Magoosh SAT Review 2024🚀  My Experience [Pros & Cons Explained]

Magoosh SAT Review

Overall Verdict

I found the Magoosh SAT prep course to be very affordable and useful. For only $140, I got access over 200 video lessons with 1,750 practice questions that were all real weighted responses from official SAT exams as well as three full length tests - two in reading comprehension and one on mathematics--all included free of charge! The best part? They don't skimp when it comes down quality; these problem sets really challenge you so there's no room for error or confusion even if your skills haven’t improved much since high school graduation day (which might happen).

Out of 10


  • 3 practice exams
  • Performance analysis
  • 200+ video lessons
  • 1,000+ practice questions
  • +7-Day money-back guarantee
  • Video explanations for every question


  • No essay grading.
  • No classroom experience.
  • A limited number of practice questions and quizzes.


Price: $ 140

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable platform for your SAT preparation? I yes, then hold on, don’t wander here and there. I have got an excellent solution for you in the form of Magoosh. Check out my detailed Magoosh SAT Review.

Magoosh- A low-cost online test prep platform for various competitive examinations such as the GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, ACT, IELTS, LSAT, and MCAT.

The Magoosh SAT course seems like a dream for those searching for an economical solution to prepare their college-bound high schooler. For less than $130, you receive access to hundreds of video lectures, thousands of practice questions, full-length tests, and additional study resources at such low costs!

Bottom Line Upfront : 😍

I can vouch to Magoosh SAT’s usefulness as an online SAT prep tool since I’ve used it. Magoosh SAT goes above and above to help students succeed.

Magoosh SAT’s copious practice problems were invaluable. Over 300 student-tested practice questions with extensive explanations helped me comprehend essential topics and create solutions for different questions kinds. The video explanations helped me understand the answers, give shortcuts, and prevent traps.

Practice questions are carefully crafted. Magoosh SAT ensures its questions are authentic and indicative of the SAT, offering students a realistic and meaningful preparation experience. This accuracy gave me confidence and helped me prepare for test day problems.

I would highly recommend Magoosh SAT for raising your SAT score. Its user-friendly online platform, rich materials, and tailored approach make it a SAT prep standout. Magoosh SAT helps you prepare for the SAT with confidence.

Give Magoosh SAT a try here.

Magoosh SAT vs Prepscholar

Let’s get started here.

Magoosh SAT Review

 Magoosh SAT Review: In a Nutshell

Magoosh is a versatile and highly reliable online education platform that allows students from every corner of the world to compete in exams like the GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, ACT, IELTS, LSAT, and MCAT. Pejman Pour-Moezzi and Vikram Shenoy created founded this in Magoosh in 2009.

Magoosh SAT Review - info

The best part is that Magoosh has students from over 185 countries and has answered more than 250 million practical questions. Students watch more than 6 million hours of videos on this platform.

However, you may prepare at your desk using this platform. You can even undertake mobile preparation since it offers an outstanding mobile application to assist you in preparing with Magoosh. Magoosh is an excellent choice for students who simply want to participate in numerous competitive tests and get high grades.

All package options are online and accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. As a result, the platform is adaptable and easily accessible from Magoosh.

Magoosh is a freshman in the exam preparation industry compared to services such as The Princeton Review and Kaplan. But also,o older does not necessarily mean better. Magoosh quickly became one of the market’s most popular providers of SAT exam preparations.

The primary intention is to make exam preparation simple, cost-effective, and viable. Its adaptable online courses generally employ only high-quality resources, making it an ideal alternative for most students.

Magoosh offers courteous assistance and video tutorials with one, three, and twelve-month subscriptions. Each course provides a tailored and efficient preparation method for the SAT exam.

Magoosh SAT dashboard

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Magoosh SAT Review

The Magoosh SAT prep course is an absolute delight. It includes over 200 video lectures and 1,750 practice problems, and they never give you less than what you require. The practice problems are designed to mimic actual SAT questions, and the video solutions are the most significant part of this course.

