Lynda vs Pluralsight 2024: Which Is The Best & Why? (TRUTH)

Are you stuck on choosing Lynda or Pluralsight? I will be helping you out by featuring my comparison of Lynda Vs PluralSight.

I believe his article will be helpful, so read it thoroughly.

These days, many educational services providers have been launched online, offering plenty of courses in skill development, Technology, IT, business, leadership, etc.

If you wish to hone your skills, develop in some areas needed for your work, or opt for personal development, these platforms have it all.

Selecting any platform becomes tricky when you have numerous choices regarding online course service providers.

So, how can you select the platform? Various factors can be considered which will help you make a choice.

If you are looking for IT skills, you can look for a platform offering courses in IT. 

Some platforms offer discounts, offers, free trial periods, certifications, degrees, etc.

You must consider your budget, the requirements related to skills and certifications, your schedules, whether the course is required to advance in your career, or is just for personal development, etc.

In this review, I will discuss two platforms that offer online learning courses, and these are amongst the popular platforms – Lynda and Pluralsight.

Read the article to understand more about Lynda Vs. Pluralsight and to know the platform that suits your requirements.

Lynda Vs Pluralsight: An Overview

Lynda Overview

Lynda is a popular online learning platform in this industry.

Lynda is a platform with a vast user base, including people from various organizations spread all over the globe.

Lynda has plenty of classes to offer, wherein you can learn specific skills like web designing, web development, software, etc., and some topics hit your creative spot, like photography.

Lynda— LinkedIn Learning

Lynda is a platform created to help people achieve their professional and personal goals. Lynda has been in this industry for 2 decades, and currently, more than 10000 firms have benefited from Lynda’s online training system.

One can even access English, German, French, Japanese, and Spanish tutorials.

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Pluralsight Overview-

Pluralsight is a platform that has been offering courses online since 2004! It mainly provides IT-related courses.

Pluralsight offers many programs related to adaptive skill management and advanced learning tools. In case you are determined to develop your skills and master programming, this is an ideal platform for you.

Pluralsight offers its users support 24×7 to resolve any queries. This platform is an excellent choice for IT, construction, architecture, cybersecurity, business, information professionals, etc.

Pluralsight Overview

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Lynda Vs Pluralsight: Courses

Lynda Courses

Lynda is renowned for its marketing, web designing, sales, mobile app development, creative writing, business development, photography, and professional development courses.

This platform has 500+ different courses.

Though the majority of the courses are taught in just English, you can choose from the languages offered German, Spanish, Japanese, and French, in addition to English.

The courses offered have short videos that last seconds or minutes, so these courses are not very intense or lengthy.

You could also get a completion certificate after completing some of the courses.

Lynda Online Courses

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Pluralsight Courses

Pluralsight has more than 5000 different courses on Technology as well as Programming. Whether you wish to learn IT languages like Java, C,  C++, Ruby, C#, JavaScript, and many more languages, or you wish to learn frameworks like Vuejs, React, etc., or even various tools like Maven, Docker, Gradle, etc., this platform is the best for it.

Pluralsight is quite organized and even offers you the Skill path, where you get related skills in a group.

For example, if you wish to follow the skill path for Web development, you will also have JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular, React, and different technologies and tools developers use.

Furthermore, the Skill Path for Java has courses bifurcated into levels – Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. These learning paths are beneficial to students.

Pluralsight Courses

Lynda Vs Pluralsight: Content & Quality


Lynda is an attractive e-learning platform; visiting the site gives you a professional feel. Many people who have opted for this platform to take their courses are unhappy regarding the content and quality.

There have been claims about the courses being old and irrelevant topics being taught. This is mainly found in IT courses, and Technology changes daily, and there is a need to be updated regularly, especially for those in this industry.

LinkedIn Learning

It can be challenging for a platform to stay abreast. However, these platforms cannot find ex. It becomes pretty difficult to match these changes, and the websites cannot have excuses not to stay updated, as they charge a lot for the courses and are expected to offer the latest courses.

Another issue is that the platform has courses where essential topics are dragged for 15 minutes when it is not required. This becomes quite boring and frustrates the learner. Overall, the students love this platform and its courses.


