LifterLMS Pricing Plans: How Much Does LifterLMS Cost?

WordPress LMS LifterLMS is one of the best available. With this software, you can create powerful courses and, most importantly, sell them.

Researching the pricing structure, I discovered it could be quite confusing.

In this article, I will simplify LifterLMS pricing so that you can choose a package that suits your online business.

Bottom Line Upfront: LifterLMS should be on your radar if you use WordPress and want to integrate courses into your existing site. LifterLMS plugin enables you to create and start your own online teaching platform. As your site grows, you can add add-ons individually or purchase value-for-money bundles, such as Infinity or Universe.

LifterLMS Overview

LifterLMS Pricing Plans: In-Depth

LifterLMS Pricing

There might seem to be too much detail in all the features. The purpose of this section is to help you decide which plan matches your needs best by reviewing the main pros and cons of each bundle. My extensive research and use of LifterLMS led us to draw user recommendations for each bundle.

Individual Add-Ons

You can install the LifterLMS core plugin using the individual add-ons option. It allows you to create online schools and courses. Depending on what you need or how your business operates, you then purchase individual add-ons. 

If you have never hosted an online course before, or if you are in the process of developing new materials, this route may be attractive to you. Additional add-ons start at $99 per year, which is relatively expensive. In case you’re going to buy two or three of these, I recommend getting the Universe bundle.

Pros & Cons 


  • You can add courses and sell them using the free LifterLMS plugin
  • An ideal tool for beginners and users who are in the process of creating content
  • Add-ons should only be selected if they are necessary


  • It becomes expensive to purchase individual add-ons. If you plan on purchasing two or more add-ons individually, I recommend choosing one of the other bundles
  • Offers only standard support

Universe Bundle

Purchasing the Universe bundle for $299 gives you access to $1287 of individual add-ons every year. This bundle offers the most advanced features of LifterLMS, which is the best option for most users. Users who want to extend their online marketplace should consider the Universe bundle. By giving you greater control over design, marketing, and e-commerce settings, it accomplishes this.

With the Infinity bundle, you’ll pay $999 annually, which is quite a steep price increase. Pricing for advanced individual add-ons starts at $199 per year. 


  • The most useful features of LifterLMS
  • Compared to buying the add-ons separately, represents excellent value for money
  • Support of priority
  • Add-ons worth $1287 per year


  • The functionality will not be required by all users
  • Access to quizzing and assignments is not included

Infinity Bundle

Infinity is recommended for users looking to create advanced courses complete with quizzes and learner assignments. All of LifterLMS’s features are included in the $999 bundle, which offers $3180 per year in value. If your school has multiple tutors and content creators, this bundle is ideal for you.

Organize private coaching sessions, create customized videos, and promote social learning with integrated discussion forums.  

You can get live support sessions with LifterLMS if you’re selling courses to big organizations. 


  • A bundle of all LifterLMS tools and features
  • Offers $3180 in value per year
  • Set up quizzes and assignments for advanced students
  • System of social learning
  • Group purchases are a great way to sell your courses


  • The more affordable bundles could be the better choice if users don’t make use of all the features

LifterLMS Pricing FAQ

How Much Does LifterLMS Cost?

There are three packages in LifterLMS. With Individual add-ons, you can access the core plugin for free and buy add-ons separately. Infinity bundles are $999 per year, and Universe bundles are $299 per year.

Does LifterLMS Offer a Free Plan?

Yes, the plugin can be downloaded and used for free. This free use is unlimited.

Is LifterLMS Subscription Monthly or Annual?

Subscriptions to LifterLMS are all annual.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade to Another Package Later?

Upgrades are available at any time, and you will receive a pro-rata discount for earlier purchases. A year's bundle cannot be downgraded once you've purchased it.

Does LifterLMS Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

You can get a refund from LifterLMS after 30 days. You can return the product for a full refund if you're not happy with it within 30 days.

Will I Need to Renew My LifterLMS License?

The scheduled renewal occurs automatically. You can modify your credit card, debit card, PayPal, or PayPal information before the renewal date if you want to cancel the automatic renewal.

What Types of Payment Does the LifterLMS Accept?

Most credit and debit cards are accepted by LifterLMS. Paying via PayPal is also possible.

Final Thought

LifterLMS is a comprehensive learning management system that may assist you in expanding your knowledge and expertise in order to turn your website into a lucrative source of revenue.

It has a very user-friendly layout, excellent functionality, a lot of options to pick from, and some good integrations with e-commerce applications, making it one of the top WordPress LMS plugins.

With the help of this plugin, you can provide your pupils with an exciting learning experience. You can download the core plugin for free and try it out on your own to see whether it meets your website’s demands, and if you want to upgrade to a higher level of LifterLMS, you can purchase any bundle or add-on to gain access to additional features.

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