Madgicx vs Supermetrics vs Calldrip vs 4C 2024: 100% Legit Comparison

Do you own an online business or a start-up or are you a part of the team?

Is the question of Madgicx vs. Supermetrics vs. Calldrip vs 4C, a nagging thought, even as you sleep?

 Well, then there is a good chance that you are quite tired of manually optimizing and analyzing all your data to boost your sales. Where should I advertise? Should I hire an elite team of freelancing professionals to help me? What does all this data mean? Is there any secret marketing weapon I should know about?

 Wow! So many questions racing across your mind! I am sure you must have done your research on the best options available out there, without having to splurge on extra team members and logistics. 

 But which one should you choose? Which one is the right choice for you? Let us look at some tools, which give you solutions to all those questions that are bugging you, and help you reach a final verdict. Ready for the review battle? Let’s go then!

Madgicx vs Supermetrics vs Calldrip vs 4C 2024: Which One Should You Choose?

About Madgicx

Madgicx? Do I mean magic? Well, maybe I do! How would you like someone to manage and optimize your advertising strategies for your business? Don’t worry, with Madgicx, you can do so, without having to expand your existing team! 

Madgicx vs Supermetrics vs 4C comparison

Madgicx is a software that uses AI or artificial intelligence, to analyze your strategies and automatically create or buy ads across popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Google. The best part is that you don’t even have to lift a finger! 

Not only does advertising content get tailor-made for your target audience, but it is also thoroughly analyzed to make the best use of your Madgicx subscription. You can trust Madgicx to have always had another trick up its sleeve if the current strategy does not work. Talk about efficiency, eh?


Know that feeling of accomplishment that floods you, after you neatly organize and analyze tons and tons of data? When you do that manually, a feeling of frustration might overwhelm that. So, what do you do? Use Supermetrics! 


This useful tool gathers all your business metrics and performance data on an easy to access platform-such as Excel and Google Drive. Not limited to an individual, your entire team can access this skilfully organized data and put forth reports, and keep up with updated data, just by the click of a mouse. Easy and timesaving!


Calldrip vs Magic vs 4c

Tired of making all those sales calls, and not getting profitable results? What if I told you that you already have the weapon to do so, but just need some ammunition?

Calldrip monitors the calls your sales team places to customers and analyses the results. You can even place calls to your customers as they are online, debating whether or not to go through with their purchase and drive your sales pitch. 

Sounds good? Let me make it sound great. Calldrip even gives you access to their agents, in case there is a promising customer at an odd hour, taking a huge burden off your team. Grow your sales, through your phone! 


 Madgicx vs Supermetrics vs 4C vs Calldrip

As a business owner, you are probably aware that customers spend a good amount of time, glued to their screens, be it their smart TVs or their phones. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to advertise your business through these channels? 4C does just that! Can’t I just pay for an advertisement myself? 

Well, you can, but with 4C you get the tools to read and analyze the audience using their algorithms and design your marketing campaigns to the people best suited for your product.

Be it Facebook or Instagram or linear TV, 4C has got the marketing answer, optimization, and a target audience for your product. You can trust that 4C’s insights and features will help you drive your marketing campaign home!

Let’s dwelve deeper into the comparison of features in Madgicx vs Supermetrics vs Calldrip vs 4C



Ad Generation- Ever wonder if you also promote your business over Facebook or any other social media platform? Madgicx does just the job! With Madgicx for your help, you can make amazingly attractive Ads all over Facebook.

Madgicx vs 4C vs Supermetrics vs Calldrip- Features

Campaign Management-  Madgicx helps you manage your youtube channels and social media accounts like Facebook. They help you grow online by providing event-triggered actions.

Brand Tracking- Computing and analyzing is always a tedious task. Oh! You need not worry about that anyway! Magic provides you with the best reports and analyses for you to keep better tracks on your accounts and concentrate more on improving rather than pouring for hours over data.

They provide you with the proper sales and marketing reports. You can automize or schedule the interval in which you desire to have the reports. This helps as you don’t have to stress over and the reports are super-simple yet extensive.

Madgicx Brand Tracking- Supermetrics or Madgicx comparison


Data option Variety-You will be amazed by the amount of data you have the option to choose from. It helps you work with more granular data that can be added to your reports. You might be confused at the very beginning but that’s not an issue you will soon get the hang of it.

