subscriptions at the relevant sites.
  • Class Central does not provide certification, so users will need to upgrade on the related sites or pay for the courses.

Class Central combines courses from various platforms contributing to its vast library. Some of these courses are provided in connection with top institutions ensuring the quality of the content. Class Central is an excellent alternative to look for courses that might interest you.

5) Ed2Go

Ed2Go is an online education platform for people who want to continue their education or complete their college degrees easily. Ed2Go boasts about staying updated with the latest technology and updates in any industry. Ed2Go is structured to expressly meet the workforce demands of industry experts, by the top colleges and universities.

ed2go Overview

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Ed2Go currently has over 3 million students taking part in the platform’s over 750 online continuing education courses taught by more than 40+ industry specialties.ย  These courses include 150+ certification courses that ensure you a degree after completion. It is the best place to continue your college degree with the comfort of your home. Ed2Go is also the best Mindvalley alternatives.

These courses cater to every student’s needs in different fields such as marketing, science, technology, mathematics, and accounting, among others.

Let’s look at some of the courses popular among the students:

  • Human Resources Professional: This course helps provide you with advanced career training to help you focus solely on improving your human resource skills.
  • Accounting Fundamentals: This course helps users clarify and strengthen their fundamentals in the various accounting aspects of the business.
  • Project Management Fundamentals: This is another fundamental level course that focuses on the skills related to project management.
  • A to Z Grant Writing: This is also a fundamental level course that helps budding writers enhance their skills by teaching them all the relevant writing techniques.

Ed2Go is a fantastic platform for people looking to continue their education without affecting their day to day lives. With more than 2000 academic institutions collaborating with the platform, Ed2Go provides certificate courses for the people.


  • Ed2Go course prices vary course to course.
  • There are many free courses available for the students.
  • Certification courses are usually paid depending upon the educational institution. Typical courses can range from $70 to $4500, with the median cost around $1200. Exam cost and other expenses are usually a part of the course sum amount.

Ed2Go is widely famous in terms of getting a certified professional education. Courses timings are flexible, which helps working professionals to earn while studying.

Let’s look at some of the cons and pros of the Ed2Go:


  1. Many of the courses are available free of cost.
  2. Paid courses give you a chance to get certifications.
  3. Flexible learning hours to make learning convenient for you.
  4. Professionals and industry experts teach courses.
  5. Courses from top individual institutes are available at affordable rates.
  6. Grants and scholarships provided to students.


  • Few courses are available for the creative and art genre.
  • No internship programs are available.
  • Courses can be lengthy and time-consuming.

Ed2Go is a good alternative for people looking to resume their education while being in the comfort of their own house and continuing their day-to-day lives. With a variety of courses, students get an excellent chance to choose a course based on their personal preferences. The certification provided at the end of the course is an excellent asset for landing a job.

6) Universal Class

Universal Class provides online educational courses to schools, companies, libraries, educators, and individuals worldwide. Universal Class is an online course learning platform that allows you to take courses at your own pace. You can also interact with a live instructor via email during the course. Universal Class has a catalog of over more than 500 online classes to cater to the needs of more than 500,000 students.

Universal Class Overview


Universal Class has accreditation by IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training). This accreditation helps the platform to provide certification at the end or completion of the course. Universal Class is also the best Mindvalley alternatives. The estimated time for the course to complete pans from 1 hour to 5 months in Universal Class. The time for course completion depends on the qualification of the course taker.

Universal Class has a good variety of courses to choose from.

Let’s look at some of the popular courses:

  • Adobe Pro Certificate: This course goes in detail with the software developed by Adobe such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro among others.
  • Event Planner Certificate: This course gives you practical knowledge about managing events and learning how to coordinate with your team.
  • Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+ Certification: This course gives you a basic understanding of Computer technology and the terminology related to this course.
  • Accounts Receivable Management: This course helps you understand all the concepts associated with managing the accounts part of the business.

