MerchantWords Discount Code 2024: Save Upto 40%!

Have you heard about the amazing discounts that MerchantWords offer? MerchantWords is a powerful keyword research tool used by many businesses and entrepreneurs to get more visibility online.

MerchantWords Discount Code

MerchantWords Coupon Code 2024

Looking for a MerchantWords Discount, I am here to help you.

It’s an incredibly useful tool, and it can make a world of difference when it comes to getting your business seen on the web. But did you know that MerchantWords also offers discounts for their customers?

Read on to find out more about how you can take advantage of these MerchantWords discount code! 

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What are MerchantWords?

George Lawrence, the company’s CEO and founder is the creator of MerchantWords. George, a software engineer by profession, created MerchantWords in December 2012 to assist vendors in determining the things that customers are looking for.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could understand the thoughts of your customers and discover the things they are seeking on Amazon?

MerchantWords Discount code

Exactly this is what MerchantWords does. You may find out which items are popular and consequently could provide prospects by receiving estimations of the overall number of searches for every specific phrase.

Additionally, MerchantWords provides you with information on the keyword’s variants and their projected search volumes.

This information will help you decide which goods to sell as well as the keywords you should use in your listings to consistently show up for the most relevant searches.

You’ll be more likely to get your items in front of more people if you can align the way you describe your product with the keywords people use while searching.

How Does MerchantWords Work?

The most popular terms discovered on Amazon have been compiled by MerchantWords in a similar manner to how Google constructed its enormous database. They also take advantage of support from other search engines and shopping platforms that are entirely in English.

They may use these to get the expected averages for certain Amazon keywords. Is it correct? Though not exactly, it comes close. Without access to Amazon’s own API, there’s no way a person could have made a more accurate forecast.

Amazon does not provide its own data for such services. It’s a tightly kept secret. Fortunately, MerchantWords does have its own secret techniques for giving merchants a competitive advantage.

MerchantWords Tools

I can reasonably assess this product since I use Ahrefs on a regular basis for building websites and driving traffic. Compared to the others, such as Helium10 and JungleScout, it already seems to be extremely comprehensive.

It would be simple for me to get started and populate my listings with some fundamental keywords if I were a newbie. The cost is also quite reasonable; a basic listing membership with MerchantWords is just $30 per month.

It is by far the most comprehensive piece of software that is currently accessible.

12 Best MerchantWords Features

Below are the 12 key MerchantWords features you need to know before choosing it.

1. Listing Advisor:

The Listing Advisor service goes a step further than what is provided by the Keyword Advisor service. In essence, MerchantWords will take care of your content and SEO, and in about 10 days or less, will have your Amazon product listing optimized.

You would need to pay for this individually since it is not included in any of the subscription options.

As much as we’d want to say it’s something to think about, the service is really rather pricey, costing several hundred dollars just for one listing. Only if you have a significant amount of money at your disposal is it worthwhile to think about.

2. Keyword Advisor: 

If you feel like you already have enough on your plate without worrying about keyword research, you can hire a Keyword Advisor to handle it all for you. You’ll get a complete keyword research report in three days or less.

You would need to pay for this individually since it is not included in any of the subscription options. But since it saves so much time, it’s definitely something to think about.

3. A Mass Search:

In essence, bulk search enables you to look for several phrases simultaneously. Similar to the Classic Search, but with the added ability to support the development of new Keyword Collections

4. ASIN Plus: 

More often than not, people will enter a long-tail term, describing the features or purposes they’re looking for in a certain product, rather than searching Amazon for a specific product with only one phrase.

Additionally, ASIN Plus will assist you in locating the search terms that place your goods on the first page of the results.

5. Page 1 Products: 

This is the tool for you if you want to get your product on Page 1 (and who wouldn’t?). It offers a summary of the most popular goods for any search.

6. Keyword Multiplier: 

A very useful tool is the Keyword Multiplier. You may obtain a ton of synonyms, other spellings, and complimentary keywords by just typing in your main keyword. These can help you expand your SEO reach.

Merchantwords customer stats and numbers: MerchantWords Discount Code

7. Classic Search: 

The most basic keyword research tool in MerchantWords is known by this moniker. When you enter a search phrase, you are shown a list of comparable terms along with information on how well each term performs for that particular product.

It is possible to export the findings as a CSV file, which is essentially a spreadsheet.

8. Keyword Collections: 

This is essentially a tool for organizing all of your product keywords, as the name would imply.

You may examine the keywords by depth or by Amazon Search Volume in tables that aggregate them together. The keyword’s popularity and search volume are essentially gauged by the depth.

9. Emerging Trends:

A tool called Emerging Trends displays the number of searches for each product keyword and is intended to help you determine which goods are presently trending.

It’s ideal for individuals who source and ship whatever happens to be popular at any given moment rather than having a certain specialty product category.

To learn what goods are popular in your specific specialty, you may also filter the results into broad categories.

10. Digital Shelf: 

The digital shelf diagnostic reports are effective tools since they provide you with your overall search rank and a ton of data (click here for more information).