The preparation courses-

Magoosh SAT Review - closer look'

They mainly concentrated on usability and flexibility, designing an easy-to-use test preparation course that lets students become acquainted with the system immediately. All the courses provided are free to study whenever and wherever you want.

Magoosh also provides some of the best-rated SAT preparation programs, making it easy to start.

When the founders of Magoosh created the SAT prep course, they kept the user in mind. The availability of sliced cookies was one of the issues they found in the current test preparation workshops.

They ascertained that their lessons should be substantially more personalized, allowing students to study at their own pace. At the time, the purpose of the Magoosh platform was to enable students to spend their test study time wisely rather than wasting it on topics they already knew or topics that were too difficult for the student’s present level.

You’ll see your dashboard once you log in with your credentials. Its control panel, often known as a dashboard, displays lesson recommendations, progress, and performance compared to other students. From there, you can easily access the rest of the system and manage all of your courses from one location.

If you’re ready to start taking classes, you may utilize Magoosh to easily alter the level, subject, time, and question and whether you want a questionnaire or a training mode.

A full performance analysis lets you examine a summary of your prior responses and filter by topic, kind of question, and level of difficulty.

Magoosh SAT Review - Magoosh for Schools

This prep course also allows you to choose what to study next rather than spending time on what you must focus on. You can take notes for another class and session after you have answered a question or reviewed a lesson.

Review of the Magoosh SAT Study Materials

Magoosh provides an outstanding package at a modest price of $130. However, you should be aware that these courses have no clear goals or timetables, which may make advancement more difficult than if they were constructed with linear routes from beginning to end.

Students may assault Magoosh’s library of video lectures, quizzes, and homework in whatever sequence they see suitable.

Magoosh does not need you to work in a linear fashion; it is up to each individual to determine how their learning process unfolds from beginning to end! If math is what initially interests them, by all means, begin there; if reading appears to be something more fun or less daunting for someone else who wants some guidance on where they should be spending their time improving themselves academically, by all means, begin there as well because everyone has different preferences when deciding which resources would best suit them.

If you’re a self-motivated learner or a visual learner who thrives on video tutorials, Magoosh is an excellent choice. You might not be a good fit if you require a lot of personal attention and hand-holding.

Magoosh is still a feasible alternative for people who lie somewhere in the center of the range, as daily study sessions only last 20-30 minutes.

In other words, even if you (or your high school kid) aren’t the most self-motivated, Magoosh can still function if you can devote only a half-hour every day to it.

Magoosh provides two fundamental learning alternatives for these rapid study sessions: video courses and practice exercises. Magoosh’s library, which serves as the foundation of your educational work, has around 200 video classes. These video tutorials may be found in a collection of lectures organized into parts that correspond to the areas of the SAT exam.

These lectures are typically 4 to 12 minutes long in order to hold a teenager’s attention. Although I admire Magoosh’s decision to keep the films concise, I’m not a big fan of the video format. You’ll be viewing a series of PowerPoint presentations in which your teacher explains an idea to the class while displaying slides. The instructor highlights crucial points on the slides using red ink.

To be honest, they aren’t the most enticing videos. It’s all quite straightforward, with no flashy computer effects, actors, or transitions. Furthermore, the picture is fuzzy and out of date. As a result, they struggle to keep the audience’s attention. However, what they offer is valuable and enlightening.

With these bite-sized videos covering the most important information, you’ll learn all you need to know about the SAT. So, although being uninteresting to watch, their briefness allows them to efficiently transmit their high-quality information.

SAT Practice Exams

Students taking the Magoosh SAT get access to three full-length practice examinations as well as a variety of practice questions. “Up to three,” because Magoosh does not provide separate practice exams for new courses. Magoosh, on the other hand, creates practice examinations from your 1,750+ questions. So there’s a good chance you’ve come across a practice exam question while studying.

explanation of a magoosh SAT practise question A sample answer to a practise question
This is unfortunate because other test prep organizations, such as Prep Expert and PrepScholar, provide students with stand-alone practice examinations that replicate actual exams. To be honest, given the price, you can’t expect much. Magoosh’s practice exam user interface also pleased me considerably.

