Madgicx vs 2024: Which One Is The Best? (Top Pick)

If you want to go high in the advertising game but are confused between two great platforms Madgicx vs this article will help you clear all your confusion and will help you make the correct decision about your advertising platform. 

Both these platforms are amazing and provide great results with outstanding advertising campaigns and planning over many platforms.

If you want to grow in your business and have an immense reach through ads and with the growth if business and your products these platforms will help you keep a track on each ad you decide to promote and view all available insights about the promotion and get a detailed review, this will also help you in deciding which is the best way to promote your products, on which platform and understand which products are getting a better reach to be more glowing in your business. 

If we try to compare these two great products there are chances that Madgicx will prove to be better as Madgicx uses advertisement strategies over many platforms which are widely used and are very famous in this generation and is used by every person. 

Madgicx vs 2024: In-Depth Comparison?

Madgicx Overview

Madgicx to be precise is an amazing platform that offers tremendous features and will help you get the perfect results and outcomes.

Madgicx spreads your product and gets you a reach on many platforms which are well used by every single person these days, they promote your ads and business on famous social media applications and websites like Instagram ( the teenage trend platform), Facebook (it has more users than you think it can have) and the most used google. 

 Madgicx vs - Madgix Overview

As Madgicx promotes your business on such popular and famous social media applications and websites it will get you the extraordinary results and the most outstanding reach that your business deserves.

It even promotes YouTube and messenger and YouTube is the most viewed video platform. These days people use youtube to watch tutorials about everything before starting something, they even watch recipes and if your business is being promoted on a huge platform like YouTube it will get an enormous reach.

It has a great lead generation and the potential to prosper in your business.

Madgicx furthermore won two trophies in 2019, the initial one is the rising star award which was given to them by finances online, and the following award is the premium usability award this award was also given by finances online. Finances online are one of the largest reviewing platforms that deliver extremely thorough data about many platforms and it is known to be incredible to help in comparison to programs. Overview automates each step of social advertising to open tremendous execution and creativity. has amazing and beautiful advertisements that are very effective and provide good results.

It is certified to promote on popular social media applications and websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest even though it promotes on such amazing platforms it doesn’t have the permission or allowance to promote businesses on greater platforms Like google and YouTube. 

 Madgicx vs - Overview

Commonly known brands like Sephora, Jaguar, and eBay use this platform to promote their products, and even Land Rover, use this platform to reach their audience and grow their businesses. It has an amazing range of creative options available to use for users to create attractive promotions.

Madgicx vs Common Features

Campaign management and analysis 


users can be built and personalize their campaigns according to their necessities with madgicx and can also come up with SEO friendly contents. Users can find out the concealed scaling budding, superabundance ads, and the root origin of dissimilarities in a presentation by the morality of the perception stats which is provided by madgicx. 

Smart-Filters - Madgicx provides you the tools for making and boosting the innovative elements of its campaign. It allows their retailers to copy-edit their campaigns in a huge as resists to a part at a time. It permits their users to upload the campaign directory as a whole instead of one at a time. - Brand Scale


Madgicx personalized their campaign and smartly provides your devices to edit their elements. Their features have different stats and reviews in management through Madgicx would give you better power to analyze the campaign management than

Automated Ad Generation 


Madgicx is a software which permits their users to appeal to significant Facebook advertising tactics. Facebook is one such platform that can give wings to your business to reach your peak, and the Facebook advertising tactics are going along with some self-automation rules and tips which can improve ROAS which can result in saving your valuable time and money. 

MadgicX- Custom Automation

smartly is one such software that gives you readymade ad templates and layouts which can be useful for users. It has one more feature in it creating automatic ads using these readymade templates and data. It also offers you tools that can create multilingual ads. - Add Creatives


Madgicx focuses more on not only Facebook ads but also on different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. as it has more benefits for marketers or retailers to sell their products and increase their business. It saves you time and does your work at a cheap price. In the case of, it offers you ads in multiple languages and gives you pre-made templates or data which is quite satisfying.

Madgicx vs Dashboards


Madgicx gives its users a special feature of a strategic dashboard or notification bar that permits these users to create their leads with various social media platforms with their convenience.

Madgicx Dashboard- Magicx vs Smartly.ioad

In an isolated intersection, gives you all-in-one media pickups and campaigns. It also permits their users to regulate the statistics on their dashboards through these campaigns are developed and enhanced automatically. 


Madgicx software makes excellent use of this dashboard feature and users can have their look over the whole detail performance of your business and shows you the matrices of your business. - Dashboard

Social media marketing 


Madgicx software offers its users to set in motion their fresh ad uniting covering the whole social media platforms and can also have the advantage to regulate their strategies which were offered by Facebook.