It displays your product together with the items of your closest competitors on every page of every search where your product is found.

It’s fantastic for finding untapped keyword prospects for SEO and PPC alike. Your SEO campaign may benefit greatly from its direction.

11. Market Insights: 

You may compare the performance of your items to those of your main rivals using the Market Insights tool. All you have to do to buy a report of related items that you may filter is enter the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number).

This is an excellent method for gathering pertinent market information and identifying your main rivals. In essence, it outlines the adjustments you may make to have the most effect.

And it’s a fantastic technique, for instance, to figure out what kind of pricing your stuff will sell at best.

Exactly how many reports you may produce depends on the price plan you’re using.

12. User Interface: 

The user-friendly interface of MerchantWords is one of its best features. Everything is far more simplified and simple than trying to overwhelm you with information. It is thus ideal for novices. It has no learning curve and is simple to use.

MerchantWords Pricing

They provide a range of options at various pricing points to ensure that you receive precisely what you need and don’t pay for anything you don’t. This is done to suit sellers of all levels of expertise.

Their SILVER Plan is perfect for you if you’re just starting on multiple Amazon marketplaces. You may pick between a monthly membership for $29 per month and an annual subscription for $290 per year, both of which include two free months.

MerchantWords-Pricing: MerchantWords Discount Code


Their GOLD Plan is perfect for you if your company operates throughout Amazon’s regional markets in North America (US, CA, MX); Europe (UK, DE, ES, FR, IT); or Asia/Australia (AU, JP, IN).

You have the option of a $79/monthly or a $790/year membership, and you’ll receive two extra months with the latter.

Their PLATINUM Plan is perfect for you if you’re a large, well-known business or agency. Choose between a monthly membership for $149/month and an annual subscription for $1,490/year, both of which include two free months.

How To Use MerchantWords?

Even if you have little expertise with data analytics, MerchantWords is one of the simplest pieces of software to use. The user interface is really simple and easy to use.

The first thing you should do after logging in is put a search word into the search box. You’ll be presented with a list of approximations indicating how often the phrase and its variants were searched on Amazon right away.

The interface’s ability to create related keywords automatically is one of its cool features. You can come up with novel product concepts thanks to keyword variations. You would be shocked at what is popular.

You may do some of your own data analysis using this keyword list. What you need are keywords that get plenty of searches but few returns. If you suit that niche, many customers will come right to your shop.


You can use the usual search to search MerchantWords, Walmart, and Amazon, which is another useful function. This enables you to investigate the many niches that individuals need to be filled and offers you a mental picture of the competition.

Simply move the mouse over the search results and then over the magnifying glass that appears. You’ll get a ton of relevant information.

Due to the fact that search phrases might result in thousands, even millions, of data points, the application also has a filtering mechanism to help users identify the most relevant results.

Results may be sorted by volume or category. You may also choose to download your data in CSV format, which is a crucial tool for those who need to do data analysis offline.

The data is accessible in search trends across eleven international markets, which is another fascinating feature. You may view how your niche keyword appears in Japanese if you’re a US vendor.

Through the use of technology, you can understand what customers desire despite a language barrier.

Is MerchantWords Right for Me?

Amazon sellers are always looking for the greatest goods to offer and the newest fashions. Simply said, this procedure is a regular part of life for any Amazon vendor.

To differentiate themselves from the competition, merchants need a variety of keyword research tools. Finding the goods that customers want to buy is essential for success.

Although Amazon sellers may find things to sell using conventional search engines, the results are, at best, insignificant. Google is excellent for finding answers, and Amazon displays available goods for retailers.

MerchantWords-Customer Reviews

The issue is that neither displays the goods that prospective buyers would be interested in purchasing. At this point, MerchantWords becomes quite significant.

More than merely relevant search results are available to retailers on the platform. It provides a good assortment of features, increases merchants’ visibility to customers, and supports Amazon sellers’ success.

George Lawrence, the company’s creator, CEO, and software engineer, designed MerchantWords. He created the platform in December 2012 in order to assist retailers in identifying the things that customers were looking for.

Estimates of customer search volume for each phrase are provided by MerchantWords. This enables sellers to locate the finest available product prospects by displaying to merchants which items are in the most demand.

Along with an evaluation of the search volume, MerchantWords shows other keyword variants. This aids retailers in deciding which goods are worthwhile for sale.

In order to guarantee that their listings show up in as many relevant searches as possible, merchants may then choose the ideal keywords to add to their listings. Each product’s description corresponds to the search terms being entered.

This implies that there is a significantly greater likelihood that customers will see the items. The theory is that as more people view the items, sales and earnings for the retailer would rise.

FAQs On MerchantWords Discount Code 2024

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Conclusion: MerchantWords Discount Code 2024

No matter what kind of business or online presence you have, using a MerchantWords discount code is a great way to save money while still investing in quality products and services for your business.

Whether you’re just starting out with SEO or looking for advanced keyword research tools, taking advantage of these discounts can help make sure your budget goes further and that all of your hard work pays off in the end!

So take some time today to look into all the different kinds of discounts available through MerchantWords—you won’t regret it!

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