Although you are not required to print and finish a paper exam, the layout and substance of the practice test were very user-friendly.

No Textbooks

Because Magoosh’s SAT prep course does not include a textbook, you may be dismayed if you prefer to learn by flicking through paperbacks (hard copy or digital). This course would have benefited greatly from a workbook, which is a pity. In fact, Magoosh offers an ACT workbook (from Amazon). There is, however, no comparable SAT workbook. This, like the practice exam content, is a little lackluster, but considering the price, it’s acceptable.

Key Features: (Read Main Feature of Magoosh SAT) Magoosh SAT Prep Review Outline

Magoosh SAT Reviews

More than 1500 questions.

The finest aspect is that their practice questions are carefully crafted and corrected to offer you with the most accurate practice possible. So you don’t have to be concerned about the quantity of questions because there will be over 1500 here.

Magoosh SAT Review - studing

Explanatory Videos

Each exercise question has its own video explanation that covers key topics, connections, and challenges. Explanatory videos can help you prepare for your SAT course quickly and effectively.

Lesson Videos

Learn everything from simple geometry to the deconstruction of passages with our video course library. Here Magoosh has got you covered as they offer videos for each lesson no matter how tough and easy it is actually.

Simple Design

Apres online wherever you are. Our simple and straightforward interface escapes you and allows you to learn easily and effortlessly with this Magoosh SAT preparation as well.

Friendly support

Help is always one click away. If you don’t understand something, your tutors will explain it quickly and clearly. And if you are somehow stuck in a problem,, you can contact them 24/7 easily and effortlessly.

Magoosh SAT Review - features

Affordable Plans:

You do not need expensive courses or private teachers. Learning online is more accessible, and you benefit from the savings. And with Magoosh, you don’t have to pay costly fees for the course. This Magoosh SAT program’s pricing plans are very flexible and affordable.

Tutoring from Magoosh

Magoosh, unlike other test prep companies, does not provide standard coaching programs. They do, however, offer email help from their SAT specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a problem or have a question regarding a video lesson, you may contact the site via email. They don’t have a set time limit for responding, but I’ve noticed that it normally takes about 24 hours to obtain an answer from them.

I received a response the next day at the same time of day after emailing them twice during my course. Because the emails were sent on a weekday during the middle of the day, response times may fluctuate on weekends and evenings. This seemed like a decent turnaround time to me, and I was delighted with the replies I received. There were no misunderstandings in the reactions, and it was made clear that I may call back if I had any further questions. Their genuine interest in my well-being was evident in their replies to my questions.

The majority of students studying for the SAT will be at ease utilizing this strategy to get answers to their occasional inquiries. If you’re looking for one-on-one tuition, Magoosh isn’t the ideal solution. And it’s impossible at this price.

Content Access Periods

The plan you choose will determine your access to Magoosh. The 1 Month course provides one month of access, the 3 Month package three months, and the 12 Month package twelve months. There’s also a new live class option that provides you access to Magoosh’s SAT study resources for a year.

Magoosh, Live SAT Classes

Until recently, Magoosh’s SAT prep was autonomous and self, with students obtaining all of the resources they needed online and guiding their own learning experience. To be precise, the vast majority of students who sign up for Magoosh will still fall into this group. Their low-cost, self-paced education is too appealing to ignore.

If you need the discipline and devotion that frequent live sessions provide, you may now take live online lessons with Magoosh. A Magoosh SAT professional guides students through courses that cover many of the same themes as self-guided preparation. These sessions meet for two hours twice a week (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, but check their schedules).

If you’re not the most self-motivated student, I believe the additional few hundred dollars are worth it. In terms of substance, these live classes were not as impressive as PrepScholar’s live classes, but they were still valuable. The Magoosh SAT instructor who led the class I attended was excellent. His ability to break down concepts and provide valuable guidance was obvious, and he was obviously an SAT specialist.

Magoosh experienced a few difficulties with their new sessions, but I felt their lesson concept and instructor delivery were excellent. It’s difficult to locate SAT live lessons and effective online preparation for less than $400.