MadgicX- Add Care

The feature also permits you to upload videos and images without any issues which also has the advantage to interact with your audience and spread more information about your business. It is beneficial for increasing your marketing business.

This software provides its users to show their product performances for social advertising, users can also show their product performances through videos which can make their audiences have a clear vision. The users here can interact with their audiences regarding the product and their businesses. 

Smartly-io- Social Media


Both the software here provides interaction with their audiences and provides good functionality for advertising their users brand and products. Madgicx has the advantage to take control of their profiles and gives the users a chance to visualize their product performances. 

Targeting and Reporting


Madgicx software permits its users to target their applicable audiences, this software provides the correct group of audiences and gives them correct tactics and steps for their marketing business.

Madgicx- Stats

The reporting is an automatic feature of this software that provides the users with a whole detailed review of their functionality and performance in a regular interval right in their inbox without any delay.

This software allows its users to target their desired audiences by showing them statistical data and mathematical charts of their performance. Their user also has the power to make their custom reports to serve at particular data metrics and key functionality measurements. 


This software provides good results in targeting their audiences and reporting the whole data regularly on time. This feature gives their users a chance to keep a detailed report on their performances and also about their overall audiences. 

Madgicx vs Unique Features


With a platform with being a leader in its niche, they offer several features that make them where they are today. A set of powerful features that set them apart are below:

  • They have integrated seven products for the price of one which means they are an all in one platform that has combined Automation Tactics, Ad Creation, AI Audiences, Creative Insights, Bidding and Budget Optimizations as well as a Strategic Dashboard to create an all-round marketing experience for you. 

Therefore they are known to automate tasks that would be motley considered as time-consuming.

  • With a platform like Madgicx, they are known for a feature that involves tailormade Facebook advertisements that give results in a day or two with AI integrated tools, products, and capabilities thus making it visually attractive as well as engaging potential customers.
  • Madgicx ensures that you could predict creative performances through the creative intelligence feature that they provide. This is usually done by the platform through the use of computer-based vision and tags to get more traffic over your platform.
  • Madgicx provides a facility for being able to create a funnel strategy with AI Audience and targeting. This will eventually aim at audiences that are genuinely responsive allowing you to focus on the better parts enabling them to convert into potential sales to your growing business.
  • Madgicx as a platform ensures that it’s AI algorithms function in a way that would unify, analyze as well as categorize the required advertisements that you can use to differentiate the stronger ones to the advertisements that may be fatigued in the future. You would be able to strategize much better with this feature.

With the growing age of digitalization and more online businesses being set up, you would require an advertising platform that could run, create, and personalize your advertising campaign for you. is one such platform that you may want to consider for its beautiful features that it comes along with. A few of which are discussed below:

  • The quality of support that is provided by is rated a good 92% by its customers for a 24/5 support team that is available to help you solve your problems, queries, and issues that you would be facing at the time you would be creating your social media advertising.
  • The way that they conduct their business is exemplary in terms of how easy is it to use and a dedicated team of specialists assigned specifically to tailor your business requirements in terms of getting your performance scale to shoot up.
  •  Everything that you create would be supported as well as continuous feedback in the form of creative production, campaign management as well as reports would help you get much better results from time to time.
  • Tasks are made in the form of automatic format to ensure you avoid unnecessary errors and invariably savin time. Needless to say, the user interface is completely to use which makes it easier for beginners or even businesses starting to use their platform with having minimal knowledge about the niche.


While comparing both the platforms over common features, each of them is unique in terms of what they have to provide under each of the arenas and it is quite common and normal to understand that what platform you choose depends on what business requirements you have at the time and moment. 

However, for the ease of understanding, it is important to know what each of them caters to that Madgicx is for businesses under the niche of eCommerce, solo entrepreneurs, or Ad agencies and provides solutions that may cater more to what your business requirements are through their pricing plans and unlock features that may cater to your requirements. 

However, both of the products ensure you have ample tools that you could work with and help your business grow. 

In terms of talking about unique features that are provided by both the platforms, it is sure that the unique features provided by Madgicx, you would have more variety and tools that you can work with as compared to

So if you are looking at more features, being a beginner, or new to online platforms and businesses, you would want to consider Madgicx on the grounds of the unique features that they provide.

