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Magoosh has turned out to be one of the quickest growing companies in the US in recent years and for a good reason.

Manhattan Prep GRE Courses offer probably the best comprehensive courses in the market. All of their educators are in the top 1% of GRE test-takers.

  • Tutoring Packages
  • Starter Option
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Tutoring Package
  • GRE for MBA Course
  • Helpful study resources
  • Good customer support
  • Ease to use the resources
  • They provide video lessons
  • Personalization
  • Helpful study resources
  • Easy to use
  • Best for GRE
  • User-friendly
  • Good customer support
  • They also provide video lesson
  • Study material for GRE
  • Limited practice tests
  • Live Courses Unavailable in Smaller Cities
Value For Money

Still, figuring out which one to go with — Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GRE? In a short answer: Magoosh, despite being a fraction of the cost of some other test prep firms, nevertheless provides some excellent study materials.

Well, to solve the hassle we have featured an in-depth comparison of Magoosh and Manhattan GRE. So let’s dive in.

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is an important step to take admission for the most graduate schools in the United States which is based on computer and multiple choice. It is a test for admission to graduation projects like MBA all around.

This test estimates your fundamental arithmetic, algebraic, geometric and information analysis abilities just as your vocabulary. It checks your capacity to break down and evaluate written material and your problem-solving abilities. You will be scored based on three areas which are Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning.

In this post, I am going to do a comparison of two of the best GRE prep choices accessible on the market. Magoosh & Manhattan Prep are the two best GRE prep guides in the market. I will likely show which is the correct alternative for you as per your accessibility and learning style.

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Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GRE: Overview

Manhattan Prep Overview:

Manhattan Prep GRE Courses offer probably the best comprehensive courses in the market. All of their educators are in the top 1% of GRE test-takers, so you have to believe in their skills. They offer a broad measure of great study material, both on the web and offline, and likely the most precise practice tests available. They likewise offer adaptable course offers, from totally self-paced to one-on-one coaching bundles.

Manhattan GRE Review

Manhattan Prep offers the most practice questions (more than 100,000) of any of the courses I’ve checked on. They additionally offer more printed materials than most of their contenders, including the 5 lb. book of GRE Practice Problems. With the Manhattan Prep GRE courses, you are not going to come up short on practice issues.

The Manhattan Prep GRE practice tests are known to be the most difficult in the GRE prep industry, created by test-takers in the 99th percentile. Numerous students have taken the real GRE and said that their Manhattan Prep GRE practice tests were more difficult than the exam itself. Manhattan Prep gave these students an edge that they may not get with other GRE test prep providers.

Magoosh Overview

Magoosh has turned out to be one of the quickest growing companies in the US in recent years and for a good reason. Their GRE test prep courses and video sessions are accessible, easy to understand, and well-reviewed. They are also a more reasonable option than many of their contenders and appear to be a solid match for GRE most students.

When you buy into a Magoosh test prep course, you approach their test prep portal. You likewise gain admittance to their iPhone, iPad, and Android application. The majority of their exercises, flashcards, and quizzes are generally accessible on the app. The Magoosh GRE test prep courses are totally online, without any books or software to order or carry around, giving you the adaptability to study in a hurry.

Magoosh Coupon Codes- Testimonials

If you find that the video and text clarifications are not enough for a particular question, the course offers a link to a couple of blog posts that further clarify the solution, just as extra clarifications and suggested lessons to review. They also provide Frequently Asked Questions about the problem, addressing common missteps and answer traps, which I found especially helpful as understanding why not is almost as significant as understanding why a specific condition takes care of an issue.

In addition to self-study options, Magoosh also offers Live Classes for students who need extra accountability and individualized attention. GRE Live Classes are taught by expert instructors and cover essential topics like statistics and data interpretation, paragraph argument, geometry, and more. Live Class plans come with supplemental homework assignments to reinforce learning plus everything that’s included in the self-study plans — including their 5 point score increase and 7-day money back guarantees.

