Lunacy Review 2024: Is it the Best Sketch tool for PC?


Overall Verdict

Lunacy empowers designers with its AI-powered tools, built-in graphics, and seamless workflow. With features like auto layout, real-time collaboration, and prototyping, Lunacy streamlines the design process and enhances creativity.

Out of 10


  • AI-powered tools streamline design tasks and boost productivity.
  • An extensive built-in graphics library enhances creativity and saves time.
  • Auto layout simplifies responsive design creation for different devices.
  • Real-time collaboration enables seamless teamwork and efficient communication.
  • The prototyping feature facilitates quick testing and validation of design ideas.
  • The intuitive interface ensures a user-friendly experience for designers.


  • The learning curve for new users unfamiliar with design software.


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Welcome to my Lunacy Review 2024.

Having the right tools and apps can make all the difference in the fast-paced world of creation.

Enter Lunacy, a new kind of design software that has gotten a lot of attention for its unique features, tools that are driven by AI, and an extensive library of built-in images. 

In this in-depth review of Lunacy, we’ll look at the pros and cons of this design powerhouse and how it can change how creators make app sketches, UI/UX designs, and prototypes. 

Lunacy Review

Get ready to unlock your creative potential and streamline your design workflow with Lunacy.

What is Lunacy?

lunacy review

Lunacy is a new-age design software that has changed how app sketches, UI/UX designs, and prototypes are made. It has many tools and features that artists can use to express their ideas and make their work easier. 

At its core, Lunacy is a powerful design platform that uses built-in images and AI tools to improve the design process. Lunacy is easy to use for both new and experienced artists because it has a simple layout and functions that are easy to understand.

One of the best things about Lunacy is that it has tools that are driven by AI. These tools let artists focus on more creative parts of their work instead of doing the same things repeatedly. For example, the picture upscaling feature makes it easy for users to make photos bigger and improve their quality. 

The background remover tool makes it easier to make the background of a picture clear. The text generator makes blank text that looks real and fits the situation. This saves artists a lot of time. Also, the image maker makes user pictures quickly for different uses, like contact lists or reviews.

The software’s built-in image library is another thing that stands out. It has many icons, drawings, photos, and user interface (UI) kits that creators can use without looking elsewhere. With this extensive collection of pictures, artists can easily add visual elements to their designs, which helps them be more creative and saves time.

Lunacy – Best Features


Linked Design:

Lunacy allows you to edit live web pages right from within the software. This eliminates the need to rely on coders for minor design changes. You can insert links to visual elements into HTML code and update them whenever you want, empowering you to make design modifications on the fly.

Auto Shape Colors:

Tired of manually adjusting shape colors to match their backgrounds? Lunacy’s auto shape colors feature automatically adjusts the colors of shapes based on their size and location, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing design.

Auto Updates of Generated Content:

When working with duplicate layers or groups containing generated texts or avatars, Lunacy intelligently replaces them with new ones. This eliminates the need for manual updates and ensures that your designs remain fresh and up to date.

Auto z-index:

Managing layer order can be a tedious task in design software. Lunacy simplifies this process with its auto z-index feature, automatically ordering layers based on size. You no longer need to manually send layers to the back or front, as Lunacy takes care of it.

How To Start Using Lunacy & Buying Lunacy Premium Kits

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Lunacy, choose the OS of your choice, and ‘Direct Download.’

The download will begin automatically. Install the application in your system and then open it. 

Step – 2: Check out their excellent and detailed dashboard. It is pretty straightforward, and there are a lot of features if you can use them correctly. You just have to spend some time on it. 

Click on ‘Premium Kits by UI8’.

Step – 3: Scroll down and choose the template of your choice.

Step – 4: Click on ‘Add to Cart.’

Step – 5: Choose the payment method of your choice. Fill in the details asked for, and click on ‘Pay.’

That is it. You are good to go. 

Why Do I Recommend Using Lunacy?

Lunacy- why I recommend

AI-Powered Tools and Built-in Graphics for Enhanced Workflow

The many AI-powered tools in Lunacy are one of its best features. These tools make your work easier and give you more time to do creative things. With Lunacy, you can say goodbye to boring design jobs you must do repeatedly.

Auto Layout: Streamlining Responsive Design Creation 

The auto-planning tool of Lunacy completely changes how artists make adaptable designs. By giving parts rules and limits to follow, you can easily make flexible and versatile designs. This game-changing feature makes planning for different screen sizes easier and ensures everything looks the same on all devices.

Import from Figma: Seamless Integration and Conversion 

Lunacy works well with Figma for artists who are already using it. You can quickly bring drawings from Figma into Lunacy and keep working on them there. With this feature, you don’t have to convert things by hand or start from scratch, which saves you time and effort during the planning process.

Real-time Collaboration: Empowering Teamwork and Efficiency 

Lunacy knows how important it is to work together during the planning process. Thanks to its real-time teamwork feature, multiple team members can work on the same project simultaneously. This helps people talk to each other better, increases speed, and lets teams work together to make beautiful ideas.

Prototyping: Transforming Designs into Clickable Prototypes 

Lunacy is more than just flat designs because it has powerful modeling tools. You can quickly turn your plans into clickable prototypes, making testing and confirming your ideas more accessible. This tool lets you get feedback early on in the planning process so you can make any changes you need to make before going on.

Native App for Windows, macOS, and Linux: Fast and Smooth Performance 

Lunacy is a native Windows, macOS, and Linux app, so it works quickly and smoothly on all three. Lunacy is a dedicated program that works faster than slow browser-based drawing tools. Lunacy gives you a fast and smooth experience using a high-end machine or a simple computer.

Localization and Language Support: Engaging Lunacy Enthusiasts Worldwide 

Lunacy is proud of its group of users and fans all over the world. The software is offered in English, Chinese, Spanish, and 21 other languages, as well as English. This dedication to translation makes sure that people from all over the world can enjoy Lunacy to the fullest and help it grow.

Community Engagement and Open Development Process: Join the Lunacy Community 

Lunacy cares about its people and invites them to get involved. By joining the Lunacy community, you can help make it better by suggesting new features, voting for ideas, reporting bugs, and talking to devs and other users. This open growth method ensures that Lunacy keeps changing and adapting to its users’ wants.

Built-in Graphics: Unlocking Creative Potential with Icons, Illustrations, Photos, and UI Kits 

Lunacy has a lot of built-in images, like icons, drawings, photos, and user interface kits (UI kits). You don’t have to look for these images online because they are already in the software. Lunacy has what you need: a special icon, an exciting drawing, or high-quality pictures. This function saves you essential time and improves your design options.

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Conclusion: Lunacy Review – Should You Go for it?

Lunacy offers a powerful and innovative design software solution that revolutionizes how designers create app mockups and UI/UX designs.

With AI-powered tools, built-in graphics, and time-saving features, Lunacy enhances workflow efficiency, frees up valuable time for creative tasks, and empowers teams to collaborate seamlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting your design journey, Lunacy is a tool that deserves your attention.

So, why not join the Lunacy community, experience its power and ease firsthand, and contribute to shaping the future of this remarkable design software?

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