Supermetrics- Data DAshboard

Data Blending- This is what Supermetrics specializes at. You can seamlessly integrate your data from google ads, Bing, Twitter, or any other social media. It’s a real time saver! So you completely forget all the tiresome manual data collection from one place to another. Phew! Such a sigh of relief!

Multiple Accounts- Supermetrics puts no restriction on the number of accounts you want to connect. For example, you might have two google analytic accounts and to connect both of them you need not pay a penny extra.

Template Gallery-What is the purpose data studio if it is dull and boring? Supermetrics provides you, a long list of interesting and vibrant templates for you to choose from. Comes in very handy at the time of urgent deadlines.

Calldrip Madgicx

You have certainly a lot to benefit from the unique feature of Calldrip Madgicx.

It comes with 

  • Task Alerts
  • Schedules your meeting 
  • Artificial intelligence for better sales and workflow automation.
  • Supportive VPA ( Virtual Personal Assistant)
  • Business Analytics 
  • Call and contact management 
  • Effective communication base
  • Engaging experience 
  • High-quality customer services 
  • Helps Leads and sales 
  • Detailed Reports


4C by Scope comes with its own unique set of Features and tool shelf!

  • The extremely wide range of tools that they provide! There’s hardly any chance that you’ll miss having any tool or feature by your side. 
  • 4C provides innovative targeting capabilities that you can use. The accuracy of these targeting capabilities is extremely high and not easily rivaled!
  • You can make bulk changes which can really benefit your paid ad campaigns! Also, it helps you to keep track of all your campaigns across various platforms. 
  • It enables you to combine reports, create web queries, and switch between accounts and platforms in one central location. 
  • Apart from the platform, the support team in itself is somewhat of a unique feature! They are very co-operative and are extremely fast to resolve any queries or bugs that you may encounter while using the software. They are very quick to add a new set of features or customizations as soon as they hit the market!

Pricing: Madgicx vs Supermetrics vs Calldrip vs 4C


To avail the service for just $49 per month. You can even choose to pay $39 per month which has to be paid quarterly but is billed annually. For this price, you will get Ads generated and launched for 1 account and AI audiences. All this comes with a customizable dashboard, innovative filters, and creative insight. 

Madgicx Pricing- Madgicx vs Supermterics vs 4C vs calldrip


Supermetrics lets you have a different subscription to serve the best of your purposes at a cost that is best for your pocket.

Supermetrics Coupon Code

Individual Version-  Individual connector will cost you $39 per month with the intriguing benefits of unlimited reports of 1 account user. You also get 3 accounts for each data source and a data source.

Pro- Pro subscription slips away with $99 per month from your bank. You get all the basic individual version features except you have it for up to 3 users and 20 accounts for each data source. Also with this pro version, you can access every Supermetrics data source.

SuperPro- You reap the advantages of the super pro version at $299 per month. This is inclusive of all the best features of Supermetrics. This version is best explored rather than read!

Calldrip Madgicx 

A single user has to pay $99 per month. They have a well structured and tiered system of a team of agents working. They provide excellent call support and recording features.


4C is currently free, open-source software. If you want a subscription, you can fill out a form on their site, and they will get in touch with you. Developers all over the world, work together to improve the platform so that it can be kept free. 


Supermetrics API- Supermetrics Promo Codes

Would you like to look at the platforms and channels where these tools can be integrated? Then dive in:


  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Google Ads
  • Shopify
  • YouTube


  • Google Analytics and Google Sheets
  • YouTube
  • Excel
  • Facebook Ads

Calldrip Magdicx

  • Wufoo
  • Zapier


  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Tv Channels

Pros and Cons 



  • It is the most widely supported software, apart from being available via the SaaS platform, you can use it on Windows or Mac too!
  • It has an extremely User-friendly experience and the software is really easy to use! It doesn’t have a large learning curve.
  • It can easily be integrated with some top of the shelf websites and some big household names among which are Google, Facebook, and Shopify. It can be integrated with a really wide range of apps!
  • Great real-time automation and the biggest selection of audiences.
  • Some of its features make it extremely Time Saving.


  • Supermetrics can be combined and integrated with the likes of YouTube and Google Ad among others. It had a huge set of Integration partners.
  • It does a good job of reporting your metrics with high accuracy.
  • Superior Reporting across platforms by Supermetrics with high accuracy.

Calldrip Madgicx 

  • Added features provide assistance with call scoring, online marketing, call tracking, and lead generation.
  • Extremely helpful and flexible training programs for users. They come in all shapes and sizes!
  • Has companies of all types of size and scales as their large part of the target audience.


