List Of Top 12 Best Live Streaming Apps For iPhone & iPad 2024

Live Streaming Apps are one of the most effective way to get connected with your viewers and with that you can easily increase your fan following in the market with that you can easily get popular on the Internet. Are you looking for best Live Streaming Apps for your iOS device? Don’t worry here you will get best Live Streaming Apps for your iOS device through you can easily live broadcast using your iOS device.

In the market, you will find many popular Live Streaming Apps which is easily available for iPhones and iPads, but here we have hand-picked some of the best Live Streaming Apps for your iOS device. Let’s start the list here.

List of Best Live Streaming Apps for iPhone & iPad


1. Periscope- Live Video Streaming Around the World

Periscope- Live Streaming Apps

Here with the help of the Periscope app, you can easily see live videos, you can also see where the news is breaking along with meeting new peoples and sharing interests all in real time. These Live Streaming Apps will let you explore the world through live videos. Here Periscope comes with great and user-friendly features like broadcasting live videos along with interacting people through comments.

You can also discover famous live streams from the corners of the world along with searching for broadcast through location or topic and here using this platform you can share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and many other networks.


2. Hangouts

Hangouts- Live Streaming Apps

No doubt, Hangouts is one of the best Live Streaming Apps for iPhone and iPad. With this broadcasting app, you can easily send messages to your friends, video call or voice call along with making a conversation with sending photos stickers, animated GIFs and many more things. You can also use Hangouts as Webinar Software, here you will get lots of amazing and unique features like you can easily share your present location just to say a conversation with maps integration.

Using Hangouts you can call on any phone number in the world, also using this app you can be in touch with your friends across all your device. The best part of this Live Streaming Apps is your turn a conversation into free group video call up to 10 friends along with messaging any friend anytime when he is offline.


3. Facebook Live

Facebook Live- Live Streaming Apps

Facebook, the name is enough to demonstrate its qualities a vast trending social media platform which is broadly used by many people across the world. Here Facebook apps come with built-in live stream feature through which you can easily broadcast yourself with your friends or publicly. No doubt this one is one of the beast Live Streaming Apps in the world because Facebook has more than one billion users in the world.

Apart from the broadcasting features it comes with many more tins of features through which you can easily connect to your friend from anywhere with sharing your updates, videos & photos along with watching and interacting through live video. Here you can also play games using its amazing messaging platform called Facebook Messenger, also now Facebook business is also introduced through which you can easily buy and sell items along with services.


4. YouTube

YouTube- Live Streaming Apps

If you are willing to see what people are seeing like news, music, gaming, entertainment and many more other things you can just do all these things under a single platform called YouTube on your iPhone and iPad. Using the live broadcast feature of YouTube you can easily live to stream your broadcast on many trending video sharing sites.

Apart from the live broadcast you can also subscribe to channels, share videos with friends, edit and upload videos along with watching videos from any device.

Here you can see the trending videos on the YouTube along with many more awesome features. Nowadays many people using as Vlogging platform through which they are earning good amount of money. So what are you waiting for this one is the best platform from where you can start your journey.


5. Alively- Video Sharing With Friends

Alively Video Sharing- Live Streaming Apps

Here with Alively you can easily share your daily moments with your friends and family via live streaming or by recording a video very easily and quickly. You can use this app on your iPhone, iPad and on the other OS device.

This app will allow you to record high-quality video, of what length you want to create regardless of your Wi-Fi connection. It comes with many other several features like live broadcast or in recorded form along with capturing high-quality videos and seeing the live interactions with friends. Here using this app you can also upload high-quality video from your camera roll and save space on your iOS device.


6. Ustream

Live Streaming Apps- Ustream

Using this app you can easily share live powerful and interactive video using your iPhone and iPad anytime and anywhere. You can also watch other live videos of you want as this Live Streaming Apps comes with many amazing features like watching live and recent videos along with discovering upcoming events.

You can also chat with your live friends using this app along with broadcasting live to any number of viewers.  You can also manage upcoming events on you Ustream channels.


7. Livestream

Livestream Broadcast - Live Streaming Apps

Here just by using this amazing Live Broadcast Apps you can explore events millions of broadcasters around the world along with live streaming your own content. You can easily live broadcast using your iPhone and iPad to viewers who are watching it on Facebook, Twitter and many other trending social media platforms. Here you can also engage users with the built-in live chat option. With the help of this Live Streaming Apps you can enjoy many live events on your big screen just with chromecast and Apple TV.

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8. YouNow

YouNow - Live Streaming Apps

If you really want to chat with many live broadcasters and willing to connect with your audience then you should definitely go for this amazing Live Streaming Apps on your iPhone and iPad. YouNow comes with many more additional features like Live Broadcasting and catching up what you have missed in the moment feed along with going live and hanging out with your community just by simply tapping “Go Live” button which is on your profile. You can chat with broadcasters, buy bars just to send gifts and do many more thing with this amazing app.


9. Broadcast Me

Broadcast Me- live Streaming App

By using this amazing app you can easily broadcast to live on many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others. Here it explores the possibilities of the integrating the live video social network easily with your apps. This app really takes Live Broadcasting to a whole new level along with pushing back the limits of video streaming. The most interesting and best apps through which you can easily live broadcast live videos.


10. Hang W/

Hang w/ Live Streaming Apps

No doubt, here Hang W/ is one of the best and reliable Live Broadcasting Apps which features live streaming of videos from your iPhone. With this app, you can easily show your favorite live broadcasters, here with this app you can also zoom in while you are broadcasting live videos. You can share videos on YouTube along with seeing the preview of the live video without turning it on your iOS device. Here with Hand W/ you can set “Digital Ticket” through which you can easily set price and time.


11. Meerkat

Meerkat App- Live Streaming Apps

Recently, Meerkat has sold themselves to Live Streaming Apps boss Periscope. No doubt, with this program you can watch and share as many live broadcasts as you can and it has a pretty larger audience. Like the Periscope, it gives you simple interface through which you can easily start Live Streaming with just one-touch. You can also place a broadcast on a website using the handy widget provided by this amazing app.


12. Twitch

Twitch- Live Streaming Apps

Basically, Twitch is a live streaming platform through which you can broadcast live videos, but the thing is that it targets gaming community. Here with this app you can broadcast your gameplay and chat with many others viewers and streamers across the world. This platform supports many platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. No doubt this one is considered as the best Live Streaming Apps for iPhone which is loved by many gamers.

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EndNote: Top 12 Best Live Streaming Apps For iPhone & iPad

So, here I have ended up with 12 best Live Streaming Apps through which you can easily live broadcast your video as all these come with many different features that will take your live broadcast to a whole new level. I hope this post suits your purpose well. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and colleagues on the entire trending social media platforms.




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