Universal Class has a good selection of classes to choose from for every individual. This course can span from a duration of 1 hour to 5 months, depending on the qualification. You can choose from a variety of 500 classes, including courses of different categories to cater to a vast range of needs.

Let us take a look at the pricing of Universal Class.


  • There are no free courses available on the platform.
  • Courses pricing can range from $11 to $1000 depending on the qualification.

Universal Class is a good alternative for the people trying to find a course at an affordable rate with certification to help you get a job. Let’s look at some pros and cons of the Universal Class.


  • Good range of classes to choose from.
  • Affordable rates of the courses.
  • Flexible hours to work in your comfort.
  • You get a certification at the end of the course.


  • No free courses are available on Universal Class.
  • Courses can last for a long time, which can become hectic.

Universal Class is a fantastic platform for students trying to get a certified education at their comfort. Universal Class has a good selection of courses to choose from among all the categories. As the pricing range is wide, it suits the needs of every individual. Courses can last a long time, which might not be suitable for every person.

7) Code School

Code School is an online learning tool. This tool helps existing and aspiring developers try to teach coding through creative mediums to make the learning more entertaining.

Code School Overview


Code School is an online education platform. Code School has over 40 courses that cover essential skills for developers such as HTML/CSS, Ruby, JavaScript, Android, and iOS.

Experienced instructors teach courses on Code School through the help of high-quality videos, which include interactive exercises. Code School is also one of the best Mindvalley alternatives.

Code School has a lot of courses solely focusing on the coding aspect of the technology. These courses revolve around categories such as Software Development, IT Ops, Data Professional, Information & Cyber Security, among others.

Let’s look at some of the courses available at the platform:

  • Java Language Fundamentals: This course gets in detail with Java Language coding with 21 courses combined in this course. This course lasts around 52 hours.
  • Python: This course explains all about coding in the language Python. This course includes 11 courses that last up to 31 hours.
  • Microsoft Ignite 2019: This course goes into detail about the UI of Microsoft Windows and all the coding aspects related to it. This course includes five courses, and they span for 4 hours.
  • Querying Data with T-SQL from SQL Server: This course goes in detail about the coding aspect of the SQL Server and has seven courses included in it and lasts up to 19 hours.
  • Security Fundamentals: This course explains in detail the security fundamentals for beginners. This course consists of six courses and lasts for 18 hours.
  • Security for Hackers and Developers: This course goes into detail about the security essentials for ethical hackers and developers. This course includes six sessions and has a span of 12 hours.

Code School focuses on making the course more efficient and exciting so that the user does not get bored as it tends to be quite long. These courses are more focused on improving the students’ technical skills. These courses tend to be rigorous and hectic.

Let us look at the pricing of the courses.


  • Most of the courses provide a 10-day free trial.
  • Pricing depends upon your skill level and what stage you are currently at.
  • Courses usually are priced from $10 to $500 depending on the course.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Code School.


  • Code School provides many free courses to choose from.
  • Professional experts with industry experience teach the courses on this platform.
  • The method of teaching is innovative and interesting.
  • Code School provides options for many technical courses to choose from.


  • Code School only provides training in the technical courses.
  • Courses on this platform are long and can become hectic.

Code School is an excellent platform for coders and hackers to develop their skills. Courses are taught by trained professionals for the best quality learning and keeping updated with the industry standards. Code School provides you with an opportunity to try the courses before you purchase them. It is worth noting that around one in every available five courses on Code School is available without any subscription fees. You can take free introductory lessons for Git, Ruby, and jQuery, amongst others. Code School is also an excellent alternative for hackers and coders.

But, Now Code School is Merge into Pluralsight.

8) One Month

One month is an online coding school that features courses in different categories such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, and more. They help close the gap between skill and education for the non-programmers by quickly providing them with the opportunity to learn hands-on job skills quickly.

