Manhattan Prep Review 2024: (Manhattan Prep GMAT & GRE, LSAT Course Reviews)

Manhattan Prep


  • Self-Guided and Instructor-Led Options
  • Live Class Hours
  • Full Length Practice Tests
  • Smaller classes for more engagements
  • Very good professional teachers
  • Excellent ROI in terms of both money and time
  • Jamie is a fantastic instructor and makes the online course format as engaging as possible


  • Bit expensive for beginners
  • No live chat support


Price: $ 149

Looking Manhattan Prep Reviews on GMAT & GRE, LSAT Courses, in this post I will share my detailed reviews on Manhattan Prep courses review.

About Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep GMAT offers students a range of specialized course modules that can assist you in specific areas of your home and provide unique additional features.

Choices range from courses taught by teachers personally and online, through tutoring plans, to self-guided packages.

Manhattan GRE Review

All of this includes access to the award-winning Manhattan Prep, Interact reagent software.

With a free trial, you can test one of the courses before you buy and even take courses taught by teachers.

Other features include boot camps (2 to 3-week courses) and assistance with admission to specific schools. Note, however, that these premium features are sold at very high prices.

In general, Manhattan Prep offers all options to all students to find a good option, but those looking for a complete plan will find that Manhattan Prep does not match their price range.

The time and price commitment will have a major impact on choosing a Manhattan Prep GMAT exam course.

(Manhattan Prep GMAT & GRE, LSAT Course Reviews)

Manhattan Prep was founded by Zeke Vanderhoek, a Yale graduate who believed in the power of effective teachers. The company offers services for various entrance exams and standardized postgraduate courses.

All Manhattan Prep instructors achieved the 99th percentile for their class.

Manhattan review

Manufacturing the Manhattan Prep LSAT is generally of unparalleled quality. If I had to combine the best qualities of competing companies preparing the LSAT, Manhattan Prep would be what I would get.

Your online course at your own pace is affordable and effective. It also provides enough material for you to finish your studies properly if necessary.

Their online and live courses are taught by high-level teachers using quality media and best practices. Their private lessons are expensive, like many other companies, but you will certainly have the chance that only a few people can afford the score they dreamed of.

Manhattan Prep offers its LSAT Crunch Time package even to students who want to increase their last-minute score.

Manhattan Prep has an effective program for all types of students and for all types of budgets.

More About Manhattan GRE

Burn all your other preparation books! If money was not a problem, I could say it with confidence. The Manhattan Test Prep GRE series is so good that the rest of the books are essentially a joke. This does not mean Manhattan GRE is perfect (though it’s very similar in the mathematical part).

Manhattan GRE vs Magoosh

And of course, money is a problem. Unlike Barron, Kaplan, and Princeton Review, Manhattan GRE is not a single book, but a set of eight 1,500-page books. This decimation of the tree explains the price.

Therefore, it may not be fair to compare the GRE Manhattan series with the others. However, if you take your note seriously and do not fear the price, you should not waste time with other books.

Each book is based on specific areas of the GRE concept. For example, a whole book is dedicated to algebra. Another deals with the quantitative comparison and the interpretation of the data.

In each book, the concepts are divided into chapters. Before moving on to a new concept or chapter, you can test your new skills with many relevant practical questions.

Other preparatory societies superficially cover most concepts and pose few relevant practical problems.

Since Manhattan GRE is spread over a number of books, the book of the individual does not seem complicated. Although it may sound trivial, watching the ungovernable forests of facts and figures can quickly lead to insanity.

Finally, the end of each book contains simple, intermediate, and difficult procedures that cover the different types of GRE problems that are being investigated. When you have reached the end of each book, you are confronted with the different concepts that have been tested in the revised GRE, and you have had the opportunity to practice.

Manhattan Prep Key Features

  • Free resources

Manhattan Prep has a “Free Resources” page listing the offers. They offer a free trial of computer customization exercises, vocabulary cards, and a free mobile practice app.

Manhattan Coupon codes

You also have free prep time at Manhattan Prep GRE, which allows you to access your experts online twice a month. These preparation times are also available on YouTube at any time after the original recordings.

