Locize Review 2024: Reliable Website Translation Solution?


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A cutting-edge and reasonably priced localization-management platform, Locize ties translation and development together. It makes your website, app, game or whatever your project is, global, vibrant, and more engaging especially when unleashing the continuous localization capabilities.

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  • User-friendly
  • Flexible pay-per-use
  • Effortless import
  • Seamless team
  • Responsive support


  • Occasional bugs
  • Less features


Price: $ 5

Unlocking seamless localization and translation management, Locize stands out as the ultimate solution to streamline your development and translation workflows.

At the forefront of this evolution is I18next, a renowned and remarkably adaptable internationalization framework.

It has risen to prominence as an open-source powerhouse, empowering websites and mobile applications with multilingual support.

From fundamental key-value translations to intricate pluralization and language detection support, I18next has solidified its reputation as an unwavering and high-performing asset.

However, as I18next gained widespread recognition, developers faced a new challenge: effectively managing translations across projects while keeping pace with a rapidly expanding user base.

Locize Review

This challenge was particularly pertinent for international and fast-growing businesses.

This underscored the critical need for a comprehensive translation management solution, enabling seamless collaboration among project managers, translators, and developers.

A solution that could ensure consistent localization capabilities even in the face of growth.

This marked the genesis of Locize, strategically chosen as the official sponsor for I18next, providing a robust platform where innovation meets localization excellence.

Overview: Locize Review

Locize can effectively streamline your development and translation processes as a platform for managing localization and translation.

Currently, Locize is compatible with all web technologies and typically only requires one line of code to install.

Currently, a lot of well-known websites and expanding businesses use Locize as their translation management system.


Along with well-known gaming studios like Bethesda, big international brands like Swiss Red Cross, ABB, and a significant beverage manufacturer are also present.

What To Look For When Choosing a Translation Management System?

To Consider Before Choosing a Translation Management System

Specifying Your Business Objectives:

Start by determining your precise business goals. Understanding your needs will help you identify the features a TMS must have.

Various objectives necessitate various TMS capabilities, from automating localization procedures to cutting out repetitive work and enhancing translation quality.

What Your Team Needs to Know

Participate in decision-making with your team to better understand their needs. Take into account elements such as the quantity of language pairs, document types, volume of translations, processing time, translation quality, and cost.

Your team’s needs will be met by a shortlist of TMS options you create with the aid of this assessment.

Register for a Trial or Demo:

It’s imperative to utilize the TMS once you’ve reduced your options. Most TMS vendors provide free trials.

Locize Review

What You Need in a Good Translation Management Software:

  • Easy and Fast Communication:
    Look for a TMS that promotes efficient communication among global collaborators. Features such as document access management, real-time collaborative editing, and version control enhance communication and reduce email overload.
  • Smarter Translations:
    A TMS should offer tools like machine translation engines, translation memory databases, and automatic file formatting. These tools expedite the translation process, increase accuracy, and facilitate consistency.
  • Faster Translations at Lower Costs:
    Effective TMS platforms recycle past translations, saving time and money. The ability to reuse approved translations and maintain consistency across projects is a valuable feature.
  • Easy to Use and Implement:
    Prioritize a TMS that is user-friendly and suitable for your team’s skill levels. A system that is straightforward to navigate can significantly improve productivity and reduce the learning curve.
  • Data Protection and Safety Measures:
    For confidential and copyrighted content, opt for a TMS with robust data security. Cloud-based TMS solutions offer data protection and minimize the risk of data loss.
  • Reliable Support System:
    Choose a TMS with a responsive and well-maintained support system. Prompt technical assistance ensures smooth operations and minimizes disruptions.

Locize Features

There are number of factors, locize is a great product:

Translation management interface is straightforward. Each translator’s view can be controlled precisely, and they enjoy doing so.

Locize Process

The interface also enables you to divide your application into various namespaces and determine which translations are missing.

Locize’s feature set encompasses a range of functionalities that contribute to a smoother localization process:

1. Content Delivery Network (CDN):

Locize automatically publishes translations to the CDN unless deactivated. This eliminates the need to download translations or redeploy your application for updates to become effective.

This seamless process not only ensures up-to-date content but also aids in maintaining a swift website, promoting better SEO performance.

2. Tags:

The ability to assign up to 8 tags to translations adds a layer of organization and flexibility. These tags can be used within translations for labeling and filtering purposes.

They can be easily added, removed, and employed to filter translations, streamlining management.

3. Translation Memory:

Locize’s implementation of a translation memory (TM) has distinctive advantages. It operates within your browser, enhancing performance by minimizing roundtrips to the server.

This configuration also supports the utilization of multiple projects, enabling translation reuse across all your ongoing endeavors.

The intelligent search functionality extends beyond exact language pairs, encompassing related languages.