One Month Overview


A One Month course is uniquely efficient in combining video tutorials with one-on-one personal support and increasing efficiency by giving a deadline to complete the task. Over 60,000 students have enrolled in these courses.

One Month boasts about making their students capable in their choice of course within one month by their one on one help combined with their video tutorials. They also have a great track record for their students to attain a job. One month is also the best Mindvalley alternatives.

Let’s look at some of the courses available at One Month:

  • Programming for Non-Programmers: This course, as the name suggests, helps beginners learn programming in one month.
  • HTML: HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is a coding language used to code websites. This course gives you all the technical knowledge you need to start coding.
  • JavaScript: JavaScript is also a coding language that helps to code apps and user interfaces. This course enables you to learn and understand JavaScript.
  • Python: Python is a coding language used in the interface of various user interface platforms and apps. These courses are a good base for people trying to get hands-on practice on this coding language.

All the instructors on this platform are excellent and knowledgeable in their fields and are well equipped to provide the best education to their students.

Let’s look at the pricing of these courses.


  • There is a trial for all the users to understand what they are getting into.
  • One month’s annual plan of $299 provides the user access to all of the One Month’s courses.

The five Bootcamp courses come with 1-on-1 coaching, grades, and certification.

One Month’s courses ensure a certain standard quality of education for all of its users. These courses help to start the education of the student from the beginners’ level.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of One Month.


  • With over 60,000 students, One Month says that, on average, 80% of students that start a Bootcamp course complete the course and earn their certification.
  • One Month provides 1-on-1 coaching for students when they have questions.
  • There are weekly project reviews, and the course should finish in 30 days.
  • Free trial at the beginning.


  • Not much real-world coding experience outside of their projects.
  • Limited course options compared to platforms like Lynda and Team Treehouse.
  • Free trial only gives the basic introductory level knowledge to the course.

One course is an excellent platform for people trying to learn to code or for enhancing their skills. Professionals teach courses, and One Month has a reasonable success rate in terms of people getting a job. It is a good alternative for people looking to increase their knowledge in the coding industry.

9) eduCBA

eduCBA is an online training provider that provides multiple courses or training programs to learners, professionals, readers, candidates/students, etc. The courses help individuals learn new skills and knowledge that they can then incorporate into their professional lives.

eduCBA Overview


eduCBA is currently catering more than 500,000+ learners through its more 1700+ courses, formed by expert industry professionals & trainers. They also provide 24*7 unlimited access to the learners so that you can learn anytime from anywhere.

eduCBA’s courses are all taught by professionals in their respective fields to help grow your career. As mentioned, this platform has a plethora of courses available at a single place for your training. eduCBA is also the best Mindvalley alternatives. You can also subscribe to its Lifetime Subscription Facility, which ensures the courses’ availability anytime, anywhere.

Let’s look at some of these courses.

  • All in One Marketing Bundle: This course includes 170+ courses related to marketing and takes more than 800+ hours. It is a certified course that has lifetime access for you to continue growing and learning.
  • Android Developer Training: This course includes 40 online courses with a duration of 202+ hours. If purchased, you get lifetime access, and on completion, certification is provided.
  • Cloud Computing Training: This course includes 18 courses spanning 102 hours. This course is also certified.
  • Blackmagic Fusion Training: This course is a single course focusing on the software Blackmagic Fusion and is also a certified course.
  • Davinci Resolve Training: This course is for aspiring filmmakers. This course spans for a duration of 30+hours and is also a certified course.

Mobile access is one of the things that are a necessity for any type of learning system using the latest technology. eduCBA offers you the opportunity to access this website on various platforms like Apple and Android platforms. This unique ability allows users to work on courses from anywhere. As long as users have an internet connection to connect, they can participate in various classroom activities, take interactive quizzes, or provide feedback. Let us take a look at the pricing of these courses.


