MasterClass Vs Udacity 2024: Which One Is Better & Why?



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$180 a year $301.60 per month
Best for

MasterClass is a star-powered educational entertainment portal. The portal provides hundreds of celebrity-taught video lessons. Chef Gordon Ramsey ins

The term “Udacity” is derived from the founders’ aim to be “courageous for you, the student.” Devoted initially to providing courses similar

  • Extensive Pre-recorded Video Content
  • Interactive Assignments
  • Class Workbook
  • User-friendliness
  • Content quality
  • Simplistic design (no unnecessary information)
  • A well-structured course
  • Production of high-quality videos
  • Instructors with A-list celebrity status
  • Nanodegree options are available
  • Better job opportunities
  • Udacity are administered by professionals
  • There are no certifications
  • A huge leap in prices
Ease of Use

The user interface is really intuitive and really easy to use. Just select the course which you want to learn.

The user interface is really intuitive and really easy to use

Value For Money

The masterclass is an amazing platform in terms of money. Experts like Gordon Ramsay, Spike Lee, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and many more teach here.

Udacity offers about 200 completely free courses to the students. You can sign up, register and start learning. There are no courses that “relieve” you of potentially overwhelming prices.

Customer Support

Submit your request in the support section to get the solutions to your problems

Udacity customer support is good and friendly, they have social media channels to reply to their students. Easy to access and community of students is very much helpful

Looking for a comparison between MasterClass Vs Udacity?  We got you covered here.

Choosing the right online course can be daunting; there are so many to choose from. 

With so many courses to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is the right fit for you. You want a course to help you achieve your goals, but you’re unsure which one is best.

Udacity and MasterClass offer excellent courses in various subjects, but which one is right for you? I’ve compared them in this article. So, let us begin.

What Is MasterClass- All You Need To Know

MasterClass is a star-powered educational entertainment portal. The portal provides hundreds of celebrity-taught video lessons. Chef Gordon Ramsey instructs in cooking, Amy Tan in writing, and Martin Scorsese in directing. The concept is that celebrities teach and encourage others.

One of the primary purposes of MasterClass is for successful individuals to divulge their trade secrets. For instance, former Disney CEO Bob Iger offers leadership advice on MasterClass. MasterClass may be a valuable resource since it provides lessons from individuals who would never enter a conventional classroom.

MasterClass focuses on conversational abilities and pastimes such as cooking and gardening. Each session has around twenty 10-minute lessons.

The plan is to provide brief video courses that anybody may see in their leisure time. MasterClass may be seen as an educational kind of entertainment.

This approach is problematic because a 90-minute lesson is insufficient for in-depth learning. Notably, it is difficult to imagine how such complicated concepts as leadership could be taught in just one hour.

Many skeptics may assert that MasterClass just provides platitudes and celebrity perspectives on specific topics. But the fact is that you can learn a great deal from these online courses; for instance, when I joined Serena Williams’s tennis lesson, she provided me with several practice exercises to enhance my tennis skills

MasterClass’s videos are all polished and contain Hollywood-level production quality. In addition, many MasterClass courses are entertaining since renowned performers like Samuel L. Jackson teach them.

What Is Udacity? – All You Need To Know

David Stavens, Michael Sokolsky, and Sebastian Thurn launched the American startup Udacity. This company focuses on providing massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Udacity-Overview: MasterClass Vs Udacity

The term “Udacity” is derived from the founders’ aim to be “courageous for you, the student.” Devoted initially to providing courses similar to those found at a typical university, the institution now offers extra vocational courses for professionals.

It started by providing free computer science classes via Stanford University in 2011 when the first class was offered. Audacity, headquartered in Silicon Valley, continues to provide massive open online courses (MOOCs) and micro-credential programs (Nanodegrees).

The platform includes collaborations with various well-known companies, most of which are based in Silicon Valley. Google, Amazon, Nvidia, and Facebook are among them.

Udacity can give students up-to-date, hands-on information in technical domains due to the collaborations.

Due to this, tech-related courses are among the most popular on Udacity, but they are by no means the only kind of course provided on this site.

Even though Udacity is not an official educational school and many of its programs are not credit-bearing, firms seeking new staff highly value credentials.

MasterClass Vs Udacity – Comparison


These are the categories of courses available at Masterclass – 

MasterClass course: MasterClass Vs Udacity

And these are the categories of courses available at Udacity – 

Udacity course

As you can clearly see, the courses offered by Udacity are only in the technical background while that in MasterClass are combined. 

