Mindvalley Chakra Healing Program Review 2024: Should You Go for it? (Pros & Cons)

Mindvalley Chakra Healing

Overall Verdict

Mindvalley Chakra Healing program is about Discovering How To Heal & Align Your Chakras To get progressive in Your Life & Bring Your into Dreams Into Reality.

Out of 10


  • Result Oriented Course
  • Dynamic Curriculum
  • Dashboard is super easy to use
  • Almost 1.5 Lacs Students Enrolled with the course
  • Responsive smartphone app let you learn from anywhere
  • Tutor is really polite & detailed


  • Pricing are bit higher
  • Study Material don't get updated regularly


Price: $ 349

Your quest to read Unbiased Mindvalley Chakra Healing Review has come to an end as you landed the right post.

Feeling unbalanced? Your chakra system might be the culprit. You’re not alone. It’s estimated that up to 70% of people experience chakra imbalances at some point in their lives.

If you want to start feeling like your balanced self again, then it’s time to learn about chakra healing. It’s been used for centuries by yogis and spiritual practitioners to maintain a healthy, balanced life.

We all have our Chakras, and they are so important to us. They help us make sense of the world around us; they give us energy. And they’re important for taking care of your psyche, too. But how do you balance them, work with them, and keep them healthy?

Mindvalley Chakra Healing Program Review 2024: Is it Worth?

Mindvalley Chakra Healing Program Review

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One of the most famous quests offered by Anodea Judith is the Mindvalley Chakra Healing Quest. The course covers every topic related to your chakras, which is then used to manifest the desires that you need in your life.

At times, it’s recommended by many people to know about the chakras of consciousness to improve and develop things that you want in your life. To make it easy, Anodea Judith has to build a Mindvalley Chakra Healing Quest

This post features my honest Mindvalley Chakra Healing Review; after I took the course and continued for 36 days, I was a different person altogether, so let’s start with the review…

Bottom Line Upfront: The Mindvalley Chakra Healing program by Anodea Judith’s provides holistic approach towards healing of energies that engages with all aspect of one being for exceptional personal growth and unmatchable transformation, By knocking at your spirit, body &  mind, Anodea pinout and heals the energetic roots of all your  personal hindrance  and let you heal completely. Get Started with the Program & Start the Healing Process.

Mindvalley-Quest- Chakra Healing

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Vishen Lakhiani – The Brain Behind Mindvalley

Vishen Lakhiani is an Entrepreneur and innovator in educational technologies, speaker, investor, and author of the “Code of Extraordinary Mind.”: Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley.

This company specializes in innovation in education through the introduction of awareness innovation and personal development in the field of comprehensive education and lifelong learning.


Vishen is also a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the XPRIZE.MINDVALLEY Foundation Innovation Council.

Vishen Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley and the proud author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.

As Featured on ForbesVishen-Lakhiani-Forbes

Mindvalley on Facebook is among the top most-liked page.


Know about the Author – Anodea Judith

who believes in simple living and high-thinking

Anodea Judith explained chakras and how they relate to your life, health, wealth, failures, success, happiness, and all the other aspects on which your life depends.

Some of the teachers who teach the chakra system are so annoying that their voice creates irritation. But Anodea Judith has highly balanced chakras that are not excessive or insufficient, which is proven so often throughout the course.

Mindvalley-Quest-Meet Anodea Judith

The most exciting part of the Mindvalley Chakra Healing Quest is that the author, Anodea Judith, matched the color of her shirt to the chakra she talked about. This is something that made the course more pleasant.

All Chakras relate to Spirit, Psyche, and body


The Mindvalley chakra healing quest is best suited for those who want to learn chakras by sitting at home and making their base of knowledge strong enough to understand chakras and how one can heal from the effects of their chakras easily. 

Midvalley Chakra Healing Mind, Body, and Sprit

The course teaches you about:

  • What are chakras?
  • Where are your chakras located?
  • Know about your shortcomings through every chakra
  • What you should do to heal your chakras
  • What influenced your chakra
  • Yoga and exercises you should do to balance your chakra.
  • How to control the things that unbalance your chakras.

You will be able to find how you can heal the effects of chakras and learn to overcome the unbalanced chakras. To make your chakra, author Anodea Judith gave such a fantastic explanation for every issue related to balanced chakras.

Benefits Of The Mindvalley Chakras Healing Quest

The Mindvalley Chakra Healing Quest offers many benefits to change the perspective of life and improve the balance between your chakras. Let’s break out some of the major lessons you can get from this Quest.

Discover and Heal wounds of the past.

Apart from the Mindvalley chakra healing quest, which is called “healing the psyche” by Anodea, Judith helps and guides you about how and when your chakra came and affected your life.

Develop Positivity Around you.

The author of The Quest explains the importance of chakras and how we can help and manage the trajectory of this universe by tapping on chakras. She also said that we all are one, and nobody can separate us from each other.