Does Magoosh Have a Mobile App?

Magoosh provides a mobile app that has all of their study materials and practice questions, allowing you to easily access your prep time. The first app (available for both iPhone and Android) includes video lessons with accompanying text explanations, as well as 20-30 minute daily sessions through this intelligent program designed by experts who know what they’re doing when it comes to teaching students how to best prepare for an exam like the SAT!

Magoosh Mobile App

The second tool is a flashcards program that includes both English and mathematical lessons. This is one of those time-tested, conventional study aids that allow you to swiftly review essential ideas for speedy exam prep in the classroom or at home on your own time! The 450+ card set also includes practice problems with solutions, ensuring that nothing is overlooked when studying abroad this year – even without WiFi.

These applications, in my view, are beneficial to Magoosh students. High school kids have a lot on their plates, and sitting down at a computer may be difficult. So it’s convenient to be able to work on your phone from the sofa or bed. Both apps function nicely and make it simple to study using Magoosh content.

Magoosh’s Higher Score Guarantee

The better score guarantee is another appealing aspect of the Magoosh SAT prep course. If you do not improve your SAT score by at least 100 points, they will refund your money. It is necessary to have previously taken the SAT. The preliminary test result is what determines your baseline for the increase. If you have never taken the SAT, you are out of luck, which is unfortunate.

Magoosh’s Refund Policy

Magoosh has a seven-day money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your Magoosh SAT course, if something changes quickly after you purchase it, or if you simply decide that you no longer want it, Magoosh will refund your money with no questions asked.

What kind of course material does the Magoosh SAT course offers?

By enrolling in a preliminary Magoosh SAT course you will be given unrestricted access to over 200 video lessons, 1,500 practice questions, and up to three full practice examinations for the period of your subscription.

Each exercise issue is supported primarily by a video and textual explanation, as well as a transcript of the film and extra resources on the subject. So you’ll have lots of stuff to learn here, and believe me, the features and functionality this platform provides are fantastic.

Magoosh SAT Review - step to step

Here, SAT exams can be particularly focused on the topic and the level you need to learn one topic at a time or easily work in a comprehensive area.

They also provide individual timetables and email support from their tutors. Each video lesson is intended to help you enhance your performance fast and efficiently using this platform.

The course materials and curriculum are based on the performance and input of thousands of students before you and are specifically intended to help you get the most out of your online prep with Magoosh.

Additional Resources Offered By Magoosh (SAT Guides on Youtube Channel)

Magoosh SAT Free Yotube Videos

Although the Magoosh SAT Preparation Course is the best option available in the market you should visit their website. They also provide some valuable but free resources that each student can use to prepare for college.

The best thing is that they offer a separate SAT blog that provides SAT tips and strategies as well as some free courses. They also give information on college entrance packages, study abroad opportunities, and school-specific assistance. And believe me, no other platform has this level of capability.

Magoosh SAT Pricing Plans 

This platform’s price levels are incredibly easy and reasonable, so anyone can simply get started with this SAT Prep course. The pricing plans are divided into three sections. Let’s see what they have to offer with each plan:

Magoosh SAT Review - Magoosh SAT Plans Pricing

1 Month ($79)


  • Over 1500 practice questions
  • Train with every type of question, every subject, and every difficulty level—again and again
  • Video explanations for every question
  • Up to 3 practice tests
  • Over 200 video lessons
  • Study schedules


  • +100 point guarantee
  • If you’ve taken the test before and meet our requirements, we guarantee you’ll improve your score or we’ll give you a full refund. See the Frequently Asked Questions below for details.
  • +7-Day money-back guarantee
  • Email assistance from our expert tutors
  • Data-driven score prediction

3 Months ($89)


  • Over 1500 practice questions
  • Train with every type of question, every subject, and every difficulty level—again and again
  • Video explanations for every question
  • Up to 3 practice tests
  • Over 200 video lessons
  • Study schedules