  • You can either purchase individual courses or a whole bundle.
  • Price varies from $49 to $999 for one-time lifetime validity.

eduCBA has a vast library of courses catering to every need from technical to art. Professionals teach these courses who have immense knowledge of the subject. Technical support & guidance ensures the active participation of the student. Let us look at some of the pros and cons of eduCBA.


  • Certifications are available at the end, of course.
  • Industry experts create and design the course content.
  • Virtual tests, interactive quizzes, and various exercises for every course.
  • Courses are viewable on any device providing high functionality.


  • No free courses are available at eduCBA.
  • Sessions can be lengthy and become hectic.

EduCBA has over 500,000 members that are spread over 40 countries. There’s no denying the fact that this platform has already established its stripes with students and organizations across the globe. This number of users is likely to climb further as EduCBA is continuously adding more courses to its database. EduCBA is an excellent alternative considering all its advantages and pricing.

10) Digital-Tutors

Digital-Tutors is one of the best sites for teaching yourself these practical skills without a college degree. Digital-Tutors has one of the largest video libraries for anything you want to learn, such as ZBrush. #ds Max, digital painting in Photoshop, or general 3D animation.

Digital-Tutors has a massive library of courses covering all skill levels and hundreds of topics related to the animation & video game industry. With more than 7000 courses with the latest courses added monthly, Digital-Tutors is going strong. Digital-tutors is also the best Mindvalley alternatives.

Digital-Tutors provide a great variety of courses to choose from. These courses include many art and design courses, but also at the same time, there are courses focused on courses related to web design, IT/Technology, business, among others.

Let’s look at the most popular categories at Digital-Tutors.

  • Film Making: This category includes courses that focus on software widely used in the industry, such as Fusion, After Effects, Smoke, Mocha, Nuke, and more.
  • Game Development: This category includes courses that are a great place to learn all the tricks involved in-game animation and motion graphics.
  • Manufacturing & Design: This category includes courses that help you to hone your design, creation and manufacturing skills with courses authored by trusted experts.
  • Software Development: This category includes courses such as Web Development, JavaScript among others to hone your coding skills.
  • It Ops: This category includes courses that help you in aspects related to IT Certifications, Security among others.

At Digital-Tutors, some courses date back a few years, but most information is still useful. You just need to put in the time and make an effort to make sure you’re practicing enough. Let’s look at the pricing of these courses.


  • They provide a 10-day free trial so that you can try the platform before committing anything.
  • The monthly package is available at Rs. 1,499 per month, with most of the features available.
  • The annual package is available for Rs. 12,299 per year, which includes some unique features.
  • There is another package that contains all the features that the platform provides called a Premium package, which is available for Rs. 18,399 per year.

Digital-Tutors is especially advanced at providing technical support during their courses for the user’s best growth. All the courses are taught by professionals and provide 100% support to their students through various means.

Now let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of the Digital-Tutors.


  • A wide variety of courses are available to choose from.
  • Professionals and industry experts teach all the courses.
  • All the courses are self-paced for easier access and use.
  • Technical Support is readily available.
  • Certification is available after the courses.


  • Courses require attention and focus.
  • After the 10-day free trial, you have to pay for access to all courses.

Digital-Tutors is an excellent place to learn and develop your skills in all aspects of the industry. Professionals teach these courses for your easy understanding. This online course provider serves as a great alternative because of its superior features and support.

11) KelbyOne

KelbyOne is an online platform specially developed for photographers and filmmakers. This platform has hundreds of video training on photography. Kelbyone one of the best Mindvalley alternatives, if you want to learn photographic skills. It covers all aspects of photography from shooting to processing them later in software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, among others.

Kelbyone Overview


These courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere, at your ease. These courses help you in photography, such as shooting landscapes, portraits, sports, and weddings. KelbyOne strives to provide classes instructed by the most talented industry professionals. The classes are offered for beginners to experts. Professional photographers can answer your questions, give advice, and inspire creativity.