They also provide community resources, including a GRE learning blog, a forum, and a Facebook community, so students can connect with other students to ask questions.

In addition to the free resources, Manhattan Prep GRE offers a free course to anyone interested in their preparation courses so they can try it out and see if the style suits them.


  • GRE for the MBA course

Many students do not want to take the GMAT but are still interested in business studies. With more and more schools accepting GRE as an option, more and more students are taking GRE for admission to the Business School.

Manhattan Prep is the only ERP preparation option known to me that offers a special program tailored to the potential of the MBA. Includes an MBA Admission Orientation session.


  • Authentic practice tests

The Manhattan Prep GRE field tests are probably the best tests in the market. Each of his courses offers six practice exams. Many students report that their practice exams are more difficult than the emergency room itself, which increases their confidence and ability when taking the exam.


  • Math option

Manhattan GRE Math

Manhattan Prep offers the complete mathematical option for $ 699. Includes 12 hours of online, live or in-person time, multiple printed books and 6 GRE test exercises. Given the number of students who have less confidence in their math skills, this is a great option for many.


  • Experts

All preparatory teachers in Manhattan achieved the 99th percentile in GRE. So you know that an ERM expert will teach you that. This is not a statement that most competitors can make.


The GRE approach of Manhattan

You will really learn with these books. Manhattan GRE does not rely on tricks or nerdy “tricks”. They have sound basic knowledge. The books also do not stun him with a false sense of complacency, neglecting his practice exams.


The voice of Manhattan GRE

The voice of the books is direct and attractive. The explanations are clear and do not let you scratch your head like in other preparatory books: you have the impression of working with a skilled and patient tutor.


The width of the GRE standby books

Although I have already mentioned this, I would like to emphasize that Barron’s, Kaplan’s, and Princeton Review’s do not cover all concepts and only a few key concepts in italics.

The Manhattan GRE series covers almost everything that I can quantitatively see in the test (I noticed that there are no parables, an unusual kind of question that only appears in difficult questions).

Manhattan GRE Books

They also offer a free online practice test. The online material is more accurate than in the book, especially in terms of completing the text and sentence equivalency questions (discussed below).

My guess is that this was because the online material was easier to update because they learned more about the new GRE.

If the cost is a problem, you can buy one or two of your books, probably those that deal with the types of questions and concepts for which you need extra practice, as you only need one book to access your practice exams online.


Manhattan Prep GMAT Courses

Manhattan Prep GMAT reiew

When choosing the type of GMAT preparation to invest in, it is important to think about the quality of the resource. A GMAT preparatory book with practical top-level questions and easy-to-understand lessons will help you a lot more than a book of poor quality and questionable content. Here are some of the questions you should ask when assessing the quality of your preparation book.

1. Does the book contain high-quality practical questions?

The GMAT writes the questions very specific. Good GMAT test books should include high-quality practice questions, much like the actual GMAT test questions.

This will help you to become familiar with the style of GMAT questions and to practice the skills required to achieve good results. It is important to make sure you answer the right questions.

Some books may include exercises to help you improve your skills by asking different types of questions. However, most practical questions in your book should be written in the GMAT style.

2. Does the book have full practice exams?

Long-term field tests are the best way to simulate the conditions of the test day. You must do everything to accommodate them in one session without interruption.

3. Does the book contain a clear and effective list of contents?

Good GMAT preparatory books have clear review sections that help you develop your skills in a simple and clear manner. These books should contain detailed explanations to help you improve your knowledge. The purpose of these books is to help you finally learn!

4. Does the book offer study and practice advice?

The best books also provide learning tips to help you define your schedule and follow it to optimize your preparation. In many books, you will find examples of curricula and suggestions on when to take practice exams and how to spend time preparing.

What does the Manhattan Complete Prep GMAT Strategy Guide contain?

This package provides a comprehensive overview of all topics of the GMAT.

The ten books in this collection are designed to give students a significant impact on learning by helping them to develop the knowledge, skills and strategic thinking they need to pass the exam. The total cost of the set at Amazon is about 130 USD.