  • +100 point guarantee
  • If you’ve taken the test before and meet our requirements, we guarantee you’ll improve your score or we’ll give you a full refund. See the Frequently Asked Questions below for details.
  • +7-Day money-back guarantee
  • Email assistance from our expert tutors
  • Data-driven score prediction

12 Months ($99)


  • Over 1500 practice questions
  • Train with every type of question, every subject, and every difficulty level—again and again
  • Video explanations for every question
  • Up to 3 practice tests
  • Over 200 video lessons
  • Study schedules


  • +100 point guarantee
  • If you’ve taken the test before and meet our requirements, we guarantee you’ll improve your score or we’ll give you a full refund. See the Frequently Asked Questions below for details.
  • +7-Day money-back guarantee
  • Email assistance from our expert tutors
  • Data-driven score prediction

The good news is there, there is also a 7 days money-back guarantee with this course. And if you are somehow not satisfied with their courses then you get your money back as here 7 Days Money Back Guarantee offered by Magoosh.

What kind of learning experience is there at the Magoosh Platform?

If you learn better by watching videos than by reading, the Magoosh SAT course could be a good fit for you. The Magoosh SAT preparation courses are mostly taught through video, with over 1,500 explanatory videos and 200 video lessons for the SAT course.

Magoosh SAT Review- Magoosh Online SAT Prep Practice

There is also a video lesson for each topic, ranging from basic math to advanced reading and writing.

In general, each practice question comes with a video explanation, which is one of my favorite aspects of the Magoosh SAT Preparation Course. Typically, they go beyond the text’s explanation to address the root source of the problem and provide alternate remedies. The videos also address concepts and topics related to the theme.

Students’ Testimonials for Magoosh SAT 

Magoosh Review by students for SAT

Magoosh Sat Prep testimonials
Magoosh Sat Prep testimonials

Magoosh SAT Review - testimonial

Gentian, 1340 on the SAT

Magoosh Sat Reviews by students

Magoosh Reviews of SAT Pricing

Patrick Humpal   recommends Magoosh.

Overall Great Experience! Super helpful lesson plans and great practice questions. Really helped me to structure my study practices and gave me easy ways to figure out what was wrong with some of my answers and practice them. Also really easy to follow my progress and see that I was improving.

Pros and Cons of Magoosh SAT Review


  • Timed quizzes
  • 3 practice exams
  • Score predictor
  • Performance analysis
  • 200+ video lessons
  • 1,000+ practice questions
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Email assistance from tutors


  • No essay grading.
  • No classroom experience.
  • A limited number of practice questions and quizzes.

 FAQs On Magoosh SAT Review:

🔥Why should I choose Magoosh?

Magoosh is a fun and easy-to-grasp online prep course for students of all walks of life. But it works best for Self-students and students that have a tough time committing to an online course with travel and other formalities. Seeing how the education sector is now getting revolutionized you will see that it is always best to go for a prep course that is committed to trying new things and offering modern learning mechanics for students.

🔥What is the refund policy?

Magoosh does not follow a very harsh refund policy. If you are not happy with the course or are unable to see yourself following it then you have the option to apply for a refund in the first 7 days of purchasing the course.

🔥How do I reach out to the support team for help?

Magoosh has a messaging system where experienced tutors help out students if they have questions on any of the subjects or study material. In fact, they work dedicatedly to ensure that all doubts and questions put forth by the students are taken on high priority where they internally monitor the revert time of the tutors.

🔥Is Magoosh also available as an offline course?

No, Magoosh is a completely online course. There are no physical books or DVDs that will be sent to the students. All the students need to do is log into the website and start with their studies. The website is accessible by any device provided there is internet.

🔥What is the Magoosh SAT score guarantee?

Magoosh guarantees that once a student has completed the entire course there is bound to be a score increase of 100 points. If any student is unable to achieve this then they either offer the course again or provide a full refund.

🔥How close is the material to the actual SAT?

Very close. Magoosh has a team of experienced tutors and mentors that focus on metric-based learning techniques. The test prep questions are ranked from basic to master so that the students can work their way up to the most advanced questions with ease. The learning program has been custom-made as per the years of SAT trends and expert knowledge.