Throughout the course, Anodea Judith tried to guide the impact of love and balance, which is the need for the hour to improve and transform into a better lifestyle.

Elaborated process of Manifestation

In The Quest, Anodea Judith mentioned a fascinating topic of the Manifestation process. The Quest thoroughly explains the step-by-step procedure for achieving whatever you want in your life with the help of the manifesting process.

The manifesting current is one of the best parts of the Quest, through which the author describes each chakra’s role and how it works. It explains how you can heal and understand the impacts. Anodea Judith has guided you with a unique way of manifesting and simplifying your desires in life.

Midvalley Chakra Healing By Anodea Judith Overview

However, this part of the Quest covers so many techniques that help you believe in moving with whatever you want in your life and discharge the negative energy around you.

Discover Life’s Balance

Each part of the chakra is directly or indirectly proportional to the balance of your life. For making the balance in life, Anodea Judith illustrates some techniques through which you can easily find the best ways to improve your chakras. This part elaborates on staying motivated and believing in yourself.

For instance, if you are staying alone or staying confined, this Quest will help you overcome your mental disbalance, and you can find positive thoughts and impressions for changing your present life. 

Assessments Included In The Mindvalley Chakra Healing Quest by Anodea Judith

The Quest includes assessments throughout the course. There are a total of five question-and-answer sessions with the author, Anodea Judith. These sessions contain many interesting questionnaires that increase the participation of the user.

Each session is time-marked and includes different options, such as if you want to skip that part or do it later. You can quickly scroll down if you’re going to move forward with the next session and learn about your confusion.

Midvalleay Chakra Healing Testinomial

Mindvalley Chakra Healing Reviews by Users

Chakra-Healing Reviews by Users

What will you get by Enrolling in Mindvalley Chakra Healing Quest?


  • Many offers and discounts are initialized from time to time to help more people get enrolled.
  • Access Mindvalley Tribe Facilitator, which will guide you and help you analyze your experience during and after the Quest.
  • You can access their Facebook group named Chakra Healing for a lifetime.
  • Guided with a flexible customer support system throughout the Quest to improve your overall learning experience.
  • You can enroll for a digital certificate, printable from Mindvalley, which declares that you have completed the Quest for just $50 extra.
  • Bonus audio’s for free of recorded sessions by Anodea Judith which motivates you to become more on the platform and balance up with your chakras throughout the Quest.

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FAQ Related to Mindvalley Chakra Healing

👉Who is this program for? There is need for any prior energy healing experience?

The Chakra Healing program is for everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of energy healing. This program is also for those who are facing some kind of mind-related problem.

👉How Chakra Healing Program is Works?

Chakra Healing is a 5 Week program in which They heal your chakra energy down to up. They transmute the energy and eliminate your fear and learn how to live in greater aliveness.

👉What is a chakra?

It is a state of energy. There are 7 chakras in a perfectly healthy person that creates life force energy. The spirit, mind, and body all are benefited from these chakras. Every single chakra has its meaning, color, and symbol. Chakra is a word from the Sanskrit language that means wheel. Wheel here refers to the spherical energy center and spinning. This energy is known as prana. You may recollect the word prana from other sources like yoga, for example, Pranayama. Also, every chakra corresponds to a particular area of the body.

👉What is chakra meditation?

All practices are part of the chakra meditations. They may be devoted to relaxation or healing or spiritual awakening as well. The person practicing these must get spiritually trained under a complement-practiced teacher.

👉How to unblock your chakras?

Different chakras need different methods of unblocking chakras. In general, you will require meditation, healing affirmation, stones, and behavioral changes for unblocking any chakra.

🤔How to heal your chakras?

Although, the healing chakras process takes time. Here are some tips for you – Visualization- Visualize drawing energy from the center of the earth and cleanse your energy center, Essential oils - Apply essential oils or directly inhale them; Toning - Put your hands on the energy center and make the deepest sounds possible, Sound - Listen to classical music, Food: Adjust your diet to the same color as your chakra, Colors - Wearing the color of your chakra.

🤔What is 7 chakras meditation?

There are 7 significant types of chakras - The Crown Chakra, The Third Eye Chakra, The Throat Chakra, The Heart Chakra, The Solar Plexus Chakra, The Sacral Chakra, The Root Chakra. These chakras have different forms of meditation and focus on specific parts of the body. They have their color as well.

Conclusion: Mindvalley Chakra Healing Quest Review 

The Mindvalley Chakra Healing Quest is positively built to increase your potential in every aspect of life, making life more passionate and better. The Quest is all about learning and managing to balance your relationships, wealth, health, love, and perspective.

In Quest, the author Anodea Judith has remarked on her four decades of experience of wisdom in terms of healing chakras. You will gain vast knowledge about all seven chakras and how you can quickly help yourself change into a better and more energetic human.

In Short:

Features: – The program helps you to be more creative, confident and at ease on the computer.

Advantages: – It is fast, easy, and fun to use.

Benefits: – You can meditate without any prior training or experience.

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