Micmonster vs Speechelo Vs Talkia Comparison 2024 Which Is Best ?

Micmonster, Speechelo, and Talkia are three widely used voiceover applications, each with its own set of features and capabilities. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of each to find the one that works best for you.

Micmonster vs Speechelo Vs Talkia

Micmonster is a piece of software that does an excellent job at making unique voiceovers. Micmonster is a fantastic solution for anybody wishing to add compelling voiceovers to their work, including YouTubers, professors, authors, and anyone else. It streamlines the process of making voiceovers so that anyone, regardless of their technological background, may do it easily.

Speechelo, on the other hand, is dedicated on the generation of genuine speech. It helps businesses create advertisements, news articles, and blogs using real voices.

Benefit from text-to-speech technology in your browser with Speechelo; no other software or plugins are required. Speechelo’s realistic voices will make your material sound more polished and professional.

Talkia’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence voiceover technology makes it stand apart. It comes with several different voices to pick from so you may choose the one that works best for your project and its intended audience.

Talkia’s user-friendly interface and flexible settings make it simple to change the voiceovers for things like pacing, emphasis, and pronunciation. Because of its language flexibility, it may be used by people all over the world to make content.

Micmonster, Speechelo, and Talkia all provide a range of subscription options to meet a variety of price points and scalability requirements. It’s crucial to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each plan carefully before settling on one.

Micmonster, Speechelo, and Talkia are all excellent options; pick the one that best fits your needs and tastes. Micmonster might be the best option if you place a premium on cutting-edge features and user friendliness. Speechelo is a formidable competitor when it comes to producing voiceovers that seem natural and can be used with any web browser. Talkia may be an excellent option if you’re looking for sophisticated AI features and multilingual assistance.

Micmonster vs Speechelo Vs Talkia Comparison 2024 Which Is Best ?

Micmonster vs Speechelo Comparison

Remember to get access of Speechelo pro you must purchase their front end subscription.

Micmonster $37 Miconster Pro Speechelo Speechelo pro
Bit rate 160 kbps 160 kbps 48 kbps 48 kbps
Languages 48 languages 48 languages 23 languages 23 languages
Voice style General, cheerful, chat, empathetic, Narration-professional, Newscast-formal, Newscast-casual, customer service General, cheerful, chat, empathetic, Narration-professional, Newscast-formal, Newscast-casual, customer service Serious, friendly, normal Serious, friendly, normal
Monthly limit 700000 characters 700000 characters 500000 characters 700000 characters
Total voices 200+ 300+ 30 200+ voices
Delete Multiple Files
Cloud-based Solution
Merge Audio
Commercial license
Campaign Support
Background Music
characters limit per voiceover 3000 12000 5000 20000

Data  Source: https://micmonster.com/

Voice Samples Comparison





English (UK)








Voice2 (pro)

Speechelo only contains 1 voice for uk version.


Spanish (Spain)

Micmonster :

Voice 1

Voice 2


Speechelo :




French (France)






Voice 1: 

Specehlo only contains one voice for french (France) accent.

Speechelo languages

  1. Arabic
  2. Mandarin
  3. Danish
  4. Dutch
  5. English
  6. French
  7. German
  8. Icelandic
  9. Italian
  10. Japanese
  11. Korean
  12. Norwegian
  13. Polish
  14. Portuguese
  15. Romanian
  16. Russian
  17. Spanish
  18. Swedish
  19. Turkish
  20. Welsh

Micmonster languages

  1. Arabic
  2. Bengali
  3. Bulgarian
  4. catalan
  5. Chinese
  6. Croatian
  7. Czech
  8. Danish
  9. Dutch
  10. English
  11. Estonian
  12. Filipino
  13. Finnish
  14. French
  15. German
  16. Greek
  17. Gujarati
  18. Hebrew
  19. Hindi
  20. Hungarian
  21. Indonesian
  22. irish Gaelic
  23. Italian
  24. Japanese
  25. Kannada
  26. Korean
  27. Latvian
  28. Lithuanian
  29. Malay
  30. Malayalam
  31. Maltese
  32. Norwegian
  33. Polish
  34. Portuguese
  35. Romanian
  36. Russian
  37. Slovak
  38. Slovenian
  39. Spanish
  40. Swedish
  41. Tamil
  42. Telugu
  43. Thai
  44. Turkish
  45. ukrainian
  46. Urdu
  47. Vietnamese
  48. Welsh

Price comparison between : Micmonster vs Speechelo

Micmonster Speechelo
$37 front end for lifetime access
Upsell 1) Micmonster pro $67 lifetime
Upsell 2) Micmonster agency $197
$47 front end lifetime access
Upsell 1) Speechelo pro $47/3months
Upsell 2) scriptelo $47
Copywriting software
30 days money-back guarantee 60 days money-back guarantee
Updates included Updates included

Talkia vs Speechelo

Talkia is new software. It is developed by bryxen, who also made other software like toonly, doodly and voomly. Talkia is for windows and mac computers, it costs $67 and has 22 languages. There are 67 voices available. Inside the license you are getting 30 songs to listen to while you talk with people on Talkia (you can also add more).

Speechelo Talkia
Total 23 languages Total 22 languages
30 voices 67 voices
The word limit is 700 words The word limit is 1000 words
Can merge audio files Can merge audio files
User can add pauses, breathing, emphasize words or change tune (Normal, friendly, serious) Not available
Does not include talkia voices Include speechelo voices and other voices.
Can’t add background Music Can add background Music

Talkia Samples :


Speechelo vs Amazon Polly

Speechelo is allegedly selling Amazon Polly for their own use. They buy it from Amazon and then resell it, which is making them a lot of money! Do you want to know how? Read on.

In Amazon Polly, you can buy 1 million characters for only 16 USD. If you buy the same thing from Speechelo they will charge 37+47/quarterly USD. So in effect, Speechelo buys the same product that Amazon sells but charges more because they are just using it to convert speech into text that they can sell again. Let’s go deeper into this…

Features Amazon Polly Speechelo
Bit rate 48 kbps 48 kbps
Languages 29 languages 23 languages
Total voices 40 30
Monthly limit (pay as you go ) 500000 characters
Cloud-based Solution

Amazon Polly Pricing :

Standard voices cost $4 per million characters. Neural TTS voices are $16 per million characters. Free Tier- Standard voices, the free tier includes 5 million characters, and Neural TTS voices, the free tier includes 1 million characters.

Amazon Polly Samples :


Conclusion : Micmonster vs Speechelo Vs Talkia

Micmonster, Speechelo, and Talkia all offer different price options to accommodate different budgets and demands. Before making a selection, it is critical to analyze the individual characteristics and constraints of each proposal.

Finally, the decision between Micmonster, Speechelo, and Talkia is based on your individual needs and preferences. Micmonster may be the best option if you value innovation and ease of use. Speechelo is a strong contender for natural-sounding voiceovers and smooth browser integration. Talkia might be a good choice if you want strong AI capabilities and multilingual assistance.

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