Lunaproxy Review 2024 – Is It The No.1 Residential Proxy?

Lunaproxy Review

Overall Verdict

Lunaproxy is a highly reliable and secure proxy service that offers a vast pool of over 90 million real device IP addresses across more than 195 city locations worldwide, including major cities and various states in the United States. The service allows unlimited connections without pricing each proxy, enabling you to maximize your grabbing tool's potential. With the ability to use concurrent connections, you can conveniently obtain data from multiple sources simultaneously. Lunaproxy ensures full anonymity and provides wireless bandwidth for safe and efficient browsing.

Out of 10


  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Zero IP blocking
  • Zero verification code
  • Global coverage (195 locations)
  • Flexible parameter adjustment
  • Automatic JSON parsing
  • High success rate
  • Real desktop and mobile IP addresses
  • Precise geo-IP targeting
  • Easy-to-manage proxy user profiles
  • Reliable and stable service


  • Limited proxy user control
  • No dedicated proxy support


Price: $ 0.8

Businesses face numerous challenges regarding web data scraping and monitoring as the internet evolves.

These challenges range from IP blocking, captcha, and verification codes to session requests and slow response times, all of which can limit data collection and analysis effectiveness.

For businesses seeking to optimize their web data scraping and monitoring efforts, Lunaproxy offers a solution that addresses these challenges.

The residential proxy service provides access to real desktop and mobile device IP addresses, allowing for accurate and comprehensive data collection.

With Lunaproxy, users can enjoy unlimited concurrent sessions, zero IP blocking, zero verification codes, global coverage, and 90 million stable residential proxies.

This enables businesses to scale up their web data scraping and monitoring activities while enhancing their insights and decision-making capabilities.

Let us check out Lunaproxy review in a little more detail.

Lunaproxy Review 2024 – What Can I Use Lunaproxy For?

Ad Verification:

Lunaproxy is an ideal solution for Ad Verification, allowing advertisers to test, verify, and optimize their advertisements with precision geolocation proxies.

It offers real desktop and mobile device IP addresses from any country or major city across the globe, enabling ad verification quickly, smoothly, and on a large scale. The anonymous residential proxy provided by Lunaproxy is of the highest quality and is fully compatible with any modern software.

The proxy network of Lunaproxy supports any platform and enables the localization of IP addresses for any country or region in the world. Ad verification companies can use the Lunaproxy network to verify, test and optimize the entire advertising network using real residential proxy desktop and mobile devices.

The proxy network offers over 195 locations worldwide and provides 50 million residential proxies, ensuring a high connection success rate.

With Lunaproxy, users can create easy-to-manage proxy user profiles for each project, making tracking seamless. The payment structure is also flexible, allowing users to purchase and pay as they go to gain access to an entire residential proxy pool of over 90 million IPs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

Lunaproxy provides high-quality SEO proxies that enable businesses to easily conduct competitive research, collect valuable SEO data, monitor SERPs, and access localized content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to every online business, and Lunaproxy offers the perfect solution to help your project skyrocket.

what is seo

Using a residential proxy is essential for SEO practices as it helps overcome the issue of getting blocked when monitoring SERPs or conducting competitor research from a single IP address.

Lunaproxy’s over 90 million anonymous residential IPs routed through real desktop and mobile devices allow you to complete tasks faster than ever. With over 195 locations worldwide, Lunaproxy provides a global reach, allowing you to access the web from any country.

Lunaproxy’s residential proxy network allows you to conduct your SEO practices. The service provides a reliable and secure solution for businesses to monitor SERPs, audit websites, and research competitors easily.

Marketing Social Media:

Lunaproxy’s Social Media Proxy is the perfect solution for those who want to manage multiple social media accounts or use automation software without worrying about being banned. Most social media platforms check users’ IP addresses and ban those with too many accounts.

However, with Lunaproxy’s residential proxies, you can easily hide your real IP address and look like a regular user, no matter how many accounts you have.

Social Media

Lunaproxy’s advanced backlink nodes allow you to target any country or city from their list of 195+ locations, allowing you to manage hundreds of accounts worldwide without being detected.

Whether using social media automation tools or managing multiple accounts manually, Lunaproxy’s Social Media Proxy makes it easy to access the network without getting banned.

To get started, choose your location and select the Rotate Sessions option to rotate the IP on each new request. With Lunaproxy’s Social Media Proxy, you can easily register and manage multiple social media accounts or use automation software without worrying about being detected.

Crawl Proxy:

Lunaproxy offers a crawl proxy service that enables users to take data scraping to the next level. With country- and city-level targeting and high-quality residential proxies, users can collect unlimited connections and threads for their favorite scripts or apps to research and grow their business.

Residential proxies are the highest quality for any data mining operation, as each IP in the pool is unique to either mobile or desktop, allowing users to connect to the target data source as often as they want. One popular use case for Lunaproxy’s crawl proxy service is to gather SEO data.

Many clients have reported that Lunaproxy’s residential proxy network is twice as fast as other SEO agencies in the industry. 

Moreover, Lunaproxy’s residential IP can take market research to the next level. Users can avoid being blocked or hidden by scraping the same website with a single IP address by expanding their operations through Lunaproxy’s proxy network, which includes proxy rotation.

With Lunaproxy’s crawl proxy service, users can accelerate their data intelligence and achieve their business goals faster.

Sneaker Proxies:

Lunaproxy’s sneaker proxies are designed to work seamlessly with all major sneaker bots. When purchasing limited-edition sneakers, every second counts; robotic automation can give you a fighting chance.