Pluralsight is a platform that concentrates only on professional learning. Hence, you will observe that the Instructors have knowledge and authority on what area they cover.

The platform has many instructors in Java conducting courses related to Java-like Jose Paumards’ system on Java Multithreading or Richard Warburton’s course on Java Collections.

The quality of instructors and their content is pretty good on this platform.

Pluralsight Content

One issue brought forward is that there are many old courses on Pluralsight. For instance, classes dating to 2012 are not relevant now. However, you can still find them on this platform. It is recommended that you avoid going to such courses. The platform also gives the learner certificates once they successfully complete their class.

Lynda Vs Pluralsight: Features

Lynda Features

One prominent feature of Lynda is its Learning paths. It is pretty similar to Pluralsight’s skill paths. So, in a learning path, you have many sub-courses under the main course. The main course is called “umbrella.” Take the example of software courses.

If you are interested in software development, you can move to the learning path that concentrates on this skill. And once you find it, you will have a lot of courses being taught by different instructors. Each instructor will cover another aspect.

Some courses form a part of the learning path, whereas some are just put together. However, when you opt for a learning path, you must dedicate time to complete it. Learning path courses are more challenging than your regular courses.

There are many learning paths, and the one which matches your requirement must be selected. Also, the best part is that you can access the course offline.

Pluralsight Features

From the features offered by Pluralsight, it is evident that this platform is quite unique. Its features are unique and fun, which helps ensure the student’s interest is intact and attracts new students simultaneously.

Firstly, It has “Role IQ” and “Skill IQ,” which are assessments that help you understand the skills and knowledge you currently possess regarding a particular topic and the areas where improvement is required to be proficient. However, these are not tests; your answers must be honest as they give you insight about yourself and helps you understand what you need to focus on.

Another unique feature is Iris, a technology that keeps track of the learner’s progress on this platform, evaluates the progress, and creates a development path based on your results. It is similar to an AI mentor online. This feature is unique, and you will find it only on Pluralsight. This feature has been used in Skill and Role IQ tests. Complex algorithms are used to create questions for the test.

Furthermore, another feature called “Paths” is a collection of courses. These target learners who want to take many classes, not just one system. Once a “path” is chosen, you can take many courses and learn almost everything, from beginner to advanced topics.

Lastly, the paths have been created to prepare you for specific certifications. This is available for individual learners as well as companies.

This site offers many unique features that will help students, and all those who have opted for these courses are pretty content with their experience.

Lynda Vs Pluralsight: Navigation

Lynda Navigation

Lynda’s landing page gives you a preview of some of its courses and subjects. They also have the details on their promotional offer on the landing page, so you could check it out too. Moving downward, you will find sections on the top courses, the learning paths, the list of partners, the reviews, etc. This is essential data that is offered by almost every platform online.

However, these sections have been presented really well on Lynda. Also, the theme is entirely professional. Every single section here is simple and attractive. It is not like generic websites.

Learners can browse the courses, subjects, etc.; once they register on the platform, they can get the details on the path and materials.

Once they select any course, the page will offer a detailed description, instructor details, lectures, notes, etc.

Pluralsight Navigation

Pluralsight’s main page has a dark color-based design that greets you with everything you can learn on this platform. Though the page looks pretty generic, the overall design gives you a feeling of visiting a company’s website.

Like other online learning platforms, Pluralsight has a search bar that can punch in the keywords and find the desired course or some dropdowns could be checked.

The course list is categorized- as software development, creative professional, business professional, etc. When you select any category, you will be presented with a list of courses available. The list is well organized and gives all the necessary information.

The pages of the courses are professional and appealing. The information in the courses has been structured really well, has been well categorized, and is simple to understand. Navigation on this platform is relatively easy and straightforward.

Lynda Vs Pluralsight: Pricing Review

Lynda Pricing

There is a promotional offer wherein you can try the platform for a month without paying any money. Once you complete this trial period of one month, you can opt for any plan as required. The monthly subscription of Lynda comes at the cost of $19.99/month.

Lynda’s premier subscription is priced at $29.99 a month. You can select any plan depending on the requirements of learning.

However, make sure that you cancel the subscription on completion of the trial period, or else the plan gets renewed automatically, and you will be charged for it.