🔥How is the payment structure?

The payments for all the plans offered by Magoosh are one go. You will not be asked to pay anything in the middle of your preparations. Your credit card details also will not be stored by Magoosh for future payments. The mode of payment for the courses is via PayPal so that all the students can have assurity that their Personal credit card information is secure.

🔥Do I need to have taken the test before joining Magoosh?

No. Most of the students that appear for the SAT prem are first-timers so you need not stress on this. The lessons always start from the very beginning of the syllabus so that you learn and grow on each step.

✅ Is Magoosh any good?

Yes, Magoosh is a reliable online preparation for different competitive exams such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, ACT, IELTS, LSAT, and MCAT.

🔥Is Magoosh better or Kaplan?

It depends on what your requirements are, Magoosh platform is better when compared to Kaplan in various terms such as pricing, course quality, etc. In some aspects, Kaplan beats Magoosh such as customer support, ease of use, etc.

👉🏻 Are the SAT practice tests harder than the real SAT?

It’s not like that, SAT practice test isn’t harder in comparison to the real SAT preparation. The SAT practice test seems hard because tutors want to make sure you have a better capability to solve the different problems before the actual SAT test.

Magoosh SAT Alternatives

1) The Princeton Review 

SAT discount - Princeton Review

For almost 3.5 decades, The Princeton Review has been mentoring and coaching students. The Princeton Review’s mission is to assist students in achieving their goals by enrolling in the institutions and universities of their choosing.

They deliver world-class training and education by personalizing learning sessions, utilizing fresh and innovative concepts, hiring the greatest tutors available, and giving excellent test prep and entrance material to students who choose The Princeton Review.

They claim to have helped 96% of students improve their grades and to have provided over 5000 on-demand tutoring sessions. The Princeton Review has been trying to help students get into excellent colleges and realize their ambitions by providing professional instructors, quality content, cutting-edge technology, unique personalization, and devoted workers.

Courses offered 

  • Personalized and group tutoring
  • Test Prep for scoring better
  • Admissions Counseling for you to choose the right path
  • On-demand Tutoring for getting the edge
  • Guidance on the Best Schools available
  • Books on courses that you pick
  • Loads of video classes and content for the students

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Conclusion: Magoosh SAT Review 2024

Magoosh SAT is a good, economical SAT prep course for students. It is the finest choice.

Magoosh SAT’s pricing and quality make it unique. Magoosh offers a low-cost education without sacrificing quality for students. Magoosh offers self-paced, video-rich SAT prep with a tailored strategy.

I like Magoosh SAT’s versatility. The course fits your schedule, allowing you to study anywhere. Busy students need a flexible study strategy that fits into their lifestyles.

I’ve used Magoosh SAT and can say it’s worth the money.

Magoosh SAT is much cheaper than other prep courses. The best aspect is Magoosh’s 7-day money-back guarantee, which makes it affordable for many students. If you’re unhappy with the course, you may request a full refund within the first week.

Leave a comment below and tell us which SAT Prep Platform you’ve used in the past. If you found Magoosh SAT Prep Review useful, please share it on all popular social networking networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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60 User Reviews on Magoosh SAT Review

  1. I have been using Magoosh for everything from GREs to TOEFL. Every time I use the course, I find myself scoring better and better.
    Magoosh is a comprehensive Admissions Consulting company that offers you one of the quickest routes to success. Transform your institution education with our online SAT courses that enable you to acquire a perfect score by placing all the prerequisites required in one place. Unlike other online course sites, we cover every major subject area within SAT test prep-idiom translation, math content mastery, critical reading verb patterns and comprehension exercise at once ensuring a complete understanding of topics as well as enabling higher scores on this examination.

  2. I am very serious when it comes to taking my SATs. I found Magoosh useful in so many ways, the videos are easy to follow and understand, hundreds of tips with detailed instructions were really helpful too. If you want to take your SATs with an online preparation platform that is completely worth your time then try Magoosh.