Manhattan Promo codes

The full set of Manhattan GMAT includes a one-year subscription to web documents and hands-on exams, as well as the following books:

  • GMAT road map
  • Fractions, decimal places, and percentages; algebra
  • Word problems; geometry
  • Quality features
  • Critical thinking
  • reading comprehension
  • Correction of sentences
  • Integrated thinking and testing.

Each book is immersed in a specific section of the test with detailed instructions tailored to that section. Manhattan GMAT Prep focuses on acquiring knowledge about content so that as an examiner you can learn the exam strategy, but you can deepen your understanding of GMAT topics.


Manhattan Prep LSAT Courses

The Manhattan Prep LSAT courses offer students great flexibility as they offer the options of traditional personal courses, live online LSAT courses, and on-demand online courses. Students can choose the course they want and follow it at their own pace.

Therefore, it is useful for all candidates who are working / not working to take part in coaching courses to achieve high scores for the LSAT exam.

Manhattan Prep LSAT

The course offers exam-oriented material, including printed copies of a workbook and a complete collection of online materials. Online and traditional lessons follow the same syllabus so students can choose at their leisure. Online courses and on-demand courses are available to students who live in remote areas or can not attend personal sessions.

Description of the LSAT Manhattan prep courses 

Manhattan offers 4 main LSAT courses, each with different teaching strategies. Here we discuss the characteristics of each course and the course that suits you best.

LSAT Manhattan preop


CrunchTime is the cheapest Manhattan LSAT course. Since it costs less, you can not take full advantage of it. However, if you have been preparing for the LSAT for a long time and have many questions in your bank, you can register with the experts to answer all your questions. This is an online program based on a workshop and available only a few days before the LSAT events.

Manhattan Crunchtime


Who can choose CrunchTime?
If you have questions and your LSAT exams arrive next week, you can opt for this course. This can save you a few dollars.

LSAT Interact course
This is the most flexible course. This will give you access to all resources related to the Manhattan LSAT. In addition, 50+ LSAT interacts with video lessons. You can learn anytime, anywhere. I said it’s more flexible than you have to wait for your lesson time.

Who can choose the Interact LSAT course?
If you are self-studying for LSAT, you can opt for this solution because you can get all the material you need to study and interact with the online video.

LSAT live course

In this course, live courses are offered in-person and online. In this course, you can take courses that take place in your city or study in online courses. This course is a complete package that will allow you to receive the CrunchTime workshop and interact with the videos of the course.

manhattan LSAT Review

Who can choose the LSAT live course?
If you have just started to prepare, and it is not good to learn for yourself and seek a guide, this course is best for you.

Private lessons

If you want a tutor to teach you according to your abilities.

Who can decide for a tutor

This course is too expensive. The only option when money does not matter to you. Personally, I suggest you choose a live LSAT course

Manhattan Prep Pros

1. A variety of packages

Manhattan Prep offers a variety of packages to suit students’ different needs and budgets.

Manhattan GRE Pricing

The Interact Online Course at your own pace is affordable compared to comparable online products like 7sage and offers hardware of similar quality. In addition, the personal online or live course is affordable compared to competitors like TestMasters and offers an equivalent or better product.

Manhattan Prep offers a differentiated product, the LSAT Crunch Time, a kind of “tips and tricks” short-term learning tool ideal for last-minute improvements.


2. Elite-level instructors

What distinguishes Manhattan Prep from other LSAT preparatory courses is the quality of its instructors. To qualify as an LSAT instructor for Manhattan preparation, you must have a score of 173 or higher (99th percentile) in an official LSAT.

This instructor level is compared to the strict 98th Percentile Instructor score for TestMasters for Instructors and Kaplan’s unofficial 90th percentile requirement.

A qualified teacher is a great advantage for live instructions and especially for individual tutorials.


3. High-quality materials and big quantity.

For most Manhattan Prep LSAT packages, you will receive 3 LSAT preparation manuals, 20 up-to-date LSAT exams, and access to all published LSAT exams.

If you have heard this from me before, I’m sorry, but I can not overdo it: Using REAL LSAT questions and tests is the most important part of your studies.