Every result is linked back to its source project, facilitating memory upkeep and translation consistency.

4. Glossary:

A glossary serves as a reference for preferred terminology, promoting translation alignment.

By offering guidance to human translators, Locize empowers your organization to maintain linguistic accuracy and coherence.

5. Review Workflows:

Introducing review workflows upon translation alterations adds a layer of quality control.

This feature can be enabled for specific languages, ensuring that changes undergo a review process before deployment.

6. History:

Locize’s history feature records all translation modifications, offering a transparent audit trail.

This functionality not only empowers you to trace changes but also serves as a valuable resource for pinpointing content updates.

7. Auto – Machine Translation:

For newly created keys in the reference language, you have the option to enable automatic machine translation into target languages.

While existing keys aren’t automatically translated, bulk actions facilitate this process when needed.

8. User Management:

Locize facilitates granular team collaboration through user management. You can invite team members with tailored permissions for specific versions, languages, or features.

Admin privileges provide the flexibility to adapt permissions as required. Furthermore, an anonymous invitation link can be generated, preconfigured with permissions, offering a convenient way to onboard team members.

9. InContext Editor:

Locize introduces the InContext Editor, a distinctive feature that enhances translation accuracy by providing context information for each key or segment.

This tool empowers you to offer context through the InContext view or by attaching screenshots, facilitating a deeper understanding of the content’s intended meaning.

This specificity allows for a direct connection between the content within your website or application and your localization project on Locize.

Locize Customer Support:

Locize Review

In terms of customer support, Locize guarantees the quick and efficient resolution of customer issues.

Everywhere, it is said that Locize’s customer support is extremely quick and tailored to each individual. It is possible to use the email feature for any queries or worries.

Locize customer Review

The website provides a wide range of articles covering a variety of subjects and assisting users in quickly finding answers to their questions.

Locize customer Reviews

Locize Review Pricing:

Comparing Locize’s pricing structure to those of other Translation Management Systems, it is exceptionally reasonable.

Locize offers a generous 14-day free trial that gives you plenty of time to try it out.

In contrast to fixed price plans, Locize uses a usage-based strategy that is tailored to your actual needs.

You can choose a plan that perfectly fits your needs thanks to pricing that starts at just $5 per month.

The variety of add-ons that are offered, covering a range of price points, further increases the adaptability and customization of your chosen plan.

All these features are included:

Pros and Cons of Locize Review


Continuous Localization: Locize offers true continuous localization, allowing translations to be efficiently managed within the Locize project and then smoothly published to the CDN for consumption by your application. This streamlines the localization process and ensures up-to-date content.

Granular User Accessibility: Locize caters to a broad user spectrum, making it suitable for developers, team leads, product managers, and even marketing professionals involved in the software localization process.

Ease of Use: Users have reported that Locize features a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, facilitating a smoother workflow for both technical and non-technical individuals.

InContext Editor: The InContext Editor allows context information to be associated with each key/segment, enhancing translation accuracy. This feature is especially valuable for maintaining content alignment between your website/application and the localization project.

⦁ Integration with i18next: Locize is developed by the creators of i18next, a highly regarded i18n JavaScript library. This ensures a strong foundation for seamless integration and robust functionality.


UI Complexity: Some users have found certain areas of the UI, particularly those related to canceling subscriptions, to be confusing or clunky, leading to challenges in managing subscription-related tasks.

Price Point: While many users appreciate the feature-rich platform, a few have expressed that the software’s cost could be relatively high, possibly impacting its overall value proposition.

Documentation: A few users have noted that the software’s documentation could be more intuitive, potentially improving the onboarding experience for new users.

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Conclusion: Locize Review 

In summary, Locize presents a variety of strengths that include integration with i18next, continuous localization capabilities, and an intuitive interface.

However, users have highlighted minor drawbacks such as UI complexities, pricing considerations, and potential improvements in documentation.

Despite these points, Locize’s pros far outweigh its cons, making it a strong contender for effective and efficient translation management.

Customer Testimonials & Reviews for Locize

locize has been a very valuable tool for us, as we are in a constant process of expanding our business to new countries.
The ease of importing and exporting languages files in different formats, as well as the intuitive web-based client make locize a great choice for any company aiming for internationalization.

Anders Fagereng, CTO

We’re using locize for several projects, which offers different services for our international partners in the whole world.
Thanks to locize our localization workflow is faster, more efficient and modern.

Davide Mora, Digital Product Owner & Project Leader

At Produal, we develop leading products in the building automation industry, one of which is our digital platform for managing and deploying the various automation devices we manufacture.

Produal is operating a global building automation market with products sold all over the world, which is also important for us that our digital tools and services are available in local languages.

We have used locize to meet those demands to build a flexible and easy way to manage translations in our various tools and services.

Antti Salli, Product Manager
Produal Oy


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