Let us look at the most popular courses at KelbyOne

  • The secret to Amazing Photo Composition from the masters: This course helps you improve your ability to create visual stories through your art.
  • Architectural Photography: This course enables you to understand the basic techniques involved in shooting architecture.
  • 25 Quick & Easy Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers: This course helps in your post-processing part of the art by teaching you techniques and steps to follow while retouching your photos.
  • Newborn Photography: From concept to completion: This course tells you everything related to newborn photography from post-processing to posing.
  • Shooting Dreamy Wedding Photos: This course shows you how to become an expert in the wedding photography industry.

KelbyOne is an excellent platform for budding photographers to hone their skills by learning form professionals working in the same industry for years. Additionally, Kelbyone partners with several top photo companies in the industry, including Adobe, a Fortune 500 company. This feature helps the students to learn from experience as well as theoretical knowledge. Let us take a look at the pricing.


  • KelbyOne provides two packages depending on your preference.
  • Basic membership starts at $9.99 per month and has all the essential features required for a beginner.
  • Pro membership is priced at $19.99 per month and is centered on professionals looking to develop their skills even more.

Let us discuss some of the pros and cons of this platform.


  • You get unlimited access to purchasing the subscriptions.
  • You can access your courses anywhere anytime.
  • Excellent customer support for all your queries.


  • Individual courses are available at higher prices.
  • No free trial available.
  • Issues with billing and delivery of the subscriptions.

This platform is highly beneficial for serious photographers looking to expand their skill sets and gain inspiration from the world’s most exceptional professionals.

Though the price may bothersome for some, subscribers have access to over 10,000 intriguing videos. Ninety-two of the industries’ most renowned expert individuals instruct in these videos.

12) Iversity

Iversity is the European platform for online learning that enables universities to share a broad range of courses with students from around the globe, providing them with the opportunity to earn recognized credentials, no matter where they are.

Iversity Overview


These online courses (so-called MOOCs) provided by Iversity offer fascinating opportunities for individuals. These courses enable professors to experiment with innovative teaching methods. They can provide students with customized higher education experience.

Iversity makes higher education more accessible, personalized, and affordable. This website offers online courses on an academic level. It enables learners across the globe to choose from an extensive list of courses from various disciplines. The disciplines vary from engineering to design, philosophy, and biology.

Let us look at some of these courses available:

  • Design 101: This course is suitable for beginners who want to understand the basics of designing.
  • Mathematical Logic and Algorithms Theory: This course is for the mathematicians who wish to explore the field more and better understand the concepts.
  • eTourism: Communication Perspectives: This course goes into detail about the upcoming industry of eTourism and helps you build a future in it.
  • The Future of Storytelling: This course helps you become a better storyteller by giving you insights about the do’s and don’ts of the subject.
  • Contemporary Architecture: This course in-depth explains all there is to understand about the upcoming modern architecture.

Iversity is a great platform for developing their skills and understanding concepts through the excellent courses designed by professionals for the students. Also, some of the courses available have certification.


  • Most of the courses available are free for the students.
  • Certification is paid and is available for about $100.
  • Pro paid courses already include charges for certification.

Users can access all courses on the platform for free. However, participants have to pay to receive a certificate and a grade upon successful completion of a course. Some courses on this platform adhere to the system of ECTS credits across traditional and offline university systems.

Let us look at the pros and cons of the platform.


  • Courses are free of cost for everyone.
  • Excellent teaching staff and professors.
  • Up-to-date with the latest syllabus.
  • Variety of courses available.


  • You need to pay extra for certifications.
  • Courses can span for a more extended period.

Iversity is an excellent platform for people to get a formal education at cheap affordable rates. The courses are well designed, and the variety of courses helps to attract students of all interests creating a vast database.

13) Open2Study

Open2Study is an online course platform that comes free of any charge. This online platform hosts courses connected with Open Universities of Australia. All of these courses are developed with the help of Australian Universities. Also, these courses are available to the public without any cost.