Manhattan hooks this box and also provides access to more material than most people will use.


4. Effective strategies and methods.

Manhattan Customer reviews
Not only does Manhattan Prep deliver the amount and type of material you need, but the strategies and methods that deliver it are proven and effective.

They are not taught tips or tricks, but a proven way to deal with LSAT. In short, it works.


Manhattan Prep Course Packages And Pricing Policy

Manhattan Pricing

One of Manhattan Prep’s unique options is a monthly payment plan that starts at $ 22 per month.

The Manhattan Prep GRE courses start at $ 199 for your online math class on an online day and exceed $ 1399 for your special MBA course. They also offer a just-math course (online and in-person) starting at $ 699. Her personal lessons start at $ 1,199.

They also offer many on-demand options, including Manhattan Prep GRE strategy manuals, six Manhattan GRE practice exams, and multiple practice papers and manuals.


Your basic “Interact” course starts at $ 549 and includes over 35 hours of interactive video-on-demand lessons and access to all of your online books and other Internet resources.

manhattan pricing for GMAT

The Manhattan Prep GMAT Live course starts at $ 1,299 and offers 27 hours of living, online or custom lessons.

A 10-hour live tutoring program starts at $ 2,450. Individual sessions and attention are available in person and online. Your $ 2,650 “Training Camp” course includes 35 hours of instruction over a two-week period, including in-person or online.


Your Crunch Time package starts at $ 99 and offers a two-hour online session with a live instructor for those who have a last-minute scenario.

If you join the guided self-study program from $ 299, the assignments will include more than 22 hours of video lessons, access to all books, and online resources.

GRE’s online study includes 27 hours of live lessons and online or one-to-one tuition starting at $ 999. A 10-hour tutorial package starting at $ 2,450 offers personalized instructions tailored to each student’s individual needs and available both in-person and online.


Cost: $600 for entire package, $375 for individual sections

Materials Provided:

  • 60+ hours of interactive video lessons
  • Access to online labs, question explanations, and LSAT forums
  • Manhattan Core textbooks for RC, LR, and LG
  • 20 Recent Prep Tests
  • Online access to every released LSAT
  • LSAT Navigator (analyzes results)


Cost: $1399

Materials Provided:

  • 60+ hours of interactive video lessons
  • Priority access to LSAT forums
  • Access to online labs and all question explanations
  • Manhattan Core textbooks for RC, LR, and LG
  • 20 Recent Prep Tests
  • Online access to every released LSAT
  • LSAT Navigator (analyzes results)

LSAT Crunch Time

Cost: $49 per section

Materials Provided:

  • Section specific cheat sheet
  • Section outline
  • LSAT overview

25 Hour Private Tutoring Package

Cost: $5625

Materials Provided: all books and resources

20 Hour Private Tutoring Package

Cost: $4600

Materials Provided: all books and resources

15 Hour Private Tutoring Package

Cost: $3525

Materials Provided: all books and resources

10 Hour Private Tutoring Package

Cost: $2450

Materials Provided: all books and resources

5 Hour Private Tutoring Package

Cost: $1250

Materials Provided: none

Hourly Rate Private Tutoring Package

Cost: $255 an hour (2-hour minimum)

Materials Provided: none

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Conclusion: (Manhattan Prep GMAT & GRE, LSAT Course Reviews)

The Manhattan Prep Course is ideal for students who choose traditional and online courses. The course includes all study materials, workbooks, detailed instructions, etc. with one of the packages.

Students can opt for individual coaching to attend lessons at their own pace. Therefore, candidates trying to pass the LSAT, GMAT, and GRE exams can choose the Manhattan prep course to earn high marks.

If you really want to get a high grade from Manhattan Prep and get into the graduate school of your choice, Manhattan Prep is definitely the first choice of yours. Sign up to get your 7-day offer with no risk and try it for yourself.

Students can take the free test to find the perfect preparation course for positive results.

Want to Try Manhattan Prep Course for yourself? Try it today to choose the perfect plan for you and also comment in the comment section about the Manhattan Prep Course Review and Pricing Plans.

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