Now we are moving to the comparison between Magoosh and Manhattan Prep. Find out which is the best prep course according to your needs.

Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep: Practice Materials

The Magoosh GRE test prep courses are totally online. You will find out all the courses on its website and the app. Magoosh Practice Materials contains 1,200 practice questions with 3 practice test sets. It has 250 video sessions. These videos offer a clarification, yet in addition a demonstration that quickly wipes out most confusion. They offer almost a 1-3 minute video explanation. They also clarify the “why” behind the clarifications, which, for me, helps you recollect the arrangement. Some portion of the video usually touches on the basics behind the problem and any standards and conditions that are important to remember.

Manhattan vs Magoosh

With the math segment, especially it is often hard to understand a clarification without seeing it worked out. Watching the solution, as it is being solved and clarified, is typically much more profitable than just the text clarification. They also give alternative solutions and one of the most important skills to learn when studying for the GRE is when to use the actual math and when to use the logic.

That typical test prep explanation will only show you the math-based solution and show you why the logic-based solution is better for you. Magoosh also tells you about AWA guidelines and tips. Magoosh also shows your test score and its real-time analysis.

Where Manhattan GRE prep offers you online and textbook option. Manhattan Prep’s Practice material contains a huge number of practice problems. It has over 100,000 practice questions available which is almost impossible to cover in a short time for a student. There 77 interactive video lessons with 27 hours worth of video content of their course. This course has strategy guide books for each area of the exam and a book of GRE Practice Problems which is the Official Guide to the GRE. Manhattan Prep has 6 accurate practice test sets.

For reference, Magoosh’s video lessons, which normal around 5 minutes for each video, equivalent around 21 hours of exercises. Manhattan Prep, while just offering 77 recordings, has 27 hours worth of video content in their course.

What’s more, 100,000+ questions, versus 1,200. Before assuming that more is better you have to consider the quality of the questions. Customers who have attempted both reliably report that Magoosh’s practice questions are “harder than what’s on the test.” While Magoosh’s quant area is especially brutal, it’s greatly improved to see a hard question on during practice, with a clarification going with it, than to experience it on the GRE.

Manhattan also appears to experience difficulty with their test score analysis. Various purchasers report that “the data interpretation is totally unreasonable” and their graphics are poorly spread out. Magoosh, then again, has a genuinely decent, natural design with simple to-peruse data analysis.

So, is the amount or quality a superior measure? Manhattan Prep absolutely has the amount, yet in case you’re searching for challenging questions that you can learn and grow from, clients over and again report that Magoosh is the better choice.

Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep: Convenience & Ease of Use

Magoosh offers a mobile application with their GRE course, enabling you to study in a hurry. Along with the GRE application are a couple vocabulary applications to better prepare you up for the Verbal section. You can manufacture vocabulary, answer practice GRE questions, and even perused articles and watch video tutorials on these applications.

Magoosh vs Manhattan test material

Their intuitive plan makes it quite simple to study on the go. You can sign in using your Magoosh account, which will enable you to get to the full app for as long as your membership keeps going.


Manhattan Prep also has a mobile application, yet it isn’t comprehensive. Or maybe, it just enables you to test yourself on practice questions, so you can’t get to any tutorials or guides with this application. The Manhattan Prep GRE application is also just the 5lb Book of GRE Practice Problems reformatted into an application, so if you have the book, you needn’t bother with the application, and the other way around. Not at all like Magoosh’s GRE application, this application isn’t associated with their Interact course – you should pay a month to month or yearly membership ($8.99/mo or $39.99/year) separate from your course expenses to get to the application.

Manhattan Prep states on their site that you can access Interact “on your work area or PC, as well as on your iPad.” But for those without a tablet, it might be hard to sneak in study time on the bus or in line at your place.

Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GRE: Score Guarantee

Magoosh GRE Prep Score Guarantee

Magoosh wins on this front effectively, since Manhattan Prep offers no score guarantee.

magoosh test materials

If you finished the program (observed all video sessions, take all practice questions and tests, and watch video clarifications for questions you answered incorrectly), and you didn’t see a 5 point increment on your GRE score, you can get a full refund. Magoosh’s 5 point assurance is a great method to check whether the course truly worked, as it surpasses any margin of error or fluke on a harder-than-ordinary test.

Magoosh vs Manhattan review

To be qualified, you more likely than not taken the GRE test prior to enrolling in Magoosh’s prep course, and that test must still be legitimate (under 5 years old). Email a copy of your “before” score report when you sign up, and a copy of your “after” score if it didn’t improve fundamentally, and Magoosh will pay you back via Paypal. If you didn’t take a GRE test or failed to send a screen capture or scanned copy upon enlistment, you won’t be eligible.

Manhattan Prep Score Guarantees

Once more, Manhattan Prep does not offer any score guarantee. Their thinking is that “most of the students who begin a prep course presently can’t seem to step through the genuine exam”, which means to state beginning practice tests scores aren’t necessarily indicative of what you’d really jump on the GRE. While this might be valid, $400, or more if you have chosen for monthly payments, is a lot of money to take faith on. Instead of offering an imperfect score to ensure, they remove the guarantee entirely.

At best, you can join up with a second program for a reduced retake fee if you’ve finished a program. They don’t determine what they think about complete (remember, 100,000 questions), nor do they reveal the re-take expense.

If you need only a little bit of security to ensure that a prep course truly helped you, Magoosh is the best option.

Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep: Free Trials

Both Magoosh and Manhattan Prep offer a 7-day time for trial. For Magoosh, you can get to 20 lesson videos and 20 practice problems. Manhattan Prep appears to offer the initial 15 lessons with practice problems also.

Manhattan Prep also provides a free full-length GRE test too. Their GRE test matches the sorts of questions you’ll likely observe on their site, so that can be a decent indicator as to whether the course is right for you or not. Magoosh offers a year-old demonstrative test, which is 20 questions altogether. It can be valuable, yet not as much as a full test.

Manhattan vs Magoosh courses

Since Manhattan Prep divides 27 hours of video sessions into 77 personal lessons, versus Magoosh’s 21 hours of video exercises into 250 recordings, Manhattan Prep likely offers more during their time for trial. Their full-length GRE test likewise better sets you up for what the course is truly similar to.

Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GRE: Refund Policy

There is no offer of refund in both Magoosh and Manhattan Prep. If you don’t like the course, or you got busy in something else or you want to try other courses, you can contact Magoosh within 7 days and they will refund your money without asking any questions.

Where Manhattan Prep clearly says that “all purchases made to Manhattan Prep are nonrefundable.”

Magoosh vs Manhattan GRE: Pricing Battle

Magoosh offers one of the most affordable GRE prep courses both self-paced or instructor-led. Their full library of materials, including video sessions, tutorials, practice questions, and practice tests, is accessible to you for 6 months for just $149. If your GRE test is rapidly drawing closer, you can also pick the 1-month option at $129 for the same amount of material.

Mgoosh Pricing

Manhattan Prep Pricing

Manhattan Prep offers a couple of various courses. While both live online and in-person classrooms are accessible, they will simply concentrate on their guided self-study course. They likewise have 6 month and 1-month choices, at $399 and $249, individually. You can pay through the span of 3, 6, or a year at 10-30% APR, depending upon your credit score. Remember that paying $20-$40 through the span of a year will, in the end, cost more than paying a single amount.

Manhattan GRE Pricing

At almost double the cost, Manhattan Prep is the more costly option, however, it additionally offers more material. That being stated, Magoosh’s cost is difficult to beat for a GRE prep course. In case you’re searching for a sensibly valued choice with enough practice questions and video tutorials to keep you busy, Magoosh is the best cost.

Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GRE: Additional Features

Magoosh Additional Features

Tutoring Packages

Magoosh Test Perp

Like most of its contenders, Magoosh offers extra tutoring bundles. There are four options to look over, and they begin at an affordable cost. Their options include:

  • Starter Option: This is ideal for somebody who simply needs a fast overview or review session. It costs $100 for a one-hour session. Students use it to go over study plans, especially difficult questions, or a focus on a couple of topics.
  • Just Verbal: Magoosh offers a verbal-focused session for four hours for $350. Ideal for those who need a deep knowledge of verbal section of the GRE.
  • Just Math: Much the same as the verbal package but with mathematics.
  • Premium Option: This choice covers both the verbal and quantitative sections, along with essay grading and survey. It is $600 for 8 hours ($75/hour) and offers a comprehensive study plan, technique overview, and a modified review of any issues you have.

With each bundle, your guide will interface with you in advance, ask questions about your study situation, and come up with the best utilization of your time together.

Personalized Dashboard

You may feel that since this is an online exam prep course, there isn’t much personalization. That isn’t true, the Magoosh GRE prep course is very customized. You can go at your very own speed, rather than the set pace of a class. You can rewind and rewatch videos as you need them and avoid ahead when you don’t.

magoosh for GRE

Immediately, you’ll see your Dashboard. This changes when you make any progress and gives you a customized update of your progress. Here you have access to Suggested Lessons dependent on areas that you may require improvement, a summary of your results, and your evaluated score.

Manhattan Prep Additional Features 

Tutoring Package

Manhattan tutoing package

Manhattan Prep GRE tutoring bundles might be the most adaptable of any program I’ve checked on, however, they are also on the more costly side. You can begin with only 2 hours, for $255 every hour with bundles that go as long as 25 hours. You can add extra hours to any bundle at the package’s coaching rate.

Their tutoring bundles are accessible both on the web and in person. They add 10+ extra long hours of guidance, the Manhattan Prep Official Guide to the GRE, and a 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems.

GRE for MBA Course

Manhattan and Magoosh

Numerous students would prefer not to take the GMAT, but they are still interested in graduate business programs. As an ever-increasing number of schools start to acknowledge the GRE as an option, more students are taking the GRE for admittance to business college. Manhattan Prep is the main GRE test prep choice that I have seen that has a particular program customized to the potential MBA. It contains one session of MBA admissions guidance.

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FAQ’s on Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep

Which GRE prep school, Manhattan Prep or Magoosh, is more expensive?

As a result, the Manhattan Prep GRE packages are seven times more expensive than the ones offered by Magoosh. But Manhattan Prep’s Complete Course is of the utmost quality.

How do Magoosh and Manhattan Prep’s GRE prep courses compare?

Manhattan Prep’s live class sessions set it apart from Magoosh’s GRE prep options. Magoosh does not offer any live class sessions. Video courses, practise problems and simulated tests are offered by both companies, but Manhattan goes one step further by providing live classes for students.

Magoosh vs. Manhattan Prep: Which GRE prep service is better?

Each company has strengths in different areas and which course is “better” ultimately relies on the student, according to our opinion.

Conclusion: Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GRE (Who Wins?)

Now you are wondering which course is better – Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep? I will suggest Magoosh because it is a more well-rounded, convenient, and reasonably-priced course. I have challenging questions, comprehensive video sessions, and explanations. It also has mobile apps and score guarantees which almost knocks Manhattan out of the competition.

“In addition to self-study choices, Magoosh now offers Live Classes for students who require more accountability and specialized attention. GRE Live Classes are presented by qualified educators and cover crucial topics including statistics and data interpretation, paragraph argument, geometry, and more. Live Class programs include with additional homework assignments to enhance learning with everything that’s included in the self-study plans — including their 5 point score boost and 7-day money return guarantees.”

If you are looking for a great GRE prep course with incredible value, then Magoosh’s online course is here but if you need some extra lessons or you feel running out of practice, give a chance to Manhattan Prep because It contains a large number of practice questions. It is your matter of choice which is the best course option according to your needs and availability.

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