However, even the slightest delay can ruin your chances of securing your desired sneakers. That’s why connecting to the sneaker website from a server that’s as close as possible is crucial.

Sneaker Proxies

With Lunaproxy, you can locate shoe proxies anywhere and get the fastest response times in the industry. By choosing a residential sneaker proxy IP near your target server, you can cook any version of the sneakers you desire.

Plus, Lunaproxy offers unlimited threads and connections on all pricing plans, meaning you can set up your shoe bot with any number of connections for the same price. The more connections you use, the better your chance of buying multiple pairs and making a profit. So don’t limit yourself!

Lunaproxy’s unstoppable residential sneaker proxies offer an unlimited choice of over 40 million residential proxies, each with a unique device IP.

Unlike data center proxies, Lunaproxy’s residential proxies don’t share a subnet, so that no site can ban your entire IP pool. This gives you the peace of mind to run your sneaker bot without fear of getting banned.

Market Survey:

One of the key benefits of Lunaproxy is the ability to collect market data at scale. With over 90 million rotating mobile and residential proxies, businesses can easily monitor their competitors and visit their websites from various locations without worrying about bans or captchas.

Lunaproxy also offers brilliant data analysis through proxies. Businesses can keep up with trends and create an ideal customer profile by collecting data from review articles, forums, social media tags, keywords, and comments.

They can also target their competitors and generate new leads by filtering through data sets of people, jobs, and companies.

Businesses can use data research to optimize their product features and keep up with market changes. By collecting feedback and comment data from social media platforms, businesses can understand the real thoughts of customers and develop suitable products. 

They can also predict the popularity of products and events based on changes in consumer behavior and use massive amounts of information to understand short-term and long-term trends.

This allows businesses to integrate into the market and develop products as soon as possible, enhancing and improving customer experience.

Travel Fare Aggregation:

Lunaproxy offers a powerful solution for travel fare aggregation by providing real IP addresses for desktop and mobile devices. It allows users to send unlimited concurrent connection requests to improve the ticket-grabbing success rate and speed.

Tired of facing IP blocking from airlines, railways, and travel proxies while trying to collect travel fare data? With Lunaproxy’s residential IP addresses, your crawler will always return accurate prices, schedule information, and other essential travel data. Their proxies mimic real visitors, ensuring you receive reliable and relevant data.

With easy-to-manage proxy user profiles, you can create profiles for each project and goal, making tracking and management simple. Choose Lunaproxy for a seamless travel fare aggregation experience that is fast, reliable, and accurate.

Review Monitoring:

By scraping publicly available information 24/7, businesses can capture the data they need to track customer reviews, respond to them, and improve their online reputation.

However, monitoring and gathering vast amounts of data can be complex and challenging for professionals. That’s where Lunaproxy comes in, providing comprehensive data capture and ensuring a 100% success rate for review data collection.

Review Monitoring

Real-time data gathering is crucial for building a brand’s reliability and online reputation. Lunaproxy’s online comment monitoring tool allows businesses to respond to positive and negative reviews quickly and effectively. This improves customer satisfaction and loyalty and helps set marketing goals.

In addition, Lunaproxy can monitor reviews on a large scale, even when faced with IP blocks, CAPTCHAs, and other issues that can make data collection time-consuming and challenging.

With Lunaproxy, businesses can easily avoid these problems and gather all the customer feedback to build a strong online reputation.

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Lunaproxy Pricing & How To Buy Guide?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Lunaproxy, hover your mouse on ‘Pricing’, and click on one of the three.

lunaproxy review

Step – 2: Choose a plan of your choice. 

step 2 of lunaproxy

pricing of lunaproxy

residential plan in brazil

ultimate package plan

Step – 3: Click on ‘Sign Up’.

account details to login in lunaproxy

Step – 4: Fill up the details asked for, complete the verification, and click on ‘Create account’.

creation of account - lunaproxy review

Step – 5: Click on ‘Billing’.

checking on bill

Check out their amazing dashboard. This is one of the most visually appealing and easy-to-use dashboards for proxies I have ever seen.

Step – 6: Click on ‘Recharge’.

lunaproxy recharge

Step – 7: Choose a plan.

plans of lunaproxy

Step – 8: Fill up the payment details asked for, and click on ‘Complete Purchase’.

subscription of lunaproxy



That is it. You are good to go.

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Why Do I Recommend Using Lunaproxy?

  • Lightning Fast Response Time:

With an average response time of <0.6 seconds, Lunaproxy ensures you get the data you need at lightning speed.

  • JSON Automatic Parsing and Flexible Parameter Adjustment:

Their advanced parsing technology reduces session requests, allowing you to gather the necessary information without overloading servers. You can also adjust parameters to get the exact data you need.

  • Unlimited Concurrent Sessions:

Lunaproxy provides unlimited concurrent sessions, so you can send as many requests as you need without worrying about restrictions or limits.

  • Zero IP Blocking:

Save your time dealing with IP blocks. Buy a residential IP from Lunaproxy and focus on gaining valuable insights for your business.

  • Zero Verification Code:

Their solution eliminates the need for captcha solving, allowing you to optimize your business resources and maximize efficiency.

  • Global Coverage:

Lunaproxy offers residential IP addresses in 195 locations worldwide, making accessing data from any corner of the globe easy.

  • 90 Million Residential Proxies:

They provide the most stable residential proxy IP pool, ensuring that you always have access to the data you need when you need it.

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