Madgicx vs Pros and Cons



  • The tools provided help creating a ton of campaigns in a matter of 5 minutes! 
  • The support team knows all the right ways to give you a boost of self-confidence and guidance! 
  • You get a free trial! 
  • It brings your sales alive! Yes, it is effective almost immediately! 
  • You can worry about other marketing channels instead of the FaceBook part of it since it will be a good little boy and take care of itself and run itself! 
  • Audience creation is something everyone is smitten with her! 
  • While you get all these features, you get a free trial to see if it’s all real or not! 


  • The FAQs provided might be a little misleading sometimes. 
  • Although the involvement of many tools is present, it might take time to get used to it but hey, you are getting all these cool features. A little effort and you are good to go!


  • It is really easy to put to use. 
  • The best advantage of is the templates they provide. 
  • The customer support is to die for and you are usually left with no problems by the end of your conversation! But in case the one helping you out isn’t showing much progress with your problem, the next person gets involved almost immediately. 
  • It provides tools that are probably excellent for optimization. 


  • The prices here ain’t the best in the market. They are too high for someone who is working with smaller agencies. 
  • While the system is great, it might get a little buggy and unstable at times. 
  • When using UI with its new improvements, it might get a little too confusing, ending up in a slow down of work and in worst cases, delays.   

Madgicx vs Pricing



Here, the starting price is $39 per month. And the fee structure depends on the user’s spending rage for ads. 


  • The monthly plan- the fee is about $49 per month if you spend up to $1000 a month on your ads. 
  • The quarterly plan- the fee goes up to $44 a month if you are spending almost $1000 per month. 
  • The yearly plan- the estimated fee for this plan is $39 per month if you put in about $1000 a month.

There is no definite plan but there is a starting price being $1000 each month. 

Although, the fee structure depends on the amount of money you spend. Pricing

  • If you spend less than 20,000 euros, you would have to pay a fee of about 1000 euros every month. 
  • If you spend anything between 20,001 euros- 100,000 euros, the fee for a month would be a 5% share of whatever you spend. 
  • If your spending range is between 100,001 euros – 200,000 euros, note that your fee would be about 4.50% a month. 
  • If you spend an amount from 200,001 euros – 350,000 euros, then your fee would be around a solid 4% each month. 
  • If your spending range falls anywhere between 350,001 euros – 500,000 euros, make your fee about 3.50% per month. 
  • If you are spending more than 500,000 euros for a month, note that your fee would be 3% for that month.


As we can, the costs provided by both brands have a very huge difference. 

While gives you a good deal of features, the starting price might set many off. This is because many small agencies and new startups won’t be able to afford them. 

Although we have Madgicx to save the day who provides a lot of features and uses in a very cheap format, we declare Madgicx as the winner here! 

FAQs Madgicx vs

There are a few frequently asked questions that come along the way that can always be answered that are below:

Which is the best platform that provides the most effective marketing tool?

With innumerable features, benefits, and advantages that you would not even be able to count over your fingertips without a doubt are Madgicx. This is because that has about 3-4 pricing plans with different features and benefits that you could choose from as per your business requirements. Also, for comparison with its competitors, it is a platform that would provide solutions that are tailormade for your business requirements ensuring it is AI integrated as well to make your tasks efficient and easy.

Is Madgicx the ideal tool for me?

Madgicx truly is the perfect tool for the customers out there, if you would be willing to expend more than 200 dollars a month. It is a detailed scaling machine that aids you to assemble a profitable target audience.

What are the online marketing tools that you may need while starting an online business?

A few online marketing tools that you may want to consider are: • Madgicx • HubSpot • Mailchimp • Trello • Google Analytics Each of the mentioned platforms has its functions, pricing plans, and features that you want to know more about and decide if it could do the tasks of running day-to-day business functions which is invariably important to have a profitable business.

Testimonials Madgicx vs

Madgicx Customer Reviews

Madgicx - Testimonials Customer Reviews

Smartly-io- Testimonials

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Conclusion: Madgicx vs 2024 

Considering all the features, pros and cons, pricing and the unique features of both the platforms, the battle between these two items has been unexpected, they have stacked up well against each other and by the face of it, there must be a clear winner. In this case, Madgicx has pulled up in the lead as compared to smartly

Why is that, you may want to know? Madgicx seems to have a much more extensive as well as a powerful range of features for the pricing that it has to offer and is sure to outperform that of, but beyond that, any customer expects transparency, especially in terms of a certain area like pricing. With that being out of the way, Madgicx seems to be a much more reliable and efficient ads partner. 

But, considering other aspects, has its ups and does put up a good fight against Madgicx for the features, benefits, and advantages that it would want to provide to its users. 

With that, I hope this article has helped you gain more of an understanding of these two tools and that you can make a much more informed decision when choosing the one you want to opt for.


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