Organizations wishing to train their employees in a specific skill can also use the platform. There are plans even for organizations or businesses.

Lynda Pricing plan

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Pluralsight Pricing

Pluralsight comes with a membership. If you are interested in the courses offered on Pluralsight, you must buy a subscription or membership. It provides a monthly and annual subscriptions. The monthly subscription is $29 monthly, and the yearly subscription is $299. 

The premium membership of this platform comes at a price tag of $499 for a year, and you get access to different interactive courses, projects, assessments, quizzes, etc. Once you complete any course, you will also receive a completion certificate. If you buy the annual membership for $499, you will access more than 5000 courses in a year.

Once the subscription ends, you must renew it to access all the courses. Flash sales are also conducted by PluralSight, where you can get about 33% off on its subscription fees; so, you could get the annual PluralSight Personal plan for only $199, and you can get PluralSight Premium Plan for only $299 a year.

Pluralsight Pricing Plan

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Lynda Vs. PluralSight: Learning experience


Is Lynda a platform on which you can invest your time and money? Is the membership worth it? If the learner reviews are to be considered, a few have found this site valuable and helpful and have enjoyed the experience with Lynda. Many are pretty happy about the affordable pricing of the courses. However, a few people had issues related to the course quality on Lynda.

Some people complained about courses being old, outdated, and irrelevant topics taught, especially in IT. However, besides these minor issues, Lynda is a  professional site with great courses, especially in skill development. If you work in the IT area or are keen to move into this field, check out the methods provided by Lynda.


Pluralsight’s learning experiences are pretty similar to other websites. The site has a very positive aura surrounding it. The courses offered on this platform are very professional and provide many additional features. When these are summed up, the fee doesn’t appear expensive.

The features, the quality of courses, instructor quality, etc., combine to make investing in courses on this platform worthwhile. Navigation on this site is simple and easy.

There are plenty of courses on IT, software, Software development, and the like, and the quality of the content is fantastic. Also, the videos are cross-checked prior to getting uploaded, and the site has a dedicated team that takes care of this. Also, you can get completion certificates when you successfully finish the course.

Though the site has a monthly fee, once you check out it, its courses, etc., you will feel it is worth every penny invested. 

Lynda Vs. PluralSight- Pros & Cons

Lynda Pros:

  • Lynda has good courses of top quality
  • You can check out the videos on Lynda at a 2x speed
  • The video tutorials come with some good commentaries
  • Lynda offers a practical approach, and this motivates the learner to get involved in projects
  • The user can obtain transcripts of the course videos
  • The user can connect through LinkedIn with other members for advice
  • You can also get details about those who are checking your profile
  • You can take up courses in 4 more languages other than English
  • The systems have been created by experts in the subject
  • The platform offers completion certificates which can also be uploaded to your LinkedIn Profile
  • There are plans even for organizations who wish to train their employees in specific skills
  • The organization can also keep track of the progress of their employees on their course

Lynda Cons:

  • The courses don’t have many tests, quizzes, or assignments
  • The mobile applications aren’t that great

PluralSight Pros:

  • It offers programming courses for intermediate or advanced levels
  • It offers Learning paths to students
  • It has applications for iPhone and Android
  • The quality of courses is very high as they have a dedicated team to check the videos before they are uploaded.
  • The user can check their skills. 
  • There are more than 5000 courses offered by Pluralsight’
  • You can also add Notes to the course
  • The site ensures that the course materials are updated regularly
  • There is no need to pay for each and every course
  • The site also offers Pre as well as post-course assessments 
  • You can get a completion certificate when you finish the course successfully
  • You can also share your interests as well as progress

PluralSight Cons:

  • You have to pay a monthly fee or an annual fee 
  • Skills in coding cannot be tested online.

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Conclusion 2024– Lynda Vs. PluralSight- Which One is the Winner?

I strongly feel that Lynda and PluralSight offer excellent courses in developing skills and other areas. They are exceptional platforms and have many courses for professionals and beginners. You can select any forum in case you wish to begin a course online.

Both platforms have some great courses in IT, programming, software, etc. Lynda has a free trial month, so you can check it out.