  3. I used Magoosh to prepare for my SAT exam and I scored 1520 (score ranges from 800-1600). I didn’t need any additional test prep materials at all because the course includes absolutely everything you’ll need. The teacher is excellent, the topics are very detailed, it’s well worth the money! Every question on the exam was solved thoroughly on this website.

  4. I have been using Magoosh for a couple of months now, and I can’t say enough about how much it’s helped me. Many other prep sites just overwhelm you with information that sometimes isn’t even relevant to the test, but Magoosh is especially focused on what SAT exams require to get a perfect score. And they make it easy! For each exam category (math, reading comprehension, etc.), there’s a quick and simple way to find out exactly what you’ll need to do in order to master everything. That means no more thinking: “I missed this question because I don’t know how Shakespeare compares to Sophocles.” You now watch those videos as textbooks instead of essays to save time – that definitely works for me.

  5. Magoosh changed my life. Literally, it has definitely changed mine. I tried out this website because my dad got very frustrated with me when I had no idea what was going on in Algebra 2 Honors or Physics AP. I thought that hiring a tutor would be the best option but then he told me about Magoosh.
    I downloaded this app and started studying along with its videos, practice quizzes and others from August of 2020to January 2021 so yeah if your parents are telling you something like “If you want to quit school” while they’re watching TV do not listen to them, study harder than before if you really need a better GPA next year*

  6. I have been trying to find a good service for my SAT prep. When I came across Magoosh, I was a little hesitant at first but when I actually used it, everything was stellar. The dashboard is one of the best ways to organize your study plan and the questions are great practice material for any math or verbal question you could get on the test day.

  7. Magoosh is worth every penny! It’s the best of all the study resources I’ve used so far. First, Magoosh is affordable and high quality. Second, I know my SAT score went up after only a week of practice with the service. Third, it has tools for any subject an exam may test on – something that other services just don’t have. Fourth, not everyone has money to spend on expensive tutoring alternative options like Kaplan or Sylvan Learning Center – yet all students deserve to get into college just as much as their peers who do pay for private instruction packages or kits that can be incredibly costly.

  8. After finishing the dreaded SAT exam, I was surprise in a good way because I got a decent score in it. There were some sections which gave me problems but in the end, my hard work paid off! Through Magoosh, all of my doubts and worries had been answered and how to tackle questions had been demonstrated step-by-step. The practice tests they provided helped pushed myself to get that much needed push. Going through their lessons made me realize that there is always room for improvement and more opportunities to get better at the test even if we’ve studied before! Overall, this experience taught me how important it is to be flexible with your approach when tackling new questions and embracing what you learn from mistakes instead of dwelling on them.

  9. This is the best preparation for tests ever. I was so stressed after tests, but thanks to Magoosh that all my worries were gone.
    I am very happy with my choice of taking the Magoosh SAT course. It led me in preparing well and scored 93 on D-day!

  10. For less than one hundred dollars, you get everything you need to prepare for the SAT. The teachers are professional and experienced with excellent teaching skills. The course material has been reviewed by experts in the industry who signed the book’s foreword.

  11. I would rate the Magoosh SAT a 5/5. It’s phenomenal, it has everything you need.

  12. Magoosh SAT provides a top-tier experience when preparing for the SAT. With hundreds of helpful tips and 3 practice tests, I was able to raise my score by 300 points. Magoosh is also much cheaper than using costly in person tutoring services which add up quickly (or not at all). Though you begin studying months in advance, it will be worth every penny when you get your scores back and see how far you’ve come without having wasted time or money on other methods.

  13. Magoosh has been a big help to me! I used to make a lot of mistakes on the verbal section because it never made sense, but Magoosh explains everything you need to know in detail.

    -I wasn’t sure if this was worth the expense because I already have other resources that seem to cover what’s necessary for SAT test day. But I would recommend highlighters these as supplemental materials as they are very helpful as well as containing plenty of practice questions and videos with explanations from those who have been there before. If you’re only going to buy one thing for your self prep, then buy this. The online component is available at any time which makes it easy and quick access without having anxiety about meeting deadlines.

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