This is what Masterclass offers in Science and Tech – 

Masterclass offers in Science and Tech

On the other hand in Science and Tech, Udacity has a lot more to offer. Since Udacity specializes in Science and Tech, I would say go for Udacity when it comes to courses that are not in this screenshot. For other courses, MasterClass is definitely better.


Masterclass teachers

When it comes to teachers, no one in the market can compete with the teachers at MasterClass. Every teacher on MasterClass is a celebrity and they make sure they keep their classes entertaining and educational as well. 

Just scrolling through their teacher’s section gives me chills. No platform can compare MasterClass when it comes to teachers. 

Some of the most famous names teaching at MasterClass are – 

  • Steve Martin – Teaches Comedy
  • The Dufer Brothers – Teaches developing an Original TV Series
  • Bob Iger – Teaches Business Strategy & Leadership
  • Billy Collins – Teaches Reading & Writing Poetry
  • Mariah Carey – Teaches the Voice as an Instrument
  • Richard Branson – Teaches Disruptive Entrepreneurship
  • James Cameron – Teaches Filmmaking
  • Gordon Ramsay – Teaches Cooking
  • Natalie Portman – Teaches Acting
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson – Teaches Scientific Thinking & Communication

And a lot more.  


Now when it comes to features, MasterClass is not the clear winner like the other two. MasterClass works a little differently than Udacity.

Udacity focuses more on long and extensive teachings while MasterClass tries to bring fun to education as well. So, the features highly vary. So there is no comparison here and we can call it a tie. 

Pricing Comparison: MasterClass Vs Udacity

Udacity hasnt directly revealed its pricing. Also, the pricing structure of both MasterClass and Udacity is very different. Udacity charges based on the courses. Their courses are generally in the following ranges – 

  • 3 month course – $ 1000 – $ 1200
  • 4 month course – $ 1400 – $ 1500
  • 5 month course – $ 1700 – $ 2000

On the other hand, here are the pricing plan of MasterClass – 

Masterclass pricings

As you can clearly see, MasterClass is definitely far cheaper than Udacity. 

FAQs Related To MasterClass Vs Udacity

How does MasterClass work?

On average, MasterClass sessions last between two and five hours, with each instruction lasting between two and five minutes. Classes consist of instructor-recorded video lectures, a class workbook, interactive tasks, and occasionally community service. MasterClass may provide students with opportunity to submit work for teacher critique, but this is not the standard.

What is special about MasterClass?

MasterClass is often likened to Netflix for two reasons: production quality and bingeability. MasterClass videos are not a collection of pixelated Zoom recordings. MasterClass employs true filmmaking professionals who are able to light, shoot, and edit high-quality video classes.

What is offered on MasterClass?

MasterClass provides more than 150 programs in a range of disciplines, including as business and leadership, photography, food, writing, acting, music, and sports. Each session has been intended to be accessible to individuals with little to no experience as well as those with extensive knowledge.

Does MasterClass really work?

MasterClass is beneficial for lifelong learners who like absorbing instructional content from a range of subject matter specialists. It is also beneficial for people in specialised fields, such as business or the creative arts, who want to better their talents and get practical advice on a particular issue.

Can I just buy one MasterClass?

Given the popularity of the teachers and the good ratings of the courses, it's logical that some individuals may choose to purchase a single session without subscribing to the program. Unfortunately, that option is now unavailable. Masterclass exclusively provides year memberships that automatically renew until you cancel.

Is Udacity enough to get a job?

According to a 2020 poll of its graduates, 73% of the roughly 128,000 students who finished a Nanodegree program via Udacity with the purpose of furthering their careers reported a positive professional result.

How much does Udacity cost?

Many Udacity courses are offered for free. The majority of Nanodegrees cost $399 a month. Some Nanodegree programs provide upfront payment, which allows students to spend less overall but requires them to complete the program within a certain time limit.

Are Udacity certificates accredited?

Udacity is not a recognized university, it does not accept credit hours from other universities, and Udacity course certificates are non-transferable.

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Final Verdict: MasterClass Vs Udacity 2024

As you can see, MasterClass has won 3 on 4 categories and tied in the fourth. So, the obvious choice is MasterClass. I would say beating MasterClass is not at all possible for Udacity.

I sincerely hope this comparison helped. Please let me know in the comment section which one of these you choose and why. 

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