Open2Study Overview

Open2Study started in 2013 and has kicked off firmly. Over 94’000 enrollments in the first six months over 50 courses and around 25% completion rate. That’s a considerable completion rate.

Open2Study offers structured four-week-long courses. These are video-based with short quizzes and a space to chat if you want to. The content is specially curated and easily understandable. The video instructor gives you information, and the quiz is a tool to help you retain that information.

Let’s look at some of these courses available for the students.

  • Chinese Language and Culture: This course gives you a deep understanding of the Chinese language and insights about its culture
  • The Art of Drawing and Painting: This course helps you develop your skills in drawing and painting
  • Chemistry- Building blocks of the World: This course is right for students trying to get a broad understanding of the subject chemistry
  • Marine and Antarctic Science: This course is suitable for people who are curious about marine life.
  • The extensive study courses are very straightforward and easy to understand. It cuts back on the student-centered collaborative learning approach that has become popular in Connectivism MOOCs and lends itself more to a more traditional instructor-led learning approach.


All the courses provided by Open2Study are free for all the users.

A few courses are self-paced and available always. The rest are available every five or six weeks, all starting at the same time. All the courses are certified and are provided on the completion of the course. Letโ€™s look at the pros and cons of Open2Study.


  • All courses are free of cost for everyone.
  • Certification is available after the course completion.
  • All courses are self-paced courses.
  • Easy to use and understand platform structure.


  • The platform has no accreditation with any university.
  • There are a few courses to choose from.

Open2Study is an excellent platform for people trying to get a certified course from experienced professors and instructors and are easily understandable. All courses are free for everyone making it a good alternative.

14) DataFlair

DataFlair provides an online learning school for learners who are interested in technology around the globe. DataFlair offers courses in Python, Big Data, Spark, Scala, Hadoop, Apache Flink, Apache HBase, Apache Kafka, and Apache Sparkamongst others which can last from two to three months. Courses are delivered through online sessions, which are led by instructors. DataFlair students can study from their homes and depending on their availability for missed classes in the form of recorded sessions. DataFlair also offers lifetime support, which is a big plus. It also provides quizzes, discussion forums, and live projects.

Data Flair Overview

To apply for DataFlair, you need to enroll online. You can use them by logging in to their website. The Students of this website are mostly working professionals. Also, the courses which DataFlair provides are job oriented and designed, keeping their needs in mind.


Let us take a look at some of these courses available for the students.

  • Certified Hadoop and Spark Developer Training Course: Gain deep Hadoop and Spark knowledge with the help of this course. You can also attain strong practical skills by implementing real-time Hadoop and Spark projects.
  • The python developer course offers a unique combination of deep theoretical knowledge and actionable, practical skills. This course introduces real-time Python projects, which will give you a head start in learning Python and enables you to get top Python jobs in the industry.
  • Big Data & Hadoop: This course helps you learn practical and theoretical knowledge about implementing Data & Hadoop projects.
  • Apache Spark & Scala: This course helps in getting a deeper and more technical understanding of Apache Spark & Scala.
  • Dataspark is a good alternative because of its various features such as a live session, offline session availability for a lifetime, multiple assignments, and quizzes. Let us take a look at the pricing of these courses.


  • Some of the courses available are free of cost
  • Paid professional courses vary in price from a range of $250 to $380 per course.

DataFlair helps their students build their resumes and prepare for their interviews with mock job interviews. These mock interviews build confidence in the students for their future opportunities.

Students can also use the DataFlair job portal to locate and apply for jobs. They can easily locate opportunities that match their skill sets and expertise. Free courses, as well as discounted courses, are also available for all interested students. Upon completion of a course and its projects, students also receive a certificate.


  • Fully practical oriented training.
  • Instructor-Led Live online training by industry veterans.
  • Personalized one to one career discussion directly with the trainer
  • 24×7 online support for all your queries and concerns.
  • Lifetime access once you have purchased the subscription.
  • Self-paced courses help in easy learning.