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Pluralsight can be a bit more expensive than Lynda; however, once you pay the membership fee, you can access all the courses on the site. Finally, you must select the platform based on what you intend to learn, your budget, and whether you wish to opt for learning paths or skill paths. Based on all these factors, you can quickly go for Lynda Vs. Pluralsight and begin your online courses.

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Comments (33)

  1. Learning through Lynda is super convenient. All you need to do is sign up for the course you are interested in, pay for it with your credit card or PayPal account and voila! You can now enjoy all the lessons that may be available in that course at any time of the day. I love how committed they are in their work because not only do they provide quality videos but also great customer service in case you have questions. I’m really glad I found their website, which opened a whole new world of opportunities for me and my career.

  2. Lynda is awesome! Absolutely love it. I was kind of iffy about the idea at first because there have been a lot of other online training programs that just don’t work for me for whatever reason. The convenience and solid quality turned out to be a perfect combo for my busy lifestyle as a full-time worker and part-time student.

    Being able to study from home whenever I needed to, gave me something stable in a place where I can continue learning new skills on both subjects because the instructors teach different things every time so you never get bored. In addition, as someone who gets lost really often when following written instructions or installed software/hardware, Lynda offers visual tutorials which means everything has been structured logically.

  3. When it comes to learning new skills like web designing or developing, Lynda is one of the most trusted platforms around. A wide variety of collaborative learning styles make using this site easy; there are classes on everything from security to software development, and with topics like photography available too, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. Best of all, Lynda’s library has lectures that I’ve been created by many industry experts who’ve long since shown their dedication to helping people achieve their professional and personal goals.

  4. Lynda is an online “school” for people to learn something new. With lessons on everything from web design, software development, photography – it has something for everyone! There are over 30000 videos on more than 100 different topics that you can watch – any time of the day or night. And best of all? Since Lynda integrates with some huge tech companies like Adobe and Microsoft Office 365, users get access to their video courses right in the tools they’re already using at work.

  5. I recently found this courseware website by chance. I had just started learning software then, and was excited to see that there are others who were teaching the same thing as me! Unlike other websites where videos are either not uploaded or too long to finish in one sitting, Lynda contained short recordings for easy consumption with simple instructions-I could even follow along with my hands! Now I’m such a pro at coding apps and navigating through unfamiliar applications. It is really worth the money if you want an easy way into learning things that struggle to find elsewhere.

  6. One of the best things about Lynda is its course curation. I’ve browsed so many online courses and they really have a knack for finding what you are looking for. The material is well organized, truly interactive, and breaks down subjects into simple concepts that are easy to understand even if you have next-to-no experience in the field yet. It starts with introductory lectures on how everything works which allows newbies to catch up at their own pace without feeling left out just because they’re not able to keep up with terms and concepts right away. There was never a moment where I felt bored or overwhelmed by information overload as everything was intentionally paced out and all made sense after each video ended!

  7. Lynda is the best way to learn new skills. They provide so many tutorials, courses, and practice questions it’s literally never boring. I highly recommend this service because the experience has been one that has helped me want to explore even more areas of interest.

  8. I have been in dialogue to stop them from taking money from my card and it stops then it restarts again, they say they cannot find my account, because I no longer have it, and they still take the money. Please beware of using your cards. I am taking it up with the card company again…,, do not use this company it’s bad news. Once they have your details, they never stop.

  9. There’s a lot of reasons why people love Lynda, but one that stands out for me is the wealth of resources available. I have been using Lynda for years and have found it to be helpful in different ways, depending on where my interests are at the time. If you want to learn software development skills or digital marketing skills, this is something that can give you an “umbrella” over all your learning achievements. The tutorials may dry up for certain topics if there isn’t enough interest in them but overall, it’s well worth investing money into this subscription service.

  10. Lynda has been around for years, and its quality is unsurpassed. I have used Lynda not just because it offers courses on topics that are specific to my interests – something other online learning services don’t offer – but also because the instructors are really knowledgeable about their subjects. Unlike some other online providers, instructors at Lynda actually do teach you something!

  11. In my opinion, one of the most creative features on their landing page is the video tutorials. They have been neatly categorized by subjects and topics from design to making a sale in a presentation. Lynda has not just partnered with some renowned organizations but also shows the world that it is taking this profession very seriously with its courses in different fields.

