Masterclass Subscription 2024: How Much Does Masterclass Cost?

Here, we’ll examine the exact cost of a Masterclass Subscription and discuss how and when to look out for MasterClass discounts.

With so many different online courses and learning platforms to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is worth your time and money.

MasterClass offers access to over 100 classes from the world’s leading experts, but at what cost? And is it really worth it?

For just $15 a month you can gain access to 100+ classes from the world’s leading experts. That’s a steal compared to other online course providers. Plus, you can cancel anytime without penalty. So why not give MasterClass a try today?

What Is The MasterClass Program All About

It’s MasterClass, an online learning platform that consists of between two and four hour-long online classes taught by respected and known specialists from across the globe.

MasterClass was founded by Stanford student David Rogier in 2014 (formerly Yanka Industries, Inc.) and debuted its e-learning website in May of that year with only three teachers. In 2017, another twelve courses were added, bringing the total to fifty by the following year.

Each MasterClass course comes with downloadable and printable worksheets for students to use.

Sessions by MasterClass were introduced by MasterClass in 2021. Each MasterClass included a separate “The Hub” where students could engage with other students and MasterClass moderators, allowing them to improve their knowledge and ask questions.

Lessons are 30 days of organized instruction where students work side by side with one another. It’s a new “hands-on” method. There are Teaching Assistants on hand to answer questions and offer comments throughout each session.

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What Does MasterClass Cost?

Individual ($180 per year), Duo ($240 per year), and Family ($276 per year) are the three-year membership levels offered by MasterClass. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included in every package.

The MasterClass price structure has changed over the years (they used to sell subscriptions for individual sessions), but it looks to be here to stay.

Masterclass Pricing Plans

Individual Plan:

It is ideal for single people who like to do their online study at home with full access to Individual membership. Access to all of our more than 100+ courses is still available to Individual plan members, as well as the opportunity to view from any of the devices listed above.

The main limitations are that courses cannot be downloaded for offline viewing and that they cannot be viewed simultaneously on different devices.

Since I typically take one MasterClass course a month, my average cost for each class is $15. I like the $180 per year option.

Duo and Family Plans:

The yearly subscriptions for the Duo and Family are almost similar except for one little difference. Duo and Family MasterClass subscriptions enable users to save classes for later viewing and parallel streaming on various devices, up to two gadgets for Duo and six devices for Family.

As MasterClass enables you to view on many devices at once, the Duo and Family subscriptions are ideal for couples. (Netflix subscription plans have similar limits.) People who wish to study MasterClass on their way to work but don’t have a lot of data might benefit from the opportunity to save video courses for later viewing.

What Is MasterClass and Is It Worth the Hype?

MasterClass is one of many well-known on-line education services. What’s more, is it worth signing up for?

One of the quickest methods to learn new abilities is via online courses. Coursera and Udemy are two well-known e-learning sites, but there are many more that are less well-known.

Quality, well-organized courses are offered by competent professors in some of them. Another e-learning provider that has been dominating our screens with eye-catching advertisements is MasterClass. Which end of the quality range does it fall under?

What Is MasterClass?

MasterClass is similar to edX and Coursera, so if you’ve taken an online course before, you’ll know what to expect. MasterClass, on the other hand, employs a teaching strategy that is quite unconventional. Traditional academics and classroom-style instruction aren’t available.

There are instead masterclasses—complex subjects explained by professionals with extensive real-world expertise in their field—instead. MasterClass, in contrast to most other e-learning companies, focuses an on the excellence of the courses and the lecturers that teach them.

MasterClass is well-known for its high-profile teachers, including actors Samuel L. Jackson and Serena Williams, as well as musicians John Legend and Rick Rubin. Industry experts and those with a demonstrated track record of achievement in their respective industries are the primary demographics who may attend MasterClass.

But what about the MasterClass platform? Besides the superstars and huge names, what is it like? Is the quality of the courses provided up to par? Is it really worth the money, too?

Are MasterClass Courses Right For You?

The courses at MasterClass are available to anybody, but they are best suited for those with an insatiable curiosity in a broad variety of subjects.

If you want to get the most out of MasterClass classes, you’ll need some familiarity with the topic. It is common for MasterClass teachers to presume that their students are at least somewhat versed in their disciplines. To make things easier for students, the teachings are presented in a more abstract form.

Udemy classes or YouTube tutorials are a great place to start if you want to get into photography. As you gain experience, MasterClass may serve as an ideal setting in which to hone your abilities.

You may also get ready-to-deploy skills from individuals who have successfully used them in their respective professions by taking a MasterClass.

Do you want to learn how to deal with the stress of being a leader? Bill and Hilary Clinton’s masterclasses are a great way to learn. Trying to become better at gymnastics? Consider gaining knowledge from the incredible Simone Biles.

FAQs On Masterclass Subscription

How to cancel masterclass subscription

It is possible to cancel the automatic renewal from your account settings. Your automatic renewal may be cancelled if you click Cancel in the Membership section of this page.

Can you cancel MasterClass and get refund?

After logging in to your Master Class account, you may go to and follow the instructions to cancel your membership and obtain a refund.

Is it worth paying for MasterClass?

The price of $180 per year may seem high at first, but you can easily lower the cost by getting the most out of your subscription and watching more courses that are related to your interests. MasterClass may not be worth it for you if you don't like to learn a lot or if you want more technical video courses.

What is the point of MasterClass?

MasterClass stands out as an online learning platform because its online classes are taught by well-known people. Its instructors are ready to share their knowledge, passion, and experience with you.

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Conclusion: Masterclass Subscription 2024

You may take classes from some of the best names in the world with MasterClass. High-level subjects and abilities like leadership and negotiation are focused in the course.

When it comes to acquiring information in a “informative” manner, MasterClass is the only platform that can meet your needs. That said, MasterClass is a great investment. However, if you really want to learn in a more hands-on and practical way, MasterClass may not be for you.

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