  • Accurate audience targeting. Able to target desired audiences based on demographics and behavior variables.
  • Supports rich media mobile ads that involve user interaction.
  • Continuously develops its platform with new features like TV Planner, URL Builder, and Brand Compass which are new features recently released.



  • Its full potential can be realized only by large businesses or those who have started expanding. New business or Novices can’t really tap its full potential.


  • The pricing module can really take a few extra minutes here and there since they’re a bit complicated to understand.
  • The learning curve is quite big and getting familiar with it can be somewhat of a lengthy task. It can be a bit difficult at first getting to know Supermetrics.
  • Learning how to integrate it across platforms can be a tedious task.

Calldrip MadgicX

  • Unlike the other two, Calldrip does not offer you a Free Trial. And hence users may have problems with the user experience in terms of familiarity
  • Pricing is very heavy, starting at $99/month.
  • Does not support Windows, Mac, or mobile-based platforms such as Android or iOS.


  • A lot of users will not find the overall experience very user friendly. It’s not very simple or easy to use and learn.
  • The user experience is sometimes very buggy! Though the bugs are generally quickly fixed, they do degrade the overall experience and there’s no denying that.
  • There’re SO MANY things that 4C offers, that sometimes you feel too overwhelmed by it and may not be able to use it all! Believe us, that is a thing! 

Support and Training


Initially lacking good customer support, Madgicx has come a long way since then. Customer support is provided via a 24×7 chatbot, on the Madgicx site, which claims to be able to help you with your query in just 10 minutes! 

A curated list of FAQs, training videos, and articles with marketing tips and tricks, help you find your way through Madgicx, in no time. If you are struggling to get a grasp on their software, no worries. Madgicx offers live, in-person training and webinars, to help you get your foothold. 


When it comes to customer support, Supermetrics presents a con. This marketing tool only offers support during business hours, through tickets issued via chatbots or email. 

However, there is an extensive blog on the Supermetrics site, which has a huge library of articles and training videos to get you started with. Feel free to browse through their testimonial section to read success stories!


Available only during business hours, Calldrip’s customer support can be accessed through a chatbot, or via email. The response, however, can be quite slow, and take from a few hours to a few days, as reported by customers. 

A well-documented Calldrip blog lists out articles on features offered, and solutions to some common issues faced by customers.


4C offers quite an extensive amount of resources on their size, in case you ever need a guiding hand, using their platform. From case studies to thoroughly researched reports and articles, you can be sure to find answers to your problems on the 4C site. 

There is currently no online chatbot on their site, but you can always drop them an email or call, and the customer support team will give you a quick, same-day response. 

FAQs: Madgicx vs Supermetrics vs Calldrip vs 4C

👉 Who are these tools for?

The tools listed in the article above can be used by anyone who owns or is part of, an online business. These tools help with online marketing, advertising, and data analytics, making them ideal platforms for SMEs, start-ups, enterprises, and marketing analysts, to boost their sales, by reaching their target audience directly.

👉 Do these tools violate privacy?

No. These data that you share with these tools, is strongly encrypted, and usually, stay in short-term caches. However, your account information, and access tokens, will be retained for a longer period, to ensure better service. Your target audience is recognized by running complex algorithms and customer trends for your type of product. In case you have any concerns regarding your privacy or that of your customers, do read the Terms and Conditions.

👉 Is there a possibility of my social media accounts being banned?

Not at all! These tools are considered as advertisement assets on social media platforms, such as Facebook. If you face any permissions issues, you can always refer to the articles and support section, on their websites. Detailed instructions will enable you to resolve your issues.

Final Verdict: Madgicx vs Supermetrics vs Calldrip vs 4C 2024

Whew! That was quite an extensive reading, wasn’t it? Okay, so are you ready to know the winner of the review battle? Well, Madgicx has quite the edge over its competitors! Here’s why. 

Madgicx makes your life much easier by automatically optimizing your ads, and putting them up on social media. You’re saved from the hassle of doing any kind of manual analysis, as is the case with Supermetrics, or making a call and trying to drive your sales pitch home, as is the case with Calldrip. Unlike 4C, the process of buying ads is automated.

With Magic, you have access to a powerful, single-stop platform that not only optimizes your marketing but takes care of your budget, saving you from spending in the wrong place.

You get creative feedback, tailor-made ads, and campaign strategies. Amazing! What more could you need? 

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