  12. I have been searching for a tutorial app that would help me advance my skills in Design, Programming, Web Development but oddly enough I cannot find it. I mean, there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube and TED talks which are great but the material is not well-thought-out organized. Upon using Lynda I was impressed at how good they were structured plus after looking up reviews about them online, people say their content has great quality too! It’s like they’re better than other platforms like Udemy or Codecademy because these two platforms provide tutorials that need to be completed all at once rather than an itemized curriculum you want to study over time. That’s why I am migrating all of my data from Pluralsight and Udemy to Lynda.

  13. I’ve been working as an IT specialist for four years, and I can say that Pluralsight helped me raise my game. The courses are affordable and fit into your busy schedule. You won’t be disappointed!

  14. I joined after previewing a 2-hour course, I wanted to take. I do not need any certifications or to take tests. After paying the money for a subscription and then trying to click on the course, it said I need to upgrade to Premium (in the signup area it said this is for certifications). This course is not a certified course. There is NO way I am paying $45 for a 2-hour course when I can FREE content on video sharing sites (I don’t even need to watch advertising on the video sites I use). No Thank You Pluralsight I cancelled my subscription!

  15. My membership was cancelled in 2014. Then 6 years later when they were purchased by Linkedin, Linkedin charged my credit card without my consent repeatedly. They are trying to rip people off in bulk.

  16. “I don’t know what I would do without Lynda. If you’re the type of person who wants to get technologically savvy and need things that “just work,” then this is exactly for you.”

    “The courses on Lynda are very informative and provide a wide range of skillsets in multiple industries. They’re easy to follow and many even include personal feedback from instructors and tutors. The videos, quizzes, and projects really help me learn more effectively than textbooks or lectures.”

  17. Lynda is a great place to go if you want to learn and need some type of direction. It has excellent variety and will help you improve different skills like digital marketing, Microsoft Office, web design, even coding! I’ve used Lynda before and they teach really well – it doesn’t feel like every other e-learning platform that just wants your money… They have courses on all sorts of things related to technology as well as creative arts. Definitely check out Lynda now!

  18. Do not use this company. My bank just alerted me to a transaction they were trying to initiate from my account for £178, with not one bit of communication from them. Courses now run by LinkedIn are unprofessional, and boring, and difficult to access. Lynda was far better without them. I’ve now had to close my account and have my card reissued. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!!

  19. The product comes with a very easy-to-navigate interface. It has learning paths that teach software courses, and most of these user courses are taught by instructors themselves. They not only explain the design or coding techniques but also show you how it’s done practically on their screens. Learning Lynda is like having your own tutor eager to help you run through all the basics and help you explore what interests you!

  20. I was browsing Pluralsight and noticed some nice lectures about some topics. I decided to make a monthly subscription in order to view the lectures. After payment, I tried to watch the lectures, however the only thing I got to see what a message saying: “my subscription does not allow watching this lecture”. I need to upgrade to a premium membership.

  21. was the greatest resource my student ever used. Now that LinkedIn and Microsoft have taken over its garbage. They are trying to USE us as a monetary value rather than as clients for their service. Look to other similar resources out there now! Avoid LinkedIn as they aren’t here for their learners. Their rep even told me their content “is not suitable for under 18” as though a 16 can’t learn this technology. Horrible marketing too!!

  22. I used this for my degree. As inconvenient as it was to work on the computer, I really learned a lot. This site offers courses in web developer skills, so I was able to feel confident with what I know! The layout is straightforward if you get to use your mouse effectively and quickly pick up how it works. They have adaptive skill management programs that will get any businessperson ahead of their game whenever anything happens to disrupt system flow! It also provides videos about showing people code setups at their company, which is a very cool way of inspiring its users too into becoming better programmers! One thing that makes me happy about Pluralsight though? They offer 24-hour support through chat or phone calls without a doubt.