  • You need to pay extra for the certification.
  • Solely focused on coding and related courses.

Data fair is an excellent platform for people trying to enhance their technical skills and gaining more knowledge. The wide range of specialized courses available is also a plus point. Their support that is available 24×7 makes this platform a good platform.

15) Total Training

Total Training is a pioneer in the industry of innovative online training. This is one of the leading creative design and office productive, functional software programs.

Total Training Overview

The users of Total Training are mostly casual hobbyists to the most seasoned professionals. This platform helps users learn new software applications and expand their knowledge of various programs currently used.

This is an excellent platform for people looking to enhance their skills in the technology industry, such as in web design, or a creative field such as graphic designing. They are caters to the need of every individual.

Let’s look at some of the popular courses.

  • Ultimate Excel 5-Course Training Bundle: This course is suitable for people trying to understand the area of data management. These courses teach you through various platforms such as Excel, which are highly used in the industries.
  • Visual Effects Training: This course focuses on visual effects, 3D, and animation. This course helps you to take your designing skills to the next level.
  • 4 Easy Steps to Becoming a Web Developer: This course is a beginner level course for people starting their career in the developer field.
  • App Design with Adobe XD: This course focuses on designing apps on the software Adobe XD.
  • It has a wide selection of courses available for people to enhance their skills with proper training and courses.


  • Courses at Total Training are chargeable according to months or for a year.
  • The monthly passes range from $12 to $24 per month.
  • The yearly passes range from $96 to $288 per month.


  • A huge variety of courses is available.
  • The teaching staff is excellent.
  • The latest techniques and technology are used in teaching.


  • No free courses are available.
  • Classes tend to be long and exhaustive.

This is an excellent platform because of its variety of courses available. It is suitable for people trying to enhance their skill levels in technical and creative fields.

16) Market Motive

Market Motive Incorporated develops curriculum and provides online marketing training and certification programs. The Company offers master and practitioner courses in various disciplines of internet marketing, such as search engine optimization, web analytics, social media marketing, online public relations, conversion optimization, and fundamentals.

Market Motive Overview


Market Motive offers classes online only. This school provides training in 2 qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being Internet Marketing Fundamentals Trained Practitioner and Pay Per Click Certificate. The completion of this education training can be done from 1 week to 3 weeks, which depends on the test taker’s qualification. The median time to complete the courses is three weeks.

Their content covers the following critical areas of Internet marketing:

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Web Analytics
  • PPC
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Market Motive offers live workshops with the faculty. You can leave questions on the forum during the workshop, and then the moderator(s) will address it.

Another primary feature that Market Motive provides is the video courses with special emphasis on instructional videos.


  • No free courses are available for free.
  • Courses are available on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Monthly the courses are purchasable for up to $299 for every month.
  • The yearly course is purchasable for up to $2,999 for every year.

Let us look at some of the pros and cons of the platform.


  • Access to an ever-growing video library.
  • Regular workshops on various topics.
  • Separate private threads for discussing queries and Q&As.
  • One on one interactions with faculty.


  • Individual courses can be a little expensive.
  • There are no free courses available on this platform.
  • The database of courses is limited when compared to.

This platform is a good option for people looking to enhance their business on the Internet. They cater to the needs of everyone, from beginners to experts. This platform is a good alternative for people looking to market their business online. This Mindvalley alternative you should consider at once before moving anywhere else.

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Conclusion: Best Mindvalley Alternatives & Competitors 2024

While there is no shortage of online platforms that you can visit to work on your skills and acquire new ones, not all of these platforms are made for you. Each of these platforms has different features, courses, and pricing, which need to be duly considered before you finalize your online course provider. There is no point in choosing an online course provider specializing in arts and creative genres when you want to land a finance-based job. So, do a cost-benefit analysis and find the courses that you want to take before you buy a membership of any of these online course providers.

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