  23. I’ve been using Pluralsight for over 4 years now and it’s an amazing IT, programming and architecture resource. I like to disseminate what I learn on this platform to others in the form of knowledge-sharing articles about Web Design trends. This is a great company with expertise in adaptive skills management and advanced learning tools. Now, there are plenty of options out there but most don’t offer the consistency that Pluralsight does even if they’re free. They offer support 24 hours a day at all times which is such a relief considering how often we need help! It doesn’t matter if you’re just interested or whether you work professionally as an IT professional or architect or builder – this platform has so much variety and support to meet.

  24. I was browsing Pluralsight and noticed some nice lectures about some topics. I decided to make a monthly subscription in order to view the lectures. After payment, I tried to watch the lectures, however the only thing I got to see what a message saying: “my subscription does not allow watching this lecture”. I need to upgrade to a premium membership.
    Pluralsight does not inform the users that a specific lecture requires a premium membership. I happened to find out because I complained to customer service.

  25. Stylish and bright, the Pluralsight platform offers courses that will get you ahead in your field. You can even watch on-demand videos while you work! Full of innovative learning tools and 24×7 support, this is the perfect place to learn about programming and new technologies.

  26. I started using Pluralsight in July 2019 when I was looking for an alternative to college. As a former engineer, it seemed like my skills were outdated and needed refreshing. This is when I heard about Pluralsight’s programs that deal with adaptive skill management. With the support of this platform, learning has become very easy for me. Pluralsight offers clear content which is helpful if you are new to computer programming or IT in general. If you are looking to expand your knowledge base in any particular area, this site will help you! They offer 24/7 technical support so don’t hesitate to reach out if something goes wrong!

  27. I signed up in April in order to do the required upskilling for work. Pluralsight has repeatedly blocked me for apparently breaching terms of service stating that my activity is unusually high. I have simply been watching a lot more content than usual. They blocked me around 9 to 10pm all 3 times before the permanent block. I have not done anything wrong except using the service.

  28. I signed up for the trial and then was offered a 50% discount for the first month so I decided to give it a try to Linkedin Learning. Then I try to log in from my phone and it doesn’t work. I tried from my web browser and keep getting a 403 so awaited a few days. Reset the password and still no luck, after I called support and was told my account was blocked. No warning or notice. They take your money and screw your offer. Save your time and money and pass.

  29. I used to pay $100/month for Lynda before I found Pluralsight. Lynda is an easy way to learn new skills, but it lacks what makes tech professionals happy- the quality of content. With Pluralsight’s broad library of courses, you’ll find high-quality tech instruction that actually teaches tech fluency. It offers courses on topics like Angular JS 2 and professional JavaScript frameworks—and has specialized training in areas like app development and CSS animation. You also get unrestricted access all the time with your subscription, so you can work through levels at your own pace! And if that wasn’t enough convenience for you…Pluralsight is like Netflix for tech pros (i.e., no commercials).

  30. I signed up for a free account, and the month slipped before I knew it. I had not tried to access the site but was now motivated as I had been billed. Unfortunately, did a great job of recalling my payment information but FAILED to provide me with access. No big deal, I figured. I would just call them and get the technical issue resolved. No such luck. Not only do they not provide phone support, but they also do not provide live chat help, either. Their concern about providing service extends as far as allowing you to open a ticket, to which an automated generic reply is sent without any assistant whatsoever. If, or when, they will reply with anything of value is beyond me, but I’m sure not expecting it. It’s a SCAM from my experience. Linkedin needs to be much more careful about business affiliations. knocked them down pretty far in my estimation.

  31. I’m not new to this. I’ve been around the block, seen some cool things, had my eye on some hot shots learning new tricks. But Lynda knew more of what was up with their app than anyone else I know…Lynda was there for me early on in my career, and now that it’s time to move on to something bigger-bucks – they’re still here looking at me all tight-lipped like oooop.”I tell you.”

  32. My old introduction to Python course couldn’t support the pace of my advancement in coding, and I was searching for a new service that could! Thankfully Pluralsight was perfect. Its adaptive skill management system offered me courses that met my evolving needs, and they were always available when I needed them with their support 24×7!

  33. The first time I downloaded, it took me hours to find the one course I wanted to take. This wasn’t because there was so much on offer – but because of the design! And this is true whether you are looking for one-off courses or trying out a subscription service, Lynda makes it easy with its huge library consisting of over 5000 video tutorials taught by industry professionals.

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